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Top - 5 anti-aging haircuts for women 35, 40, 50 and 60 years


With age, we find in our reflection more and more flaws. Of course, to fix them, you can turn to cosmetology and plastic surgery. But if you are not yet ready for radical measures, and you want to quickly throw off 5-10 years, just make a rejuvenating haircut. How effective this technique will help hide the age, experts say Passion.ru.

Is it possible to split haircuts by age

Is it possible to split haircuts by age

Very often, we do not feel our age, despite the passport data. At the same time, for some reason, we try to adjust ourselves to certain age standards that are accepted in society. This applies to make-up, clothing style and, of course, haircuts.

We create restrictions ourselves, fearing the condemnation of the crowd. Therefore, feeling like young girls in our hearts, we are afraid to try on a punk style in which 40-year-old Gwen Stefani looks organic, we are afraid to change clothes with her daughter, as 56-year-old Madonna does, and declare to the whole world about her youth and beauty, as Salma Hayek on the eve of the 50th anniversary.

In fact, there are no age standards in the modern world, and this is wonderful. And if you want to change, throw off a few years and feel young, there is nothing easier than to start with a haircut, which falls into the category “I am not of age”.

Our expert agrees with this. Luca D'Annibale, image consultant and stylist of the Italian Beauty CenterDomenicoCastello: “I believe that in the modern world age distinctions of haircuts, which were relevant 20-30 years ago, disappeared. The choice of his style now depends on the person himself, on his sense of self, on wishes, on what kind of lifestyle he leads. In part, these changes are associated with the development of the professional hair care industry. There are procedures that help to prolong the youth of curls, to maintain their health and elasticity for many years. Modern dyes now also support the health of the hair and are beautifully kept on gray hair. In addition, there are procedures that help to emphasize the beauty of gray hair without their "painting". That is why the age no longer has such a strong influence on the choice of haircut style and hair color as before. ”

Rejuvenate haircuts will help restore youth

You can not talk about a woman by the number of years that she lived, if her inner state is filled with health and love.

Stepping over a certain line for women after 35, 40, 50 years, this is considered to be jubilee marks, I want to maintain my beautiful image to make a stylish rejuvenating haircut corresponding to the appearance and characteristics of the face.

The view from all sides of this hairstyle is presented below in the photo.

If the hair is in good condition, you can choose a long haircut.

Anti-aging short haircuts

It is important to choose a haircut correctly and then the woman will become noticeable. A short hairstyle is a dangerous choice, so a professional hairdresser will immediately determine whether a particular haircut will work or not. With a short hairstyle, you can open your ears, make a torn fringe on its side, or create a cap effect on the crown. The back of the head can be made short, almost shaved, and you can slightly lengthen it.

Considered a very popular haircut for a boy, it is relevant in any season and does not cease to be popular, especially among women 35 - 40 years. This is an excellent option for ladies if they have subtle features. If deep wrinkles have already appeared, then a very short haircut is not recommended, as it will further draw attention to the flaws of the face.

Young hairstyles for women over 40 will make the image exquisite and create charm.

When creating the perfect image, you need to look at the shape of the face, how the ears are located and how thick the neck is. Anti-aging hairstyles for round face are performed in a torn style with careless styling, you can shade individual curls.

An anti-aging haircut is an asymmetric hairstyle without styling.

In this case, even for elderly women, you can achieve extravagance of hair, while there are no strict rules in the work, even the most sophisticated fantasies are realized.

Asymmetry may not necessarily decorate a haircut on smooth hair, even curls will be textured.

Anti-aging look with a haircut for medium hair length

On average length, you can also make a haircut, which will hide a few years. In any case, the hair has to be looked after so that they are without split ends and shine. When on the head of a woman "washcloth" she only adds a few years.

