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Haircut sesson: for medium and short hair (photo)


Retro style is now in fashion. This is manifested in clothing, in the use of old vintage items, and of course hairstyles from the 60-70s are also now at the peak of fashion. Not an exception and haircut sesson, which is gaining popularity again, is overgrown with fashionable versions that make it even more fashionable, stylish and attractive.

In the classic version it is a hairstyle for medium hair, about shoulder-length. But today you can perform sesson on shorter or longer hair. This hairstyle is perfect for women who do not tolerate monotony, want to shine in their surroundings and be memorable.

But why all the same sesson? The answer is very simple: the haircut received such an unusual name from the name of the creator - the British hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. In the 60s of the last century, he invented a voluminous, lush hairstyle, with thick bangs, rounded on all sides. In Russian, the master's name is read as Sessun, so the haircut was called, but later other variants of pronunciation appeared - sesson and sesson, which also became widespread. As a result, all the options are correct and have a place, everyone calls them as they like.

Haircut sesson looks very similar to haircut page, but it is not. In fact, they have several significant differences. And what you can find here.

Who is suitable?

Many experts consider sesson to be quite universal and suitable for the absolute majority of women, but still there are categories of girls who will not like this haircut or they will have to modify it a bit to look good. As for the length, the sesson is in principle never lower than the shoulder blades, so too long curls will have to be shortened so that the hairstyle matches the real sesson.

So, who is suitable:

  1. girls with an oval face shape
  2. those who want to hide some flaws (for example, an ugly ear shape),
  3. not tall girls
  4. who has thick hair
  5. slightly curly or wavy curls.

In principle, this hairstyle can be worn and chubby girls, and with a long face, but then you will need to play with bangs. Asymmetry will well hide the roundness of the face, and thick bangs will bring the elongated face closer to oval shapes. Triangular face smoothes longer fringe on the sides. The curvature of the haircut itself will smooth the square face. A wide forehead will hide a longer fringe.

To whom does not fit:

  1. girls with a round face shape
  2. with full face

The extended version perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the long neck (and even visually lengthens it).

Execution options

In addition to the classic version, there are some more modified, where something is changed or added, which makes the hairstyle even more interesting and fashionable. So one of the easiest ways to diversify the image is to change the bang with a standard semicircle, to, for example, slant, longer or reduce its thickness.

Another option is to remove the bangs altogether.

There is also a way to make a haircut even more youth, stylish and creative. This is to add notes of asymmetry to it. Somewhere to release a long strand, somewhere on the contrary to shorten, you can also expose some ends of the thinning, to give some negligence, noise.

You can also play with color. The classical form does not suffer, and the appearance can be changed dramatically. Here you can be helped by coloring individual strands in a wide variety of colors, even glowing in the dark, and coloring and toning.

Haircut sesson for short hair

Cesson is considered short when the length of the hair is such that the ears are not closed completely.

In general, this hairstyle is good because it focuses attention on some details of the face - eyes, for example. More mature ladies will help to look younger, and girls with impaired face shape, correct it to oval.

Medium hair cesson

The length of such a sesson suggests that the ears and neck are closed behind.

It looks very noble, fine and aesthetically true sesson with an elongated bang, hiding eyebrows. The look of the woman is very mysterious and attractive.

What does the Cesson hairstyle look like: its advantages and disadvantages

Haircut Cesson is characterized by a fringe and a lengthening on the occipital zone, mixed with it.
Its founder, the great hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. The hairstyle executed in a round projection, is considered the most difficult. In contrast to the direct projection, the round is very difficult to track and not lose the control strand. This is the whole complexity. Therefore, if you like haircut sesson, entrust its execution to an experienced master from a proven salon.

The hairstyle became the standard and the real style icon in hairdressing at the end of the 20th century. One of the first "carriers" of this hairstyle was the French singer Mireille Mathieu. After that, this hairstyle began to win the hearts of many fans of the singer.

Cesson is a multi-layered haircut. It has its own clear scheme and structure. According to the technology, the master must carefully handle each hair. You need to look at every detail, cutting strands of millimeters and adhering to one corner of the slice.

Suitable for any hair length. Its main feature is structurality and graphicality, as well as smooth lines. On the sides, the hair is shorter and gradually extended to the back of the head. The bang is semi-circular, its lower edge is twisted under the bottom. It looks like a classic hairstyle. It can be modified depending on fashion trends, but its main form is preserved.

Another advantage is its versatility. It is suitable as the owner of an oval face and round, however, as well as other forms. In addition, it can be worn by young girls. Women are more mature. It is completely easy to clean and does not require special styling products. Due to the smooth lengthening, it gives hair extra volume.

