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Top 10 most famous books in the genre of detective


The choice was not easy. Selecting the best detective authors, we had to hold a tough competition in which very decent people were left behind: Gilbert Keith Chesterton with his stories about Father Brown, Graham Grinn, and even some Japanese who painted detective stories (in the sense of anime).

Since the number of voters has exceeded one hundred, and the incomprehensible nervousness of those who disagree with the results led to the broken windows of my house and three arsons (and this is only for the last month), it is time to reconsider their attitude to the masters of the detective genre. The last ones will be the first, won't they, Mr. Chase? At the same time, the rating has been expanded to 15 positions - so meet newcomers 🙂

Top 10 most famous detective books in the genre:

  1. "10 Little Indians" by Agatha Christie. Ten unrelated and unfamiliar people arrive on the island at the invitation of Mrs. and Mr. Onim. They find themselves alone in a huge mansion and are trying to figure out who exactly and why called them here. There are no owners of the house, all the rooms are empty. On the shelf, the guests find 10 statuettes of Negroes, similar to those listed in the well-known children's count. And suddenly the first person dies, having drunk a glass of whiskey, in which there was cyanide potassium. Then the guests die one after another, and the figurines disappear from the shelf with each death. Survivors have to figure out why they were on the island, and why everything that happens is closely intertwined with the ill-fated count.
  2. "Etude in the crimson tones", Arthur Conan Doyle. This story is 27-year-old Arthur wrote in just three weeks. In several publishing houses, he received a waiver, but still the detective story was published and, of course, found its readers. In the story, military doctor John Watson is in search of affordable housing and finds it. A neighbor is Sherlock Holmes - a mysterious advisory detective who has the unique ability to solve the most difficult puzzles and uncover the most intricate and incredible crimes. At this time in London, there is a series of murders, and the police is powerless. And then experienced Holmes and rookie Watson will take over.
  3. Dragon Tattoo Girl, Stig Larson. This is a real bestseller, which was translated into 40 languages ​​of the world and filmed. The protagonist, journalist Michael Blomkvist, is confronted with difficulties and deciding to distract from them, taking up the seemingly hopeless investigation. Aging wealthy tycoon for forty years trying to unravel the mystery of the once lost young relative, her fate does not give him peace. But starting the investigation, Mikael realizes that everything is much more complicated than it seemed at first glance. He finds out that the disappearance is somehow connected with several murders that occurred in Sweden at different times. Blomkvist also comes across a quote from the Third Book of Moses. And when a journalist comes to a clue, they try to kill him.
  4. "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown - This has become an incredibly popular world bestseller. The work was translated into 44 languages, a total of about 60 million copies were published. In addition, the detective was filmed. Despite the fact that the book caused outrage among representatives of religious denominations, it continues to be one of the most famous. In the story, Professor of History of Religion Robert Langdon begins an investigation after a wake-up call. He was informed that the body of an old caretaker had been found in the Louvre. The murderer left a secret message near the victim. You can find the keys, and they are all hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  5. "Cold-blooded murder", Truman Capote. This work is based on real events that occurred in 1959. The author read a newspaper article, published on November 16, 1959, about the murder of a family of 4 people: spouses and their two children. Truman became interested in the incident and decided to go to the village of Holcomb, to begin his own investigation. It was attended by many residents of the village who were familiar with the dead. And when the case was solved, Capote discovered more than 8,000 pages of valuable information collected during his time at Holcombe. Based on this information, he wrote a detective story. By the way, the murderers were found and sentenced to hanging, which was carried out in 1965.
  6. "Kissing Girls" by James Patterson. This work is one of the best detectives, and its author won the Edgar Poe Award for the best debut novel. In the story, a maniac kills girls, and all the killings have one thing in common. Before his death, the killer creates a special romantic atmosphere for his victims, and only then deprives them of life. Already killed several women, and in the hands of a maniac is a young niece of the famous detective Alex Cross. Of course, the detective decides to find the killer and have time to save his relative. But Alex needs not only to find a maniac, but also to be able to neutralize him until the moment when romance and passion have passed into the stage of cruelty.
  7. "The Silence of the Lambs" by Thomas Harris. This detective film is filmed and known to almost everyone. According to the plot in the west of America there is a series of brutal murders, somehow related to each other. The FBI cannot find a maniac in any way and decides to seek help from an inconsistent character - Hannibal Lecter. He is a talented psychoanalyst and a real cannibal who was convicted of brutal murder. Also, a young police officer, Cleuris Starling, takes up the case. She begins to communicate with the Lecturer and gets close to him, because these two have one goal - to capture the cruel killer Buffalo Bill.
  8. "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", Arthur Conan Doyle. This is a whole collection consisting of 12 unrelated stories. By the way, this is the very first collection, which was released back in 1982 and almost immediately became popular. In some stories, there are no crimes; in others, by coincidence, the perpetrators go unpunished. But in all the stories can be traced to the theme of justifying those who were wrongly accused. The first story is “Scandal in Bohemia” about the King of Bohemia, who instructs Holmes to find a compromising photo. The second is the “Red Union” about a man who wants to find his employers. Other stories: “Identification”, “The Mystery of the Boscom Valley”, “Five Grains of Orange”, “A Man with a Split Lip”, “Blue Carbuncle”, “Colorful Ribbon”, “Engineer's Finger”, “Noble Bachelor”, “Beryl Diadem "," Copper beeches. "
  9. "The Dead are silent," Chase James Hadley. The author of the book is recognized as one of the best detective writers. He has more than 80 books on his account, and The Dead Are Silent is one of the best. It describes the life of small gangsters. Young authority Dillon comes to a small town to follow the boxing match and affect its results. But this is not as easy as expected, and the guy has to deal with local gangsters. Dillon is forced to kill the head of the gang - a blind half-mad man. The young man has to go on the run, and he decides to take with him the fatal beauty of the World, which, by the way, is the daughter of a murdered gangster.
  10. "The Bourne Identity", Robert Ludlam. In a small French village on the beach threw an unknown person. He escaped, but literally could not remember anything about his life and about himself. He raves about in four languages, but he cannot understand which one is native to him. The young man begins to realize that his past was dark, and his body suggests that he once killed people. But who is behind all this? And why was the hero here? All this he has to find out.

