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The benefits of garlic - use for treatment


If you have not previously thought about the benefits of garlic, then do not underestimate the product. Vegetable gained popularity in ancient times due to the unique qualities and special composition. Systematic intake of raw materials will provide the body with an optimal supply of beneficial trace elements. Garlic opposes the development of many diseases. Consider everything in order.

Garlic Composition

Garlic belongs to the herbaceous vegetables of the “Onion” family. The product has a rather specific aroma and an acrid taste. Today, garlic is grown in almost every corner of the world.

Vegetable has a low calorie, per 100 grams. raw materials account for about 45 Kcal. The product contains enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, acids, essential oils, vitamins of various groups and some compounds.

Garlic is recognized as an effective product in official and traditional medicine. The product has proven itself due to the variety of unique components. The presence of special enzymes help the human body to withstand serious diseases.

An impressive amount of calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen and other equally valuable substances can be found in a vegetable. In addition, garlic contains sulfuric, phosphoric and silicic acids. The list of useful enzymes can be listed for a long time, for a total of about four hundred substances.

Useful properties of garlic

  1. Garlic produces active substances, which are presented in the form of phytoncids. Biological enzymes suppress or destroy pathogenic bacteria in the body. It is proved that the vegetable is effective against diphtheria sticks, streptococci and staphylococci.
  2. Garlic has powerful analgesic and antiseptic properties. The composition can be applied externally with non-healing and suppurating wounds. Vegetables can easily reduce warts, corns and inflammatory processes after insect bites.

The benefits of garlic for pregnant women

  1. During the crucial period, the expectant mother should carefully monitor the daily diet in order to exclude the appearance of congenital defects in the baby. That is why it is necessary to make the menu as balanced and diverse as possible.
  2. Many girls mistakenly exclude teeth from the diet, but a small amount of garlic will benefit both the mother and the child. The main value of the bulbs lies in the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine properties.
  3. Garlic contains valuable folic acid, which is necessary for the body of a pregnant girl. This vitamin allows the baby to develop in accordance with the term, forms the central nervous system and the skeleton of the child.
  4. Ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol is given a special place in the bulbs of a burning vegetable. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining the mother’s immune system and protecting against viruses. Vitamins A and E, respectively, enhance the action of ascorbic acid and cleanse the body of toxins.
  5. Potassium with magnesium eliminates the likelihood of congenital heart disease. Vitamins B clear the blood channels from cholesterol plaques and prevent atherosclerosis in the mother. Iron increases hemoglobin, improves health, prevents anemia.
  6. Magnesium regulates the tone of the uterus, thereby preventing possible miscarriage or complications in the process of carrying a child. The accumulation of calcium seals the child's musculoskeletal system.
  7. Girls during pregnancy often suffer from abrupt jumps in arterial and intracranial pressure. Even a small amount of fresh garlic, added to food, will warn of similar phenomena. The pressure in the arteries is normalized, the head will not hurt.
  8. Pregnant women face delicate problems, such as constipation. Garlic decoctions or gruel of fresh bulbs will improve peristalsis and intestinal microflora, combating stagnation.
  9. After 6 months of gestation, varicose veins develop on the legs, swelling and heaviness appear. Due to slower blood flow, the likelihood of thrombosis appears. Garlic thins the blood and increases its circulation.
  10. Due to the diuretic properties of the seasoning removes excess water, which interferes with the full activity of internal organs and systems. On this basis, the heaviness in the legs is eliminated, swelling in the limbs and face disappears.

Garlic treatment

Garlic is indicated for use in the following diseases:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes,
  • excessive blood viscosity
  • gastritis on the background of low acidity,
  • scurvy,
  • colitis,
  • fever,
  • kidney disease
  • food fermentation in the esophagus, rotting processes,
  • intestinal parasites,
  • flu, ARVI,
  • stomatitis, bleeding gums, toothache,
  • low immunity
  • runny nose

These diseases are not the entire list of what garlic can actually cure. Its application will be useful and externally in the form of lotions, compresses.

