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How to choose a deodorant and antiperspirant


Mankind has been fighting the odor of sweat for hundreds of years. Today, in any cosmetic store, you can purchase special products that will help get rid of unwanted aroma and are able to control sweating. Which deodorants best protect against sweat? Further in the article we will discuss what forms of release of these funds exist today, and also consider the most popular brands.

Deodorant or antiperspirant?

Many modern cosmetics can meet the name "antiperspirant deodorant". Very often, these two words we begin to perceive as synonyms. In fact, we are talking about several different products.

Deodorant is a means to combat the smell of sweat. In its composition there are disinfectants and bactericidal substances that block the development of bacterial flora. In fact, human sweat by itself does not have a pronounced smell. The aroma attributed to him arises from the multiplication of bacteria on the skin. Deodorant also blocks the development of bacteria and prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Antiperspirant works differently. Means in this category inhibit the formation of sweat. They contain organic salts of aluminum and zinc, which can block the work of sweat glands.

It is difficult to judge which deodorants are better: regular or antiperspirant. We are talking about products that differ significantly in composition and principle of action. Many women choose antiperspirants for special occasions, and they use deodorants every day. Both those and other cosmetic products are available in various forms. We will try to figure out how they differ from each other.

Deodorant spray

The spray format is popular with many consumers because of the feeling of coolness and freshness when used. Modern deodorants of this type do not incorporate alcohol additives. And this is a definite plus, since they do not dry the skin. Many manufacturers produce exactly sprays with a minimum amount of chemical additives. If you believe reviews of fans of such deodorants, then this option of protection against sweat is the least soiled clothes. The main drawback of sprays is inefficiency. The deodorant in the cartridge will end much faster than its ball or cream counterpart. In addition, it is recommended that sprays be protected from mechanical damage, exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Roll on deodorant

Without exception, ball and roller deodorants contain alcohol in their composition. When applied, they are pleased with the refreshing effect. Deodorants of this type create a film on the surface of the skin. Such products are not recommended for owners of dry skin. It is when using the ball of sweat that allergic reactions are most often observed. Yet this format has many advantages. The main one is its economy. In addition, any roll-on deodorant can easily fit into a handbag and the smallest cosmetic bag.

Pros and cons of solid deodorants

Stick-on deodorants are often touted as the most practical form of protection against sweat. And indeed, it is the perfect option for travel and business travel. The hard deodorant will not break or explode. But be careful - at high temperatures such funds melt. However, the sticks do not always behave flawlessly on the body. Means of this category can leave marks on clothes or appear on the skin in the form of unsightly pellets at the most inappropriate moment. At normal air temperatures, sticks are quite effective and are able to guarantee protection against unpleasant odors for a long time. Means in this category are often considered among the softest. For example, this is exactly the way the solid deodorant “Dove” is positioned.

Creamy anti-sweat remedies

Innovative cosmetics that protect against sweat are deodorants in the form of gels and creams. Such products are ideal for sensitive skin, as they are practically not capable of causing irritation. What is remarkable, even the experts to the question “Which deodorants are best?” Most often categorically answer: “Creamy!” Cosmetic products of this category usually cost more expensively than their counterparts. Do not be lazy to explore the composition of the product you like. Creams and gels that combat odor of sweat are usually the least of all chemical additives, and must contain herbal extracts.

Natural deodorants

Today everything is natural in fashion, and environmentally friendly cosmetics is no exception. Most recently, the sale of the so-called natural deodorants. The most common in this category are natural mineral crystals. The cost of this tool is higher than the cosmetic product, but the effect is different. Natural sweat remedies are completely harmless and safe. They are odorless and do not leave marks on clothes. It is worth noting that natural deodorants do not have the effect of antiperspirants. This means that the pot will be produced. But to prevent the proliferation of bacteria such a tool is quite capable. As well as to prevent the occurrence of an unpleasant smell. With its high price, deodorant crystals are notable for their “economy”, the term of their use is almost unlimited.

What is the difference between products for women and men?

In any cosmetic store customers are waiting for long shelves with products that can solve the problem of excessive sweating. Remarkably, all these cartridges and vials are divided by gender. What is the difference between male deodorant from female? In fact, the difference often lies only in the perfume. According to many experts, the division of caring cosmetics for women and men is nothing more than a marketing ploy. If we turn to history, a couple of decades ago, on shampoos, creams and soap, in principle, it was not indicated for whom they were intended (with the exception of products for babies). Today, in any store you can save exactly women's deodorant, and it is often more expensive than men's. The representatives of the fair sex themselves do not always like the smells prepared for them by the manufacturers of cosmetics. For this reason, many girls and women prefer to purchase male sweat protection.