These were the most interesting and famous books of detectives.

Detectives: books. List of the best modern stories

  • Yu Nesbe - “Police”.

This Norwegian author is able to create a truly exciting piece that will not leave indifferent any amateur of criminal reading. This novel is by far the best work of Yu according to Norwegian critics. In his stories, Nesbe strongly condemns the existing foundations of society and human nature.

A criminal is a person whose circumstances have led to the atrocity. This is precisely the position the author takes, creating plots of his detectives. The protagonist of the novel has a rather incomprehensible image and dynamic character. You can easily make friends with him, but at the same time you want to teach him a lesson and show how to behave.

In the center of the novel - Detective Hole - a man who abuses alcohol, not ashamed to do it even in the workplace. Feeling his impunity, he humiliates his players and carelessly refers to the implementation of official powers. All his achievements in the disclosure of cases are purely intuitive in nature. The hero almost died in the previous part of the book, so this time he decides to leave the service. Six months later, the corpses of police officers began to appear on the scene of crimes that were discovered thanks to Hole. The detective does not want to return to his previous activities and prefers to continue to continue lecturing at the local academy. However, soon Chole realizes that he is obliged to solve a crime, because he is the next victim.

The product heads the Norwegian list of the best detectives. Books Nesbe make the reader remain in suspense until the very end, which makes the work of the writer very popular.

  • Joel Dicker - "The Truth About the Harry Quebert Case."

The author of this book has just turned 28 years old. Despite his young age, Joel achieved tremendous success in the modern writing industry. His books are sold in millions of copies and easily become bestsellers. The story has been translated into more than 35 languages ​​and received 8 awards.

This book is really worth paying attention to. The novel tells about the writer Marcus, who came to see his friend, driven into a creative crisis, by the American writer Harry, who is in search of inspiration and new subjects for his future works. The remains of a little ten-year-old girl who disappeared without a trace more than 30 years ago are found in Harry's garden. In the purse with which it was buried, the manuscript of one of the most famous novel authors was found. Naturally, all suspicions fall on Harry, who admitted that he and the girls had a romantic relationship. Marcus, wanting to somehow help his friend, begins his own investigation of this crime. The novel tops the list of the best detectives (books of the 21st century).

  • Kate Atkinson - "Crimes of the Past."

The novel tells the story of a missing girl who disappeared from his father’s garden in just a few minutes. In another family, another girl was found murdered in the evening of the same day. None of the relatives understand why the child was killed, and in such a cruel way. Two different families, but one grief. What binds them? This question was decided to find the answer to a private detective loser who still can not develop his wit and start solving crimes. But for parents of children, he is the last chance to find out the truth and achieve justice. Subsequent events of the book show that Jackson is not as hopeless as he was considered by all before, because he was able to understand what kind of event in the life of families connects all that happened in one puzzle.

The novel has an exciting dynamic plot. He was added to the list of the best detectives. The Atkinson books were evaluated by Stephen King himself - the guru of the criminal genre.

  • Nikolai Svechin - “Warsaw Mysteries”.

