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35 ways to save when buying a kitchen - designer tips


Each furniture store in your city presents such a wide range in the choice of kitchens that even an experienced designer will easily get lost in it. We hurry to note that furniture that will serve not one year, but more often a decade, cannot be inexpensive. Therefore, first of all, we recommend paying attention to quality.

Before you start to make repairs to the kitchen, you should first choose the kitchen set. Thus, you will exclude such questions in the future as “What will be the general style of the kitchen?”, “Where will the household appliances be located?”. And accordingly, you can correctly and accurately conduct the wiring, bring plumbing, etc.

Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the facade of the headset is made, since it is he who most interacts with the external environment. The most advantageous material for the facade is MDF, it is much stronger than wood and not so susceptible to moisture.

When choosing a tabletop, take into account the fact that its thickness must be at least 38 mm. This is due to the installation of the hob. You do not want her to act from the tabletop or, conversely, buried in it?

The material from which the mechanisms of sliding cabinets are made is also very important. The most durable boxes with metal side walls, thanks to them, they are able to withstand an incredible load.

The first thing going to the furniture company for a successful purchase, you must make measurements and draw a plan. Please note that measurements should be taken not only at the level of the floor, but also according to the height of the table top and wall-mounted shelves. This lesson should be taken seriously. This is exactly the case where the proverb is best suited: “Measure seven times, cut once”.

When choosing lighting, pay attention to the fact that it should be bright at night or with insufficient external lighting during the day, but in no case not blinding.
Successful to you interior solutions and the most beautiful and durable kitchens.

3 useful tips from the designer

  • Choosing the most inexpensive kitchen, do not pay attention to the price per running meter. This figure is very, very approximate. Kitchen manufacturers include the cheapest materials and the simplest complete set of a headset without filling cabinets, fittings and household appliances. The real cost per meter of the finished kitchen in any case will be higher.
  • Start with the perfect design project of your future kitchen. Let it be all the cabinets and fittings that you want, without regard to the budget. And then think for it (better with an intelligent designer in the cabin), how can you make the kitchen cheaper to suit your basic needs. What are you willing to give up without compromising your comfort? What is more important for you: spectacular facades or convenience when cooking? More storage space or a spacious worktop? Do you really need a bottle holder? Watch yourself as you behave in the kitchen, write down the cooking process in detail - it will help you a lot.
  • Before you go to the kitchen or send an online application for the calculation, determine for yourself the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the purchase of a kitchen. This will be a good guide for the designer when choosing solutions and will save your time. Be prepared to lay another 15-20% for unforeseen expenses.

Correctly compare prices.

  • Make a calculation of the cost of the future kitchen in several companies. The important point: it makes sense to compare prices only when you have a clear vision of your future kitchen in your head, and in your hands - a project of a kitchen set with dimensions and a list of materials and fittings (professionals call it a specification).
    Different manufacturers use different materials. To find a really inexpensive kitchen option, compare prices for specific materials and positions.
    In one company, you were given a very low price, while for the other three competitors the cost of the kitchen is much higher? It is possible that an unscrupulous manufacturer simply uses cheap low-quality materials. Ask who the manufacturer of MDF, chipboard, plastic and other elements of the headset and ask the seller for security certificates on them.

Discounts, promotions and sales

  • High-quality and beautiful cuisine is very inexpensive you can buy on sale of exhibition samples in the kitchen salons. On the websites of major manufacturers of kitchen furniture there is usually a special section where the headsets are presented, which can be purchased at a special price. Sometimes the discount can reach 60-70%. Often, ready-made headsets are sold with built-in appliances, fittings, hoods, worktops, sinks, and mixers.
    Example: at the time of publication of the article, the Bubi kitchen from the Maria factory with Smeg, Bosch appliances and a Corian worktop with an initial price of 668 thousand rubles could be bought at a 65% discount for 234 thousand rubles.
  • You can also purchase inexpensive cuisine from the stand at furniture exhibitions (in Moscow they regularly take place at the Expocenter and Crocus Expo) The main thing is to have time to book your favorite set.
  • Kitchen sellers often offer promotions and discounts. But be careful: sometimes special prices are just marketing gimmicks. For example, a discount on a worktop can only work if you order a “turnkey” kitchen in the salon, along with all appliances and accessories.

We buy the kitchen in parts

  • A good way to get a good and inexpensive kitchen is to take a ready-made body of the right size, for example, in IKEA, and order the facades separately. Some companies specialize in the manufacture of facades, and, moreover, they work not only in Moscow and the region, but also make delivery in Russia.
  • Another option is to order low-cost cabinet cabinets from a small furniture factory or a private trader, and choose more expensive facades from a specialized company or the same IKEA.