Baby deodorants

At what age can you use deodorant roller? The problem of the smell of sweat becomes relevant for each of us in adolescence. And the matter is not at all in heightened concern with one’s own appearance, but in the hormonal alteration of the body. Already at the age of 13-15 years it makes sense to teach a teenager to regularly use deodorant. It is best to choose a natural crystal. If for some reason this is not possible, consider creams, gels, sticks and sprays. Many manufacturers of cosmetics offer a whole line of products designed specifically for teenagers. For example, deodorant “Garnier” is quite popular. How does it differ from analogs? In its composition the content of artificial additives is reduced. Be sure to include in the composition for young skin natural components. Many adolescents pay special attention to perfumery compositions of cosmetics. And this is a big mistake, the task of parents to explain to their son or daughter that deodorant cannot be chosen by smell.

Popular brands

Today, any major cosmetic company produces anti-unpleasant smell of sweat. The most popular brands of deodorants in our country: “Dove”, “Niveya”, “Avon”, “Oriflame”, “Aks”, “Fa”, “Garnier”, “Reksona”, “Clean Line”. What brand products are the best? It is impossible to say unequivocally that the Nivea deodorant is superior to Garnier in its qualities, or vice versa. All products of large cosmetic companies are tested and have the necessary quality certificates. This means that any solid deodorant that is sold in a store with a good reputation is safe when used correctly.

In most cases, the choice of a particular brand and product is an individual question. It remains only to recommend customers to study the labels of their favorite cosmetics, and not focus exclusively on advertising.

Rules for the use of anti-sweat

If you want the selected female or male deodorant to show the properties promised by the manufacturer to the fullest extent, you must follow the rules for its use. Apply anti-sweat on clean and dry skin only. Be sure to regularly shave your armpits regularly. Alcohol-based deodorants are not recommended to be applied immediately after shaving, in the presence of skin damage or irritation. It is not recommended to use deodorants before visiting the bath. Antiperspirants can not be used with intense sports loads and other activities associated with intense perspiration. If you use both deodorant and perfume at the same time, choose products from the same line of the same brand. You can also use your favorite perfume in combination with a means of odorless sweat.

Are deodorants harmful?

Choosing products of famous brands with a good reputation, you can not worry about their own health. However, this is not a reason to forget that the use of any new cosmetics should begin with an allergy test. If you bought Nivea deodorant for the first time, apply it first for a few hours at home. Try to track the reaction, the appearance of redness and itching - this is a sign of individual intolerance to the components of the selected product. If you experience any unpleasant symptoms, wash away the sweat remedy from your body and do not use it in the future. Try products from another brand, for example, Oriflame deodorant. It is useful to know that from time to time even suitable cosmetics should be changed. Otherwise, a habituation effect may occur, and the selected deodorant will stop working. Antiperspirants should be used with caution, especially those marked “24 hours protection” or “48 hours protection”. Such products are undesirable to use daily, and after each use they must be washed off.

The subtleties of the right choice

What deodorants are better than others, how to choose the right sweat remedy?

  • Acquire cosmetics of famous brands in trusted stores.
  • If you sweat too much, it makes sense to get an antiperspirant.
  • If the odor is too strong, choose a deodorant with an antibacterial effect.
  • Pay attention to the described properties of the anti-sweat agent and active ingredients. For example, the deodorant “Dove” does not incorporate alcohol, which means that it will not dry the skin.
  • It is very good if extracts of medicinal plants and natural essential oils are present in the chosen cosmetic product.
  • For many buyers, the form of the release of funds from sweat is of great importance. Many manufacturers offer to purchase the same product in different packages. For example, you can buy the same deodorant "Garnier" in the format of spray and cream.
  • Most anti-odor sweat products have their own fragrance. But if you prefer to use perfume, try to find a deodorant with a neutral smell.

Deodorant odor

What is deodorant?

As can be seen from the very name of this perfumery and cosmetic products, the task of deodorant is to deodorize, that is, eliminate unpleasant odors, mask them or weaken them.

The mechanism of action of the agent applies to the aforementioned bacteria (deodorant stops their reproduction in the environment of sweat), as well as in affecting unpleasant odors by their absorption.

What is an antiperspirant?

An antiperspirant is also a perfume and cosmetic, but its mechanism of action is such that it fights not the consequences (that is, not unpleasant odors), but reasons for such flavors. In other words, antiperspirants affect either sweat (absorbing it) or the excretory ducts of sweat glands.

How exactly do antiperspirants affect sweat odor and sweat glands?

Impact on the smell of sweat and sweat glands is carried out by means of zinc, aluminum salts, which are part of antiperspirants. But not these substances themselves constrict the ducts, which reduces sweating intensity. A chemical reaction occurs, as a result of which a peculiar film is formed that fills the pores on the skin.

Sometimes, quite rarely, manufacturers use peptides instead of aluminum salts, which likewise affect sweat glands. Absorption of sweat is carried out by those antiperspirants, which include the so-called bulk ingredients (for example, powder or talc).