Svechin is one of the most successful authors in the Russian detective genre. At one time he was vehemently compared to Akunin, but thanks to critics, he managed to prove that his work was unique and worthy of praise. All his criminal works have historical overtones, which is why it becomes doubly interesting to read them. The protagonist of the Warsaw Secrets novel, a nobleman Lykov, who is almost incompetent in his teaching activities, does not know a single foreign language, and this very often brings him. In the novel, he tries to get to the bottom of the truth in the case of the murder of Russian officers in Warsaw. Svechin's works are the best Russian detectives. The books, the list of which can be found below in the article, made the author a world-famous writer.

The title of the book fully justifies the overall atmosphere of the work. The action takes place in modern Los Angeles, which is subjected to earthquakes. One of the employees of the office, Gloria, wants to go to her workplace and check whether the collection of the statuettes of her boss is intact. Going to the reception, she discovers a lot of incoming messages on the answering machine and begins to listen to them. The chief called, and judging by the tone of his voice, he was in danger. But what exactly happened to him is incomprehensible. From the short and breaking messages, she understands only that he is somewhere in Mexico, where she decided to go.

What works today have an impressive rating? Detectives. Books, the list of which can be continued to infinity, convey the author’s thought much more deeply than numerous screen versions. After all, human fantasy has no limits.

Detectives books. List of the best works of Rex Stout

Stout - the cult author of crime prose, who began to create in the first half of the twentieth century. To this day, his books remain among the most sought after in the world. Wulf and Goodwin, who are known to all, are heroes of Rex's novels. However, besides them, in the author’s arsenal there are still more than fifty books of a criminal nature. We list the most interesting and exciting of them:

  • The Red Thread (1939).
  • The Broken Vase (1941).
  • “Bad for business” (1940).
  • “Prize for Princes (1914) - headed the rating, which described the best foreign detectives (books), a list of which can always be found in any library.
  • The Big Legend (1916).

Books of the authors of the CIS countries

Alexandra Marinina is a popular author of exciting detective novels that are not inferior to eminent Western creations with their twisted and interesting plot. The works of the writer literally scatter from the shelves of bookstores in the first month of sales. Marinina is one of the most successful women in Russia who write detective stories.

Boris Akunin is the cult author of the Russian detective genre. His series of books about the adventures of Fandorin has been read by over 5,000,000 people worldwide. Due to this, his works were included in the rating “The Best Russian Detectives” Books, the list of which is quite impressive, do not cease to amaze and fascinate their readers.

Natalia Perfilova is the author of action-packed novels and historical works, which skillfully weaves elements of a detective story into the storyline. Her books are quite popular in the post-Soviet space.

Simone Vilar - Ukrainian author of detective novels for women. The elements of her work will be discussed in more detail later in our article.

Popular Stories of the 21st Century

  • Sarah Waters - “Fine Work.”

The scene of the novel is foggy and cold London. At the center of the plot is Susan's girlfriend, whose parents died even when she was several months old. Raises up a little girl, a certain Miss Saxby - a child trader. Despite this, Susan is happy with her life and tries to appreciate what she has. One day, the girl gets the task to deceive the rich heir to the throne.

In the article section we describe the best detectives - books, the list of which is not so long. After reading them you will not be disappointed.

  • Andrews Taylor - "The Mystery of Edgar Poe."

The book was released in 2010. The story goes on behalf of the school teacher Thomas, who meets Edgar. It was after this meeting that the life of the teacher changed dramatically.

  • Cormac McCarthy - "Old men are not the place."

This novel is quite famous American classics has become popular among lovers of stories with an interesting plot. After all, the book is rightfully included in the top, which covers the best foreign detectives (books), the list of which is very diverse.

Popular works, which were filmed

Dennis Lehane - "The Secret River." The film received positive reviews from film critics, which is quite rare for screen versions. The film will surely please fans of the thrilling American TV shows and action films.

  • Thomas Harris - "Hannibal" (2001).
  • Thomas Harris - Hannibal 2 (2006).
  • Retner Brett - "Red Dragon".
  • Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs (1990). As we see, in this list, the author occupies three places of honor, because his creations are the cult examples of the world detective novel. Not for nothing his works many times headed the list of the best detectives. Books by this writer have seen the light in many languages.
  • Flynn Gillian - “Before I Fall asleep” (2002).

The best authors of detective prose

  • Agatha Christie.
  • Thomas Harris - the author, whose works are known throughout the world, because they were filmed and achieved stunning success at the box office. Даже сегодня по мотивам книг Томаса снимают ремейки и сериалы.
  • Борис Акунин.
  • Сара Уотерс.

  • Кейт Аткинсон – автор более пятидесяти детективных романов для женщин, которые не только повествуют о любовных историях, но и затягивают читателя в вихрь странных событий и загадочных расследований. Ее произведения много раз возглавляли список лучших детективов. Книги этого жанра очень востребованы.
  • Truman Capote is a famous American author of detective novels, who became famous throughout the world for his extraordinary and fascinating stories that take the reader into the abyss of confusing events, which later have an unexpected denouement.