Garlic with toothache

Folk healers gladly use garlic to reduce discomfort during ailments of the oral cavity. If you have a toothache, make mashed fresh garlic (3-6 slices), apply 2 gauze and garlic gruel against the wrist opposite the tooth. Secure with a bandage, wait until the pain disappears.

Garlic fermentation of food in the esophagus

If you often suffer from indigestion, heaviness, constipation, food rotting and slagging of the body, an infusion of garlic can help with such delicate problems. Take 0.3 kg. cleaned teeth, pour 0.5 liters. vodka and insist 3 weeks. Use 18 drops 3 times a day, diluting the tincture of 250 ml. warm milk.

Important! In addition to cleansing and speeding up the digestion, this remedy improves the composition of the blood and dilutes it, carries out the prevention of sclerosis and hypertension. And if you dilute the garlic tincture with water in equal proportions, you can rinse the mouth cavity with it to strengthen the gums and treat stomatitis.

Garlic to cleanse the blood channels

This tool has a tonic effect on the vascular wall. They become strong and resilient. Tincture with garlic according to the following recipe removes cholesterol plaques, so it is taken for varicose veins, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and other ailments of this kind. To prepare the tincture, mix 0.1 kg. cleaned teeth with 0.5 liters. vodka and insist in the dark month. Strain, consume a teaspoon three times a day before meals.

Important! This tool, in addition to the basic indications for cleaning vessels, is useful for people with eye problems (prevention of cataracts, strengthening of muscles, etc.). Tincture will be effective for the brain, it also removes small formations from the kidneys.

Cold garlic

Useful qualities of garlic can be used with influenza, SARS. To this end, the gruel of garlic should be mixed with warm honey, taking half a teaspoon of each component. The composition is taken at bedtime. In case of a cold it is necessary to wrap 2 cleaned teeth with gauze and put them in the nostrils in turn, after waiting a quarter of an hour. In case of sore throat it is necessary to make steam baths like potato and to breathe in pairs of garlic twice a day for 20 breaths.

Garlic Contraindications

  1. The composition of the vegetable can be included sulfates, which adversely affect the intracranial pressure, increasing it. Abuse of seasoning leads to headaches and decreased concentration.

Garlic is famous for its antimicrobial and antipyretic properties, so it is most commonly used for colds. Burning teeth are often used for the prevention of various ailments, but with inept reception can harm. Be careful and study the contraindications.

Harm and benefits of garlic for the body

About the antiseptic effects of this plant for the body and that it actually is a natural antibiotic, has been known since ancient times. Many people add to the food young garlic or already mature cloves because of their characteristic taste as a spice that stimulates the appetite. Being aware of these most valuable qualities, it must be borne in mind that if consumed excessively, this vegetable can be harmful. Let's look at examples of treatments and prescriptions for drugs using this vegetable, and find out what contraindications are there for the use of this valuable plant.

How is garlic useful for humans?

The most important useful quality of this plant is that this vegetable has a valuable disinfecting property. For many, many years, during which it has been used in traditional medicine, garlic phytoncides still effectively protect the human body from infectious agents. Due to these properties, doctors recommend, as a preventive measure, to eat 2-3 cloves of garlic per day or young green shoots in the spring. This vegetable, soaked and baked, is useful, it will be well marinated.

Due to the rich chemical composition and content of some unique components of this product, garlic is indispensable for the prevention of serious pathologies. Thus, the mineral germanium, which is part of this vegetable, helps the heart valves to remain elastic, thereby protecting heart health. Another rare mineral - selenium - has very strong antioxidant and even anti-cancer properties.

For men

Eating garlic is very useful for men, because this vegetable helps maintain the body's proper level of testosterone - the male sex hormone. This substance helps build muscle mass, has a beneficial effect on potency. The trace element selenium, entering the body with garlic, activates the production of sperm, improves its quality characteristics.