In essence, powder or talc are antiperspirants, as they can affect perspiration. In the presence of bulk funds bactericidal additives they can already be considered deodorants. The effectiveness of such antiperspirant deodorants in the fight against the unpleasant smell of sweat is usually much higher.

What is better - deodorant or antiperspirant?

In fact, to put the question in this way is not very correct. Modern manufacturers have long been included in many deodorants. bulk materials, aluminum or zinctherefore, such deodorants work as antiperspirants.

And vice versa - many antiperspirants include bactericidal and disinfecting additives, alcohol or deodorizing substances, which allow antiperspirants to work also as deodorants.

According to the existing modern standards, all deodorants, antiperspirants and antiperspirant deodorants are combined into a group of deodorizing agents. At the market level, such a tool deodorizing mechanism, is called a deodorant, if the main function of the remedy is to combat sweat, then it is called an antiperspirant.

And yet, what to choose - deodorant or antiperspirant?

If we assume that the level of protection against the unpleasant smell of sweat is quite acceptable in both types of products, then selection criteria depends, by and large, on two things:

- From what consequences you expect from the use of your deodorizing agent.

- From the format of application (application) of funds to the body.

If your activity during the day does not lead to intense sweating (at least you do not feel moisture in the armpits),deodorant will satisfy your needs. You can get deodorant and in the event that you are not confused wet armpits, although you feel it during the day.

In other words, choose a deodorant if your main task is to eliminate or mask the unpleasant smell of sweat that appears. But if wet armpits give you the inconvenience of another plan (sweat appears on a shirt or T-shirt), then it makes sense to use antiperspirants or antiperspirant deodorants.

Important notice on product labeling

Many manufacturers write the word "Antiperspirant" on the product packaging, although the presence of perfume additives may indicate that we have - antiperspirant deodorant. In fact, this is not quite correct, as there are pure antiperspirants on the market, which are not deodorants.

A very important point is the individual perception of a particular agent after it is applied to the skin. For example, many do not like gel deodorantssince they are supposedly absorbed for a long time, they leave marks on the clothes, almost forming a crust on the body.

Others do not experience such inconvenience at all, as they use deodorants correctly: they apply it in a small amount, give it time to dry. Thus, one of the important criteria for selecting a deodorizing agent is a method of applying it to the body, which we will discuss later.

How to choose a deodorant?

The purpose of deodorant and antiperspirant to destroy. Deodorants relieve sweat and antiperspirants block perspiration. It may seem that antiperspirants are more comfortable, skin is dry, clothes are clean. And when using deodorant, you can see wet spots under the arms.

And of course everyone would prefer an antiperspirant, but you need to know the truth: everything that seems perfect can have a catch.

Antiperspirant prevents sweating, blocks the work of apocrine sweat glands. As a rule, they contain zinc and aluminum salts, they thicken the skin, constrict the ducts of sweat glands. Pot comes out half as much. Мощные антиперспиранты в своем составе имеют триклозан, нарушающий микрофлору и дополнительно сдерживающий потоотделение.

Если ежедневно пользоваться антиперспирантом, то риск получить воспалительную реакцию растет, снижается иммунитет, так как нарушается микрофлора и самое главное — системе потоотделения создаются более жесткие условия.

The body will try to excrete sweat even more intensively, because it must get rid of excess at any cost. The more often we use an antiperspirant, the more intense the sweat is released.

As a rule, everything ends with constantly wet armpits, when no deodorants no longer help, except for treatment. Serious thermoregulation disorders may also occur.

How to choose a deodorant?

A good modern deodorant will eliminate sweat due to additives that destroy bacteria and reduce sweating and even add flavor, thanks to the perfume fragrance.

Be sure to look at the composition, if there is triclosan and farnesol (usually in hard deziki), try not to use it often, these substances do not positively affect the skin, depriving it of a protective film, drying and irritating it.

Also not recommended deodorants on alcohol for those who have sensitive skin.

  • calendula extract - dries the skin,
  • cyclomethicone has a softening effect
  • PPG-15 stearyl diethyl ether as part of it allows dezik to instantly dry out, prevents the appearance of stains on clothes,
  • Avocado oil allows you to apply deodorant immediately after shaving the armpits,
  • propylene glycol can cause allergies,
  • phthalates are not safe enough substances that affect the level of production of male hormones and can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Which is better to choose a deodorant?

Let's get acquainted with the forms of deodorants and the features of their use.