Detective books about love

  • Simone Vilar - The Witch. These are four books that have a sharp plot and at the same time elements of a love story that will appeal to any girl.
  • Simone Vilar - "Secret Castle".
  • Sandra May - “Melodies of Spring”.
  • Linda Medl - The Whisper of Flowers.
  • Doris Mortman - "True Colors." The work is included in the authoritative rating "The best detectives." Books, which list is very impressive, are regularly updated with new interesting stories.
  • Ray Morgan - "Paradise Vacation."
  • Karin Monk - "Your tender word."
  • Karin Monk - "Prisoner".
  • Eva Modigliani - "Heiress".
  • Eva Modigliani - "Woman of his life."

Dan Brown Detectives

Dan Brown is one of the most popular contemporary authors. Fans of his books are looking forward to a new story about the adventures of Robert Langdon - a specialist in the symbolism of the ancient world.

Virtually all of his existing novels are filmed or are in the process of making a film. All Brown's stories are distinguished by a powerful background story that becomes interesting to any reader. Agree, who is not interested in long-standing legends about masons and Illuminati? Below is a list of several of Dan’s most successful books, along with a brief description of their storyline:

  • Angels and Demons (2000). Despite the fact that this work was released in 2003, it was filmed as the second part of the story of Robert Langdon. It describes the secrets of the two greatest secret orders - the Freemasons and the Illuminati, who opposed the Vatican in the Middle Ages. A dead scientist is found in the middle of the Vatican; a strange symbol has been burned on his chest. Robert Langdon is invited to deal with the secret signs that accompanied this crime. As it turned out, the legend may well turn out to be a reality, and the Catholic Church faces a real danger, because the Pope dies suddenly. But is it his death? And who needed the murder of the main man of the Vatican?
  • The Da Vinci Code (2003). It was on this book was filmed the first film adaptation of the work of Dan. In the work, Robert Langdon is looking for a secret code that should be hidden in one of the works of the great Leonardo da Vinci. The book is filled with interesting information about Christian shrines, and the story is also not without killings of people who might have known about the place where the lost code is stored.
  • “Lost Symbol” (2009).
  • Inferno (2013).

Exciting detectives for kids

There are many authors who are aimed at creating detective books for children and teenagers. Of course, such works have a twisted investigative plot without any elements of cruelty. Top Russian detectives (books) list for children:

  1. Sergey Tusk - "The Secret of the Red Cat".
  2. Nikolai Trublaini - “Columbus”.
  3. Anatoly Rybakov - "Dirk".

The above children's books are more like adventure novels, but they contain elements of investigations, which is why they belong to the genre of Russian children's detective literature.

10. Death is a lonely affair

The novel “Death is a lonely affair,” the author of which is the famous American writer Raymond Douglas Bradbury, opens the top ten detective books. The book was published in 1985.

The main character, whose name the author never mentioned in the novel, lives in a town called Venice in the state of California. The events take place in 1949. The hero only makes the first attempts at writing, dreaming of the fame of a famous writer. In every thing he tries to find a hidden meaning, in every statement - a metaphor. Perhaps because the words, casually abandoned by passers-by: "Death is a lonely business" - make him think about life. Soon the main character gets into a series of events that is directly related to the breath of Death. In Venice, one after another, they find the dead, the police are investigating, and the main character joins them.

9. The girl with the dragon tattoo

"The girl with the dragon tattoo" ranks 9 in the list of the best books of the detective genre. The novel was written in 2004 by the Swedish writer Stig Larsson. This is the first book of the Millennium series, which tells about the joint work of the journalist Mikael Blomkvist and the girl hacker Lisbeth Salander.

Mikael is engaged in the extraction and publication in the Millennium magazine of dirt on famous personalities. One of his investigative journalism fails. Hans Wennerström sues, claiming that Michael wrote about him is pure slander. The journalist is suspended from work and detained for three months.

Meanwhile, with the help of Lisbeth, Henrik Vanger comes out on Blomkvist. About 40 years ago, Wanger lost a young relative of Harriet, he suspects that family members are involved in her disappearance. Henrik hires Michaela and Lisbeth to investigate this case.

8. Murder on the street Morg

On the eighth line in the rating of detective books - "Murder on the street Morgue". The story was written in 1841 by Edgar Allan Poe and entered the trilogy of his detective stories about Auguste Dupin. This is the first known detective work in literature. Auguste Dupin is considered the prototype of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.

The narrator arrives in Paris in the 40s of the XIX century and meets Auguste Dupin. Auguste once lived in a wealthy noble family, but squandered all the money and now borrows money. He does not have a job and a permanent salary. However, the main character immediately draws attention to Dupin's exceptional analytical skills. Auguste finds out about the murders from the newspapers and investigates crimes of boredom. This time he has to solve the mystery of the death of two women on Morg Street.