Which cabinets are cheaper

The main rule - the simpler the design of kitchen modules, the cheaper the kitchen.

  • Kitchen with direct planning - the most inexpensive version of the kitchen. Corner models are more expensive, but they are more spacious and functional.
  • Wall cabinets with hinged doors will cost you less than horizontal facades that fold up.
  • Modules with one hinged door are cheaper than two.
  • Drawers in the lower cabinets make the kitchen much more convenient, but significantly increase the cost of the headset. The number of boxes also affects the price. Cabinet with 4 drawers is more expensive than the same with 2. The difference in the price of such modules can reach 25-30%.
  • Carefully calculate the width of the cabinets. If you need to fill 80 cm of space, one 800 mm wide kitchen module will cost you 5-10% cheaper than two 400 mm wide cupboards. Play around with the layout and width of the modules. Perhaps slightly changing the layout of the kitchen, you get an inexpensive, but no less convenient headset.
  • Tall wall cabinets under the ceiling are very roomy and great for a small kitchen. But cabinets of a standard height of 600 mm will cost you 10-20 percent cheaper than modules 720 or 920 mm.
  • In inexpensive corner kitchen sets, special pentagonal corner cabinets are rarely used. They are more expensive than ordinary cabinets, which connect at a 90 degree angle.
  • In budget kitchens of economy class, the end cabinet is often made with open shelves, a maximum with a beveled door at an angle of 45 degrees. End modules with radial facades will cost significantly more.
  • If you want to save, try to abandon part of the wall cabinets - let them be only on one wall. “Dilute” the kitchen front with open shelves without facades. Comfortable floor cabinets with good fittings compensate for the lack of storage space.

Inexpensive kitchen = standard?

  • As a rule, yes. If you want to spend less, you will have to limit yourself to the standard sizes of modules and facades. Any manufacturer can make the kitchen according to your individual sizes. But the majority of furniture companies, especially large factories, in this case will charge an extra charge for non-standard (usually 25-30%). Some manufacturers-private traders do not charge extra. But then how lucky - there may be problems with the quality of work and materials, warranty and terms.

Catalog of kitchen furniture manufacturers

  • The most inexpensive facades - smooth, deaf, without milling. If you are counting on an economy class kitchen, you will have to abandon the radius (curved) and paneled (frame) doors.
  • The most budget option - models with facades of laminated chipboard. But even the most inexpensive kitchens from MDF are much stronger, more environmentally friendly and last much longer. Ask a consultant to calculate your headset in both versions. It is likely that the difference will be quite small.
  • Combine budget materials with more expensive. For example, the facades of lower cabinets can be ordered from particle board in plastic or MDF in PVC film, and the upper ones from better and more effective MDF with high-gloss enamel. A great way to make an inexpensive kitchen more respectable and more expensive.

  • If you need an inexpensive glossy kitchen, pay attention to the headsets with facades covered with glossy PVC film. Of course, they will not give such a mirror shine, like acrylic enamel. But MDF with a film costs 25-40% cheaper than plastic and 40-60% cheaper than dyed.
  • If your budget for the purchase of a kitchen is limited, and you have always dreamed of a headset from an array, take a closer look at the facades of MDF with veneer facing natural wood. In appearance, it is almost impossible to distinguish them from wooden ones, and their price is noticeably lower.
  • Modern-style kitchens with sleek, uncluttered facades are much cheaper than classics with intricate milling, intricate finishes, bars and stained glass inserts.
  • In inexpensive kitchen projects, designers try to do without glass facades or use them to a minimum. Clear glass is cheaper than frosted or painted (lacobel), but translucent doors look better - the view of the contents of the cabinets will not create a feeling of confusion.
  • How to save on furniture with the mind?

    When ordering a headset, a significant portion of the budget is eaten up by filling. Is it possible to save on it, without compromising the convenience of the kitchen?

      At the planning stage of the kitchen, think about what lockers you will use most often. On them it is worthwhile to put the highest quality, reliable and convenient fittings, and on the rest you can save a little.

    Tip: it is better to invest in the lower bollards to make them as roomy and comfortable as possible.