  1. Deodorant stick is very popular because of the consistency, does not leave marks on clothes. It is convenient to take it with you, to carry it in a miniature handbag. However, in the composition can be found aggressive additives. They do not tolerate heat - roll off, stick, and accordingly lose their effectiveness.
  2. Roller roll-on deodorant has a moist effect that refreshes the skin. They are well tolerated by the heat, do not roll, as they form a very thin film. But this film, if kept for a long time without washing it off on the body, can cause irritation, itching. Deodorants rollers often contain alcohol, which is harmful for sensitive skin.
  3. Deodorant powder is a modern version that is suitable for oily skin. If you apply powder correctly to clean skin only, the effect will be better than from a roller or solid deodorant. This is most likely an evening option, not suitable for a hot day. It often happens with the smell of famous perfumes.
  4. Deodorant cream or gel is a sparing option, suitable for allergy sufferers. The cream not only reduces the smell of sweat, but has a softening and moisturizing effect, is the prevention of inflammation, fungal infections. The gel differs from the cream of light structure and better absorption.
  5. Deodorant spray. Modern sprays have an improved composition, there is no alcohol, antibacterial additives, a minimum of aromatic additives. Sprays are well refreshed, gently acting on the skin, they can be chosen by those who, for whatever reason, can not use sticks or beads.
  6. Deodorants napkins-indispensable on a trip, hiking, in unsanitary conditions. It is better to choose those that have not only antibacterial properties, but also moisturizing, aseptic.

Finding the best deodorant is not easy, you need to pay attention to the following criteria.

  1. The deodorant must have antibacterial protection and at the same time care for the skin.
  2. A good deodorant moisturizes and softens the skin.
  3. Traces on clothes should not be.
  4. Convenience dispenser.
  5. Pay attention to the company name, it must be written without errors.

There is a theory that antiperspirants in which there are aluminum and zinc salts adversely affect women's health, these salts penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the risk of developing breast cancer.

Natural antiseptics - clay, starch, soda, perfectly save you from sweat, use, they are cheap and natural.

To reduce sweating limit strong tea, coffee, spicy foods.

Choose clothes from natural fabrics, with a wide armhole.

Now you know how to choose a deodorant and be sure to make the right choice.

Conclusion: it is impossible to constantly use antiperspirants, especially those whose effect is designed for 48 hours. Such tools are designed for single use in special situations. Be sure to apply deodorant on clean, shaved armpits, do not apply funds after the bath and be sure to wash it off every day.

How to choose a safe deodorant

Usually, choosing a deodorant, people pay attention to the beautiful packaging or a pleasant aroma, without thinking about the composition of the drug. And manufacturers, as specially, the entire list of components of the composition of deodorizing means print in small print, which is almost impossible to read without glasses.

Meanwhile, in many means of sweat used prohibited substances that can cause harm to health. Here are the most frequently used ones:

Aluminum salts

Aluminum chloride is the main active ingredient in almost all antiperspirants. It is this component that acts on the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat produced. Aluminum salts are dangerous because blocking pores in problem areas can cause inflammation of the glands. With frequent use of antiperspirants in the armpits, the possibility of salt deposits in the tissues arises, which can lead to the formation of tumors of the mammary gland.

Another dangerous element that you need to pay attention to when choosing a deodorant is triclosan. Being a potent antibacterial substance, triclosan quite successfully copes with the destruction of pathogenic microflora, leaving the products of their vital activity on the skin and causing a disgusting smell. But at the same time, the beneficial microorganisms are also destroyed, and the bacteria are also used to antibiotics. Triclosan has a toxic effect on the human body and has long been attributed to carcinogens. In Europe, this chemical is prohibited from being included in cosmetics.

The most popular preservatives for cosmetics are parabens. They accumulate in the body and have a toxic effect on the organs.

This component prolongs the duration of the deodorant aroma on the body. Phthalates are dangerous because they negatively affect the human endocrine system.

Propylene glycol

It is used in the production of deodorants to create the necessary consistency of the drug. The permissible content of this substance is 2%, and even this amount can be the cause of various allergic reactions. In addition, if the propylene glycol in the deodorant is more than 2%, deviations in the heart, liver and nervous system may occur.

Synthetic fragrances

Although flavors do not directly affect health, they can also cause allergic reactions or headaches.

Thus, choosing a safe deodorant, it is necessary to ensure that it does not contain the above components.

All these dangerous elements can be replaced with natural ingredients. Aluminum chlorides must give way to zinc oxide, potassium alum, starch or soda, which do not clog the sweat glands and do not harm health. Essential oils can have an antibacterial effect. For example, tea tree oil perfectly cope with this task. To enhance the drying effect in the composition of deodorants add extracts of natural medicines such as oak bark, green tea, horsetail, sage.

Selecting a deodorant, you should carefully read the composition, and not trust the commercials, claiming that "this particular tool is the most natural and without preservatives."

Deo - cream and deo-gel

For those who expect deodorant not only to get rid of sweat and smell, but also to soften the skin, developed deo - creams and deo-gels. They moisturize the skin, making it soft and well-groomed. Some of the deodorants of this type have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

What should be a deodorant for girls

The life of a girl during her school years is active and full of emotions: study, training, classes in studios, first date require impeccable body care. Even small wet spots under the arms or a faint smell of sweat can upset the princess. Therefore, girls need their own deodorant, which is suitable for young delicate skin.