It has many types and variations, and always looks noble and relevant.

With all this, there are some drawbacks:

  • It is necessary to select the master very scrupulously. Since the creation of such a haircut is a laborious process, requiring special professionalism and skill.
  • The shape and length of the hair will not allow you to collect them in a bun.
  • In order that the hairstyle does not lose its appearance, its shape must be adjusted monthly.

Haircut sesson looks most advantageous on the hair of bright colors and shades. But it can also emphasize the image of blond, as well as gentle blondes and burning brunettes.

Now let's clarify some nuances:

  1. Suitable for confident women. Those who want to look stylish, but limited in time to create the perfect image. High-quality haircut allows you to quickly get together in the morning. Wash your hair, shake it with your hands and dry it slightly naturally or with a hair dryer and - the styling is ready.
  2. Variations of haircuts sesson and the presence or absence of bangs, allow women to wear with any type of person. Wary of hairstyle should apply to women with a full round face. It can emphasize roundness even more.
  3. Option for short hair will give lightness.
  4. It will help to hide the ugly shape of the ears, relieve from complexes, since any of its variant will close them.
  5. The classic version will be ideal for women of advanced age. It will refresh the image, hide wrinkles on the forehead, a slightly changed shape of the cheeks, as well as age-related changes in the chin and neck.

If you are the owner of very large curls, then we advise you to look for another version of hair. Cesson allows you to make light curls or give some negligence, putting a few wavy curls. But when creating full curls will break the whole concept of hairstyle.

With or without a bang?

If you start from the classical model sesson, then the bang should be necessary. It is part of the hair and a single whole, smoothly moving to the sideline. If the bangs are not done, then the hair style risks turning into a regular bob, square or cascade. The shape and density of the bangs can be any, its choice depends on your preference, the shape of the face and the type of hair. It can be very thick round. May be asymmetric or oblique. Very short, medium or, on the contrary, elongated. In a word, a bang can be anything, but the main thing is that it should be!

Graded sesson

If you want to make the image not so strict, but to add romance and ease, you can make a graduation. It will slightly change the proportions of the haircut and slightly modify it. The master barber makes graduated thinning around the entire circumference of the head. With the help of graduation smooth transitions from strands to strands.

Cesson for short hair

As we have said, the primary version of this hairstyle is done on short thick hair. In this case, the bottom line should not fall lower than the end of the chin itself. This variation:

  • focuses on the correct facial features.
  • favorably distinguishes the eyes and lips.
  • points to the beautiful contour of the cheekbones.

Cesson on medium hair

Since the 60s, when Vidal Sassoon first made this haircut, a lot of time has passed. But she won the hearts of many women and to this day remains relevant and favorite hairstyle. That is why modern masters of hairdressing come up with various options for haircuts and adapt it to fashion trends.

But what about those women who have long hair and do not want to shorten it, but they definitely want this particular haircut? We hurry to please you, that highly professional masters are ready to help you with this and create a beautiful exquisite hairstyle at an average hair length.

At this length, this model adds an image of femininity and sophistication. She rejuvenates mature women and shows their image and grooming. It is as easy to style this hairstyle as it is for its short version.

Cesson for long hair

For girls with luxurious long hair, the proposed hairstyle will give lightness and irresistibility. In addition, this length allows you to do:

  • The most intricate options bangs.
  • various types of lines which go on cuts of locks.
  • a lot of styling options.

This length can bring girls with different types of appearance even more tenderness and sensuality.
Lovers of non-standard avant-garde style haircut also enjoy. Asymmetry is permissible in the design of bangs, lateral and occipital lines. An asymmetrical version appeared in opposition to the classical image. Daring images with strands of different lengths also look attractive and allow girls to express their personality and style.

Exquisite classics emphasize the noble shades of chestnut, chocolate, red, copper shades. Ash and black colors will also be in perfect harmony with such a haircut.
If you like to make a “challenge to society”, you can make coloring or highlighting in contrasting shades.

Despite the severity and clarity of the lines. This hairstyle allows you to do a lot of different styles:

  • Impeccable smoothness of the hair can be given with the help of an iron when straightening.
  • It is possible to create amazingly beautiful bends, if you twist the tips of your hair with a round comb brushing or curling.
  • If you prefer a slightly sloppy look, then use a styling tool. It does not need additional tools. Hair will need to beat your fingers and separate some strands.
  • Large waves or curls will be a great addition to creating an evening look. They can be created with the help of curlers or special curling irons.