7. Locked room

"The Locked Room" is an interesting detective novel written in 1972. The authors are Swedish writers Mai Chevalle and Per Valio. This is one of the books in the series of works about Stockholm detective Martin Beck.

The classic example of a murder in a locked room when there are more questions than evidence. The corpse of the man was found in the room, the doors and windows of which were locked to the inside of the castle. In addition to the corpse in the room before the arrival of the police there was nobody. Also there is no murder weapon. There are no signs, the victim has no documents, the motives are not clear. Did the dead person get into the room while he was alive, or was the corpse already transferred here? How is the killer up from the room? It may be suicide, but then who destroyed all the evidence? This is a puzzle for real lovers of mysteries, intrigue in the novel is preserved to the last.

6. The Killing of Roger Ackroyd

The novel "The Killing of Roger Ackroyd" was released from the pen of the famous English writer Agatha Christie. The detective book was published for the first time in 1926. This is one of a series of novels about detective Hercule Poirot.

The narrator is Dr. James Sheppard. In the small English town of Kings Abbott a serious crime was committed. Widowed Roger Ackroyd. It is known that the slain widow Mrs. Ferrar was killed. According to Kangz-Abbot, it was rumored long ago that it was she who killed her first husband, but the widow died, and then Aroyd was also killed. Flora Ackroyd, Roger's niece, turned to Poirot. Her fiancé, who is the stepson of the victim and the first heir, is suspected of murder. However, it turns out that many people had a motive and opportunity to commit a crime.

5. The Silence of the Lambs

The fifth place in the list of the best detective books goes to the famous novel The Silence of the Lambs, which was written by the American writer Thomas Harrison in 1988. The author worked for a long time in the newspaper, where he led the crime column, because the criminals in his novels are prefabricated images of real-life maniacs. The Silence of the Lambs is the second novel of a series of books about Hannibal Lecter.

Clarice Starling - a young employee of the FBI, who recently arrived at work - was given a very difficult task. She has to get Hannibal Lecter to talk - a man-eating maniac who knows the underworld better than any detective. Hannibal must help catch the killer, skinning their victims. Lecter agrees in exchange for a small game. He will answer questions only in exchange for stories about childhood memories of Clarice.

4. Murder on the Orient Express

The murder in the Orient Express is a good detective novel by the English writer Agatha Christie. The book first appeared in print in 1934. The main character is the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

Poirot leaves Istanbul for London on the Orient Express, a luxury passenger train. The cars are packed to capacity, all the seats are occupied. The detective immediately noticed that the passengers were surprisingly different. The public is distinguished by age, nationality, gender, and occupation. On the first day of the journey to the detective, the American Ratchett appeals, who believes that they want to kill him. That same night, Ratchett dies and the train stops due to bad weather. Poirot to investigate the mysterious murder of an American. However, the matter turns out to be quite complicated, why do unfamiliar companions provide each other with an alibi?

3. The Hound of the Baskervilles

"The Hound of the Baskervilles" closes the top three detective books in the world. The author of the story is the English writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The work was published in a literary magazine in London from 1901 to 1902. The main characters are detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. John Watson.

The Baskervilles family that lives in the large Baskerville Hall estate have an old legend. Not far from the mansion there is a marsh, where, according to legend, the ghost of a large dog lives, whose muzzle and paws glow in the dark. This monster has once bitten off Hugo Baskerville and now hunts all his descendants, once they appear in the swamp. When Charles Baskerville died in the courtyard of his own house, his doctor immediately suspected that something was wrong. He found traces of large dog paws and turned to Holmes to uncover this mysterious murder.

2. Ten Little Indians

"Ten Little Indians" - one of the most famous and best literary works of a detective genre. The novel was written in 1939 by Agatha Christie. The chapters of the book were published in the United States and Great Britain in parallel, but the name was changed in America for political reasons.

Ten strangers arrived on the Negro island at the invitation of their friends. As it turned out, the house on the island belongs to the Onim family, the members of which none of those present can remember. During the first dinner together, a gramophone is turned on, where everyone speaks about the crimes of each of the participants. It turns out that all ten people are indirectly guilty of someone's death. In each bedroom there is a count on the wall, in which ten indignant dies consistently die. Just as according to the scenario, the guests of the island begin to die.

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The list of the best detective books is headed by the work "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." This is a collection of stories about the adventures of the famous detective, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The collection consists of 12 stories that were written in the period from 1883 to 1890.

Sherlock Holmes is a detective with astounding analytical skills who lives in London on Baker Street. The owner of the house, where he rents a room decides to settle another tenant. They are Dr. John Watson, recently returned from the war. Watson is struck by the fact that Sherlock reads it like an open book, telling about John's past. The deductive Holmes method was rescued by Scotland Yard more than once. The detective and the doctor begin a joint career detectives, revealing the most convoluted crime.