The world-famous brand Lady Speed ​​Stick has developed a special line of Teen Spirit deodorizing products for girls from 10 to 15 years old that will protect young ladies both during heat and with strong agitation. Two types of deodorants Lady Love and Fashion with different fragrances are available in the form of spray, roller and stick.

Deodorants for teens

A serious hormonal alteration occurs in the body of a teenage boy, which is often accompanied by an increase in sweating. Parents should tell the child how best to use deodorant to get rid of discomfort.

A deodorant for a boy should:

  • have a mild effect on the skin and do not block the sweat glands,
  • have almost imperceptible odor,
  • have an antibacterial effect,
  • Do not contain harmful substances.

Wild Mint Levrana

The active substance in this deodorant is potassium alum. This is an excellent natural antiseptic that kills bacteria and tones the skin. Peppermint oil provides a refreshing scent.

Customer Reviews

I really like to try different brand new deodorants, compare smells, look at the packaging. I always buy extremely safe products, without aluminum salts and parabens. Recently decided to try crumbly deodorant Grinch from the company Lush. Loved it! On the skin there is not the slightest irritation, on the contrary, it has become soft and silky. The pleasant smell of tea tree and rosemary lasts throughout the day. It is a pity that traces of powder remain on dark clothes. If I use this deodorant, I try to wear a light dress.

Since childhood, I suffer from severe sweating, and have tried many different means. Of course, choosing a deodorant, I look at the composition. But it is not always possible to find both a safe and effective means at the same time. Recently came to a friend for a birthday. Many guests gathered, it became stuffy in the room, and I felt treacherous drops of sweat under my arms. She rushed to her purse, but no deodorant. A friend gave me her favorite Crystal. The effect was awesome! I didn’t remember about wet armpits until the end of the evening. At home I immediately found a description of this deodorant on the Internet, I want to purchase the same one for myself.

What it is and its effectiveness with increased sweating

An antiperspirant is a cosmetic product designed to significantly reduce or completely eliminate excessive sweating. They are usually used in the area of ​​the armpits, but they can easily cope with excessive perspiration in other problem areas, such as the palms or the feet. Means that can eliminate not only sweating, but also an unpleasant smell are called antiperspirant deodorants.

The first such cosmetic was invented and patented back in 1941. It was really the first tool that could cope so effectively with the problem of excessive perspiration and became a bestseller of the 1950s. Since then, enough time has passed, during which the composition of the funds only improved.

The main active substances of modern antiperspirants are aluminum salts, the principle of the effect of which is the formation of an insoluble albuminate compound on the skin surface, forming a protective film. It covers the entire treated surface, including the ducts of the sweat glands, through which, in fact, the secret is brought out.

The principle of antiperspirant.

Thus, the invisible film creates a mechanical obstacle in the way of sweat, significantly reducing its volume, which is output to the outside. Over time, it is eliminated by the natural peeling of the skin, without leaving any consequences.

Aluminum salts have an astringent effect on the skin (some natural components, for example, sage or oak bark) have a similar effect. By coagulating the protein of the cells, they reduce the lumen of the small blood vessels and shrink the pores, as a result of which the amount of secreted to the surface decreases even more.

Also, most modern antiperspirants contain various emollient additives designed to improve the feeling of using the product, and some contain vitamin E, which is extremely useful for human skin.

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Pay attention to safety for health.

Despite the abundance of "yellow" articles about the incredibly serious consequences of the use of antiperspirants, there is simply no scientific evidence of a negative impact on the human body when used correctly. We do not protect antiperspirants, however, there is still no alternative to them, and to use decoctions of herbs, soda and other guaranteed safe means, to put it mildly, is not convenient and not so effective, in contrast to the rapid application of an already finished composition.

It is believed that with regular use of the product, aluminum chlorohydrate accumulates in the body, which disrupts the nervous system, kidneys, and provokes the development of breast cancer. Of all of the above, only a negative effect on the work of the kidneys in existing renal failure has been proven.

The conclusion from this is one: antiperspirants are not recommended for use in renal failure. Regarding the remaining cases, everyone decides for himself. No direct dependence of the occurrence of such pathologies has been identified, of course, but one can only assume that the use of cosmetics based on aluminum salts slightly increases the risk of their development.

In addition, it is worth recalling that when used properly, the probability of accumulation of harmful components is extremely small. Besides the fact that they are quickly excreted with sweat and by means of the natural peeling of the skin, they can be easily, without any consequences, washed off with water. But still, the final opinion remains only for you.

Determine the form of release, which one is better?

Each form of release has both its advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the choice depends on personal preferences, lifestyle and the amount of money that you can spend on the purchase of a product.