  • Expensive guides (metalboxes and tandemboxes) can be put on a pair of the heaviest, deepest and most demanded boxes, for example, for pots, pans and groceries. On the rest, you can get inexpensive, but fairly reliable roller guides.
  • A similar approach works well with lifts for horizontal folding facades. Put a good lift Aventos from Blum on the cabinet, which you use most often, and on the other doors you can buy accessories easier and cheaper.
  • Pay attention to which pens the designer in the salon suggests. Quite possibly, you will be able to decently save money by buying better handles yourself.
  • If Italian or German pens do not fit into the budget, take Polish or Russian, but always with electroplated coating. The most inexpensive Chinese handles for kitchen furniture are quickly scratched, dull and lose their appearance.
  • Which countertop is cheaper

    • The most popular option for kitchens of an average and economy class is a tabletop made of laminated plastic chipboard. The price is influenced not only by the quality of the finish, but also by the thickness of the base. The most inexpensive option - from the usual chipboard 26 mm thick. A table top made of moisture-resistant chipboard with a thickness of 38 mm will cost about twice as much.
    • Kitchen modules, from which inexpensive ready-made kitchens are assembled, often do not have a common countertop. Each module has its own. Budget option, but not very practical. Between the cabinets there will be micro gaps in which dirt and moisture get in, it is more difficult to take care of them, and the kitchen will become useless more quickly.

    How to save on built-in technology?

    • In the salons of the kitchen often offer to order a turnkey set - along with built-in appliances. Its prices are usually higher than in online stores (sometimes the difference can reach 30-40%), and you will most likely have to pay extra for its installation. Perhaps just worth buying a vehicle separately? Yes, but there may be nuances. Example: if you refuse to buy appliances in the salon, the seller can make an additional markup on cabinets and facades, especially if you choose non-standard modules, or increase the cost of assembling a kitchen.
    • If you cook a little and often ventilate the kitchen, you can do without the hood. So you can save not only on the purchase of the device, but also on a special cabinet for it. However, keep in mind: over time, a plaque will still appear on the furniture, and the cabinet of the wall cabinets may be damaged by the effects of hot steam.
    • Reduced size household appliances save space, but not budget. If the kitchen area allows, buy standard sized appliances. As in the case of cabinets, the price for non-standard models is higher.

    Is it worth saving on headset assembly?

    • Assembly of the kitchen often have to pay extra. Typically, this service costs 10% of the cost of a headset. For inexpensive kitchens in Moscow, you can find collectors who take a fixed amount or call the price per meter. Theoretically, you can save money and build the kitchen yourself. But keep in mind: many manufacturers give a guarantee for the furniture only if the headsets were assembled by their specialists or officially certified craftsmen.

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    Targets and goals

    Modern manufacturers of furniture for the kitchen make kitchen sets under any requests and requirements of buyers. The product range is so rich and diverse that everyone will be able to find for themselves something special, unique and original. How many housewives - so many kitchens, and this motto in the modern world works great. Try to understand what kind of kitchen you need?

    If you don’t really like to cook, spend a lot of time at work and have not had time to start a family - minimalism, just what you need right now. If you are a business lady, you love to do everything quickly and intelligently, your way out is a multifunctional kitchen with the latest appliances and equipment. If your kitchen boasts dimensions, and you are a super hostess and heroine mother, then an island kitchen with great potential is your best option. Now decide what my future kitchen will look like?

    If you need to equip the kitchen, combined with the living room or dining room, then kitchen sets with a bar will be here by the way. Or maybe you need a compact and convenient kitchen set for Khrushchev or a hotel-type apartment. Or maybe in the kitchen you need to put a washing machine and a TV, or maybe a sofa with a sleeping place or a chair with a coffee table? How many questions - so many answers, kitchen furniture manufacturers are ready for everything for the sake of their customers, only for this they create and work every day.

    Color and style

    There can be lots of color solutions, think about which of the colors appeals to you, your mood, style and lifestyle of your family. If you decide - feel free to order your favorite range of colors and shades. Blue tones soothe and pacify, green - give harmony and tranquility. Yellow tones are tuned to a positive, and orange tones awaken appetite and desire. Red paints excite and excite, and pink - touches. To choose a color - this means making half the work, it remains to determine the stylistic direction of the future dream kitchen.

    The style of the kitchen will dictate the height, shape and size of the kitchen unit. The classic trend is relevant at all times, the solid and dignified atmosphere of the Classic kitchen will make it a favorite place of all households and guests. A modern, business and comfortable modern style will suit urban families enjoying every day spent in the walls of their home. A kitchen of Country and Provence perfectly fit into the family life of the owners of country houses and apartments in residential areas, adoring everything warm, homely and cozy. Active and dynamic people, who spend most of their life on business trips and traveling, prefer neutral combinations of plastic, metal and glass - they will be delighted with the high-tech style in the kitchen.