For women

Due to the ability to prevent cancer, the use of this vegetable plays an important role for the prevention of cancer of the uterus and mammary glands. Another valuable feature is the prevention of osteoarthritis, a disease that often affects women of mature age. In order to prevent colds and intestinal infections, experts advise to use garlic during pregnancy, but in small quantities. Folic acid, which is part of the vegetable, has a beneficial effect on the fetal development of the child.

From worms

Garmin phytoncides act on helminths when ingested, and even simply from inhaling the smell. The substances contained in this plant effectively kill the parasites. Clean the body of the unpleasant "inhabitants" can be as follows:

  • to 0.5 Art. milk add 1 tsp. garlic in the form of gruel, bring the mixture to a boil, take the product on an empty stomach for 3 days,
  • eat 3-4 cloves on an empty stomach for 5 days,
  • Eat a sandwich with black bread, garlic and salt on an empty stomach during the week, do not eat anything until lunch.

With a cold

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of garlic for the human body. Organic compounds, which give it a characteristic odor and burning taste, are three times more effective for colds and can replace many medicines. They have an antimicrobial effect, while simultaneously stimulating the immune system and providing antioxidant protection. Here's how to use garlic to treat a cold:

  • mix crushed garlic with honey 1: 1, take the mixture before bedtime for 1 tsp, washing it down with warm water,
  • overnight make a compress on the feet, mixing 2-3 crushed cloves and 1 tsp. unsalted pork fat.

Garlic helps the body's natural filter - the liver, because it neutralizes many toxic substances. This plant helps to cleanse and restore itself to the body, eliminating it from excess lipids and hormones in the cells. To prepare the cleaning agent can be as follows:

  1. Finely chop 5 heads of garlic (garlic husks are used), 5 lemons, beat the mass with a blender.
  2. Bring 1 l of water to a boil, add the mixture there, remove it from the heat before boiling. Strain, put in a glass container in the refrigerator.
  3. Take 2 tsp. 3 times a day between meals for 3 weeks.

With diabetes

With such a serious disease, garlic is used as an adjunct, as an adjunct to the main treatment and under the supervision of a specialist. After 2 weeks, you can significantly reduce the sugar index by applying the following recipes:

  • eat 20 cloves of minced garlic daily,
  • drink 30 minutes before eating 0.5 tbsp. boiled milk with 10-15 drops of garlic juice.

Eating this vegetable is very beneficial for the circulatory system. Reducing cholesterol, garlic also thins blood, dilates blood vessels, thus preventing the formation of blood clots. This vegetable is widely used to treat varicose veins, atherosclerosis. With the following prescription of a remedy, you can clean the vessels.

  1. Suppress 250 g of garlic, after 15 minutes add to it 250 ml of liquid honey.
  2. Infuse the mixture in a dark place for 7 days.
  3. Within 1.5 months to take the drug in 1 tbsp. l three times a day before meals.

The chemical composition of garlic

The essential oil of this plant contains valuable organic compounds - allicin, alliin, diallyl sulfide, and other phytoncides. They not only give garlic a characteristic smell and taste, but also effectively fight off infectious agents, and also protect the body's cells from oxidative processes. The usefulness of the vegetable is manifested in boiled form. In the preparation of allicin from the condensation in the teeth, a substance called ahoen is formed, which prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and blood clots. Vitamin-mineral and nutritional value of vegetables (per 100 grams) is presented in the table.

The origin of the useful plant

Popular vegetable culture has more than four thousand years of history. The ancients believed that its regular use gives strength, endurance, helps to cope with such terrible diseases as plague or cholera.

In ancient Egypt, produced a lot of drugs that use the beneficial properties of garlic. They eliminate the consequences poisoningused from hypertensionat tuberculosis, atherosclerosis vessels as a means of prevention oncological diseases.