A wide variety of hairstyles will appeal to many of the fair sex. The hairstyle will become fine expression of the identity, style and image. This image is suitable for ordinary walks in the park, and for the enchanting "exit". Without attention just will not stay!
Do not be afraid to experiment. But trust your hair only proven hairdressers - masters.

An interesting, universal way to find out if short hair is right for you.

It all depends on the proportions of the face. One of the most famous hairdressers in the world, John Frieda, on the basis of his many years of experience working with women, noted one important feature of the face, which is decisive in choosing the right length of haircut. This rule is called "5.7 cm" and is to measure the distance from the ear to the bottom of the chin. And, it turns out, the secret lies in the length of the lower part of the face!

In order to find out if it is worth getting a haircut short, do this simple test.

For measurements you will need a pencil and a ruler. Take a pencil and place it horizontally under the chin. Place the ruler vertically, putting a zero mark on the earlobe. Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see the mark that the pencil indicates on the ruler.

If the distance from the earlobe to the chin is less than or equal to 5.7 cm, then it is safe to make a short haircut.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Audrey Tothu - owners of short lower part of the face, which are suitable for short haircuts

If the resulting distance is more than 5, 7 cm, this indicates that medium-length haircuts or long hair are better suited to you.

Scarlett Johansson - the owner of the elongated lower part of the face and the photo shows that the hair of medium length is more suitable than a short haircut

Types of haircuts for short hair

In order to choose the appropriate option for haircuts, you need to know from what to choose.

Below you will get acquainted with the names and main types of short haircuts:

  • »Care
  • »Bob
  • »Pixie
  • »Cap
  • »Asymmetric haircut
  • "Haircuts male type:" under the boy ", Garson
  • »Page
  • »Cesson
  • »Caprice

Kare on short hair

One of the most popular haircuts, which has not lost its relevance since the beginning of its mass use by women in France in the early twentieth century. It is curious that the bob haircut dates back to the times of ancient Egypt, where it was worn by both men and women (look at the ancient Egyptian murals!)

Nowadays, there are many types of squares: four-legged, four-legged, four-sided, four-sided, four-sided…

Initially, the haircut "square" was called the hair, cut one length slightly below the ear, in combination with straight bangs.

This haircut is suitable for many women, as owners of straight and curly hair. Owners of fine hair is best suited to the quarantine with a short top and strands of different lengths.

Haircut bob for short hair

Nowadays, many people combine bob and bob haircuts in one concept. What is the difference bob haircut from the square?

In contrast to the classic square, in which the hair is cut in a straight line, the bob is a graduated haircut, whose silhouette resembles a bean (bob) due to the gradual narrowing of the shape to the bottom of the haircut. This effect is achieved by cutting hair under tension and at different angles.

Bob-caret mix hairstyle is a solution for stylish and creative girls and women of different ages. It is easy to style and suitable for any hair structure.

Pixie haircut for short hair

Pixie is a female haircut with short trimmed backs and side strands and longer hair at the crown.

This haircut gained its popularity in the 50s thanks to Audrey Hepburn, who appeared with a short haircut in the movie Roman Holiday.

Pixie mowing can be of different lengths - from ultrashort to a more elongated or asymmetrical version. With very different on the technique of haircuts bangs: with thick, elongated, milled or laid on one side.

Due to its multi-layeredness, Pixie haircut is very easy to fit and is suitable for any type of hair. Looks sexy, playful, very fresh and young. Minus 5 years only thanks to the haircut guaranteed!

Haircut Cap for short hair

This is a sporty haircut, with a volume in the form of a “cap”, put on the head - voluminous top, fringe and nape. Fully or partially open ears.

This is a fairly volume haircut, which is suitable for any thickness and structure of the hair, except for too thin (it will not look bulky and does not fit well).

Asymmetrical short hair cut

Asymmetric can be any of the short hairstyles and suggests either asymmetric styling, or a shorter length on one side, and longer strands on the other side of the head.

Recently, it is very fashionable to shave the temple on one side of the head, leaving the other side of the haircut elongated. Asymmetry always gives the image creativity and dynamism.

Haircut Gavrosh for short hair

The name of the haircut came from the name of the hero of the novel Victor Hugo and instantly causes associations with the image of a boy - a tomboy or a hooligan girl.

For Gavrosh's hairstyle, pointed, highly profiled locks of temples and bangs, which form a triangle, are characteristic. The bang is usually asymmetrical or fits on one side. Haircut Gavrosh often performed with an elongated nape.