    Materials and components

    Today, in the production of kitchen sets, a wide variety of materials are used: wood, furniture plates, plastic, glass, stone, ceramics, metal, and so on. All materials have their own purpose and their purpose in the kitchen, however, their combination with each other should be harmonious and appropriate. The best solution would be Ikea kitchen set, the frame of which is made of MDF. The facades of the headset are veneered according to your wishes and possibilities: plastic, PVC film, laminated, applied photo printing, paint and so on. Следует учитывать, что если ваша высота кухонного гарнитура от стандартной отличается, то придется переплатить от 20% до 40% и более.And manufacturers of cheap Korean kitchen sets do not think about height and size, they will sell you any model without overpayments for difference from generally accepted standards and norms.

    Countertops can also be very different: from wood and metal, natural and artificial stone, furniture board lined with plastic, tempered glass, laminated chipboard and so on. The color of the tabletop is selected in accordance with the color scale of the furniture and the interior of the kitchen. Its texture can also be very diverse: glossy, matte or shiny. Give preference to reputable brands and companies that are responsible for the quality and durability of their products.

    Functionality and practicality

    Kitchen design is certainly very important, but no less than the functionality and practicality of the kitchen interior. When installing a kitchen set, be sure to follow the rule of the working triangle, that is, a certain sequence and distance of the main kitchen centers (sink, refrigerator and stove) from each other. Leaders in convenience, versatility and practicality is built-in appliances. Its advantages are obvious - it is made individually, which means it is qualitative and reliable. You should also carefully consider the organization of each cabinet, drawer and shelf so that there is enough space for everything: dishes, food, accessories, supplies, and so on.

    The theme of kitchen arrangement is inexhaustible. Therefore, plan, dream, try and dream, and then you will definitely get the kitchen of your dreams!

    The first stage - design

    The project of your kitchen should combine two qualities - beauty and practicality. Beauty is an individual concept, which may not coincide with the ideas and advice of designers.

    First of all, your kitchen should like you.

    But, you see, without convenience and functionality, beauty can lose its charm. Therefore, arm yourself with a drawing, and we move on to the tips.

    1. 1. Do not rush to carry out communications (drainage, ventilation outlets, sockets) before installing a kitchen unit. First, make accurate measurements of your kitchen, think about what equipment you need, in what niches and places it will be located, and jot down a few design ideas.
    2. 2. If your kitchen is small in size, then the height of the room should be fully involved, because:
      • it increases the storage capacity of kitchen utensils,
      • vertical lines will visually lift the ceiling,
      • in such cabinets it is convenient to hide air ducts from exhaust hoods, gas meters, etc.
    3. 3. Have you heard about the working triangle? This is a somewhat outdated theory today. in addition to the refrigerator, sink and stove, other household appliances appeared. But its meaning is very relevant: the trajectory of your movement in the kitchen should be minimal

    Suppose, in addition to the 3 points mentioned, you have a microwave, a juicer, a coffee maker and a combine, and all this you use daily and often. Now take a piece of paper and arrange all these items so that you can use them comfortably: imagine how you enter the kitchen to cook something, and what are your main points of movement.

    The main thing is that all 7 of your points are not on the same straight line - this is completely inconvenient. The most acceptable perimeter of our polygon is from 4 to 8 m. If the hostess does not prepare one, this should also be taken into account and create 2 such working geometric figures in non-intersecting zones.

    Having decided on the number, size and location of household appliances, you can begin to choose materials for your kitchen.

    The second stage - the choice of materials

    The most expensive, emphasizing the status of materials for the fronts of the kitchen set are natural wood and glass, which require certain care and careful handling.

    Slightly lower in price, painted MDF, which is very much in demand today due to its compatibility with any style, varied color and texture - gloss, mat, veneered or wood-like.

    Countertop can be made:

    • cheap but cheerful: from laminated chipboard,
    • more expensive - from natural or artificial stone.

    Immediately make a reservation that the nuances of the choice of material for the kitchen countertop are many and there is a separate article.

    The third stage - the choice of the type of headsets and its filling

    So, you have the exact dimensions, the photos of the kitchen of your dreams found on the Internet, and you have already decided on the materials. What to look for when choosing a kitchen set?