Recipe for garlic tincture to strengthen the immune system

To effectively counter the common cold, flu epidemics, it is useful to prepare the following compound.

The teeth are cleaned, ground together with a medium-sized lemon. Lemon does not need to be peeled, wash it thoroughly enough, you can with a drop of dish detergent. For grinding, you can use a meat grinder.

The mixture is placed in a glass jar and filled with 600 ml of cold boiled water. After three or four days, the infusion is filtered.

Take 50 ml every day before meals for three months.

Garlic is useful in the treatment of colds, runny nose, tonsillitis

  • With cold or flu chop garlic cloves, mix in equal parts with honey. Take 1 tsp. for the night.
  • In the case of a cold, put a small piece of garlic clove wrapped in gauze in each nostril. Duration of treatment is 15 minutes.
  • During sore throats chopped garlic cloves pour boiling water. Inhale steam through the tip of the kettle to brew tea. Breathe in through the mouth, exhale with the nose. 10-15 breaths are enough, to be treated with garlic 2 times a day.
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The benefits of garlic in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity

Getting rid of the discomfort of a toothache helps to attach a cut garlic clove to the wrist, opposite the location of the aching tooth. That is, if it hurts on the right, a lobule is applied to the left wrist, and vice versa. Between the cut of the clove and the skin of the hand, put a gauze in 1-2 layers to prevent a burn.

  • For the preparation of alcohol or vodka tincture 300 g grams of peeled and crushed cloves should be placed in a half-liter container, top up with alcohol or vodka. After 3 weeks you can begin treatment. Take 15-20 drops 3 times a day, diluting in half a glass of warm milk.

Prepared remedy from garlic is useful property to suppress the processes of rotting and fermentation in the intestine, to cope with hypertension, atherosclerosis, sclerosis, anemia.

Diluted with garlic tincture water rinse the mouth for treatment. stomatitis, periodontitisbut.

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels

  • Pour 100g of garlic gruel 0.5 liters of vodka. Put in a cool dark place for 4 weeks, shake occasionally. After strain and take on 1ch. 3 times a day before meals.

The benefits of cooked garlic tincture in a beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels, they become more elastic. Preventive reception prevents the formation of tumors, increases the rate of metabolic processes. Eyesight improves, pressure normalizes, tinnitus passes.

Prepared tincture is used to prevent education kidney stones and bladder.

External use of the beneficial properties of garlic juice

The composition of garlic juice includes essential oils that help cleanse the lungs and bronchi from mucus, release harmful substances through the pores of the skin.

Ground gruel or garlic juice relieve scaly lichen, purulent wounds. The tool is applied to the problem area for a few minutes using gauze. Fresh juice reduce warts, rubbing it 2-3 times a day.

Вначале припухлость может увеличиться, но вскоре происходит устранение нарыва и выделение накопившегося гноя. Аналогичным образом применяется спиртовая настойка.

Чесночный сок или кашицу в смеси с свиным жиром или сливочным маслом втирают в грудь для скорейшего излечения простуды.

Противопоказания и вред чеснока

Useful vegetable culture is contraindicated in the case of kidney disease, epilepsy. With long-term treatment, the microflora balance may be disturbed, the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines is irritated.

The plant stimulates the production of significant quantities of bile, so care should be taken in case of cholelithiasis.

Garlic treatments can harm:

  • with liver diseases,
  • gastric and duodenal ulcer,
  • with pancreatitis,
  • during pregnancy.

The composition and characteristics of the vegetable, the effect on the human body

Garlic is good to eat, because it contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins.

Selenium affects regenerative and metabolic processes of the body. Due to its effect, skin is restored faster, hair and nails grow. Also, this substance helps to remove heavy toxins from the body.

Plant leaves contain more beneficial vitamins and trace elements than the head itself. They are especially rich in ascorbic acid.