Haircut Gavrosh is best suited to owners of thick and curly hair, which are difficult to style, because the dynamics and easy chaos are the trump cards of this haircut.

Стильное многоцветное колорирование в сочетании с филированными прядками придадут объем тонким волосам.

Стрижка Гарсон («под мальчика») на короткие волосы

Very short haircut in the men's style, the name of which speaks for itself.

At the same time, this haircut is suitable for creating an elegant and even strict classic, or a sharp and sexy image. Much depends on the method of hair styling and the style of the image as a whole.

This haircut is suitable for both young girls and ladies over 50 who want to look fresh and young.

The main distinguishing features of haircut Garson: hair length - from ultra-short to moderately short. The hair is milled on the temples, the back of the head and the bangs, and quite tight to the head.

The short version of the haircut Garson is suitable for straight, wavy, thin and thick hair.

An important point: haircut Garson emphasizes facial features, so it is very important to pay attention to makeup.

Haircut Page for short hair

Characteristics of the classic haircut Page: hair length from the bottom of the earlobes to the bottom of the chin, cut in a straight line and twisted inside. Straight thick bangs.

Fashionable and modern haircut Page can have other forms of bangs: asymmetrical, slanting. And the tips of the hairs are left straight along the length, without twisting inward or chaotically laid out.

Haircut Page is suitable only for owners of thick straight hair. And it is recommended for oval or rectangular face shape. It should also be remembered that straight or asymmetrical thick bangs attract attention to the eyes and nose. And therefore it is suitable for a neat, medium-sized nose, and if you want to focus on the look.

Haircut Caprice for short hair

This type of haircut can also be called "Fantasy", because it can be performed in absolutely different ways. There are no clear rules for the implementation of this haircut, except that it is characterized by a multi-layered structure with hair tips that are randomly arranged in different directions.

This is one of the best options for short haircuts, which are recommended for thin and thin hair. With proper hair styling is easy to achieve the desired volume.

Haircut Caprice, as the haircut, which is called "Italian" - a type of haircut "Cascade" for short hair.

Haircut whim performed with various forms of bangs, as a rule, milled, oblique, asymmetrical. Or without bangs, when the long front strands are stacked on one side.

How to choose a haircut for short hair in the shape of the face?

The main principles of choosing short haircuts for different face shapes:

  • »Oval face shape - any, even ultra-short haircuts,
  • "Round face shape - suitable options with any asymmetry and volume at the top of the head, as well as milled sharp strands: Caprice, Gavroche, Garson, Bob - kare on lengthening, asymmetrical Pixie haircut. And even shaved temple on one side of the head! These techniques will help to bring the shape of the face to the oval. Bangs - oblique, asymmetrical, laid on one side. Haircuts that visually widen and shorten the face are not recommended: Cesson, classic Page and non-profiled version of Caret,
  • »Rectangular face shape - since this face shape is characterized by an elongated facial contour and high forehead, therefore, the task of cutting is to reduce the height of the forehead and face and add volume to it on the sides. Perfect fit haircuts with rounded outlines - Cap, Kare with bangs, Cesson, Page, Bob,
  • »Square face shape - needs to add volume from above, soften the corners of the lower jaw. To do this, fit all short haircuts with volume on the crown and without extra volume on the sides of the face: Garson, Gavrosh and Pixie with asymmetrical bangs. Bob - caret with elongated front strands, softening the jaw line,
  • »Heart-shaped and triangular face shapes - you need to reduce the width of the forehead and add volume to the chin. The best solution would be haircuts covering the ears and having strands of hair at the bottom of the face. Visually narrow the forehead will help oblique or laid on one side fringe. But smooth thick bangs in combination with a short length should be avoided,
  • »Trapezoidal face shape - you need to add volume in the temporal zone, due to what the wide jaw will visually look already. For women with this shape of the face fit voluminous haircuts like Caps, Caprice, volumetric Pixie. You need to avoid ultrashort haircuts with sleek hair,
  • »Diamond-shaped face - haircut should be voluminous in the temples and crown. Also well suited option with the back strands, the length to the bottom of the chin. The best haircuts for the shape of the face of Rhombus are cascading short haircuts Italian and Caprice. As well as Garson packed with volume. Bob - Caret and Graduated Caret will also work well.

How to choose a haircut for short hair on the structure and type of hair

  • »Thin hair - suitable haircuts Gavroche, Cascade and Caprice, Italian, Garson, Kare and Kare on the leg,
  • »Thick hair - any haircuts, as with a straight, and with a milled cut. If the hair is naughty, give preference to haircuts with “naughty nature” - Caprice, Garson, Gavrosh,
  • »Wavy and curly hair looks great in many short haircuts except Sasson and Page, suggesting a smooth hair structure.

