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Bio gel nail polish


Modern women are happy to order the most fashionable types of manicure and the most innovative types of nail coatings in beauty salons. One of the latest trends in this area is biogel nail polish.

Biogel is a polymeric material that contains an artificial protein, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the splicing of its molecules with the molecules of the natural nail. In a frozen form, this product resembles silicone. It is an alternative to the usual gel, which has slightly different characteristics.

With the help of biogel, you can strengthen your own nails, make them more voluminous. The nails on which this product is applied look alive. Color biogel allows not only to improve the shape of the nail plate, but also to give it a certain shade. This manicure keeps on nails up to 3 weeks.

Nail polish and gel polish

Nail varnish has long been a classic. This version of manicure is applicable not only in the salon, but also at home. Each woman can independently coat nails with varnish.

Unfortunately, nail polish is too unstable. Even with the observance of all the rules of applying and using a good quality product, the coating can last for 5 days on nails.

Many modern women prefer gel polish, which is much more stable than the usual coating. He is able to hold out on nails for up to 3 weeks without the appearance of cracks and chips. This varnish freezes only under a special lamp.

Which coverage option to choose

Each woman can decide on her own what type of coverage she should choose. Biogel is more expensive, such a manicure can only be done in the salon, but it gives extra volume to the nails and improves their shape. When using it, you can forget about the need to repaint the nail plates for 2-3 weeks.

To cover nails with varnish is simple. This coverage option is very economical. On the other hand, nail polish keeps on nails for only a few days.

Biogel and gel varnish is indispensable on trips. Such a manicure is very fond of business women, as well as those of the fair sex, who do not often like to go to the salon.

Fans of ordinary nail polish love the traditional look of the coating, because its shades can be changed at least every day. Luck is relevant for those women who are constantly experimenting with their way.

What is different from gel polish

We can not say that manicure gel is such a novelty. Gel Polish has long been known to many women due to the fact that it has better stability compared to standard manicure products. In order to make an exponential comparison between a conventional gel polish and a novelty in the form of biogel, it is necessary first to understand what it is and why it is needed.

As it is easy to understand from the name, varnish-gel is a hybrid product that combines the qualities of a standard varnish and the structure of a gel. In order for such a manicure to "dry", it must undergo a procedure of polymerization. For this reason, a manicure using this tool is carried out using an ultraviolet lamp. Under its radiation, the gel polish layer freezes over a period from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

Of course, the main difference gel polish is not in the features of its application.

It affects the nail plate itself, strengthens it and makes it thicker. Due to this, resistance to damage becomes not only a manicure, but also the nails themselves.

By the way, solid structure and density are the main differences of such varnish from the above-mentioned biogel. Biogel is much more often used to strengthen natural nails. It is a slightly volatile natural rubber-based polymer fluid. After application, it does not make the plate brittle and strengthens it by imparting flexibility and elasticity.

The composition of biogel is usually based on various natural ingredients. This may be rubber, resin, as well as proteins, calcium. Their main purpose is to strengthen the nail plate without disrupting its structure. Protection against damage is achieved by acquiring a more resilient and resistant consistency after application.

Of course, this tool is not purely therapeutic.

It can also be used for decorative works, as a basis for a manicure or as one of its components. There is also a separate version, the so-called sculptural gel. It is used to increase the natural nail tissue, giving it a certain shape and alignment. The texture of the gel easily penetrates into microcracks, fills them and makes them as inconspicuous as possible.

You can see that the difference between the usual lacquer gel and biogel is based on their texture and principle of action. ABOUTHowever, there are several other differences:

  • After drying, the usual gel like classic varnishes becomes more solid, at the same time sealing and nail. Biogel gives elasticity,
  • Biogel procedures take much longer. It may take about 45 minutes, taking into account the application and drying steps,
  • The undeniable advantage of a biological gel - it is an opportunity to build up the natural nail plate and even correct it,
  • In case of prolonged use of gel polish, additional correction will be required, as well as a special basis,
  • The average thickness of the smear for bio-gel is approximately 2 mm,
  • The final and undeniable advantage of this tool is a higher content of natural components. Due to this, unlike all standard means for applying manicure, biological gel does not irritate and does not damage the natural nail plate.

Of course, it was not without negative points. Treatments with classic varnishes are much cheaper. Nevertheless, saving on one's health is not always beneficial, therefore, if possible, it is worth considering the use of biogel as the most priority choice.

What is better, everyone decides for himself. As can be understood from the above, the usual varnish-gel offers a virtually immaculate, full-fledged manicure, which will be distinguished by the density, thickening and compaction of the nail, and also attracts to itself a more favorable price. As for the use of a biological gel, it is, first of all, the improvement of your nails, their strengthening due to elasticity, leveling the plate and the possibility of its extension.

At this subtleties of using such tools are not limited, because many women probably wondered whether it is possible to put them together.

And this is really not a problem. Moreover, such a combination allows you to achieve an impressive result, which perfectly combines the improvement of the nail plate, its maintenance and bright decor.