Garlic contains selenium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, iron and copper, vitamin C

Without a sufficient amount of phosphorus a person will not be able to boast of good teeth or strong bones.

Phosphorus affects to improve mental activity, the normalization of the heart muscle, nervous system. Without it, the correct metabolism will not be provided.

No other vegetable can be found such a valuable substance as thiamin (vitamin B1). It protects the brain from aging, keeps good vigor in memory, perfectly influences the functioning of the immune and nervous systems of the body.

This herbaceous vegetable is free of fiber and fat. A small head has only 15 calories., 2 grams of vegetable protein, sodium and 3 grams of carbohydrates.

About the garlic will tell the program "Live is great!":

Garlic benefits for men and women

Due to the rich content in the garlic cloves of micro-and macronutrients that improve blood formation, daily consumption of this vegetable has a beneficial effect on male erection, which depends on the filling with blood of the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Studies have shown that men who regularly eat garlic have an erection that lasts much longer than those who rarely consume it. In addition, this vegetable improves the production of seminal fluid and enhances sexual desire. And regular eating of this vegetable reduces the risk of developing prostatitis and prostate cancer.

In women, garlic also prevents the development of cancer, particularly breast and uterus. Since the vegetable is rich in folic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus, it is recommended to include it in the diet of pregnant women, but not late in the processed form. Garlic also prevents the development of such a disease of the joints as osteoarthritis, which is most often affected by women older than 50 years.

And garlic can be used as a cosmetic, and men, and women. After all, masks from fresh garlic or rubbing juice into the scalp help to strengthen the hair roots and their better growth.

Due to the choleretic properties of garlic, it is recommended to eat it with hard-to-digest and fatty foods, as well as with a decrease in body weight.

The nutritional and medicinal value of garlic is predetermined by the richest content of micro and macro elements in it.

The nutritional value of fresh garlic (g / 100 g product):

  • water - 60.0,
  • proteins - 6.5,
  • Fat - 0.5,
  • carbohydrates - 35 (of which monosaccharide - 1 g).

Caloric content - 150 kcal / 100g.

The content of vitamins, in decreasing order (mg / 100 g of product):

  • ascorbic acid (C) - 32,
  • folic acid (B9) - 3,
  • pyridoxine (B6) - 1.3,
  • nicotinic acid (B3) - 0.6,
  • Pantothenate (B5) - 0.5
  • thiamine (B1) - 0.2,
  • Riboflavin (B2) - 0.1,
  • β-carotene (provitamin A) - 0.005.

Did you know? Garlic was the main healing tool in medicine of ancient Greece, and then of ancient Rome. His juice was mixed with wine, added to the opium extract, and this mixture relieved pain, disinfected wounds, and even used as anesthesia before surgical operations.

The content of micro-and macro-elements, in descending order (mg / 100 g of product):

  • potassium (K) - 402,
  • calcium (Ca) - 182,
  • phosphorus (P) 154,
  • magnesium (Mg) - 25,
  • sodium (Na) - 16,
  • manganese (Mn) - 1.7,
  • iron (Fe) - 1,6,
  • Zinc (Zn) - 1.3,
  • copper (Cu) - 0.13,
  • iodine (I) - 0.008,
  • cobalt (Co) - 0,007,
  • selenium (Se) - 0.0015.
Of course, all indicators are averaged and largely depend on geographic, geophysical and botanical factors.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the huge benefits, garlic has some contraindications.

It should be discarded in the following cases:

  • individual intolerance,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • epilepsy,
  • viral hepatitis,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • chronic kidney disease (nephritis, hydronephrosis, etc.),
  • gastritis,
  • gastric or duodenal ulcer,
  • liver disease,
  • cholelithiasis,
  • anemia,
  • tachycardia (heart palpitations),
  • diabetes,
  • amyloid dystrophy (violation of protein metabolism),
  • systemic connective tissue diseases
  • multiple myeloma, etc.