10 Rose and cross

The Rose and the Cross is the debut book of Russian writer Eleonora Pakhomova. This detective story is an unusual mixture of realism, psychology, mysticism, gothic. Events occur in our time. The famous psychotherapist is found dead in his office. Everything points to ritual murder. Major Ivan Zamyatin and the psychotherapist, Ph.D., expert on the occult, Miroslav Pogodin, take up the case.

Someone commits ritual murders on the layout of the Tarot cards: "High Priestess", "Hierophant", "Fool". The search for the killer leads them to one of the Moscow sects. What lies behind the series of terrible murders? Each character draws attention, each experiencing deep trauma in its own way. Someone breaks, someone gets better, and someone goes crazy. In the reviews they write that the final is predictable, but reading a detective story does not become less interesting.

9 Silence of the old cemetery

The mystical detective, authored by young writers Elena Obukhova and Natalia Timoshenko, has already managed to enter the ratings of the best Russian mystical detectives. The action takes place in our time in St. Petersburg. At the old Lutheran cemetery, two friends decided to take pictures of gravestones, but the entrance to the territory was closed, so you had to find another one. Finding the entrance, they decided to walk in the silence of the old cemetery. But besides them there was still someone wandering around. He walked behind them, breathed them in the back of his head, touched their hair. From the walk the girls did not return, they remained forever in the cemetery.

Someone kills the girls in the cemetery, and then begins sending messages to living loved ones. Victims are found in a certain pose, in special attires, with an identical tattoo on a nape. Perhaps this ritual murder? Lovers of detectives say that reading a book is a real pleasure, as it is difficult to understand who is behind everything.

8 Newsboy

The book is deeply imbued with the atmosphere of the 90s, so the reader, not familiar with this time, is fully imbued with this "dashing" mood. The author skillfully describes the atmosphere of despondency and disappointment. The action takes place in 1996. In a small northern village mysteriously disappeared schoolgirl. A journalist from a regional newspaper is conducting a journalistic investigation to obtain information about this mysterious incident, during which he discovers a whole world with its own riddles and secrets.

Every resident of the village has something to hide and they are ready to go to great lengths so that the truth does not open. Everything revolves around the disappearance of the schoolgirl, which did not disappear at all. This incident, as if by the principle of dominoes, completely undermines the delicate balance between the locals. According to reviews of readers of literary forums, the plot of the detective constantly keeps in suspense, they note that it is easy and interesting to read the work.

7 poisoned mask

“The Poisoned Mask” - Detective Valeria Verbinina about the bespredent woman. The book is written in the genre of historical detective. The main character, Amalia Tamarina, is a young girl, 17 years old. Her father died of consumption, so she is forced to return from France to Russia. At home she is met by a haughty mother and uncle-survivor. There is no money in the family, so a relative of the father, a rich merchant, temporarily sheltered them. But for her three extra mouths is a heavy burden, so her main goal is to successfully marry Amalia, but Amalia herself does not even want to think about it.

One day, Amalia goes to the country estate of her friend and there begins an assassination attempt on her. One, second, third. The book perfectly characterizes the characters, the atmosphere of those times. According to reviews on literary forums, the detective firmly took the leading places in the ranking of the best modern Russian detectives, book lovers read it in one breath.

6 Fifth non-sleeping

“The Fifth Sleeper” is a work by Russian writer Albina Nuri, who likes to add mystics. New Year's Eve, a cozy country house, a family gathered in it, and nothing foretells trouble. Four heroes - Rosa, with a failed personal life, her strange mother, forever reading morality, her grandfather is an underrated writer and poet, and his haughty and proud sister is the mistress of the house. Each chapter is written on behalf of one of them.

Suddenly, at six o'clock in the evening, frightening things began to happen. Each family member experiences his own fear, without telling anyone anything. They all hold resentment at each other, however, when events cease to be explained, the characters begin to converge. It seems that there is someone else in the house ... According to the reviews, the most impressive part in the book is the story of Rosa's mother. The book is read quickly thanks to the easy syllable.

5 evil wind

The novel “Evil Wind”, written by the famous writer Arkady Adamov in 1970, is considered to be a classic of the Russian detective genre. Events develop in Soviet Moscow and Odessa. Vitaly Losev, inspector of the COUNTER, investigates a series of hotel thefts and murders in Moscow. During the investigation it turned out that the criminal group was engaged in theft and speculation on a huge scale: from building materials to women's clothing.

Here is a complete detective set: surveillance, chases, fights, analytical work. Each character with its own character, with its own problems, with its attitude to life, to work. The author captivates the reader with a rich line of plot development and an extremely interesting investigation. For many decades, according to readers' reviews, the book is included in the ranking of the best Russian detectives of the 20th century.