How to choose a haircut for short hair for height and body build

The pattern of choice for a short haircut, taking into account body build and growth, is simple: the taller and larger the figure, the larger the head should look. Otherwise, you get the effect of a small head against a large figure.

For short and slender girls, short haircuts are an excellent choice.

Women with an average physique are also not limited in the choice of haircuts.

Making the head, haircut - in the literal and figurative sense, the top of the whole image. Therefore, it is impossible for a haircut to exist separately from the general style.

Before you go to the hairdresser, ask yourself a simple question: “What impression do I want to make?” For yourself, for your loved ones, at work ... Look at the different photos with haircuts and write out your associations that come to mind when looking at them. And then select the option that meets your expectations.

How to choose a haircut for short hair, based on age

Nowadays, this factor imposes fewer restrictions on the choice of haircuts. The main rule of matching haircuts to age is not the age specified in the passport, but how much you want to look in your eyes and the eyes of others. Since, when in contact with people around us, most of the time we look at each other in the face, haircut, hair color and well-groomed hair and face create the first and most important impression of a person.

Do not be afraid to change and try new haircuts!

By the way, polls of men on the topic whether they like women with short haircuts, showed positive results! Many of them consider girls and women with short hair sexy, interesting, dynamic and young looking!

What is this hairstyle?

Fashionable female haircut “sessun” or, as it is called differently, “sessun” or “sesson” is a hairstyle performed most often on short hair. In this embodiment, there is usually a thick bang that cuts out in a semicircle and frames the face.

The rest of the hair is clipped around the head and usually does not reach the shoulders. A volume is also created, and not by means of a pile, but by using a special graduation in the process of cutting the curls. The result is a stylish haircut that allows you to always look gorgeous, even without styling. The form is a bit like a pot, but it looks incredibly feminine and stylish, and this can be seen in the photo.

The history of the creation of a haircut goes back to the 60s of the last century. At that time, elegance was especially appreciated, and the popular hairdresser Vidal Sassoon decided to make a real breakthrough. He created a stylish and elegant hairstyle, which allowed women not to spend a lot of time on styling and always remain stunning.

By the way, the haircut was named after this man. The technique is very complex, and since then it has not changed. It can be mastered by real masters of their craft.

Technique, as already noted above, is complex. The hair is cut off in thin layers from the back of the head, as a result, the strands overlap literally only a few millimeters. The barber skillfully uses his fingers and creates graduations. In addition, the curls are clipped at a certain angle, so that the tips are bent inward.

When creating a hairstyle, you can play with the graduation, with the shape of a bang and with a length. And it allows you to create both restrained and elegant images, as well as more daring, youth and bright. And to choose the right option, consider a few points:

  • Face shape. If it is round, try playing with the bang, making it oblique. The elongated shape is softened strands, rounded near the chin. Also in this case a rounded long fringe will be appropriate. A square face should be framed shoulder-length curls.
  • Facial features. If the facial features are large, then you should not make the cut too pronounced, it is better to soften it. Wide forehead, it is desirable to close the long bangs. If the cheekbones strongly protrude, then ask the barber to close them with strands. If the face is square, then the master can round the bangs as much as possible. A narrow forehead is desirable to open.
  • The structure and type of hair. If they are thin, then the master will have to try to create volume. Complex multi-level graduations are used. If the curls are too thick, then excessive volume can, on the contrary, spoil the image. And to create clear lines on curly hair is almost impossible.

Who is suitable for haircut "sessun"? It should be chosen by both young girls and mature women, there is no age limit. The shape of the face can be almost any, you just need to choose the appropriate execution of hair.

But still the classic "sessun" goes more lucky with regular features and a long neck. As for the hair, they should be quite obedient, preferably straight and not too thin. The style of clothing can be any, but more harmoniously with this haircut look images made in feminine directions, such as boho, classic, retro.

Hair do not fit a full girl with a short neck, as well as the owners of naughty or curly hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

For a start, it is worthwhile to list the benefits of a haircut:

  • A natural volume is created that does not need to be maintained and fixed.
  • “Sessun” is a bright, stylish and bold, but at the same time elegant and feminine image.
  • You practically do not need to worry about styling. Regular washing and subsequent combing would be enough, especially if you need a daily version.
  • By choosing the appropriate length and graduation, you can slightly adjust the shape of the face.