Consumption rate per day

Garlic also has quantitative restrictions on consumption, even if there are no contraindications. Daytime safety hole should not exceed 3-4 fresh cloves.

In medical practice, there are often cases when, when eating 6-7 teeth, patients have stomach pains or heartburn. There were also cases when patients ate more than 3 heads, and they developed flatulence or diarrhea. And in one patient who ate 7 heads of fresh vegetable, there was even internal bleeding.

But the garlic, subjected to heat treatment, has no quantitative restrictions, with the exception of excess weight. After all, it is the most high-calorie vegetable, it is more nutritious than corn and potatoes.

Garlic is a rather heavy product, and the body of young children is not ready for it. Babies cannot be given it at all.. When fresh, it is categorically contraindicated for babies, and after heat treatment, as part of mashed potatoes and soups, it can be added to food for children from 9 months.

The daily rate at this age is only 1 clove. Fresh garlic can be given to children from 3 years old, and again, no more than 1 clove per day. Children over 10 years old can already have 3-4 cloves per day.

How to store garlic

The traditional method of storing garlic is pigtails suspended in a closet or basement. Garlic should be stored in a dry place, at a temperature not higher than +3 ºC, but not lower than -5 ºC.

Important! For storage, it is suitable only in time for harvested and dried garlic, that is, one that has not cracked heads.

Before laying the stock, do the following: heat over a liter for 1.5-2 hours half a liter of refined vegetable oil, cool and add 12 drops of an alcoholic solution of iodine. Lubricate each head with this oil, then dry it and only after that lay it in storage.

Several ways to store garlic:

  1. Put a thin layer of salt in a wooden box with lots of holes or holes and put garlic heads on it. Sprinkle them with salt, and so - until the very top.
  2. Split cloves tightly poured into a jar, top up with vegetable oil and close with gauze.
  3. Place garlic heads interspersed with onion peel in thick paper bags, cotton bags, or old-fashioned - in worn stockings.
  4. Dip garlic heads in liquid paraffin and let it drain.
  5. Lay the unpeeled garlic in jars, pouring flour over each layer, especially the top.

Observing the rules of storage, you can keep stocks until the spring.

Garlic-based folk recipes

We give some recipes of traditional medicine based on garlic.

With acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Stir 5 garlic cloves with a glass of sour or fresh milk, leave for half an hour and then strain. Take a warm tincture, 1 teaspoonful, 3-4 times a day.

With heart disease. 5 chopped garlic heads and juice of 10 lemons mix with 1 kg of honey and leave in a cool place for 5 days. Take a honey infusion 1 time per day, 4 teaspoons, with a minute breaks between spoons.

Important! The best effect in the treatment of heart diseases give sunflower and sweet varieties of honey. In addition, it is desirable to use a mature product, rather than freshly pumped.

To lower blood pressure and with problems of blood vessels of the brain. Pour garlic gruel with vodka in the ratio of 1: 3 and leave in a dark place for 10 days. Take 5 drops of filtered tincture 3 times a day before meals.

With atherosclerosis. Prepare the juice of garlic and drink it daily with 10 drops, drinking kefir or yogurt.

Cleansing the intestines and liver. Crush the head of garlic and lemon, add 0.5 l of vegetable oil to the gruel, let the mixture stand for 7 days, and then take a teaspoon daily in the morning.

To combat intestinal parasites. Gruel of garlic pour warm milk in the ratio of 1:10. Let the mixture stand for half an hour, then strain. Daily use tincture for night enemas. The course of treatment is 7 days.

When osteochondrosis. Mix crushed garlic and crushed lemon in equal parts and take a tablespoon of this gruel daily.

Important! Since lemon rind has a wide spectrum of therapeutic effects: from cleansing the body and eliminating flatulence (increased gas formation), to increasing immunity and lowering blood pressure, it is recommended to grind unrefined lemons.

