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Dresses for girls: 30 stylish new products of the season 2017


Many women begin to complex complexes when their age passes through the mark of 40 years. But this is a big mistake. At this age, ladies experience a second youth, as if they reincarnate into a confident, romantic nature. You should not hide behind massive robes, wear only pants and suits. 40 years is a great age to show yourself and everyone around you how elegant a woman in a dress can look.


Dresses for women of mature age are distinguished by several features:

  • Length. It should be below the knee to cover up possible imperfections of the legs. Too short outfits can give the impression of a close and frivolous young lady,
  • Colour. At this age, it is important to demonstrate their elegance, restraint and a wonderful sense of taste. Therefore, women over 40 prefer a low-key palette of colors and pastel shades,
  • The styles. Youth mini dresses and cocktail dresses are left behind. 40 is a great time to put on really sophisticated and charming dresses,
  • Ladies in dresses are able to demonstrate beauty and splendor without too much exposure to their bodies. Bare legs and deep cleavage are the prerogative of young, insecure girls. A woman after 40 is able to present herself as a true self-confident lady, without exposing even a centimeter of skin in the most seductive places.

How to choose

We will give some useful recommendations that will help you decide on a fairly wide range of dresses. After all, in his 40 years, I want to look attractive, seductive and charming, without crossing the border of legal vulgarity and excessive frankness in clothes.

  1. Prefer classic outfits. The same sheath dress has a lot of merit that you can best play on creating your own bow. The case is able to emphasize attractive forms, make the image seductive, but not vulgar or vulgar.
  2. Choosing a dress, focus on high-quality products, sewn from expensive materials. Filling a wardrobe with cheap rags is not worth it. It is better to buy only a few dresses, each of which is suitable for different occasions and events.
  3. To create a beautiful and sophisticated image, women after 40 are better off using simple styles and restrained colors in their arsenal. But at the same time do not forget about the important role of accessories. They are capable even in combination with a simple dress to create an unsurpassed bow.
  4. Give up all sorts of frivolous models of dresses. Otherwise, people around you may not create a good idea. And do not listen to those who advise to spit on others. In youth dresses, women after 40 do not look the best.
  5. Choose a dress above the knee length is not worth it, because after 40 there may be various troubles with the skin of the legs. But midi and maxi will be the best solution.
  6. If your height is small, wear knee length dresses. This will help visually stretch the figure in the presence of heels.

Mistakes to avoid

In the images of many women after 40, the same mistakes are observed. We advise you to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than allow your own and draw appropriate conclusions.

  • Trying to look younger. This is done through the purchase of youth outfits and mini-dresses with deep cuts. Believe me, younger it will not make you. But the reputation and style will be reflected more than negatively.
  • Use candy pink colors. All sorts of pink dresses are the prerogative of young girls. Women after 40 in a "sweet" pink dress look ridiculous.
  • Any dress whose name includes the word mini is a taboo for an adult self-respecting lady.
  • Lace and transparent solutions. Another ban for women after 40. The only exception is a romantic evening with his beloved, where you want to surprise him with a seductive outfit.

  • Tiger, leopard and other prints. They should not be worn even by young girls. And on a mature lady all sorts of leopards look completely tasteless and terrible.
  • Cutouts. If you do not want to turn into a ridicule, then categorically give up the open abdomen. Even if you are actively involved in sports and have a taut tummy. Deep plunging necklines and back cuts are also not welcome. But neat, small cuts can play you in favor.
  • Flared long dresses. It would seem that a long dress does not contradict the peculiarities of fashion for adult women. But flared models that reach the ankle or the floor are often the solution for those who want to hide behind large shapeless skirts. If you like the style of grunge or ethno, as well as well-versed in the features of these fashionable trends, only then can you competently use this version of the dress.
  • Floral print. In our country, flowers on a dress are associated with adult ladies. Just do not confuse with abstract original drawings. Many dresses use images of one flower, which creates an excellent appearance of the product. But the outfits, literally dotted with flowers - this is the real taboo of all taboos. Practice shows that such dresses add a lady at least another 5 years. If you are not looking to look older than your age, then flower prints on the dress are not for you.

Elegant and beautiful styles

The choice of style depends on the features of the figure, as well as the purpose for which the dress is purchased.