  • Since most often the haircut is performed on short hair, the ability to create complex hairstyles will not. Moreover, the curls can not be collected in the tail, they will always be loose.
  • To hairstyle retained its shape and look neat, you need to often adjust it.
  • To perform this haircut can only an experienced master.
  • This option is not for everyone.

How to pack your hair?

Laying is not complicated at all; any one can handle it. Here are a few options:

  1. You can just wash your hair, comb your hair well and allow it to dry.
  2. Twist the tips inward to emphasize the volume. For this, it is most convenient to use brushing and a hairdryer, although tongs are also suitable, but with a plate of sufficiently large diameter.
  3. You can try to play with the parting, he immediately turns a strict and symmetrical "sessun" into a more naughty asymmetrical.
  4. Wind the hair lightly to get light curls.
  5. To create a naughty image, you can slightly curl the tips out. To do this, use the curling iron and pay attention to the strands around the entire circumference of the head. But use only the tips, the length of the curls should remain straight.
  6. Pull out all the curls with an iron to make them perfectly straight.
  7. Wash your hair, process it with foam or mousse and blow-dry the back of your hair so that your neck strands go ahead.
  8. Make small curls.
  9. Wash your head, treat them with mousse or foam and whip, creating the effect of slight negligence.

Hairstyle "sessun" transform you if you choose the appropriate option and learn how to create stylish styling!

Haircut sesson 2018-2019: features

Better than hairdressers, hardly anyone can tell how cesson haircuts are performed, although, as can be read in many women's magazines, not every professional will be able to make a classic version of this hairstyle or her innovative examples.

We will not describe the technology, however, we note that haircut sesson is performed by creating several layers under a certain degree of inclination.

She has a pronounced semicircular shape bangs, smoothly moving into the rest of the hair. Hair at the same time as if twisted inside.

Also, haircut sesson can be without bangs in general, created on different lengths of hair.

Haircuts sesson are often confused with equally interesting variations of page and square, because hairstyles do have some similarities, but straight lines prevail in these haircuts, since sessun is semicircular.

We have collected for you a small selection of photos, which showcase haircuts for 2018-2019 sessons in a variety of interpretations, which will allow you to orient with the option if the haircut sesson sunk into your soul, or has been your dream for a long time.

Girls and women who have paid attention to haircuts sesson, you should know that this hairstyle is best suited to owners of thick and straight hair.

If the hair is thin, and their density wants the best, hair cesson will not look natural on such hair.

But real professionals say that by changing the angle of the cut, even thin hair can be successfully cut in this technique.

Also, hair cesson for curls will not be the best idea, because the hairstyle combines the clarity of the lines, the semicircular shape and smoothness of the transition in one ensemble, and you know that curly hair, even with the greatest desire, will be difficult to keep within this image.

The slight inconvenience of haircuts for short hair sessons, as well as, in principle, for medium and long hair, is that having chosen this particular form, you need to visit the specialist quite often, who will refresh the geometric accuracy of your hairstyle.

Not everyone goes bare cheekbones, so consult with a specialist, whether you are going haircut sesson.

It is noteworthy: stylists argue that haircut sesson 2018-2019 is almost universal, both for creating original images and for correcting some features of the face, for example, protruding ears.

If you are lucky with the density and structure of curls, fashionable haircut sesun can be yours in the presence of an oval, triangular, square, elongated shape.

It is characteristic that, despite the conciseness of the form, hair cessons for different lengths of hair give a good volume to the hair.

Due to the amazing appearance of the haircut, Cesson accepts all fashionable experiments with coloring and highlighting, so go for it, choose a coloring option - and be great.

For those who are looking for ideas before going to a beauty salon, our review.

Who is the hairstyle

Classic haircut and make older women. It helps to look younger. With the help of a good master, it is sometimes possible to throw off a few years and make curls thicker.

With large facial features is not worth the risk. Probably they will be too conspicuous.

Exquisitely looks haircut sesun on the fair sex with subtle curves, swan neck, small nose and clothing in vintage styles.

Able to adjust the shape of the face and give sophistication. Stylists will advise on this issue, will select the shape and variation of the suit, suitable individually for you.

New hairstyles Cesson differ:

  • along the length of the strands (short, medium, longer),
  • according to the staining method (highlighting, coloring, etc.),
  • by the presence of asymmetry,
  • look with bangs or without
  • graduated look.

The presence of bangs

Hairstyle sesson happens without a bang at all, has a fantasy image, asymmetrical and bold. Resolute, courageous ladies complement the haircut with torn bangs and coloring, due to which the look as a result is rich and memorable.

