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Features of the unusual photo shoot in the forest


The photo session in the forest is a rather popular type of filming, which can be chosen both as a wedding photoset and simply to create pictures for a family album. This is understandable, because the forest is an endless source of inspiration at any time of the year. However, in order for the shooting to turn out really memorable, we need bright and unusual ideas.

Romantic shooting

Romantic photo shoots in the woods will not only capture your relationship, but also have fun together. An experienced photographer, of course, can offer a lot of different ideas. But you yourself should also prepare for the process by thinking about your participation in the shooting.

Since in this case it is supposed to be a pair shooting, more often than not professionals offer a love story photo session. This type of shooting appeared relatively recently, and quickly gained popularity. Its plus is that by the end of one shooting day you can fill an entire album or even create a wedding film.

The main plots for such photos:

  • joint cycling along the rails - photos can be taken both from a standing bicycle and during a trip
  • horse riding is a more expensive plot, because you have to fork out for hiring animals, but you can’t do anything to please your loved one
  • joint picnic - choose a checkered bedspread and a beautiful landscape, prepare unpretentious food, sit on a cozy clearing - and you can shoot
  • just a walk - wandering in more often or along well-groomed paths is a great way to capture the feelings of lovers in the fairytale forest, but the main thing is that this shooting does not require special preparation - a minimum of makeup, a couple's casual behavior looks much more lively and more interesting than simulated poses
  • sports photosets - healthy lifestyle is becoming fashionable today, so you can go jogging in the air and take off the process with body benefits
  • The bank of the river or the lake is a great location for shooting, the heroes of the photo can temporarily become mermaids and other mysterious creatures
  • the car is more often - you can make quite interesting single or paired pictures, the classic version is to get settled on the hood and watch the sunset or dawn, a more difficult decision is to style the car under the abandoned one and shoot in the post-apocalypse style, however, it will work only with a very old car

For everyday shooting in the forest conditions you will need sports fashion items or just comfortable clothes. Otherwise, the photo shoot in the woods turns into flour and quickly bother the heroes of shooting. All this adversely affects the results.

Wedding photosets

Wedding photo shoots can also be held in the forest. Classical plots - shooting at a birch grove, on glades, glades or edges. In the deciduous forest is better to go in the summer or autumn. In winter, a photoset in a coniferous forest looks much more interesting.

The main scenes for wedding photos in the forest:

  • shooting in a birch grove - classic shots are made at forked birch trunks, when a boy and a girl are placed between them, it is worth noting that such pictures look best in the autumn, when the leaves of the trees turn golden, and the blonde woman looks most advantageous against their background
  • shooting on the edge is good, if you can take a picture on the background of a hut or a small house, such pictures have a special warmth
  • Shooting more often - the bride's outfit should be as simple as possible, the groom's suit - in casual style, you can shoot a walk or even imitate some Slavic ritual, a girl can wear a wreath of flowers on her head, but in this case lush clothes and strict tuxedos will be out of place

Gothic spring

Photo session in March in the forest is a separate topic for conversation. Nature at this time usually does not even begin to wake up: there are no leaves, no flowers (the maximum is snowdrops), and the snow is almost coming off. It is also frequent at this time of the year and rain, which makes inappropriate almost all the plots. One of the main proposals in this case is the gothic photo session. There will be a theme and rain, and dark sky, and cloudy weather. Typically, this type of filming is preferred by very young girls and boys. Teenagers see an important part of life in Gothic culture, and March is the time to take great photos.

In preparation for the photoset should:

  • find suitable dry trees, stumps, dilapidated buildings
  • to prepare appropriate clothes - black vinyl, a long black or burgundy dress will suit the girl, a men's leather coat and a strict shirt or antique dress
  • prepare accessories - old books, caskets and similar attributes
  • attract animals or birds - it is possible if you can find animal trainers with tame pets in the city, and if there is a tame raven, an owl or another bird, adolescents will be delighted with the photos
  • take care of the appropriate gothic makeup - dark eyeliner, bright face, black or red lipstick will complement the image

Best for Gothic shooting to pick up the plot - look through Gothic novels, watch vampire films, and you will surely find a source of inspiration. It is also recommended to wait for cloudy weather (or at least a large number of clouds).