In order to properly perform such a manicure, it is enough to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The combination of two means is possible only if the biological gel acts as a base and supports the nail plate,
  • Before the procedure, you should bring the nails in order. They need to be cut, polished, and also must be cleaned and degreased using special cleansers,
  • Apply the primer to the prepared nails first and then the biogel layer. Dry them under a UV lamp for two minutes,
  • Lastly, a thin gel polish of a suitable shade is applied, and then also dried under ultraviolet light. Then you can finish the procedure or continue working on decorating, depending on your preferences. The main thing - do not forget to dry each coat of varnish.

This combination is particularly well suited for those women who can not refuse a bright and beautiful manicure.

After all, biological gel is practically not available in the color palette and is essentially transparent.

Biogel for nails - what is it?

First of all, biogel differs from other varnish coatings in that its formula contains only natural ingredients (wood gum, protein, calcium, vitamins of group A, minerals), and absolutely no chemistry.

That is why, applying biogel in nail care, you allow your nails to breathe and not get poisoned by chemicals.

The correct choice is in favor of biogel for nails precisely because the number of days you wear such a manicure is significantly different from the same shellac.

For example, if shellac looks like new for about two weeks, then The state of biogel on the nails will remain flawless for three weeks, or even more.

This coating is truly unique, as there are several separate types of biogel, designed for the treatment and decoration of nails:

  1. Transparent. Due to the fact that it does not have luster and it dries very quickly, a transparent gel is used as a base. In addition, this biogel strengthens and corrects the nail, after which it is covered with colored varnish.
  2. Color. Characterized by the fact that it dries much longer than transparent, and is usually applied in several layers. As with all types of varnishes, the palette of colored biogel is very diverse and allows you to choose any shade to your taste.
  3. Sculptural. Contains silk extract, due to which it has a natural opacity. Its pronounced feature is that it abundantly strengthens and moisturizes the nail plate, providing strength and elasticity at the same time.
  4. RoyalSealer. If the nails have a gray or yellow tint, or the shape of the nail is slightly deformed (spoiled), apply this type of varnish. Even when the nails are healthy, the Royal Sealer is used as a finish because it adds shine. It happens transparent and colorful.
  5. S-coating. Due to the high strengthening features, it is unmistakably suitable for building long and short forms of nails. Only it is applied to the nail, without any fixative.
  6. UFO-biogel. It is designed to protect the nails from drying lamp during manicure, as well as from sunlight. Perfect for summer care. If a vacation has a chance to make a UFB-biogel manicure, do not leave it unused.

Strengthening nails with biogel at home

You can make a manicure, pedicure, or strengthening nails with biogel, by contacting the nail master, or you can do it yourself, at home.

Tip: if you do not want to pay the master and nevertheless decided to apply bio-gel at home, then take care of the availability of all the necessary materials and high-quality manicure tools.

Before proceeding with the application of lacquer, be sure to perform a manicure, remove the cuticle.

Using a regular nail file, give each marigold the desired shape and process them with a buff (a special soft file). Finally, handle the pads with a degreaser.

Next, apply primer on each nail, dry. For drying, of course, you need a UV lamp.

Be careful, getting the gel on the skin of the fingers is very undesirable.

Proper application of biogel on the nails

For the correct coating you will definitely need:

  • UV lamp,
  • Biogel for nails
  • nail file hard and soft (baf),
  • degreasing agent
  • primer without acids,
  • cuticle softener.

Be sure to handle and sterilize all instruments before use. Before painting, as described above, you need to remove the cuticle and shape the nails.

Next - a primer that does not exactly contain acids. Primer to dry for 4-5 minutes.

Biogel nail extension technology

Nail extensions are in demand among fashionistas, because short nails can instantly be turned into long ones and the nail platinum can’t be damaged if you increase it with biogel.

Building biogel step by step:

  1. The first stage, standardly - processing nails and cuticles with manicure tools. Make your nails dull with a buff, but only slightly. Do not forget to remove excess dust and dust with a brush.
  2. Then - degreasing with a cotton pad and disinfector, primer coating.
  3. Next, apply the base (transparent) biogel, it takes about a minute to dry.
  4. Forms on the nails are superimposed, squeezing patterns around the edges. Forms and nails are covered with selected bio-gel, necessarily in several thin layers.
  5. It is time for colored biogel. Dry for 3 minutes after giving the nails the desired look.
  6. After the biogel has hardened, polish each nail with a nail file and brush away the dust formed in the process.
  7. Finish the application - cover the nail plate with Biogel Gloss or simply Finish, the choice depends on the effect you want to see at the end. When choosing Gloss, be sure to remove the sticky layer with a degreasing agent.
  8. For effective care, you need to lubricate the skin around the nails with oil for the cuticle. Done!

Which manufacturer to choose?

When choosing biogel, the main thing is to pay attention to the manufacturer; it is very important to avoid fakes.

The most established brands are:

  • Harmony Gelish,
  • CND Brisa Lite,
  • Idb clear gel
  • Kodi UV Gel.

Biogel removal

If you are going to remove the gel yourself, you need to do it in such a way as not to harm your nails.