Rejuvenating hairstyles for women should not be fluffy and voluminous, sometimes you can braid a weak braid, which will resemble a fishtail. Cascade is one of the beautiful haircuts, which is suitable for both women over 35 and after 50 years, it will not cease to be relevant. The cascades are performed in different ways, but they are based on a ladder, which concerns not only the total volume of hair, but also bangs, styling is most often done by the styler. This will give the haircut some flavor, and you can trim the tips with wax.

A graduated car can be called a certain type in a cascade haircut, this is not always the case, since a silhouette resembling a classic car is considered a distinguishing feature. When hair is dried with a hair dryer, it becomes well-groomed, and styling is done quickly and beautifully.

This year, the classic styling haircut becomes a very popular hairstyle, however, as in the outgoing year, professional stylists consider the haircut to be universal, which allows you to hide various flaws in appearance and precisely correct the image at any age.

There are so many options for this hairstyle to look younger.

Garson and Pixie's Haircut

A kind of boyish openness, when the whiskey and the ear zone are visible, while at the top of the hair hair becomes voluminous and suitable for women aged 50 years. The cuts are made smooth and smooth, the transition is obtained, though torn, but smooth, strands sticking out in different directions, laid with wax look spectacular.

It is necessary to keep the volume, taking into account the peculiarities of the proportion of the face. Haircut Garson and Pixie will be beautifully combined with bangs and without it, regardless of whether it is profiled or not, if necessary, bangs can be carelessly take back.

Shortened bob

It creates a hairstyle like a square on the leg and on the back of the head it is shorter, the graduation comes to the ear line and cheekbone area. The hairstyle is done in steps, and there is volume in the hair. The tips are milled, due to which a pointed cut is obtained. For this haircut fit different types of bangs, they can be thick, long and beveled.

The most fashionable haircuts for women 50 years old at different lengths of hair look here.

Choosing a rejuvenating haircut for women after 60 years

At this age, haircuts have certain features and distinctive features. The vast majority of women have very fragile hair that is thin and sparse.

The choice of a haircut should fall primarily to increase the volume visually and the thicker the curls, the better. This task will perfectly cope with filing and graduation.

Typically, women prefer the classic and restrained model of a haircut, for example, a car, a garcon or a graduated hairstyle.

If the energy has not yet subsided, then you can experiment with a torn cascade and pixie, the main thing that the image was not defiant and was just a little careless.

Even more haircuts for women 60 years old who are young, can be found here.

Different types of anti-aging styling

When creating volume in rejuvenating haircuts, when bangs and hair are lifted in the area of ​​the crown with the help of styling tools, skins are most often used, the volume starts from the roots. Careless tops, tousled, easy styling is obtained when the top of the crown is raised and the dynamics are observed.

Hair styling is performed on medium-length hair, and elongated curls can be medium and large, this hairstyle resembles a retro style.

Various accessories can be used, but not striking, for example, small hairpins with pearls and stones, they add a certain zest to the image or wear earrings. Accessories allow you to do not only everyday, but also a festive hairstyle.

Rejuvenation with hairstyles on curly hair

Blonde hair makes a woman younger, and if her hair is curly, then it gives curls ease, you can make a fashionable style, the result will be a gentle and very romantic image.

There is a huge variety of ways to curl. Modern methods of curling can make hair curly, if by nature they are not. Twisted out curls give youth about 10 years, and this is very important, especially when a woman is older than 50. In some cases, you can make a bundle-shell, small bouffant, such styling options will not only reduce years, but also diversify the images that will be unobtrusively playful .

1. Careless bob

Clear lines draw attention to the imperfect facial contours, and graphic bangs can accentuate wrinkles in the corners of the eyes or nasolabial folds. The torn, uneven haircut line with structural strands, lightened or darkened, on the contrary, visually aligns the face, distracting attention from small flaws.

The fervent, plucked haircut is very young, especially if the hair is thick and the shape of the head is close to perfect. Slightly disheveled appearance gives the whole image lightness and careless chic, and the surrounding automatically classifies the owner of the haircut as a youth.