Shooting for your family

Joint shooting obliges all family members to conform to the general image. You can simply go to nature and invite a photographer with you. Let him take your walk and a joint picnic on a meadow under the sun - this will be enough for a lot of great impressions. If the children are girls, then the mother can weave a wreath together with them, the father can do men's activities with the boys - chop wood and make a fire. For children of different sexes parents can read books.

Take pictures with pets - cats, dogs, rabbits - these photos also look great. Beautiful landscape and playing with a dog always become a source of inspiration for a photo artist. And the presence of a four-legged friend relaxes the shooting participants.

When shooting a child, a photo master must always be on the alert. It’s hard to make a baby pose, and the best shots are made during family fun, when a child stops thinking about being photographed. It will be easier to work with teenagers.

Another option for this photoset is pregnant. For the ladies in the position of the most suitable light natural vestments, which favorably emphasize the rounded silhouette. Most often, pregnant women choose Slavic themes for outdoor shooting - they are shot in the tall grass, on the shores of lakes or streams, and put on wreaths.

Become a hero of your favorite stories.

Fairy photo session in the forest is another popular storyline. Typically, for filming in the forest, take ideas from classic works:

  • Little Red Riding Hood - a woman just dresses up in a red robe and walks, and if a pair is removed, then a wolf or a woodcutter can be used as a male role - what is enough of a photomaster’s imagination
  • Hansel and Gretel are a plot for shooting couples, it is noteworthy that you can also take kids in this way - it will be interesting for any child to feel like a hero of a favorite book, besides, children's pictures look the most touching, though you need to try to free children for high-quality shots this is a photomaster's task
  • Snow White - for filming you will need a beautiful dress, apples, appropriate makeup, and the pictures taken in a fabulous winter forest look best of all

Campfire with a guitar under the night sky

Young people usually like photosets with a guitar and singing around a campfire. For such filming you need a very experienced person who has professional photo equipment. There is no need to invent plots in this case - the simple history of cooking porridge in a pot, cooking kebabs, gatherings around a campfire with a guitar, evening conversations of friends looks quite organic.

By the way, the campfire makes excellent portrait shots. Reflections of fire on the face and in the eyes, curls of smoke - this is the dream of any photographer who specializes in portrait photography. The main thing is that the people involved in the shooting share a love for outdoor gatherings - then the shots will be more natural. By the way, do not forget to buy repellents - irritated by mosquito bites, people are unlikely to be able to provide good material for portrait shooting.

For photosets in the forest ideas can be very different. Focus on the time of year - you want a bright sun, ethnic style and bright frames - come to the forest in summer or late spring. March, November or even winter will be more suitable for Gothic surveys, and a professional will be able to suggest interesting poses.

Pick a place for shooting in advance - it is important to know exactly where to go. Make your suggestions to the photo master or ask him to walk around the area and select the most suitable forest landscape.

Competent preparation and creative approach to the selection of subjects is the key to excellent shots. Perhaps, for photo shoots in the forests, ideas will come to you by themselves after a short walk through more often with a camera. A photo session in the forest will give you pleasant memories and great shots if you open up and are not ashamed of the photographer.

Preparing for a photo shoot

Organizing a photo shoot in a forest or park requires some preparation. When traveling to the nature with photographic equipment, do not forget to charge the camera's battery to the full, just in case, take an extra battery pack and a memory card. As for optics, a photo shoot in the forest implies the use of a classic portrait lens with a focal length ranging from 85 to 100 mm. Such a lens will allow you to photograph a model from a convenient distance of 3 - 3.5 meters, leaving enough free space in the frame. In this classic portrait painter eliminates unpleasant distortions of the face, which are characteristic of wide-angle optics. If necessary, you can also take a zoom lens with you to be able to take pictures with an approach, as well as to take pictures of beautiful forest landscapes.

On a bright sunny day, be sure to grab a sun shade to prevent unwanted glare in the frame. You can also take a reflector. And if you decide to shoot in cloudy weather or fog, when there is not enough light, you will need to take care of a tripod and an external flash.

Harmonious and most attractive in the forest, of course, look the fair sex. Photos from the girls in the forest always turn out to be lively and emotional. But you definitely need to think about the plot and image for the model that you would like to use. From this depends largely on the choice of clothing and accessories for the model. By the way, going to the forest, it is still desirable to wear something comfortable and light. This applies to both the photographer and the model. Since it is necessary to move along foliage or soil, it is better to prefer more practical shoes that do not obstruct movement.