Attire can be divided into several categories:

  • Everyday,
  • Business or office,
  • Evening,
  • Wedding

For each of them there are certain tips.


When choosing a dress for every day, take into account some recommendations:

  • Many women after 40 attentive to their figure. They may not necessarily be slim, but beautifully tucked up. This allows you to wear tight-fitting or fitted dress models every day. But if you are a lady in the body, give preference to a freer cut,
  • The one-stop solution is a flared and semi-fitted cut that looks perfect on a lady over 40,
  • Casual dress should be comfortable and comfortable. Because the focus is on your own feelings when fitting.

  • Business ladies need to carefully choose a dress, because in many respects it will create an impression of you from business partners or employees,
  • Choose a dress case that is great for office style,
  • Adjacent style - the best move for a confident business woman,
  • Choose the length below the knee to create the correct opinion of a business lady about you.

As an evening dress for ladies over 40, these styles will be suitable:

  • Slim Cocktail Dresses,
  • Outfits, complemented by a triangular neckline,
  • Dress, made in the Empire style. At the same time simple, but incredibly refined style,
  • If your figure is a pear or an hourglass, then a dress made of silk with abstract patterns will be able to properly and with the advantageous side show your virtues.

For someone after 40, married life is just beginning. Because it is never too late to look after yourself a beautiful wedding dress.

  • Choosing a wedding dress, ladies over 40 should give preference to simple but elegant styles,
  • The optimal solution can be called lace, satin and silk dresses,
  • A simple cut and a length below the knee is a great choice for a bride,
  • Greek dress and Empire style are also considered a great option for a wedding celebration for women over 40.

Fashion trends

If you want to be fashionable and follow current trends, then you should pay attention to these hits.

  • Dress, made in the color of Marsala. The finest and excellent solution that will emphasize all your virtues and present in the best possible light

  • Navy blue dresses. If you are a fair-skinned and blue-eyed lady, be sure to fill your wardrobe with a stylish dark blue dress,

  • Khaki dresses The choice of colors is huge - from olive tones to sand color schemes. Focus on your own taste and do not be afraid to experiment,

  • Beige. Another hit that may seem too simple. But in fact, mature beauties beige dresses look incredibly elegant. Just try to correctly choose bright accessories that emphasize individuality and a wonderful sense of taste.

What to wear

Since the dress is an independent piece of clothing, it is important to choose accessories and shoes. In some cases, outerwear may be required, but there are no increased requirements for it if you still take it off before attending the event or being in some establishment.

Let's start with the shoes. Women over 40, who choose their dress, should pay attention to the nuances of the selection of shoes.

  1. Do not wear shoes with too high heels. In the first place should be convenience and comfort.
  2. Low speed is also not the best solution.
  3. The optimal way out of the situation is a steady heel with an average height.
  4. Choose the color of shoes depending on the characteristics of the dress. She can play on the contrast with the outfit, emphasize it, or appear as inconspicuous as possible.
  5. Light-colored shoes are combined with almost all shades of dresses, plus visually makes the legs longer.

Without accessories, you will not be able to complete the creation of the image. In this case, women over 40 need to adhere to certain rules. The most successful solutions include the following:

  • Pearl thread. Perfectly look against a monophonic dress. Such threads can be used on the neck or on the arm in the form of a bracelet,
  • Stones. Some sources and fashion magazines tell about what kind of natural and precious stones are suitable for women of one age or another. But in practice, all this is an individual question, depending on your tastes and preferences. At the same time the most popular stones among women over 40 are agate, garnet and turquoise,
  • Carnations Such earrings are considered universal, since they are important to use for combination with any dress and for any format of the event. Neat, elegant and feminine,
  • Gloves. An accessory that is not suitable for everyone, and it will be appropriate to look not on every image. Therefore, focus on the individual taste and characteristics of the event,
  • Neck scarves. Complement your bow, make additional bright colors and emphasize the individuality, romance and femininity of the image. Therefore, the handkerchief is a frequent companion of many mature beauties.