4 Fox tracks on stones

Детектив «След лисицы на камнях» Елены Михалковой вышел в свет в 2018 году и уже успел завоевать любовь русских читателей. Нам предстоит проследить за расследованием чрезвычайно запутанного дела частных сыщиков Сергея Бабкина и Макара Илюшина. Повествование начинается неожиданно: убийца нанимает Бабкина и Илюшина для поиска трупа. А вот были ли вообще убийца и жертва? Возможно это воспаленное воображение?

The actions of the book take place in a small village for a dozen houses - Kamyshovka. The characters of the inhabitants are very well revealed. All the misfortunes of the village are connected with the ill-fated fire that occurred in 1991, as a result of which one person died, the second went to prison. Local has something to hide. It is not easy, because each of the detectives has his own point of view on what is happening, they often argue. Will Babkin and Makarov be able to act alone or will they still come to a common opinion?

3 Oligarch with Ursa Major

"Oligarch with a big bear" is the best-selling detective Tatiana Ustinova and it is easy to read. The book successfully combines adventurous detective and fabulously-love lines. Elizaveta Arsenyeva, the main character, runs a successful advertising agency. She is waiting for positive and interesting changes in her life, but at the same time she is afraid of something new. Unexpectedly, a homeless Dmitry appeared in her life, and the vicissitudes begin. First, the heroine finds the corpse of her employee in the garage, it is unclear how it turned out there. Next - shooting at Elizabeth and Dmitry in the country, but it is unclear who exactly was shot.

Dmitry actually was an oligarch in the past, and now he has to live in a dacha cooperative. But his unclean past began to pursue and now he must save both his life and the life of Elizabeth. The book has firmly taken the lead in the ranking of the best-selling Russian detectives.

2 No grasshopper in the grass

The book "There is no grasshopper in the grass" by Russian writer Elena Mikhalkova - a mixture of detective and social drama. The narrative is divided into two parts - the present and past life of Olya Belkina. Successful married couple goes on vacation to Greece. One morning, Olya suddenly disappears. in pajamas, without slippers. Olya's husband asks private detectives, Sergey Babkin and Makar Ilyushin, to find the missing spouse.

At the same time, the reader is told about the past of Oli: about the father-despot, about the mother Klusha, about the evil grandmother and the small child who is trying to comprehend what is happening and survive in inhuman conditions. It is necessary to understand what unites the past and the present, to follow the two lines, to the point of their connection. Sharply developing plot allowed the book to collect a lot of positive reviews, in which many recognize the work as one of the best modern Russian detectives.

"Azazel" - the famous Russian novel about the detective Erast Fandorin. Detective became the first book in the cycle about the extraordinary policeman. The main character is a young man, twenty years old. Good luck accompanies him thanks to his courage, nobility and charm. The story takes place at the end of the XIX century. The author is pleased with the elegant, slightly old-fashioned language that is pleasant to read and the charming atmosphere of tsarist Russia.

The hero of the book is to investigate the case of the mysterious suicide of a rich student. The main character could not imagine that this investigation will result in a chain of deaths. To investigate the crime will only disinterestedness, loyalty to the motherland and luck. For several years in a row, Roman has been the leader in the ratings of the best Russian detectives. The plot captures the attention from the first pages and I don’t want the book to end, the more so the author leaves the final more or less open.

Agatha Christie: "Ten Little Indians"

The queen of the 21st century detective genre, Agatha Christie, has been on the lists of the most widely read authors. Her popular detective novel titled "Ten Little Indians" was loved by readers for its confusing plot and unexpected denouement. Ten completely different people get on a mysterious island, having received invitations to visit the old castle. At first everything was fine, but then, like in an old reader: the guests began to disappear one by one, and then they were found dead nearby. Only one survivor, that is, the killer himself. Who will it be?

Arthur Conan Doyle: "Notes on Sherlock Holmes"

These funny detective stories about the eccentric detective and the gallant doctor Watson even the schoolboy knows, and he didn’t read them, that he was lazy. New methods of investigation, logic and constructive thinking of Sherlock Holmes capture and surprise, and at the end of the story, no one is surprised how he so quickly and quickly recognize, and then catch the real criminal.

Edgar Allan Poe: "Murder on the street Morg"

This story with a truly terrifying title is considered one of the first detectives in the history of literature. Everything happens in the most romantic city of the world Paris, the murder of two women agitated and frightened the entire public. Now the young and inexperienced detective-amateur Auguste Dupin must solve this case and find the cruel criminal. Do you think he will succeed or not? Do not know? Then read together.