To do this, you must pre-purchase a liquid to remove durable coatings, preferably the same brands as varnish.

The beauty of biogel is that it does not require cutting the upper layers, like shellac. Just moisten cotton wool or cotton pads in a liquid and apply on your nails, wrapping them in foil above (this will be more effective).

After 10-15 minutes, you can remove the foil and cotton discs, and the remnants of biogel can be easily removed with an ordinary orange stick.

The best biogels for nails from EL Corazon

EL Corazon manicure products are not similar to those products on the Russian market. Each biogel brand has its own zest, emphasizing its exclusivity. All products are safe and environmentally friendly, and the company's product range is constantly updated based on customer demand.

El Corazon Active Bio-gel - therapeutic bio-gel (423/742), 16 ml

The tool Active Bio-gel is considered an excellent helper in the fight for flawless nails. It is suitable for those who choose the base, which includes the properties of therapeutic varnish. If desired, it is applied as a separate coating. Buyers note a thin, comfortable brush, the characteristic smell of biogel, which may seem a little harsh. The composition does not thicken over time and has an average consistency. It does not numb the leathery roller, helps protect marigolds from the negative effects of chemical components and is used very sparingly.

Horny layers become strong and cease to exfoliate and break. The first result is visible after fourteen days. Active Bio-gel allows you to grow a plate to the desired length, returns her strength and beauty. In addition, the price of the tool is quite affordable. It costs about 180 rubles.

El Corazon therapeutic series colored biogel, № 423

A color coating with healing properties restores the dead keratin layer. The composition dries quickly, so for its use does not need to use special devices. In addition, the coating is not required fixer. Color biogel No. 423 allows a glossy finish to be kept on nails for a long time.

In their reviews, the girls point out a different effect from each layer. The first aligns the surface of the plate and gives a light shade, radiance and shine. The second makes the color richer and adds volume. The composition is removed by conventional means, and sold at an attractive price of 150 rubles.


  • Strong smell.

El Corazon therapeutic series colored biogel, № 423

A color coating with healing properties restores the dead keratin layer. The composition dries quickly, so for its use does not need to use special devices. In addition, the coating is not required fixer. Color biogel No. 423 allows a glossy finish to be kept on nails for a long time.

In their reviews, the girls point out a different effect from each layer. The first aligns the surface of the plate and gives a light shade, radiance and shine. The second makes the color richer and adds volume. The composition is removed by conventional means, and sold at an attractive price of 150 rubles.


  • fast drying
  • long lasting effect (about two weeks),
  • acceptable cost.


  • not found.

Irisk Correcting Sweet Pink Premium Pack 15 Ml

Juicy pink gel makes a fresh note in the natural shade of nails and can be used to draw a classic french. It has a viscous structure and copes well with ribbed and wavy plates. The composition dries in two minutes in an ultraviolet lamp and in thirty seconds in an ICE device.

Biogel provides high-quality adhesion to the dead keratin layer and has excellent plasticity. It serves as a base coat for strengthening tissues and protecting against gel-lacquer pigments; it does not load as a classic gel. The nails become healthy and shiny. Manicure is stylish and bright. Biogel dries quite quickly, and is not expensive.

Irisk Extra White Premium Pack 5 Ml

The bright white tone of the corrective gel is suitable for the tips of the nails when applying French manicure. It has a thick structure and is ideal for a spring-shaped surface. The composition dries in the UV-device in three minutes, the solidification time in the ICE lamp is from 30 to 40 seconds.

Покупатели советуют тщательно размешивать состав перед применением и отмечают некую трудность при использовании. Новичкам будет сложно нанести средство. Биогель подходит тем, кто стремится к естественному маникюру и хочет разнообразия. Цена – 170 рублей.

Irisk China Red Premium Pack No. 24 5 Ml

Color biogel of a classical red shade is used for creation of original and unforgettable images. Before applying it, use the basic base BIO GEL Classic. China Red is a porous and lightweight material that does not give additional stress on the nail. Biogel reliably protects the plate and keeps for a long time. It is suitable for professional use and dries under the influence of UV rays for three minutes.

Before use, it is advised to stir the composition with an orange stick and apply in two layers for an excellent result. This rating member is also available by price. Biogel costs from 170 rubles.

The best biogels from PATRISA NAIL

The next participant in the ranking is a well-known brand that produces products necessary for professional manicure. The German company produces lacquers, materials for modeling, accessories for nail art. The company has a wide range of products, high quality trains.

Patrisa Nail camouflage pink

With the help of camouflage, the process of artificial lengthening will become much more convenient, and when the plate grows, its own horny layer will not be visible. The gel has a rather dense composition, thanks to which it is perfectly kept in accordance with a given shape. It strengthens the weakened stratum corneum and is used for hand drawn french as well as laid manicure.

Buyers note a good compliance of the gel, the exclusion of spreading, the possibility of leveling the stratum corneum if necessary. A cold pink tinge appealed to many girls. A single-phase gel from the Dreamline Prestige collection will be suitable as a base and topcoat. The price is fully consistent with the quality of the product. It is gel-jelly from 310 rubles.