Place to shoot

In the forest or public park, you need to find a suitable place for a photo shoot. Spend your free time looking around at a possible location, exploring the forest or the shady avenues of the park, watching the lighting features at different hours. Identify several possible sites for shooting and the most favorable angles. Just say that in a dense forest shooting is carried out rarely. Better for this purpose fit some forest glades, a stream, a picturesque stump, detached trees such as young spruce or red aspen.

In autumn, you can place the model on a yellow-red carpet next to a birch or maple. Such plots are vivid and very attractive. As in the case of the landscape, the early hours or the time of twilight will be most suitable for shooting. In the autumn forest, you can try to shoot in capricious cloudy weather, when raindrops will be able to give your pictures completely new emotions and some kind of zest. Shooting in cloudy weather allows you to avoid harsh shadows on the face of the model, but note that in such conditions, frames may not turn out to be too bright.

Image and posture models for photo shoots

As we have already noted, during a photo shoot in the forest it is very important to choose the right image for the model, adding it with appropriate clothing and accessories. One of the advantages of shooting in the forest is that the image can be very diverse - it all depends on your imagination. Without prying eyes surrounded by nature, always giving a person a positive mood, the model can fully open up from completely different sides. For example, a romantic image of a model in the autumn forest can look very attractive.

Of course, you can just take a picture of the model in its usual image against the background of nature, but it’s best to dream up a bit and come up with a more interesting plot. Perhaps one of the most common and popular images for shooting a model in the forest is the image of a beautiful forest nymph. To create it, it is enough to dress a model in a light dress or a sundress and decorate her head with a wreath woven from forest flowers. An interesting idea for a female model can also be the image of a witch in the forest. Agree that in every woman there is something demonic, therefore, having a little fantasy, you can create a mysterious and mystical female image.

Use natural light properly.

One of the main difficulties when shooting in the forest is the specifics of natural lighting. The fact is that because of the leaves and trees, there are quite serious differences in illumination in the frame. Also, often on the photo of the model appears "panther" skin due to the fact that sunlight penetrates the leaves of trees. In some cases, you may simply lack the lighting. Then you have to slightly raise the ISO sensitivity or use the flash.

It is recommended to shoot in the forest with a SLR camera or a system device with the possibility of using interchangeable optics, in particular, aperture. Yet ordinary compact cameras due to the small size of the sensor and the lack of sensitivity often can not cope with the peculiarities of natural lighting. But even if you have a reflex camera in your hands, this does not eliminate the risk of taking pictures in which, for example, one area of ​​the image may turn out to be normal, another - too dark, and the third - a bit overexposed. Such problems are solved experimentally with the help of more competent selection of the exposure, choosing the right angle and using the flash. You can also consider the option using the HDR mode.

On a sunny day, it is recommended to place the model in the shade of a tree. Foliage will delay a significant part of the luminous flux, as a result of which a person will be illuminated with pleasant diffused light from the side. Get very good frames. However, do not put the model too close to the tree - too strong shadows may appear, and a person’s face may turn green in the leaves. If you are shooting on an open forest glade or edge on a bright fine day, it is recommended to use an external light source or reflector.

An excellent move when shooting a portrait in the forest is the use of two remote flashes. One is placed behind the model to be removed, and the other is placed at the front and slightly at an angle. It turns out uniform lighting, giving an excellent elaboration of details.

When shooting in the forest, take as many shots as possible, because it is not known which shot will be the most interesting and attractive. The key to successful shooting in the forest is a positive mood, the creation of a suitable image, complemented by various accessories, and the correct use of the features of natural lighting. It does not require tons of cosmetics for the model, as in the studio. It is only necessary to emphasize the natural beauty of the model, surrounded by pristine nature.

Do not forget that photography in the forest is not only shooting, but also the opportunity to communicate with nature, a way to have a good and fun free time. Once you have already gone to the forest, you will certainly get pleasure from a leisurely walk or a swift run along the beautiful forest edges, rest your body and soul here. And the pictures taken during a photo shoot in the forest will be an additional reminder of this beautiful walk and your communication with nature.

Season and time of the photo session

Despite the fact that nature in the forest is completely on your side, in order to create an exact image and idea as a whole, it is important to pay attention to such a moment as the time of day. It is best to conduct photo shoots early in the morning or a couple of hours before sunset: it is at this time that the best lighting is available, the images are obtained without glare, dazzling, narrowed eyes and mimic wrinkles.