Women balzakovskogo age is better to wear a classic. And owners of a round face should stop on any popular variants of a sesson with a slanting or angular bang. An elongated face will decorate the Cesson with thick bangs.


It is better to push off from the current hair color. Blondes choose shades of ashen, terracotta or brown.

Brunettes are more suited saturated tones of fashionable shades. Today colorings are performed using stylish and bright colors. Young extraordinary girls with a bright appearance emit neon strands with the help of a washable paint.

Cesson (sassoon) on medium hair

The average length of the strands is a universal option. Such a classic bangs sesun perfectly emphasizes the retro style, once again returning to fashion.

If you want to add an image without a bang of femininity and softness - hairdressers should perform straightening. So the masters give romance and charm. Hair, covering the eyebrows, looks perfect and unusual, adding mystery and depth to the look.

Long sesson

Если хотите сменить имидж, а длину волос не трогать — то смело дерзайте. Первоначальный вид удлиненных, универсальных вариантов, где волосы доходят до плеч, барышням с овальным лицом подходят лучше всего.

Главное достоинство в длинных прядях — они прикрывают ушки. Therefore, if for some reason you do not like their form, then the sessun will cope with this task.

Performing a haircut sesson for long hair, the master has room for imagination and modern experiments, using a clear technique of creation. Hair is collected in the tail, some strands will fall out, but that's okay.

Among the original additions and decorations to this hairstyle are popular clips, headbands, hairpins, bows. To make this haircut on wavy, curly or curly hair - you first have to straighten the strands, otherwise it will not work.

Styling examples

When laying Cesson use a hair dryer, varnish and a large round comb. Strands are strictly stretched in length, slightly curling up at the elegant tips, creating a perfect volume at the roots.

If you cut your hair with this technology, then the ends are twisted inside or outside. This moment will emphasize individuality and chic.

You can diversify the laying of a sessun by combing and stabbing bangs, performing weaving - spikelets, English braids, “reverse” braids, etc. Below are photos of complex options.

Thus, sesson is chosen by those who want to change the image, look stylish and fashionable. You can choose the view yourself or by resorting to the help of a master of hairdressing. In any case, the variability of women's haircut sesson allows each to be individual. And adding a little imagination, the masters propose to create a unique, memorable image.

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Pros and cons of sessun haircuts

In 1971, Vidal Sassun, the famous barber at that time, developed and began to put into practice a new haircutting technique. Sessun hairstyle was invented by a stylist specifically for actress Nancy Kuan. The technology of doing the haircut meant working with wet hair, and the volume of the hair was given directly during the drying with a hair dryer. The curls were sheared in a special way, after which the strands themselves bent inward. So no additional fixation or special styling was required by the sassun.

  • Creating a natural volume of hair.
  • Easy, fast styling.
  • Create a feminine elegant look.
  • Visual correction of the shape of the face, giving it expression.
  • The natural look of the hair due to the lack of means of fixation.
  • Preserving the shape of hair in windy weather or during sudden movements.
  • The ability to diversify your image by changing the ways of styling.

  • Difficult technology of performance therefore only the skilled hairdresser will be able to make such haircut.
  • Sessun makes it impossible to collect hair: braid a pigtail or tie a tail.
  • To maintain a beautiful look, hairstyle needs to be updated frequently.

What type of face would fit

Practice has proven that sessun is universal, suitable for any type of person. The hairstyle is suitable not only for the correct oval face, but also perfectly smoothes the coarse features of the elongated one, it is only necessary to form a thick bang. If you want to visually make the face less round, you should choose an asymmetrical bang. For a sessun hairstyle, straight thick hair is best suited, but wavy strands can also be arranged in such a stylish haircut.

What does a female sessun haircut look like

The classic version of sessun came into vogue by the end of the 19th century. At that time, the haircut looked unusual and spectacular, she focused on the female face, emphasizing its natural beauty, and formed the natural volume of hair. Externally, the hairstyle is similar to the “page” haircut familiar to many, their similarity lies in smooth shapes and strict geometric lines.

A quad with exact rectangular lines is made with a fine graduation performed in an unusual way - literally “on the fingers”, without the help of a comb. Curls along the contour of the head are clipped by imposing, and the ends are cut off at a particular angle, which is considered the main secret of a beautiful silhouette. Sessun belongs to the group of difficult-to-do haircuts, and the hairdresser who knows how to do it is considered a master of the highest qualification.