Patrisa Nail elastish to strengthen natural nails

Bio-gel has a standard degree of viscosity and is made for nails suffering from brittleness. Experienced professionals choose a product to lengthen the plates and remove it with a solution for removing tips, so as not to damage the surface. The vitamins and amino acids that are part of the biogel thicken the dead skin layer of keratin, prevent dryness and the formation of delamination. The protein complex provides protection against moisture loss.

Girls note that nails become strong and healthy. The German product has impeccable quality and does not cause allergies. The fixing time in the ultraviolet lamp is two minutes. The average price is 550 rubles.

Patrisa Nail Bio Gel Gloss (Top)

The top bio-gloss gel is a transparent material of high elasticity, which is used to preserve the durability of the pattern. It is excellent as the final stage of the design, made with colors. Nails acquire a bright color. The composition hardens in a UV device in two minutes and is characterized by moderate consumption. The practical form of the bottle does not take up much space on the desktop of the master.

The top bio-gel is soaked with the same amount of time as gel varnish. It does not immediately move away from the nails due to good adhesion. Thus, a strong consolidation can be considered as an advantage and as a small minus. The cost is about five hundred rubles.

TNL Professional bio-camouflage (beige), 15 ml

You can not ignore the next party ranking. This is a great option for exquisite French manicure. Inexpensive and effective remedy easily masks minor defects of the nail surface, gives it a delicate beige tint. Biogel dries in a UV unit in two minutes. It fits perfectly and is able to self-level due to its thick consistency.

The tool is available for use by beginners at home. If you follow the instructions, you will achieve the desired result. A jar of 15 ml costs about 350 rubles.

TNL Biogel (Transparent), 15 Ml

A transparent biogel is excellent for healing the nail plate. It is easy to apply and does not accumulate on the edge. The composition prevents delamination and does not allow the surface to dry out. After use, you can safely wash the dishes, wash and clean. Biogel does not react to chemically active liquids. After drying, the nail acquires a natural shine and aesthetic appearance. Excellent adhesion and proper application provide a long-lasting effect of the product - at least 20 days.

Dry the composition within two to three minutes, applied in two layers. Biogel is available in 15 ml bottles and costs an average of 300 rubles.

TNL Biogel liquid foil (bird of paradise), 5 ml

The line "Liquid Foil" is represented by shiny and shimmering biogels with mica. They are characterized by ease of application, as well as sufficient density. The consistency does not allow spreading to the side rollers. The modeling coating brilliantly and comfortably worn. It has good adhesion and increased resistance to external influences. The composition lasts up to one month.

Hue "Bird of Paradise" is available in a 5 ml bottle. It is perfect for a youth party and a romantic dinner. The sparkling gloss adds elegance to the fingers, visually pulls the nail plate. Price - 210 rubles.

Biogel for nails - what is it and what is it for?

Biogel is a special material that is based on natural ingredients. These are mainly tree resins, protein and other ingredients that are safe for cosmetic use. The peculiarity of the composition is that it is non-toxic, which means that it can be safely used to strengthen the nail plate without the likelihood of dangerous side effects. It is because of its safety that this product has gained immense popularity and even began to be used more often than regular gel or acrylic.

The main purpose of this product is to hide the cosmetic defects of natural nails, to make them more resistant to external influences. The composition also includes useful components, for example, vitamins A, E and calcium, which gives a therapeutic sense to the period of wearing.

Biogel can be used in different ways: both for modeling nails, and as a tonic, applied in a thin layer over the nail plate. This product is also not limited in design, which allows for the realization of the most daring and interesting ideas in the framework of manicure. After covering the nails, their owner may not worry about the condition of the hands for almost a month, after which it is necessary to visit the wizard to correct the regrown area. The gel coating due to the incoming resins is quite elastic, and therefore does not lose its appearance and does not crack.

Pros and cons of nail cover biogel

Biogel on natural ingredients has a fairly large number of advantages and advantages over other tools used in modeling the nail plate:

  1. nails are not injured by the coating, the gel has a caring and regenerating effect on the nail plate,
  2. during the procedure of building there is no unpleasant smell, which is typical for acrylic,
  3. to remove the coating there is no need to file a nail, biogel is dissolved under the influence of special compounds, which makes the procedure for removing it as comfortable as possible,
  4. Covering the plates to strengthen them even without any design looks very attractive - hands look well-groomed, there is no sense of artificiality,
  5. the composition levels the surface of the nail, so that the varnish on top lies in a beautiful even layer,
  6. the composition can be “worn” all the time, without interruption, in which it clearly differs from acrylic,
  7. the material passes air, and therefore the tissues under it “breathe” and are not deformed.

However, due to the peculiarities of its composition, biogel has some flaws:

  1. the strength of the coating is not as high as with other materials
  2. the cost of the procedure itself is somewhat higher due to the nature of the product.