  1. Spray . The most popular and simple form of antiperspirant against sweating. Its main advantages are the ability to quickly apply to a large area, versatility and safety, because the application of the composition does not require contact with the skin, which allows you to use one bottle at once to several family members. The funds of this type are on the shelves of the largest number, which facilitates the selection of the most suitable. But despite the fact that the spray is the most common, in terms of effectiveness, antiperspirant in the form of a spray is not the best. Besides the fact that the composition does not penetrate the skin so deeply, as a result, it cannot provide maximum protection, the aerosol is consumed extremely quickly and makes you buy a new bottle again and again.
  2. Ballpoint . More effective because it more densely covers the surface to be treated. The bottle itself is usually smaller than the spray, which makes it easy to transport, allows you to put it in your purse and carry it with you. However, the choice of means of this type is not so great, this also applies to the diversity of aromatic fragrances. The main disadvantage is a long drying, because after its application you have to wait a few more minutes to avoid stains on clothes.
  3. Hard stick. The most effective, at the same time, convenient and skin friendly format. The solid composition covers the skin as tightly as possible, and the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, while it is quite easy to apply and dries quickly. Usually it is firm sticks that contain the greatest amount of components that nourish the skin and even vitamins. The most significant drawback is the mark on clothes and on the skin, which are especially pronounced if there is talc in the composition.
  4. Cream, gel, powder. Such products are much more expensive, because, as a rule, they are more natural and at the same time more effective. An important role is played by the brand component, since such forms of antiperspirants are produced by the best manufacturers, whose funds are not so affordable. They use a variety of nutrients that provide gentle skin care, and aromatic fragrances are made primarily from natural extracts. Pharmaceutical remedies for sweating, such as Formagel, are also available in this form.

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Помимо формы выпуска, обратите внимание и на запах. Среди всего разнообразия ароматов, необходимо выбрать подходящий по вкусу, а при желании и вовсе средство без запаха. К тому же, антиперспирант без запаха не раздражает кожу, поскольку не содержит главных и наиболее частых провокаторов раздражения – отдушек.

You can not understand what the main differences between antiperspirant and deodorant? We propose to understand this issue by reading the article we prepared on the differences between these tools: http://otgidroza.ru/sredstva-ot-pota/antiperspirant-i-dezodorant-raznica/.

How to apply antiperspirant?

To minimize the risks of negative effects of the composition on the body, as well as to ensure maximum protection, it is first necessary to know how to apply antiperspirant correctly. After all, based on practice, many people make a lot of mistakes when using a cosmetic.

First, it is necessary to apply it exclusively on clean and dry armpits, that is, before using it is necessary to take a shower and wait until the skin is completely dry. At the same time, a simple wiping with a towel will not be enough, because of the lack of time, use a hairdryer.

If you do not adhere to this simple rule, you can forget about the high effectiveness of antiperspirant, since the active components will not properly linger on the skin and be absorbed. It is also worth remembering that it is not recommended to apply the product before training, going to the bath or sauna. Otherwise, active sweating during physical activity or exposure to high temperatures will lead to swelling of the treated area.

Also, a feature of the application of these cosmetics is the application mainly in the evening. This is due to the fact that at bedtime and at night, the sweat glands significantly reduce their activity, as a result of which the effects of the components will be more noticeable. Treat problem areas in the morning only to enhance the effect.

№1 Nivea "The Effect of Powder"

In our opinion, the best antiperspirant for women, which has been breaking sales records for years. And it is not casual, because, in addition to the extremely high efficiency in this price segment, it has a unique, incredibly gentle, light and airy scent of powder. However, despite the name, the tool does not contain talcum powder and leaves no traces. Success is primarily in the addition of kaolin particles to the composition, which additionally absorb excess moisture.


  • Available in various formats,
  • It has high efficiency
  • Leaves a light unobtrusive fragrance on the skin,
  • Dries quickly, does not stick,
  • Does not leave marks on clothes,
  • Does not cause irritation and does not dry the skin.

The disadvantages of this tool to note quite difficult. The price varies in the region of 100-150 rubles depending on the form of release and is extremely acceptable for a product with such a number of advantages.

Sweating can be something more dangerous than a temporary phenomenon.!!

When idle, sweating can turn into an unpleasant disease - hyperhidrosis. To avoid this, it is important to timely apply all possible measures of treatment. Learn more >>>

№2 Vichy Beauty Deo 48

Of the funds presented in the rating, this is the most effective and safe antiperspirant against perspiration, but at the same time the most expensive. Constant shaving of the armpits has a negative effect on the skin, so the Vichy remedy not only protects against sweating more effectively than others, but also nourishes the skin and soothes irritation after shaving. But its main feature is the slower growth of hair, which allows for unpleasant procedures for removing excess hair less often.

Also in the composition contains many reflective particles, which significantly improves the appearance of the skin.

Reviews from women using this antiperspirant as a remedy for hyperhidrosis of the armpits note that its effect is similar to the effect of pharmaceutical preparations. That is, it does not just temporarily eliminate the manifestation, but over time reduces the amount of sweat secreted even on unprocessed armpits.