With wounds and purulent boils. Mix crushed garlic and vegetable oil in equal parts. Apply the received ointment to the wound or abscess.

Treatment and prevention of cancer in men and women. Drink garlic juice every day, drinking it with plantain tincture, and then eating honey. The course of treatment is 3 months, with a gradual increase in the dose of juice from 10 drops to a tablespoon. After that, you need to take a 2-month break, and then repeat all over again.

To increase potency. Crush 3 garlic heads and cover them with a glass of honey and a glass of apple or wine vinegar. Insist the mixture in a dark place for 10 days. Drink strained and diluted with water tincture (1: 3) every morning on an empty stomach.

With prostate. Boil in a glass of milk 1 tablespoon of garlic gruel for 20 minutes. Strained broth, drink half a cup before a meal, until there is an improvement.

Prevention of osteoarthritis. Pour garlic gruel with alcohol in a 1: 2 ratio and leave for 10 days in a dark place. Take a teaspoon of strained tincture 3 times a day before meals.

When vaginitis. Wrap in a sterile bandage or gauze garlic gruel and tie up with a thread so that you get a tampon. Insert the tampon into the vagina for 4 hours in the morning and evening for 2 weeks. Then take a 2-week break and repeat the treatment if necessary.

Do not ignore the garlic, because in it so much of everything useful. And how many delicious dishes can be prepared with its use! But that's another story.

What is the utility, what are the useful properties

The first about the beneficial properties of the plant told the Egyptians. Another 3,700 years BC they left figurines with garlic in the tomb.

The beneficial properties of garlic for human health have been used for many centuries before our era. Our ancestors stocked up onions for the winter, so as not to have a cold and protect the family from scurvy.

There is a description of the ancient Tibetan medicinal formulations based on garlic, which are more than 2.5 thousand years old.

Modern medicine does not trust the ancient wisdom, so special studies were carried out, the purpose of which was to find out what the usefulness of a vegetable is, and how beneficial plant nutrients are to the body.

Garlic is used to treat many diseases.

Studies have proven positive effects of vegetables for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • infection of the body by parasitic worms,
  • lack of vitamins
  • viral and bacterial infections
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • hypertonic disease,
  • problems with the protective function of the body,
  • oncological diseases,
  • impotence,
  • vein obstruction, thrombophlebitis,
  • joint disease.

The list of diseases goes on. At the same time, daily consumption of vegetables improves the overall condition of the skin and hair, increases the body's resistance to infectious and catarrhal diseases.

American researchers have proventhat the components of garlic help relieve stress in the blood vessels. Due to this, blood pressure decreases, the brain and all organs are saturated with oxygen.

The program "Doctor And ..." tells about the therapeutic use of garlic:

Why and who should not: harm and contraindications

Like any good "medicine", garlic has limitations for useand, in some diseases, it can cause irreparable harm to a person. Why?

You can not use it to people who have:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers and other diseases in the acute or chronic phase),
  • pancreatitis,
  • anemia,
  • bladder diseases,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • allergic reaction to the product.

But this happens if you apply it in large quantities. Sulfanil irritates the walls of the stomach.

Many centuries ago, the Romans gave the name “stinky rose” to garlic; they believed that only poor people could smell like that.

Quite often, when eating a vegetable, there are signs of allergies.. The onion of the plant contains allicin, perceived by the human immune system as a harmful component.

Japanese researchers decided to test the effect of apmicilin on laboratory rats. After the experiments, all the animals died. This indicates that abuse of this product can harm a person.

Vegetable has limitations for use, and in some diseases, it can cause irreparable harm to a person.

Medicinal qualities, use in traditional medicine

Our ancestors used garlic, both in pure form and in the form of medicinal infusions, zaparok, syrups, mixing it with equally useful products.

During the excavations on the territory of Greece, letters were found describing the recipe for the preparation of an anesthetic based on garlic juice.