Technology strengthen nails biogel at home

The procedure for creating a firming layer of gel on the nail plate is usually carried out in the framework of beauty salons, since it requires special materials and tools. However, if you have all the necessary components, you can implement it at home:

  1. hands are pre-treated with an antiseptic solution to avoid the possibility of infection,
    the cuticle is pushed back with an orange stick, if necessary, adjust its shape,
  2. the nail plate should be treated with a fine-grained buff to remove oily surface gloss and remove skin particles,
  3. then it is necessary to apply a primer on the nail - a special compound that defats the surface and improves the adhesion of the coating to the nail itself,
  4. Now you can apply the gel itself. To do this, brush a small amount of money, and evenly distribute it on the nail plate, without going to the cuticle,
  5. the coating hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet rays, so the hand should be placed in the UV lamp for 2-3 minutes (depending on the selected gel),
  6. if necessary, you can apply the composition in several layers, drying each separately,
  7. irregularities on the surface of the hardened gel are removed with the help of a nail file, then it is polished and a glossy finish coating is applied, which must also be polymerized in the lamp,
  8. at the end of the procedure, the skin of the side rollers and the area of ​​the cuticle are treated with moisturizing oil and the manicure is ready.

The procedure is inherently not complicated, but it takes some time to realize its subtleties. Biogel can be decorated in any way, it can also be used as a basis for gel polish.

El Corazon Active Bio-gel

This bio-gel is presented in the form of innovative colored nail polish, which, in addition to creating a beautiful decorative coating, makes nails stronger, nourishes them with useful substances and remains on nails for a long time. The manufacturer offers just an incredible variety of colors and textures, which is constantly updated with new options. So, in the lineup you can find glossy, matte coatings, with sparkles, asterisks, mother of pearl, the effect of overflow, holographic and many others. Separately released pastel and neon color coating series. The product is single-phase, that is, it does not require the obligatory application of the base and finishing layers.

Yoko / Yoko

The product is available in jars with screw caps, 15 and 50 ml. The cost is quite high, but this is due to the quality of the coating and its economical consumption. The lineup contains a conventional, transparent gel and several variations of camouflage composition (color). The coating is self-leveling, has a watery consistency. It has good adhesion with a natural nail, when drying forms a bright glossy surface. For polymerization in the lamp is enough two minutes.


Biogel from TNL produced in Korea is also available in standard 15 ml jars. The tool creates an elastic and durable coating that is well bonded to the natural plate and does not peel off when properly applied.

The product is of high quality and affordable, therefore it is often used to strengthen nails. After polymerization, it creates a beautiful glossy coating, which can be left in its original form or coated with a gel-lacquer or regular lacquer.

How to remove this coating

To remove the biogel, it is not necessary to resort to cutting, which owners of extended nails are so used to. The removal procedure for other materials is very fast and simple: the nail plate is processed with a special compound, which remains for 10 minutes, after which the gel layer is easily removed without damaging the surface of the natural nail. It is advisable to buy the gel itself and the means to remove it with a set from one manufacturer.

Why does biogel not hold on nails?

Biogels have good tenacity and because of this they rush on nails for a long time, without losing their appearance. However, some factors may affect the stability of the coating, leading to premature detachment. This may occur for the following reasons:

  • the coating technology is broken, the surface of the natural nail is poorly treated,
  • gel layer went to the cuticle, because of what began to rise,
  • poor quality of the material itself.

Some biogels do not stick to the nails, because they simply do not fit a particular person. If the material is of high quality, and the procedure goes according to all the rules, but the coating still peels off quickly, you should try to apply the composition from another manufacturer.

Photo after covering nails with biogel

What does a nail covered with biogel look like? Take a look at the photo designs using this material - marigolds look beautiful and neat, and at the same time you can realize almost any of your fantasies regarding the design. In many ways, the result depends on the experience of the master.

Marina: I didn’t like biogel very much, I returned to the usual extended nails. As for me, although at the time the socks covered the marigolds and looked better, after his removal, their condition was far from perfect.

Karina: I did the biogel coating in the cabin, did not pay attention to exactly how. I liked the effect - it looks natural, and the nails really become more durable and healthy.

Yana: I have a whole collection of varnishes from El Korazon! They are amazing, the colors are just incredible, they fit well and stay for a long time! I recommend to everyone!

The best biogels from TNL Professional

Products of this South Korean brand appeared on the Russian shelves in 2008 and almost immediately occupied a separate niche in the market for sales of materials and tools for the nail industry. TNL Professional is developing rapidly, promoting more and more of its own developments in the field of nail care. The firm won its popularity, not least because of a well-thought-out pricing policy that allows it to sell high-quality materials at a quite affordable price.

3 TNL Biogel Extra White

Biogel TNL extra white has excellent grip and elasticity. It can be used as an independent means to strengthen and model the nail plate, but is more often used as a component of the French manicure. With it, you can easily form an even and clear crescent on the free edge of the nail, which is a mandatory feature of the classic french. Recommended for normal and weakened nails. It gives hands a well-groomed look and elegance. Polymerization time - 2 minutes. in the UV lamp. For a jar of 15 ml you will have to pay approximately from 250 to 300 rubles. Since the tool is very economically consumed, and its shelf life is at least 2 years, we can say that for a very small amount you can effectively take care of your hands without spending on visits to expensive salons.