Soft sunlight literally paints the pictures in a nice golden color, and also decorates the skin of the model in an even noble shade.

The season is also an important factor, which is especially taken into account when creating fashionable thematic photo shoots. Например, летом удается захватить буйство красок, а модель может воспользоваться всеми возможностями своего гардероба, в этот период будут уместны яркие платья, романтические образы, этно-стиль и многое другое.

Именно в летнее время снимается подавляющее большинство love-story, свадебных, а также красивых портретных съемок. In the spring, during the flowering and the universal “awakening” of nature, gentle, feminine and very subtle images are obtained. In the fall, gold leaves on the side of photos, and in winter you can always get unusual and bright pictures in the snow.

How to prepare?

It all depends on what style you are going to shoot, and also what the focus of the photo shoot is - romantic, childish, wedding or just a photo session for yourself. But, in any case, to make the image in the photos bright, holistic and harmonious, it is very important to think of a combination of all the components: clothing, makeup, hair, shoes, accessories, terrain.

Perhaps it will be an open forest edge, a place on the shore of a reservoir, or deep forest jungle - it all depends on the original idea.

Make-up and hairstyle should be thought out in advance - it is important that they are natural, but emphasize your beauty. Too bright shadows, complex hairstyles will look out of place in the forest, the only exception is thematic photo sessions in which an image of a particular character can be created, for example, a witch or a forest nymph.

By the way, it is them who, most often, are used by girls for a photo shoot in the forest - the pictures are always bright, unusual and rich. And what, every woman is a bit of a witch or a sorceress, isn't she?

As for the clothes - in principle, they can be anything. Beautiful long dresses, sundresses will do, with the exception, of course, will be ultra-short mini for going to nightclubs. Light white shirts or sundresses, wreaths in hair and on hands look very interesting; vintage or gothic dresses can be useful, naturally, everything depends on the subject of the event.

Pay attention to the shoes - it should be comfortable, after all, you have to not only pose, but also move between locations. In general, taking with you too many things into the forest is not the best option, because all of them will have to be carried by you.

If this is a joint romantic photo session, then make sure that you are in harmony with each other - fit jeans, short shorts for girls and jeans breeches for the guy, shirts in a cage, if cool - knitted sweaters, hats, mittens and scarves.

Do not forget to take care of the accessories: a bright blanket can be useful (for the halt and photos), a bunch of wild flowers, a fruit basket and so on. In any case, no matter what image you choose, it will be interesting and beautiful in its own way, as long as it is able to reflect your state of mind and attitude.

By the fire under the night sky

Young people love to spend time in nature, especially memorable lingering evenings and nights spent by the fire. This can be a great idea for a photo shoot in the woods, when the real story of youth is transferred to the pages of the photo album.

Very natural and harmonious in the photographs look people taken during cooking kebabs on the fire or porridge in the pot, as well as a company of people with a guitar, who sing soulful songs or just talk about something.

The campfire is good not only group photos. Many people dream of a portrait with reflections of fire and curls of smoke, but not every photographer is able to convey all this in his picture. The success of a campfire photo shoot lies in a genuine love for such an atmosphere, then the photos will look very natural, not staged. A mandatory props for such a photo shoot will be a repellent that does not allow mosquitoes and midges to get into the frame, and at the same time prevent the shooting.

Fabulous photo shoot in the forest

Every girl in her heart feels like a model, but not everyone manages to make it happen. Complexes, life circumstances, problems, and, perhaps, just the structure of the body (how to take pictures of full girls correctly is written here) do not allow to fully reveal themselves in front of the camera and believe in their originality and attractiveness.

However, now every young lady, regardless of age and other factors, can try herself as a model.

Photo sessions can be carried out in the open air, especially beautiful pictures taken from water bodies, and in specialized studios, which are equipped with all the necessary details and equipment.

The fantastic atmosphere created in preparation for the photo shoot takes the model and the photographer to an unusual world, helps to connect with nature and express it in the pictures. For a fabulous photo shoot, girls choose an image with loose long hair, which is divided into separate strands or frayed. Models wear long dresses or sundresses.

Photographs taken among the lush greenery look very impressive in the summertime, when the dense crown of trees allows you to play with shadow and light and get an unusual combination of them in frames, filling each shot with a fabulous and fantasy atmosphere.

To make the pictures really amazing, the models, in addition to the details, use the images of many fantastic characters.