Dress to the floor

A fashionable collection of dresses with exquisite details for the most elegant will soon be available. Evening dresses on the floor - romantic, sexy, able to emphasize the extraordinary charm. Famous brands have focused on the floor skirt of geek flowing fabrics of noble shades. Designers also took care of shocking fashionistas, because princesses are also found among hippies. You can wear a long dress from morning to evening: it will be comfortable and not cold at all.

Warm dresses from fashion collections 2017 - 2018

In a warm knitted dress, each owner will obviously feel good. The trend of the season - a large loop. These dresses have something to look at. They are so comfortable and practical that the young mother can take a walk with the baby and bravely put it on to the party. Do not be afraid to appear without figure, as many models of warm dresses are shapeless, but at the same time, flawless. The width of the dress perfectly hides the figure flaws. And this is a plus.

Original dress with stand-up collar

At first glance, a dress with a stand-up collar is not unusual, but new models look at ease, feminine and elegant at the same time. Button platens and fold-over collars fit easily into an elegant dress for an independent lady. This model has everything to break into the leaders of the fashion race.

Must-have 2017 - 2018: dress-dress in a duet with a turtleneck

In a cold frosty evening in a dress-sundress, worn on a turtleneck, will be comfortable. It looks very elegant and seductive. This unusual combination gives the owner a girlish charm. However, if you are not impressed by a turtleneck, then you can safely combine a dress - a sundress with a shirt or a fashionable women's blouse.

Topical denim dresses

Fashion for denim dresses also remains relevant. The styles of dresses practically did not change, but they have youth notes and a little romance. They still give women individuality and originality. An excellent choice for women leading an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Materials for sewing women's dresses

Satisfied with many models of fashionable dresses of 2017-2018, they are made of knitted materials. These include:

  • Jersey,
  • velvet knitwear
  • knitted materials with a fleece of a seamy side. Since these materials are elastic and soft to the touch, dresses of them are worn comfortably and comfortably.
  • Wool thread. What could be better for winter than a warm knitted dress! For several years in a row, designers have conquered the hearts of fashionistas with knitted models. Dresses, knitted of woolen threads, are not only cozy and warm, but also very beautiful. Exquisite velvet dresses, which were improved by adding decorative elements such as lace and guipure inserts, are very suitable for a secular outlet. They perfectly emphasize the feminine curves of the figure.

Fashionable colors of women's dresses 2017-2018

In the upcoming season fashionable dresses for women claim to originality and extravagance. Classic gray low expressiveness goes by the wayside, giving way to bright colors and extravagant prints. Mustard and yellow - the hit of the upcoming season, however, the black color remains relevant. Saturated red dress is always in fashion.

You always want to admire those women who are dressed with taste. If in your stylish wardrobe there was a place for a fashionable dress 2017 - 2018, then you can easily create a unique feminine image not only for office work, but also for informal meetings.

What fashionable dress did you like the most?Looking forward to your comments!

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Stylish summer dresses 2018-2019 year: short summer dresses

Short summer dresses are always popular and in demand among many girls and women, and are an excellent choice for a hot sunny summer.

Short dresses of the season summer 2018-2019 are models of a dress with flowers, plain dresses with ornaments in the form of embroidery, ornaments, rhinestones, as well as geometric lines, folk motifs and short summer dresses with polka dots.

If you are active and mobile, then in the summer you should definitely prefer a short summer dress that is practical and looks very beautiful. A short summer dress allows you to create a light and gentle look for a hot, hot summer.

Fashionable summer dresses 2018-2019 year: long summer dresses

For an evening out it is best to choose a beautiful and luxurious long summer dress. In the summer season of 2018-2019, fashionable long summer dresses in monochrome color of bright and saturated shades, as well as pastel delicate shades.

Also relevant are long summer dresses made of light flowing fabrics with delicate floral patterns, long summer dresses made of translucent fabrics and bright long dresses with large colors.

Long summer dresses 2018-2019, proposed by renowned designers, are made of very light and weightless fabrics with many cuts and deep cuts in the décolleté area. Fashionable long summer dresses will make you feel incredibly easy and at ease, giving femininity and attractiveness.

Light summer dresses 2018-2019: dresses with open shoulders for the summer

Very popular summer dresses with open shoulders in the season 2018-2019, which girls like so much in hot summer weather.