2 Biogel TNL camouflage pink

A convenient option to prepare the nail plate for an exquisite French manicure. With the help of this inexpensive, but effective means you can easily disguise small defects of the nail surface, giving it a noble pale pink shade. Drying time in the UV lamp - 2 minutes. The gel perfectly hardens and separates from the form. Thanks to its thick texture and ability to self-level, the TNL bio-camouflage pink can be used at home even by the most inexperienced user. You can be sure that if the instructions are followed, the result will be as spectacular as after visiting a prestigious nail salon. The volume of a jar with the material is 15 ml, the price is about 350 rubles.

1 TNL Biogel Transparent

An excellent tool for nutrition, strengthening and overall healing of the nail plate. It is applied easily, does not crack and does not accumulate along the edge of the nail. Prevents delamination and overdrying, protects from the harmful effects of environmental factors - for example, when washing dishes with chemically active liquids or when hand washing. After drying, the gel gives the nail surface a pleasant natural shine and well-groomed appearance, as close as possible to the natural shade. The material has excellent adhesion - when properly applied, the preparation lasts at least 3-4 weeks. Dried biogel under a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, applied in 2 layers. Available in jars, with a volume of 15 ml, the average price in the market - 300 rubles.

The best biogels for nails from RuNail

RuNail Professional is a domestic company, a leader in the production and sale of nail products in our country. High-quality raw materials, modern equipment of modern factories located in China and Poland, as well as full compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, allowed the products of this company to compete with other manufacturers not only in the Russian market segment, but also in the near and far abroad countries.

3 RuNail Biogel Finish

RuNail's Finish Coating (without a sticky layer) is a product that completes nail modeling using a bio-gel system. This drug gives the final smoothness of the surface of the nail plate, firmly sealing the edges and protecting the nail from the appearance of cracks, chips and delamination. Кроме этого, биогель сохраняет яркость цвета, и добавляет маникюру роскошный бриллиантовый блеск, притягивающий внимание окружающих. Средство легко наносить, гель ложится ровно, не деформируя основу, и не требует снятия дисперсионного слоя по окончанию процедуры. Цена за такое удовольствие более чем демократична – всего около 350 рублей за пятнадцати граммовую баночку. Для лучшего результата производитель рекомендует варьировать время обработки Финиша при помощи УФ-лампы. Летом необходимо полимеризовать гель 2 минуты, зимой – 6 мин., а весной и осенью – не более 4 минут.

2 Цветной биогель RuNail

Do you want to do a manicure for every day or are you going to bring beauty to the publication? The large color palette of biogels from RuNail will easily fulfill all your desires. A well-groomed and bright manicure, made with the help of natural products of the RuNail brand, will not only emphasize the style and elegance of the female image, but also allow you to quickly fix minor imperfections, giving your nails the desired length and shape. For ease of use, the company produces inexpensive colored biogels in small volumes - in jars of 7.5 g. Thus, you can purchase several options with different shades, and alternate colors at will. Also, depending on your preferences, you can choose a gel with glitter, matte or mother-of-pearl. In any case, saturated color and perfect alignment will allow your nails to remain beautiful and well-groomed for a long time.

1 RuNail Biogel Basic

BioNuel RuNail Base has a high degree of adhesion, which allows the layer to stay on the nail plate for a long time. The gel is thick, does not spread, well strengthens the nails and gives the manicure a finished look. It can be used as a basis for applying colored lacquer, it dries quickly (the processing time in the UV lamp is 2 minutes). According to the manufacturers, it contains hydrolyzed wheat germ protein, due to which the gel is able to nourish and protect the nails during use. The material gives the plate a beautiful shine and protects it from delamination. Biogel is sold in a hermetically twisted jar with a volume of 15 ml.

The best biogels from Irisk

IRISK Professional is another Russian company that successfully promotes its products in the salon business and nail services. Products from this manufacturer can be attributed to premium products. In the manufacture of all decorative cosmetics, including nail polishes, only high-quality raw materials are used, and the production facilities of the company are located in Europe and Asia. All products of this brand are certified and undergo strict control of compliance with various international standards.

2 Biogel Correcting Clear Premium Pack

Transparent Biogel is designed to align and adjust the plate before applying the rest of the funds to build. The drug has excellent adhesion qualities, firmly bonding with the surface of the nail. In addition, Correcting Clear strengthens the exfoliating and brittle nails, nourishes and protects them from damage of a different nature. Thus, you can use Irisk's corrective bio-gel as a basis, as well as an independent means for the growth and preservation of nails. The drug has a thick, viscous consistency, is well leveled and is great for flat, curved or uneven nails. This bio-gel is universal - nails with it can be processed both in the UV and in the LED-lamp. Available in an elegantly decorated box with a glass base, the amount of funds - 15 ml, the average price - about 560 rubles.