Little Red Riding Hood - the girl puts on a red cape, and the photographer takes it off while walking in the woods, if a couple participates in the shooting, the man is offered the image of a woodcutter or a wolf, it all depends on the ideas and the desire to realize them.

Hansel and Gretel - these images are suitable for shooting couples, as well as children. It is very interesting for young models to try on the role of their favorite characters, but for the pictures to look natural, children need help to relax.

Snow White - the girl puts on a beautiful dress and makes a suitable makeup. Especially beautiful this image looks in the winter forest (how to take pictures in the winter I wrote here).

A detailed fantasy photo shoot in the forest is quite expensive.

It is necessary to go to the place of shooting with the whole team and take with you all the necessary requisites. But the resulting photos are much more expensive, because money is needed in order to spend them, and pleasant memories will remain for life.

Forest Nymph

A professional photographer will always tell you the right angle and the light in the frame, but a photo session in the forest allows you to realize almost any storyline and realize the most daring idea of ​​the model. Girls can try on the image of a mermaid, fairy or forest nymph in all its glory.

For such photos, bright areas with beautiful green trees, lawns with wildflowers will be suitable; frames made on the banks of a river or another body of water will look very impressive. To complement the image, you will need the appropriate details. For such a shooting also fit a long dress in the floor of natural fabrics, which will harmoniously look among the natural environment.

Unity with nature

The beauty of the forest has always attracted artists, for photography, nature is also an inexhaustible source of storylines and inspiration. The colors of the autumn forest are sometimes brighter than all the precious stones of the world, so do not miss the opportunity to take a few shots in the autumn forest. The riot of colors, which can not be recreated in any studio, will help to look brighter and more effective even to very modest girls.

Many girls decide to implement their ideas for a photo shoot in the forest, because in nature they can easily relax under the lulling breeze of the wind or the chirping of birds. The atmosphere of the forest at any time of the year has a good pastime and leaves no room for alarm and tension.

All the girls, captured on the background of nature, are extraordinarily beautiful, because they are as relaxed and open as possible, they are ready to tell the whole world about their attractiveness.

There is a place for any idea, its image in the photos depends on the appearance and wishes of the model. The forest landscape and the reservoir are beautifully combined in the photograph. As requisites you can use wreaths that are put on your head or thrown into the water, you can also take pictures at the pier or in a boat.

If for a photo session you can find a waterfall, then such a place will be a real treasure. Girls look very romantic looking under the water jets, as well as on the sandy bank of the river or on the rocks. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to pick up and display all the forest beauties during one photo shoot, but with the right approach, really decent pictures are always obtained against the background of the forest.

Ideas for a photo shoot in the forest can be embodied in the winter, when snowflakes sparkle in the sun and shimmer like diamonds. For excellent shots, you should go to the winter forest, you can return to childhood for a short time, brushing off the snow from the spruce paw, or take a few shots on a sled, as well as playing snowballs. But the most recent and romantic will, of course, be a spring photo session.

Gothic photo shoot

A new idea for a photo shoot in the forest, which was actively picked up by young people, is the Gothic theme. Early spring is chosen for filming, when the snow has almost completely disappeared, but nature has not yet awakened from sleep, the trees are bare, and in some places snowdrops make their way from the remnants of last year's foliage.

In March, there are rainy and just overcast days when the sky looks cold and dark, but it is this kind of weather that is best suited for Gothic filming.

Young people try not to miss such a day and postpone all matters in order to participate in an unusual and original photoset. To him should prepare in advance:

  • Find abandoned buildings, dry stumps and trees.
  • Wear long black vintage or dark clothing.
  • Make gothic makeup, with black emphasis on the eyes and lips.
  • Prepare the necessary accessories and attributes.
  • If possible, to bring to the shoot a tame owl or a crow.

Before shooting, it is better to restore from memory the plot of one of the books in the Gothic style or watch a movie on this topic. They will help to enter the image and tune in to a specific shooting.

I repeat that to implement the idea of ​​a gothic photo shoot in the forest, it is better to choose a cloudy or overcast day. For the weather conditions will help to perfectly highlight the created images and make the photos deeper and more spectacular.

Romantic photo session in the forest

Romantic photo session in the forest allows you to realize many different ideas, and also have a great time with a loved one. Plots for shooting can be very different, and everyone can choose the most suitable combination of landscape and details for themselves. Let's look at some of them!