  • Gently cares for the skin,
  • Improves its appearance,
  • It has high efficacy and even minor healing properties.
  • Slows hair growth
  • It dries quickly and is not felt on the body,
  • Leaves no trace,
  • It has an unobtrusive flavor.

The main disadvantage is its cost, which varies from 800 to 1100 rubles for a small bottle.

№3 Dove beauty finish "Shining Minerals"

Everyone knows this brand, associated with tenderness and silkiness, skin care. And indeed it is. The product copes with its task, it lasts until the end of the day, the solid stick does not crumble and leaves no traces. Such a reliable good antiperspirant himself, nothing outstanding but performing its task.


  • Economically spent
  • Does not leave marks on clothes,
  • Immediately absorbed
  • Ideal even for sensitive skin.


  • Quite a concentrated and lasting fragrance, able to kill the perfume.

Standard cost: 150-200 rubles.

# 4 Adidas Pro Clear

The modern rhythm of a woman’s life is quite dynamic and active, and at the same time she needs to look perfectly fresh. The best antiperspirant against perspiration with a very active lifestyle is Adidas Pro Clear. It is reliable even in the most critical situations and is suitable for all skin types.


  • Reliability even under the strong influence of external factors provoking sweating,
  • Does not leave marks on clothes,
  • Disinfects the treated surface,
  • Compact and convenient to use.


  • Dries quite long
  • The first 15-20 minutes after application there is not quite pleasant stickiness.

On average, its cost varies in the region of 170-180 rubles, which is an average figure in this price segment.

№5 Rexona women

The tool provides protection to the end of the day. At the same time, despite the affordable cost, the composition contains natural ingredients and plant extracts that positively affect the treated area, do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.


  • Extremely available remedy
  • Does not cause irritation and allergic reactions
  • Copes with its task until the end of the day,
  • Does not leave marks on clothes.


  • A rather pungent smell that will not suit everyone;

The cost of funds about 120-130 rubles.

Ranking of the best male antiperspirants

The best anti-tolerant for men developed by Swedish cosmetologists. Its effectiveness has been proven by scientific research and many examples of use for increased sweating. Its main feature is the duration of the effect, because only one use reliably protects against sweat for 5-7, and sometimes 10 days.


  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Effect duration
  • Absolute safety
  • Suitable for all skin types,
  • Does not cause irritation and allergic reaction,
  • Economical due to the lack of daily use.

The only significant drawback is its cost, which is about 800 rubles. However, the duration of the effect allows you to use the tool quite rarely, which allows you not to think about re-acquiring for 4-6 months.

№2 Gillette Professional Power

Effective male antiperspirant, qualitatively coping with its task for 48 hours. Great for skin with hypersensitivity, does not contain alcohol, and therefore does not irritate or dry out the skin. It has a pleasant aroma, tangible only after application, in the end it almost does not feel and does not interrupt the perfume.


  • Efficiency,
  • Light, barely perceptible aroma,
  • Does not cause irritation, can be applied immediately after shaving,
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue on clothing

The cost varies in the region of 135-150 rubles.

№3 Adidas Action 3 Dry

A strong antiperspirant ideal for men who lead an active lifestyle and want to feel dry and confident even in the most critical situation. The tool not only effectively reduces sweating, but also absorbs excess moisture on the surface of problem areas, providing a feeling of maximum comfort and dryness.


  • Reliable protection even in critical situations
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue
  • Does not create a feeling of stickiness,
  • It has a pleasant, barely perceptible smell.


  • Strongly not suitable for sensitive skin.

The cost of funds of the order of 130-180 rubles, which is the average in this segment.

№4 Rexona men Turbo

Designed specifically for the male body, it is quite effectively combating sweating, unpleasant smell, does not irritate and does not dry out the skin. Protects against sweat for 24 hours, leaving a feeling of freshness and dryness under the armpits after a busy day.


  • Really protects for 24 hours or more,
  • It has a pleasant and unobtrusive male fragrance,
  • Does not stick,
  • Pretty economical.


  • Leaves marks on clothes,
  • Dries quite long.

The cost of the product is from 150 to 170 rubles.

№5 Fa men Extreme

Another good male antiperspirant, coping with their task. Gently affects the problem areas without causing irritation, gives a feeling of freshness.


  • It has a pleasant aroma,
  • Dries quickly, leaving no residue on clothing
  • Does not stick and does not cause discomfort after application.


  • In critical situations, it does not always cope with its task, weakening the effect after only 4-5 hours after application.

The cost of the product varies in the region of 150-190 rubles.

Sweating can be something more dangerous than a temporary phenomenon.!!

When idle, sweating can turn into an unpleasant disease - hyperhidrosis. To avoid this, it is important to timely apply all possible measures of treatment. Learn more >>>

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Still think that it is impossible to get rid of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)?