1 Kit for nail modeling with biogel

An excellent choice for someone who values ​​his time and money. By purchasing a set of modeling nails with biogel from Irisk professional, you get all the necessary tools for a perfect manicure at home. The kit contains preparations used at each stage of nail extension. This is a gel primer, a colored and transparent bio-gel (2 bottles of 5 ml each) and a bio-finish that gives the coating additional durability and luster. In addition, you get reusable accessories for your use - a brush with a natural bristle and a buff for preparing the nail plate before applying the product. The average price for all this magnificence is about 1,300 rubles, which is much less if you bought each component separately. And a small amount of flacons allows you to “fill” the hand and choose the consistency and texture that is most convenient for you.

1 Bio Cogel EL Corazon

Now you need only one tool to get the perfect manicure. Bio Cogel EL Corazon is not only decorative, but also a medicinal product that restores the nail plate, even if it was significantly damaged by previous procedures of extension. You can choose any type of coating - glossy or matte, with a holographic effect, glitter or transparent. The manufacturer presents a variety of texture options in different colors. All EL Corazon biogels are sold in convenient bottles with a brush, which greatly simplifies the process of applying material to the plate. The volume of lacquered bio-coating - 16 ml, the price starts from 180 rubles.

IBD soak off transparent firming 14 g

Firming agent is used as a second layer to protect natural nails, as well as in the form of a substrate for gels with colored pigment. It prevents the penetration of harmful substances into the plate. The composition is self-leveling and does not frown in the lamp. He has no smell.

Transparent gel is great for weakened horny layers. Removal is carried out using the product Soak Off Remover. The surface becomes matte after removing the sticky layer. The gel is recommended for use by professionals. The average price is 1125 rubles.

IBD soak off clear construction gel

The soft-type constructor is removed with a simple solvent or liquid to remove extended nails. To apply and easily remove the composition, it is necessary to use products under the brand Soak Off. Cutting is not required. The coating is used not only to restore the nails, but also to overlap the tips, to give the desired length on the form.

The gel does not have a “shrinkage” property after polymerization. It is often acquired by professional hand care professionals. It dries in the LED-lamp for one minute, and in the UV-apparatus - from three to five minutes. Price - about 1000 rubles.

Ibd soak off transparent sculptural gel

The sculptural gel makes the horny plate stronger and suitable for modeling on substrates and tips. Unlike other products of the rating, it has a more dense structure. Despite this, it is convenient to apply. The structure is independently leveled when drying and does not shrink.

Soak Off gel is removed from the surface by means of Soak Off Remove. It can be used as a third phase. It provides the perfect glossy finish. The tool is suitable only for professional craftsmen and costs about 1,125 rubles. The curing time in the ultraviolet lamp is three minutes.

The best biogels from Masura

Virtually no biogeli rating is complete without funds from the Masura brand. Its history began more than 15 years ago. Then, for the first time, the young brand brought to the domestic market products for Japanese manicure, which were aimed at restoring the nail plate. With the help of Masura biogels, they model the desired shape, increase the required length, perform original designs.

Masura Biogel No. 217 True Crystal 15 ml

The crystallized means of crystallization strengthens the horny plates and is ideally combined with the rest of the Mazur biogels. Due to the content of calcium and protein, the plate becomes stronger. For drying, you must use a UV unit. After polymerization, a thin coating with shine appears on the surface. The sculptural formula of the composition allows you to make any C-shape on natural nails. Biogel is used for both manicure and pedicure. It can be used as a finish and base.

Buyers note that True Crystal nails look well-groomed and natural. Duration of socks is from two to three weeks. Biogel is absolutely safe. Price - 500 rubles.

In'Garden So Naturally! Cover Pink 10 g (camouflage)

Single phase gel is used for refined and elegant French art nail art. It fits natural nails and does not require washed down plates. Apply the composition in one layer. The gel is quite economical to use and is easily removed with a solution for acrylic and plastic models of nails.

Camouflage gel like masters and beginners. It allows for a short time to solve problems such as brittleness, yellowing nails. The composition perfectly adapts to the nail form and does not exfoliate. A number of useful ingredients prevents dryness and strengthens the surface of the horn plate. For a bottle of 10 grams will have to pay 890 rubles.

The composition and characteristics of biogel

The composition of this material is unique, it contains natural wood resin African tiksovogo wood, calcium, protein, as well as vitamin A and E. Due to the content of these substances, biogel is absolutely harmless and safe, and also has a soft and plastic consistency.

Its feature is that, unlike other means used in creating a manicure, biogel strengthens the structure of the nail, nourishes it, aligns the color, accelerates the growth of the nail plate and improves the appearance of the cuticle.

Advantages and disadvantages of using biogel

  1. Strengthening and improvement of nails. The fortified composition has a beneficial effect on the health of the nail plate,
  2. Non-toxic. The composition of this material is not benzene, acetone, plasticity, acrylic acid. All components are environmentally friendly,
  3. Easy to use. The procedure of strengthening natural nails with Biogel is easy and simple. Due to its plastic texture, the tool is applied quickly, evenly distributed and does not flow,
  4. There is no dust or odor in the process.. Biogel to strengthen natural nails does not incorporate fragrances. And due to the fact that before applying does not require cutting the top layer of the nail, dust in the process is absent,
  5. A variety of colors. This tool has a large palette of colors and shades,
  6. Persistence A manicure made using biogel will last on nails for up to 3 weeks.