There are a huge variety of summer dresses with open shoulders - these are plain dresses, and with a variety of patterns, long and short summer dresses with open shoulders.

Summer dresses with bare shoulders are feminine and elegant. Beautifully opening the shoulders and neckline, summer dresses with open shoulders give a special charm and lightness to your image.

Beautiful summer dresses with open shoulders are a great choice for creating exquisite fashionable bows for summer.

Beautiful dresses for the summer of 2018-2019: fashionable summer dresses with flowers and prints

The most popular trend in summer season clothes is a floral print, which is an undoubted favorite. Fashionable summer dresses of 2018-2019, which are also decorated with floral patterns, are no exception.

Light summer dresses are presented as very bright and even flashy drawings of flowers, and very gentle and unobtrusive floral prints. Popular summer dresses of 2018-2019 with the image of flowers such as roses, chamomiles, peonies, poppies, sakura flowers, etc.

Кроме цветочных принтов, летние платья в этом сезоне украшены геометричными принтами, абстракцией, горизонтальными полосками, и реже представлены летние платья в горошек.

Трендовые модели 2018 года

Простое трикотажное платье без рукавов и с рукавами 34 (из тонкого трикотажа)

Office semi-fitted case models based on a little black dress (petticoat-pencil)

Lightweight models for pregnant women

Denim youth

Sports in the style of "sport-chic"

For magnificent ladies

Summer dresses for women 50 years

Mature women should emphasize their dignity with the help of properly selected dresses. (If you are a lady with a stomach, look for a good slimming underwear that will hide all the flaws).

Stylists advise to choose elegant and casual dresses of pastel colors.

Stylish evening dresses for hot summer
Yellow, red, green, blue, white, mint, purple, pink - all these are shades of summer that are perfect for beautiful evening days. For a wedding to a girlfriend or an anniversary to your mother, choose pastel-colored lace or chiffon attire. With lace models are especially popular, so feel free to experiment with texture and style. Long straight - a classic of the genre with which it is difficult to predict.

Long sleeves for publishing - models with open back

Transparent fabric

Fashionable lace

Lush for special occasions

Original straight maxi

Short for beautiful and bold
Cocktail dresses in the summer of 2018 should choose from the new collections of famous designers.

Summer dresses 2018 - 2019: photos of new products and fashion trends

In place of jeans and sporty style, dresses came to fashion tenderness and lightness. They turn any girl into a lady who can catch admiring glances of others.

Dresses are usually associated with elegance, femininity and ease. Just below you will see summer dresses 2018 - 2019. Photos of new products and fashion trends will help you understand what is in trend and what dress is right for you.

For those who still can not give up sports style, we recommend women's sports suits..

The most beautiful summer dresses for stylish ladies

The main trend of the year is to look feminine and attractive. Beautiful summer dresses - the best assistant. They allow the fair sex to experiment with images, finding new and unexpected ideas and bows.

From prints to the first position out floral. By the way, this trend is also relevant for fashionable bags. Not paid attention and cotton dresses with bare shoulders, making the figure thinner and feminine. In fashion firmly entered sundress. Worn with sneakers, sneakers, heeled sandals. Win-win option at a cocktail party and during evening walks.

Age table

At different ages, there are certain frames, norms and styles. So, a woman of 40-50 years old will not wear a dress that will fit a girl of 20-25 years old. Next, you will find out what beautiful summer dresses are right for your age.

Twenty girls It is easier to find a fashionable and beautiful summer dress. The shape and norms of society allow you to choose. Young girls stylists are advised to wear mini length dresses, in the summer it does not look vulgar and emphasizes the figure.

Older women we advise you to wear dresses that do not fit the figure, but also not hanging with a “robe”. In the trend of 2018 - 2019 dresses with flared skirt. Suitable for women of thirty to forty years.

Summer dresses for women 50 years - light, elegant and airy “razdetayki” below the knee.

Models of lightweight fabrics

Over time, dresses become more practical and more convenient. So, summer dresses made of light fabrics replaced heavy and dense clothes. Photos will help you determine the choice of dress for work, walks and parties.