Garlic tincture has great beneficial properties., which should be prepared only from fresh juice. We take 1 small vegetable head, clean it, chop it thoroughly, pour 500 ml of good vodka.

Pour into a container with a tight lid and set in a warm dark place for 21 days. In the morning and evening, the infusion should be shaken.

Then filter the finished tincture and store in the refrigerator. How much and how to use: 3 times a day, 15 drops diluted with a small amount of water 30 minutes before meals.

It is suitable for the treatment of vertigo., recovery of the body after illness, promotes the removal of kidney stones.

Copes with atherosclerosis and hypertension. It is a tonic and immunostimulating agent.

Garlic tincture copes with atherosclerosis and hypertension, is a tonic and immunostimulating agent

The benefits of garlic for the health of men and women

Eating garlic with food has a beneficial effect on the human body, and for men it is an ideal food product.

The plant can increase testosterone levels. - the main male hormone responsible for the normal work of the male body, bone strength and muscle building.

Regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer by half.

The product has a positive effect on potency.. The onion component selenium improves reproductive function, enhancing the activity of sperm.

That is, with the help of his disease can not only be prevented, but also completely cured.

If you eat one large clove of garlic once a day, reduced risk of developing malignant tumors in the uterus and breasts.

Young onion plants - an excellent cosmetic, allowing to keep youth and beauty. Our ancestors rubbed garlic juice into the scalp, thereby preventing hair loss.

Properties of garlic will open the program "On the most important":

How much to eat and in what form

What more garlic brings - harm or benefit? The same question can be asked when using any medicine, herbal infusion or decoction.

Due to the unique composition this herb is a unique productable to cope with a large number of diseases.

Its use (with honey, as tincture, fried) will bring the maximum benefit, if limited to 2-3 teeth a day.

And do not use it in its raw form, if there is at least one of the diseases from the list of restrictions.

Garlic tincture

For the preparation of garlic tincture, which can be used to cleanse the blood vessels, for hypertension, for spasms of cerebral vessels, it is necessary to fill 1/3 of the bottle with chopped garlic. Next, fill it with vodka or 50-60% alcohol. Allow the agent to infuse for 2 weeks in a warm place, but the tincture needs to be stirred daily. Take 5 tincture of tincture per 1 teaspoon of cold water 3 times daily before meals.

Tincture of garlic from sclerosis and for general body strengthening. 300 g of peeled cloves pour 0.5 liters of alcohol. Insist 3 weeks, take 20 drops daily, diluted in 0.5 glass of milk.

Чеснок от глистов

Чтобы избавиться от глистов и паразитов пейте 2-3 раза в день стакан молока с чесноком. Для этого просто в молоко добавьте 10 капель сока чеснока.

Острицы. Выпивайте 2 ч. ложки сока чеснока на 0,5 стакана теплого молока. 10 g of peeled and pounded cloves pour 0.5 cups of boiling water, fresh milk or whey, cool and strain. Divide the mixture into 2 microclysters, which put on the night.

Slimming garlic

Many people who suffer from excess weight often have impaired adrenaline production (a hormone that is responsible for accelerating the breakdown of fats and loss of appetite). Regular use of garlic will help restore this process and suppress the production of the hormone cortisol, which destroys muscle proteins and causes a painful craving for salty and sweet.

Just by eating garlic, you can improve your metabolism and thereby lose weight. Garlic normalizes blood sugar levels, helps to establish healthy blood flow and lymphatic drainage, fights against “bad” cholesterol and helps to absorb “good”, promotes healthy fat metabolism in body tissues.

How to get rid of the smell of garlic

The specific smell of garlic is given by sulfur compounds in its composition, but there are several ways to remove this persistent aroma:

- Chew a slice of lemon, a sprig of parsley, a piece of celery root, cardamom seeds or cinnamon,
- rinse your mouth with milk,
- Rub your hands with salt and wash them in warm water.