5. Easy caret

Slightly disheveled chin-length hair framing an oval is a great way to make a full face more refined, sharpen your attention on cheekbones, and styling in the “dried and gone” style will save you from the brightest age sign - excessive alignment, conservatism and dullness of the image. Actual rejuvenating hairstyle for medium hair!

Always, regardless of the color and length of the hair, curls reduce their owner about five years. All participants in the experiment rated photos of the same women with straightened hair 5 years older than their own photos with curls. Take note!

7. Shoulder hair, tips out

This styling is much more advantageous compared to the same length, but laid tips inward. The look becomes more open, the blush is noticeable, and the face as a whole is more fresh. Laying "from face" is recognized as the most effective way to reduce the age!

Magic, and only

Stylists unanimously believe that long hair, unpainted gray hair and causing shades will once again remind you of your age. Therefore, we have collected the top 5 best options that visually help to seem much younger.

Many of its variations will help hide the wrinkles in the neck. In addition, this haircut is a kind of framing of the face, giving it a freshness. The undoubted plus of the bean is the different variations of the styling, which allow changing the image every time.

A large number of women are afraid of short hair, considering that they attract a lot of attention to the face. But in the case of pixies, you will definitely win. At first glance, it is childish and bold, but at the same time it can make even the roughest facial features softer and more feminine.

This is an option with short curls in the neck and temples, and longer at the crown. Many variations of styling - a real find for women who love diversity. Small bouffant, side parting, easy carelessness with the use of gel - everyone will find his own version.

The only caveat - pixie will suit girls with clear face contours.


Laying is a very important thing in the process of creating an image. But, the longer the hair, the harder it is to handle it yourself. That is why the stylists recommend to prefer stag haircuts. They perfectly revive the appearance and have no clear boundaries, looking at ease. The simplest options are a ladder and a cascade.

Nothing extraordinary, but it is a fringe that can make you younger. Elongated hide wrinkles on the forehead, and make the image more light and gentle. The only thing hair masters insist on is to give preference to oblique and torn ones.

Definitely a great choice. It is enough just to dry your hair with a hair dryer and a comb, and you are gorgeous. This hairstyle is suitable for almost everyone, and for owners of a full face and in general will become a real find.

Even a slight negligence will look stylish with such a length.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the time. Because it is necessary to be guided by the axiom that a woman is beautiful at any age. A properly chosen haircut and beautiful styling can effectively emphasize the natural beauty.

What changed the haircut

“The softer bangs from strands of different lengths combined with longer hair on the back of the head create a lush and thick crown around the oval face and highlight the beautiful cheekbones,” says Harrison. “We dyed her hair in warm, caramel colors with bright highlights around the face, trying not to brighten up the strands too much, which can make some women’s features blurred.”

What can you do

Remember that straight or slick hair around the face is only good at 16 years old. In adulthood, we all need more hair around the face — this can be achieved by stepping or multi-layered hair coloring in shades of similar color. This hairstyle will revive the whole look.

TO: Malena, 49 years old

Believes blondes are more attractive.

“Malena could have had semi-long hair, but excessive staining dried them up like straw, made them hard and naughty,” says Harrison, “and the color was too light, which made her face pale.” [GPAGE_V] Malena after the haircut [/ GPAGE_V]

AFTER: Malena, 49 years old

Your goal: liven up your dull complexion.

Try it: paint some light or bright strands around your face, they will give your skin a glow.

[GPAGE_V] How to explain to a hairdresser what you want [/ GPAGE_V]

Say: I need a 15-minute consultation before the haircut - come early to the salon and ask all their questions.

Say: Before you cut, show me what it will be like. Discuss how long your hair will be and where it will be cut.

Say: I want a haircut that suits me, not the one that is in fashion now.

Say: Not just “I want a bob haircut,” because there are a lot of options, but explain in detail what kind of bob you want. Learn barbershop jargon to clarify details.