Prices for various models of summer dresses category “inexpensive” vary from 400 to 1500 rubles. For such money, it is really possible to acquire really high-quality, beautiful, and perhaps even an evening wardrobe item. If you want to buy cheap summer dresses, use discounts, sales past collections, auctions and more.

Do not forget that quality - an important point when choosing a dress. Do not buy a cheap, beautiful dress made of synthetic fabrics that cause inconvenience. Focus on value for money and never fail.

On every day

In the summer, especially want freedom from jeans, shirts and pants. Wearing dresses in the hot season is a pleasure. This is how to turn on the air conditioner at +40 and sit down with ice cream. During everyday wear, short and long light dresses look great. on the straps. With open shoulders or sleeves is a matter of taste.

Dresses for every day are perfectly combined with stylish and inexpensive women's backpacks.

Summer dresses made of cotton are constantly in fashion. Models emphasize femininity. The material itself is very pleasant to the body, does not cause irritation and allergies.

The fabric has several drawbacks:

  • The main and main - burnout The fabric suffers from direct sunlight and loses its original bright colors.
  • Problem when washing: the fabric easily sits down or, on the contrary, stretches.

Do not dwell too much on the flaws and feel free to wear dresses made of cotton. The main thing, careful care of clothes from a similar fabric.


Pregnancy is a wonderful time to wait for the baby. If the first three months a woman wears ordinary clothes, then the next two she thinks about purchasing specialized.

Pick summer dresses for pregnant women comfortable, not compressing the belly, chest and hands. During the hot pores, natural and lightweight fabrics are comfortable: flax and cotton. They do not cause allergic reactions and allow the skin to breathe freely.

In the priority of the dress high-waisted. Thanks to them, a woman in a position does not feel stiffness and shows a beautiful tummy. Stylists advise pregnant women to wear in summer Tight T-shirt Dresses knee-deep and lower.

Evening dresses

In the summer there is more free time for visiting social events. Stylists offer a choice of the best summer evening dresses.

Dresses look good above the knee. Summer allows you to wear light floor-length dresses mid-thigh to help emphasize slender legs and shape. Classic dress from chiffon still in trend, dare to reach and carry.

Do not leave the attention of stylists and dresses in linen style. These models look very feminine and elegant.

Shirt dresses did not go unnoticed, and fashion houses presented a lot of evening variations. If you do not have the funds to buy an expensive evening dress, dilute your everyday dress with luxurious accessory heels and evening make up.

For obese women

Not only skinny can wear dresses. Today, ladies with curvaceous presents a huge number of dresses that are suitable for them.

Models emphasize the merits and hide flaws. The main thing is to correctly choose the style, fabric and color.
It is important to consider features of the figure: women with lush hips and the fair sex with a tummy will not fit the same style of dress. Using the dress is easy visually adjust figurewhat you will not achieve with jeans, trousers.

On a hot summer day are good trapezoid dresses and sundresses from light fabrics. An excellent choice is dress-razdeyka, creating a feminine image and hide figure flaws.

Stylists recommended a dress with a high waist, hiding the tummy and the advantageously emphasizing the figure. The dress is called a win-win "bat". It beautifully wraps the bust and makes the figure proportional, and you - sexy and feminine.

Short summer dresses

Short dress as practical as possible. There are many different styles of dresses that fit a certain type of figure, skin color and mood.

Short summer dresses highlight sexuality, femininity and beauty of the girl. A dress that bares shoulders helps to show your neck and collarbone, which makes you more refined and fragile.

The length of the short dress varies from just above the knee to the mini. With it, you will emphasize the beauty and slimness of the legs. It is important to understand that too short a dress looks too vulgar. If you are the owner of magnificent forms, you are not recommended to wear short dresses. They will highlight the flaws of the figure and hide the merits.

Nobody has canceled the classics - straight dress in fashion, boldly reach and carry.

For girls

Girls are perfect dresses with bright colors and prints. Models look cute and beautiful. And most importantly - convenient.

The skin breathes, the dress does not hinder movement, and the child quietly plays, runs and jumps. To cheer up your daughter, buy a dress of her dreams. Today there is a huge assortment of dresses, and you will choose what you and your child likes.

Casual option - a simple, light dress that does not hinder movement. Holiday outfit is usually complemented by various types of ruffles and ruffles. Common options for little girls - trapeze dress and tank top dress. Pay less attention to dresses with a huge number of rhinestones and sequins, with an emphasis on calm, pastel shades.