Biogel to strengthen natural nails is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness.

Note! Biogel, used to strengthen natural nails, like any other manicurer, has its drawbacks!

They need to be taken into account when wearing this manicure:

  • This material does not tolerate contact. with chemicals such as acetone, alcohol, alkali, acids. Therefore, when using household products that contain these components, you need to wear gloves to protect the manicure,
  • Biogel does not like prolonged exposure to water. To carry a manicure longer, with prolonged contact with water, you should use gloves.

Transparent (basic) biogel

This is a colorless, almost non-shiny gel coating that is used to strengthen natural nails with biogel as a base layer. It perfectly “engages” with the nail, filling up micro cracks and strengthening the plate.

Biogel nail coating technology

The reinforcement procedure is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Cuticle processing and nail filing. The cuticle softens, is cut off, the nail is filed,
  2. Preparation of the surface of the nail plate. To do this, polish it with a soft buff and treat with a primer (special degreasing and cleaning fluid),
  3. The application of the base layer of biogel. It is very important to apply a thin layer of gel, not reaching the cuticle of 1 mm,
  4. Drying in the ultraviolet lamp for 1 minute,
  5. Main application colored biogel. At this stage it is very important to observe the technology of application: from the edge of the nail to its base, not reaching 1 mm. to cuticle
  6. Drying in the ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes,
  7. Finishing Biogel Coating. When applying, you should try to “seal” the free edge in order to protect the manicure from chipping,
  8. Drying 2 minutes in the lamp
  9. Cleansing nail from a sticky layer with a special liquid and applying a caring oil to the cuticle.

Interesting fact! With the strengthening of natural nails, biogel "meshes" with the nail plate, thanks to the protein, which is part of the material! And this happens when drying in the ultraviolet lamp, where the natural proteins of the nail interact with the protein biogel, thus forming a strong film.

Use of biogel with pedicure

To create perfectly beautiful toenails, biogel fits just fine. It will give not only a well-groomed look, but also improve the nail plate. In addition, a pedicure using biogel will last 3 or even 4 weeks, which will allow you to forget about the need to perform this procedure for a long time and enjoy beautiful nails.

In the process of performing such a pedicure, all the same actions will be performed as during manicure. Except for those cases when the colored biogel is applied to the nail immediately, without using the base and finish. This option is also valid, but a pedicure, in this case, will last only 1-2 weeks.

How to strengthen nails biogel at home

You can perform the procedure of strengthening natural nails with biogel on your own, at home. For this you will need: nail file, baf, primer (degreasing liquid), 3 types of biogel (base, color and finish), orange stick, UV lamp.

Be careful! When performing such a manicure yourself, you need special care and caution! It is necessary to apply biogel evenly, sealing the free edge and not to go on the cuticle, otherwise the coating, with air, will begin to separate from the nail.

It is also necessary to observe the exact time of drying in the ultraviolet lamp, as if overheated on the coating may cause cracks. Before starting the procedure, you need to soften and remove the cuticle and file the nails. Then degrease them with a special liquid and polish them with buff.

Only after these simple actions can you start applying biogel on the nails.

Upon request, after applying and drying the colored gel, you can put on the nail decorative ornaments, in the form of rhinestones, sparkles or various applications. And only then cover the finishing layer.

According to manicure specialists, the use of special nail powder, which makes nails dull or even textured, is very popular now.

Such powder can also be purchased and used independently at home. It is applied to the nail immediately after the application of the base biogel, and only then there is drying in the UV lamp. The use of color and finish gel in this case is not required.

Observing the technology of biogel coating, you can even create a beautiful and neat manicure without leaving your home. And besides, also heal the nails, save them from brittleness and lamination.

But if, nevertheless, while strengthening natural nails with biogel, inaccuracy was allowed and the surface of the nail, after applying colored biogel, does not look ideally even, then you need to remove the adhesive layer from the plate and then correct the unevenness with a nail file. After that, cover the nails with a glossy finishing layer, and the manicure will be perfect!

Of course, for the first time such a manicure may seem complicated, but later, with the acquisition of experience, this occupation will not be difficult.

Instructions for removing biogel. Step by step

Removal of this manicure means does not require cutting, which is beneficial for the health of the nails. But the usual acetone-containing nail polish remover will not be enough.

To properly remove biogel from the surface of the nail, you will need the following tools:

  • Orange sticks,
  • Foil,
  • Gel polish remover,
  • Baf,
  • Cotton pads,
  • Vitamin oil.

Manicure removal procedure should be performed in the following order:

  1. Since biogel is not resistant to alcoholthe gel polish remover containing this ingredient will soften and allow you to gently remove the coating. Therefore, initially you need to wet the cotton pads in the liquid and apply on each nail,
  2. Next, each finger you need to wrap the foil, for a better effect of the liquid on the coating, leave for 15 minutes,
  3. Thereafter remove the foil and cotton pads,
  4. Gently remove soft gel orange stick,
  5. To polish buffs nails
  6. Apply fortified oil on the nail plate and cuticle.