Judging by the fact that you are now reading these lines - the victory in the fight against diseases of excessive sweating is not on your side. And have you already thought of extreme measures, such as surgery? It is understandable, because to experience constant discomfort and awkwardness becomes unbearable. Constantly wet palms, armpits, back, legs. All this is familiar to you firsthand.

But perhaps it would be more correct to treat not the effect, but the cause, to try not only advertised, but also other means existing in the market? In one of her programs, Elena Malysheva touched upon such a topic as hyperhidrosis and spoke about a remedy based on herbal ingredients that have been used for a long time to prevent sweating and unpleasant smell from the body.

Safe antiperspirants

The most advanced manufacturers of antiperspirants have found a way to achieve the desired effect without the use of aluminum salts. In the most advanced means, relatively safe hydrochlorides or hypochlorides are already used instead. In addition, the deodorants of the future do not plan to use dangerous parabens and alcohol irritating the skin. They will be replaced by mineral substances of natural origin - magnesium, calcium, vitamins, etc.

How to make deodorant at home

Deodorant can be done at home. This is useful for allergies, which is difficult to find the finished product. Here is one of the recipes. Melt ½ cup of cocoa butter on low heat. Add 3 tbsp. l soda and cornstarch. 10 min. stir until thick. Add 5−10 drops of essential oil (lavender, orange). When the mixture has cooled, add the contents of 2 capsules
with probiotic and mix again.

Opinion of doctors

Olga MELNICHENKO, candidate of medical science, doctor-dermatovenerologist of MNSPTsK Moscow Department of Health

« According to scientists, aluminum compounds contained in antiperspirants can cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And in some cases - even breast cancer. The least amount of aluminum is absorbed when using an antiperspirant roller - in comparison with sticks and aerosols.

What is better - deodorant or antiperspirant?

Once nobody had ever dreamed about deodorants, struggling with sweat and its smell only by constantly washing their armpits or rubbing talcum, or even not paying attention to this problem at all. Today, the situation is reversed - you don't know where to look. Deodorants exist in a wide variety of forms - sprays, sticks, creams, rolls, powders ... and many more options. They also vary in properties: deodorants against white spots, antiperspirants of 72 hours of action, soothing irritated skin products and many other actions. By the way, deodorant and antiperspirant are not at all synonymous! A good deodorant absorbs quickly, leaves no residue on clothes and effectively fights the reproduction of bacteria that cause bad breath.

First of all, it is necessary to determine what you want to get from the product - blocking sweat, removing odor, skin care, or giving the body a pleasant aroma. As for the first action, it is worth noting that they possess only antiperspirants. In addition to the antiperspirant, it is better to have a normal deodorantthat fights bad breath. Antiperspirant - block sweat glands, not allowing sweat to stand out on the surface of the skin, as a part they contain aluminum salts or zirconium salts.

What deodorants are better?

Deodorants - do not block the sweat, but drown out its smell, interrupting it with its aroma. The disinfectant in the deodorant composition can be alcohol, triclosan or farnesol. Alcohol may cause irritation, so alcohol deodorants are not suitable for owners of very sensitive skin. Deodorants without alcohol with triclosan or farnesol are expensive, often they can only be found in pharmacies.

Triclosan effectively fights bacteria, but is banned in some countries - as it can adversely affect the thyroid gland. Therefore, the best can be called deodorants with farnesol - a natural substance derived from sandalwood extracts and some other oils.

Deodorant or antiperspirant form

Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain preservatives. Therefore, it is better to choose any cosmetics with skin contact (creams, gels, sticks, etc.) with a short shelf life (up to 1 year), and which need to be stored in the refrigerator - there will be less preservatives in these products.

Spray - does not have contact with the skin, so several people can use it at the same time, and it does not contain preservatives. But - when spraying spray inhaled, so dangerous for allergy sufferers and in some cases can even cause asthma.

All other forms - ball, sticks, creams - are strictly individual. Otherwise, bacteria and fungi can migrate with their help from the skin of one person to the skin of another.

Liquid ball products good - but you need to wait some time after application, so that they dry.

Creams and gels - well absorbed and do not dry the skin.

Solid deodorants and antiperspirants - comfortable, no need to wait until dry - but can leave stains on clothes. Do not leave traces of solid deodorants, which include no talcum powder.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants can leave marks on clothes - especially on natural fabrics (wool, flax, cotton). Therefore, after applying you need to wait until they dry. Transparent roll-on deodorants and gels leave the least amount of marks.

If you sweat a lot - choose antiperspirant from those sold in pharmacies. The concentration of active substances in them is much higher. For people with normal perspiration, a cosmetic series is enough.

Apply antiperspirant can only be on dry skin - otherwise the tool will act much worse.
Owners of oily skin, you can choose a deodorant on alcohol - he chews.

In order to figure out how to choose the best deodorant, this rating lists not only the best in our opinion options in their nominations, but also briefly describes their features.