Dashil Hammett: The Maltese Falcon

The story of the private detective Sam Spade, who took, it would seem, for a hopeless case and hit the customer with a brilliant result of finding the one he was assigned to find. But first there were many obstacles, lies and failures. This is a series of stories, the main character of which is the detective himself and his assistants, because, in order to solve a convoluted crime, they themselves sometimes get into dubious stories, getting out of which is not easy.

Robert McCammon: The Voice of the Night Bird

Historical detective, which takes place in Carolina in 1699. A lovely and seemingly completely innocent woman was declared by no one else, but by a real witch. She allegedly killed her husband and serves Satan, doing bad deeds to the people of the whole city of Fount Royal. Young detective Matthew Corbett is trying to help this woman for free and figure out who is right and who is wrong. Yes, the story is truly with an exciting plot, I want to immediately find and read this fascinating book. Who is with me?

Thomas Harris: "Silence of the Lambs"

The cult story about the terrible murderer Hannibal Lector could not enter into our ranking of the best books of detectives. Catching the cruel killer of American women is not so easy. A young FBI agent named Clarice Starling, to attack the trail of a crazy pervert, decides to take advantage of the tips of another psychiatrist serving his sentence in prison. But you have to pay for everything and nothing happens for nothing. It is easy to find out what all this will mean simply by reading the best detective story of the 20th century.

James Hadley Chase: "The whole world in your pocket"

An exciting detective story about the thief of a repeat offender Frank Morgan, who after serving more than one prison sentence, still did not learn the lesson that there is no easy money. Coming to freedom, Frank coveted an armored car with a million fillings. For many years, he has done more than one thing and considers himself a real pro, but is it really so? Let's read and find out.

Haire Cyril: "Pure English Murder"

Old and good England is famous not only for its brilliant detectives, but also for bloodthirsty and cruel killers. The most family English holiday Christmas is overshadowed by the death of the son of Lord Thomas Warbeck. Everything happens in an old country castle. Guests who filled the house, in panic and horror. And only one of them keeps himself in hand. This is Dr. Bottwink, who is here by the will of fate, it is he who undertakes to investigate this mysterious death. Only here is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. The fact is that all those present do not tolerate each other and suspicion falls on everyone.

Stig Larsson: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

Our top best detective books could not circumvent this novel, which became a true classic of this genre. The plot is quite simple and at the same time very confusing. The main character, Michael Blomkvist, publisher of a glam magazine loses a lawsuit filed against him by one influential millionaire. Now Mikael faces imprisonment, but fate introduces him to the right person and gives a chance to restore justice. But how he uses it, you can find out if you read a novel or download an audiobook. Dare, the story is quite interesting.

Daphne du Maurier: "Rebecca"

A young girl named Rebecca on the azure shore of Monte Carlo meets an English aristocrat named Maximilien de Winter. Considering him to be his fate, naive and in love, the girl goes with him to his beautiful and mysterious estate - Manderley. Stupid Rebecca did not even know what secret and truth about her lover she would have to learn there. All because of love and limitless curiosity.

Dan Brown: “The Davinchi Code”

The novel by American writer Dan Brown “The Davinchi Code” has become a true masterpiece and world bestseller. The plot tells about the religious and very mysterious murder of the curator of the Louvre, Jacques Sauniere. Dr. Robert Langdon is taken to investigate the murder as none other than the professor of religious symbols at Harvard University himself. After all, no one else can unravel the mysterious signs on the body of the murdered man and find the ciphered clues in the paintings of the real genius of the Middle Ages, Leonardo Davinchi.

Boris Akunin: "Turkish Gambit"

We could not help remembering our compatriot, the genius author and writer Boris Akunin, and his ingenious detective novels, which we know very well thanks to their screen versions. The plot of this novel takes place during the Russian-Turkish war, namely in 1877. The main character here is a young, courageous and very beautiful girl Barbara Suvorova, who in such a hectic time ventured to travel all alone and, so to speak, ran into trouble. Fortunately, a real gentleman and brave knight Erast Fandorin were nearby.

Gaston Leroux: "The Mystery of the Yellow Room"

Another English author's novel about death in a confined space. The novel, it would seem, begins with a denouement, but this death will entail new deaths, not everyone can investigate and stop. For the "impossible", as he calls it, the murder is taken by the young journalist Joseph Rultabius. He cannot understand in any way how this strange murder happened in a locked room, but he will surely get to the bottom of the truth. It turned out that the killer was very close all the time.


The detective genre in literature is a rather young style that appeared relatively recently, namely in the 19th century. Having taken a leading position, detective, as a literary genre is popular in the modern world. So that lovers of detective stories will always be something to read, and the authors, what to write.

Our rating of the best detectives can be enumerated forever, because a great number of them are written and “there are no comrades to the taste and color”. And we tried to choose for you the most famous and popular works in this genre. If our list did not seem complete to you, then we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions in the comments to our article.