What dress to take to the sea?

Fashionistas are looking forward to the summer to soak up the sunshine and swim in the sea. On vacation, I want even more freedom and space for the body. Do not be afraid to take dresses from transparent fabrics: on the beach look appropriate and not vulgar at all.

While relaxing at the seaside comfortable: sundress, safari dress and one or two bright cocktail dresses.
For everyday wear, take a dress shirt. It will not allow you to burn in the sun. If you plan to go to church, local shrine, then it is appropriate to wear not transparent dress length maxi. Photos of beach dresses are presented below.

What are the styles in fashion in 2018 - 2019?

In summer, dresses from flowing fabrics to the floor are in fashion. The most common - chiffon dresses with bare shoulders, deep neckline. Models allow you to feel light and airy.
Do not yield dress length mini. Focusing on taste, you have the right to choose openwork, with a print, one-color, with an embroidery. Do not forget that short dresses favorably emphasize the shape of slim girls.

The streets are visible girls in sundresses on thin straps. Under them wear shirts, T-shirts, jackets and blouses. Add accessories, heeled sandals, and attention is guaranteed.

Light dresses with ruffles and frills a couple of years not go from the podium. Street women of fashion have decided that this style is a great solution for hot evenings. The girl who has put on a similar dress looks at the same time simply and womanly.

To date, there is no strict framework in the choice of dresses. The range is huge. Buy and wear styles of summer dresses that are right for you.

Do not forget to choose fashionable summer shoes for your dress.

The video more clearly shows how this or that model looks in motion. After viewing it, it will become even easier to make a choice.

Where to buy and how much?

There are many low-cost and high-quality manufacturers, representing products in online stores and retail outlets. Focusing on the budget, you will pick up the desired dress. Average price varies from 700 to 2000 rubles. Of course, if you choose a dress of a famous fashion designer, the price will increase tenfold.

So, summing up, I want to say that you are not afraid to look for something new, not afraid to experiment and include bright, light and delicate dresses in your wardrobe. Be confident and feel free to wear something unusual!

As the summer season in our latitudes is not long at all, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the photos of fashionable coats.

Feminine and elegant short summer dresses 2018-2019 year

Renowned designers and fashion houses offer to pay our attention to the beautiful summer dresses of 2018-2019, the fitted silhouette with a luxurious and luxurious skirt. These summer dresses are very feminine and elegant, allowing you to create romantic images for special and special occasions.

Summer dresses with a fluffy skirt beautifully emphasize the waistline and décolleté, and the lush bottom of the dress emphasizes legs that look attractive. Especially the style of short summer dresses suitable for young girls, with the help of this dress you can create a flirty and cute bow for a romantic evening.

The color scheme of summer dresses with a fluffy skirt is often monochrome, but designers also offer in the season 2018-2019 various and original models with a print, for example, a floral one. Such a summer dress with flowers will give you femininity and playfulness, and the image - tenderness and sophistication.

Luxury long summer dresses 2018-2019 years

Long summer dress will be an excellent option for evening wear. Summer dresses look especially beautiful in the floor of deep and saturated colors: emerald green, purple, red, as well as long summer dresses with unusual prints.

To complement the fashionable summer dress in the floor of 2018-2019, the best way is with stylish accessories and decorations that should be in harmony with the overall image.

If you prefer a monophonic dress to the floor, then feel free to focus on bright and spectacular jewelry and accessories. A beautiful long summer dress with a print is best to complement the concise and restrained jewelry without excesses, which will help avoid weighting the image.

Original summer dresses 2018-2019 year with prints

The most popular and topical for the summer are beautiful dresses with original and spectacular prints - bright and catchy, attracting attention, or, on the contrary, concise and sophisticated.

Of course, in the summer you can not do without a light dress with flowers that are so popular among most girls. But even summer floral dresses, which are familiar to us, can be unusual and so different, allowing you to create the most stylish bows of the year 2018-2019.

Trendy summer dresses are also polka-dotted, striped, with geometric patterns and inscriptions that look very original and stylish. You can choose a dress for summer with a print that will be evenly distributed throughout the dress, or delicately in small parts of the dress.