On short hair

Haircut sessun for short hair helps to emphasize the dignity of appearance and mask its flaws. The smooth, gentle silhouette and rich volume laid in a basis of a hairdress focuses attention on correctness of forms, a subtlety of features. Sessun for short hair looks great in women with any body composition and different face types, and this is a great rarity. The versatility of the haircut lies in its technique, the freedom to choose the length of the bangs and side strands.

Medium length hair

Sessun is suitable for both young girls and mature women. The classic version of the haircut medium-length hair creates an elegant, sophisticated image. To give a woman a younger look will be obtained with the help of a reduction in length, which will emphasize the beauty of the eyes, the neck line. Shoulder-length curls make a spectacular look a little more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Since spending a lot of time on morning styling is unacceptable for many girls, the perfect solution would be sesun.

Long hair

Hair sessun for long hair will give the image of its owner tenderness, mystery and sensuality. Neatly styled hair on the background of the popular trend of negligence, torn lines look unusual and very stylish. A short bang, reaching to the middle of the forehead, in French style, opens the face, emphasizing eyebrows and focuses attention on the eyes. While the long, covering the eyebrows and smoothly turning into the side strands, gives the facial features finesse, hiding flaws (excessive roundness of the cheeks or a large forehead).

Scheme and step-by-step technique of cutting

Properly done hairstyle can emphasize the natural beauty and smoothness of straight hair, but will lose its effect on curly. Due to the layered design of curls and graduation of the ends, it provides an opportunity to experiment with volume. Sessun allows you to visually thicker thin hair, and thick and tough - to give structure. After clipping, the curls will not need additional straightening or long styling, and the natural shine will give the hair a healthy look.

To complete the hairstyle, the master will need:

  • Scissors (thinning and ordinary).
  • Scallop
  • Round brush and hair dryer.

  1. Wash your hair, blot it with a towel, but do not dry it.
  2. Comb the curls, moving from the top to the ends. Separate the hair into three zones.
  3. Separate the frontal-temporal region from the occipital, which is divided into 2 parts by means of a vertical parting.
  4. The front curls are fixed with hairpins.
  5. Cut hair is necessary, starting from behind. First cut the lower curls.
  6. Cut one strand - its length will determine the level of the total length of the hair. After that, trim the entire back of it.
  7. Unclip the front area. Perform a haircut in a graduated way - so that each top strand is a millimeter shorter than the bottom.
  8. Give the shape of the temporal part in the same way as they did on the back of the head.
  9. The final stage is a bang cut. Select the main line and level the bangs under the temporal region. For a better understanding of the structure of the hair, it is worth comparing it with a triangle, the top of which is on the top of the head, and the whiskey serves as the base.

Hair styling options

  • Laying with ironing. With the help of a rectifier, you can create a stylish, original image in 5-10 minutes, which is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for special occasions. This way of laying will appeal to lovers of perfectly even curls. To make a hairstyle more interesting and bright, use decorations: headbands, floral wreaths or ribbons.

  • Round comb, hair dryer. The fastest method of styling, the essence of which is to fold the locks inward with a hairbrush during drying.

  • Curlers or electric strap. Women who have chosen the classic version of sassun can twist the tips inward with the help of a curling iron. Likewise, it is not difficult to give styling a festive undulation. Using large curlers, you will get large curls that need to be fixed with varnish.

  • "Grunge". With this type of styling, shortened sessun looks best. The grunge style involves the creation of volume due to the chaotic combing of hair, followed by fixing it with varnish.

Sassun has a lot of styling options. The photo shows one type of hairstyle that can be modified not only in the salon, but also at home. However, the haircut itself should be trusted only to a qualified, experienced master. And the professional stylist is not the one who has the diploma of graduating from courses, but the one who managed to “get a hand” by repeatedly performing this haircut.

Sessun does not need to be styled, so a girl who wants to look good, you just need to wash and dry her hair. They themselves will lie in the right direction and take a neat look. The maximum effect in a hairstyle has a stylish bang, which plays a key role in creating a feminine, soft silhouette. The classic version laid down by the author is a frown clipped, fading smoothly into whiskey. After watching the video, you will be able to see one of the possible techniques for performing the popular hairstyle sesun.

Photo haircut sessun with bangs and without 2018

Of particular importance in the current season is given not only form but also color. Stylish geometric haircuts with clear lines, like sessun, look best in combination with natural hair tones. However, fashionable women will not hurt to add some bright accents to their image, it is worth making it with the help of coloring or highlighting. Sessun implies the presence of thick and expressive bangs, which in combination with short strands of the main part of the head, looks very bold and stylish. Below are photos of options for fashionable hairstyle sessun.