Horseback riding

A great opportunity to realize two great ideas at once. Not every day is given the opportunity to ride a horse, but many people often think about it. A photo session on a horse will cost a little more, but pleasant memories and great shots will be much more expensive than the money spent.

Joint picnic

A compulsory props for this photo shoot will be a warm blanket (preferably checkered) and a tasty, uncomplicated snack. Having placed on a cozy clearing, start your picnic, and the photographer will do the rest. In this leisurely shooting, you can use a tripod.

Plain walk

You can take a romantic couple during their joint walk along the forest paths: such photos look especially touching and natural, because they practically do not require preparation and accessories. Such non-staged pictures and casual behavior always look extremely interesting and will become a real decoration of any photo album.


Absolutely any model can be suitable for a photo shoot, it all depends on the fantasy of the filming participants. However, it is desirable that this car had some non-standard signs: it was very old, sporty, had outstanding tuning elements, and then only experiments (photos on the hood or the roof of the car).

Ideas for a family photo shoot in the forest

Any family photographing will allow in a special way to get closer to all its members, as well as to have a good time all together. You can ask the photographer to take a few pictures during a joint walk along the forest paths or to capture the bright moments of an outing picnic. In any case, the photos will be very soulful and truly family.

There are a lot of ideas for a family photo shoot in the forest. Boys can help dad to make a fire, and girls with mothers will be engaged in weaving wreaths. Such simple storylines diversify and revive the photographs.

Great shots are made with pets, so bring your four-friend with you for a walk. A beautiful forest landscape and outdoor games with a dog will help to create wonderful shots, and taking pictures with a cat (read more about taking pictures of cats in this article) or a domestic rabbit are especially cute and touching.

If small children are involved in the photo shoot, the photographer will have to work hard to capture the moment when the child got involved in something and does not suspect that he is being shot. When staging children need to help kids relax or distract them with something. It is much easier to work with adolescents, they usually agree with all the proposals of the photo master and are always ready for experiments.

It is very popular to arrange a photo shoot for pregnant women. For shooting, the model chooses natural dresses from light flowing fabrics that can emphasize her tummy. A photo session of pregnant women is usually carried out in the fresh air, among high meadow grasses or, again, on the shore of a reservoir.

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I hope that I was useful to you - with respect, Maxim Izmailov.

The most successful poses for a photo shoot in the woods

Any photographing should not only bring real pleasure, but also guarantee a successful result. It is especially important to competently approach the organization of a photo shoot in the forest. For her, one should think over the most successful poses that will help to convey both the beauty of nature and the naturalness of the model. She, by the way, should radiate complete emancipation in the picture, instilling a feeling of maximum comfort. Today, masters have accumulated a lot of ideas for a photo shoot in the forest.

Myths and Fantasy

The forest is considered to be a good place to implement ideas that are related to mythology, and specifically ours, Slavic, and in addition to study the ideas of a fantasy nature. This includes the following topics:

  • Navka (mawka). Evil spirits of the forest, caress. Make an image mavki easy. This includes a minimum of clothing or only its appearance, composed of sheets and branches. Make-up should be pale, haircut consists of loose hair that can be woven into sheets. Shoot better in the summer.
  • Witch. Here you can take as a basis Gogol's witches, dressed in spacious white shirts, with flowing hair, pale, frightening. For shooting, you can perform a photo zone, for example, a bed of flowers or a certain ritual. You can also move away from the Russian theme, making the classic dark and black image of a Gothic witch.
  • Elves Here you can make cosplay on common fantasy heroes, by copying not only clothes, but also accessories. An important condition for a similar idea are false ears.

Animal Ideas

Where, if not in the forest to carry out ideas that are associated with animals. There are a lot of topics, and most of them come down to romantic overtones. Many modern photographers work in the genre of surrealism in the framework of ideas with animals and the forest. This results in deep and attractive photos with bears and girls in long dresses, with wolves, foxes, owls and other forest animals.

Shooting with pets is suitable for the fair sex in the position.

This is the style of fashion magazines. To fit into it, it is enough to study the false lie, to take them from magazines. Plus, your look should be as stylish and fashionable as possible.

The main thing in similar photos is in further facing, bringing photographic material to imitation of pictures from the magazine.

You will not make a mistake if you choose a dress made of flying fabric for shooting, pick up a bright but not vulgar makeup and finish all with a smooth haircut or neat hair.