Also, beautiful summer dresses can be with a color gradient that can change from one color to another or just to white. Summer dresses with a gradient are very original, giving the image of lightness, freshness and a certain carelessness.

Fashionable summer dresses 2014

Of course, before the onset of the next summer season is still far enough, but real women of fashion begin to shape their wardrobe in advance, and in order not to err in choosing, we will bring to your attention the most fashionable and fashionable styles of summer dresses.

The coming season of summer 2014 should pass under a single motto: natural beauty, lightness and grace to the masses!

Past popular gain simple, uncomplicated, but at the same time bright and feminine styles. No vulgarity, excessive vulgarity, open neckline and ultrashort skirts - natural, protected beauty is in fashion.

In the next season, the fashion of the 1960s is finally gaining momentum: fairly short skirts, fitted styles, open shoulders, bright colors and prints similar to those that were in fashion in those distant years.

Another insanely popular style of beautiful summer dresses and sundresses is chiffon models, which can be complemented by ruffles and ruffles, accompanied by soft colors and light fabrics that perfectly fit the smooth curves of the female body.

The main popularity will be the length of just above the knees or sharply maximum models in the floor, the hems of which are incredibly beautiful in the wind.

In this dress, anyone can feel like a woman, sophisticated and fragile, just the way it should be. Almost all models of such dresses have a fitted style, or are tied with a small thin leather belt, which can match the tone of the main dress.

Floor models in the coming season will acquire one feature: a popular cut or even several cuts of extreme length complement many fashionable styles of such dresses.

Another trend that continues to gain momentum is very sensual and sophisticated bondo dresses, in which any straps or sleeves must be absent: this is done to emphasize the elegance of the female clavicle and shoulders, to highlight the neckline and chest.

The lower part of the dress does not have strict forms - this may be a familiar pencil skirt or a rather unusual trumpet dress style. The length remains the same as in previous models - just above the knees or styles in the floor with flared hem.

Two more interesting styles, which are especially close to young people, are a dress-bag and a dress-shirt. Both options can be worn in a free form, this style will be a salvation for girls with extra pounds in problem areas, as well as for future young moms, as it will be easy to hide a rounded tummy behind the loose fabric of the dress.

Those girls who do not want to hide their slenderness, can easily use thin belts or elastic bands that best emphasize their dignity. Usually such dresses are decorated with a small collar, as on a real shirt, or a small mysik in the shape of a semicircle.

If you are an extravagant person, then knitted women's summer dresses of various styles - this is an option for you, short or long, asymmetrical or standard models - the choice is yours.

Кстати, асимметрия действительно снова в моде: самые необычные и неординарные дизайнерские решения наилучшим образом смогут подчеркнуть вашу неординарность и принадлежность к стилю высокой моды.

Dresses in a floor with a strap on one shoulder or long evening styles of dresses with a large flower on one side of the clavicle will be especially popular.

Do not forget about the eternal classics: the traditional little black dress, as always, will help out of any situation and best fit into any desired image. Special love continues to use dresses with lace lace inserts, as well as translucent elements in the form of a thin grid.

Colors, prints and fabrics

Do not forget that a thing made in the trend color of the coming season is considered a priori fashionable, but if it combines not only a popular color, but also a stylish style, then consider that you have acquired an ideal model.

Research centers that study color annually, and how it affects fashion, have come to a common conclusion. Colors of summer dresses 2014: various shades of blue, ranging from classic colors to blue and warm grayish shades, bright yellow, white, orange, and shades of red, ranging from hot pepper to wine tones. If you buy a dress in such colors, then be sure that you are already on the right track.

I would like to mention fashionable prints and color combinations that world designers have singled out summer 2014 in their collections. These include the classic combination of white and black, and it doesn't matter in what form. It can be a cage, geometric 3D-patterns, flowers, abstraction, "goose foot" and even baroque style!

In a separate line, you can select dresses with a horizontal black and white stripe and models in peas, the latter being performed in an unusual form: the peas have the shape of a disk, large bubbles mixed with small unpretentious peas. Among the fabrics can be distinguished chiffon, silk, lace, cotton, satin and tweed.