    1. 4. The pledge of a beautiful kitchen and high-quality design are proportions that are more perceptible to our eyes than you might think. The sizes of boxes and furniture most acceptable for comfort should be multiples of 15 cm (30, 45, 60, 75 cm),
    2. 5. Do not forget to calculate the distance from the kitchen unit to other pieces of furniture, taking into account the opening of cabinet doors,
    3. 6. Selecting the color of the headset, you can follow the rule “dark bottom - light top”, or you can safely break it by doing the opposite, or apply bright, saturated colors. The main thing is not to overload the upper part of the headset so that it does not look massive,
    4. 7. When choosing between hinged doors and kitchen drawers, give preference to drawers, the internal contents of which can be immediately seen without half-crawling into the closet. The location of a small box for spoons and forks in a larger box would be inconvenient - in fact, every time you have to perform a simple action twice, which you could do once,
    5. 8. It is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of mechanisms by which the cabinets and drawers will be opened. If auto-drivers are quite comfortable, though unusual, then opening up and requiring effort to close push-ups can be inconvenient for you. And other unchecked trend fixtures can quickly fail or be very non-functional. Discomfort can create and the absence of handles on the lockers or drawers. Think, perhaps you should trust the classic technological solutions,
    6. 9. If you like a refrigerator built into the façade, please note that the decorative trim and lath fixation take up space, and compared to a conventional refrigerator, it is not very roomy, although it occupies the same space. The same can be said about any other embedded technology.

    Some general guidelines

    The light in the kitchen should be warm, because the most appetizing food seems to be at a warm light temperature - and this technique is actively used in restaurants.

    A tall faucet with a spout (spout) is ideal for filling vases, 3-liter cans, tall pots or even buckets, but to avoid constant splashes, you need to install a sink with a deep bowl.

    Compact models of hoods may not be as efficient and productive as conventional ones.

    On the kitchen apron, you can install a special railing for a smartphone or a book of recipes - so you can follow the development of the plot of your favorite movie in more natural poses.

    What is important during installation

    The first thing I want to advise is a personal presence during installation. Not only for the sake of control, but also in order to personally and promptly prompt the masters of a particular nuance. It is an order of magnitude more effective than making and voicing decisions by phone.

    The joints between the sink, the work area and the hob must be laminated - both inside and outside, preventing the ingress of moisture or grease.

    Do not forget about the cutout for the gas hose near the stove or hob, other necessary holes for wires or pipes. In this case, the cables from the plate, hood and other equipment should reach the outlet and not interfere with the opening and closing of cabinets. Perhaps it makes sense to discuss with the masters the most convenient for you location of outlets.

    The absolute majority of the above nuances are not new for companies that have long been engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen sets (for example, this company). But now these subtleties will be known to you.

    We hope that our advice on the design, selection and installation of individual headsets to order will be useful for you, and will help to equip your perfect kitchen!

    Buy kitchen set in Moscow: imported or domestic?

    Speaking about the cost of beautiful Russian-made kitchens, it should be noted that it is lower than the price of imported products. But this difference is becoming less noticeable every year. Why? Because for the manufacture of high-quality furniture, Russian manufacturers use foreign equipment and imported components, in particular, facades and materials for them, accessories. Because of what worthy samples are not cheap.

    Set for kitchen to order or from stock?

    In each case, there are advantages to choosing kitchen sets. Photos and prices of models from the warehouse can be seen at any time by contacting the store of a furniture factory, visiting its website. You can even measure your kitchen and try to equip it with standard modules. And if they fit - well, then you can save on the purchase. You can even take part in the sale of kitchen sets (this also happens), get a discount on delivery and installation!

    The downside of the “medal” is that some discrepancy between the declared dimensions of the modules is real, that is, +/- 1 cm for the entire wall under production conditions may seem insignificant. But in your small kitchen will become a huge problem if the furniture does not fit. In addition, some of the modules you like at the moment in the store may not be. And you have to choose from what is.

    The purchase of kitchen sets to order solves these problems, plus you do not need to worry about the color of the facades, nor about the filling, nor about the convenience of the kit. Cons of this option - you need to wait until the kit is made. And its cost will be higher than that of the finished version of the store.

    What style to choose a set for the kitchen?

    It all depends on your taste. By and large, classic kitchen sets of low and medium price categories differ from modern ones only with facades, while inside they are all the same. Better furniture is distinguished by reliable fittings and a range of durable, regular facade materials: veneer, MDF, plastic, glass. Visually, modern kitchen sets are simpler, have no decorations, and are equipped with “recessed” handles. For classics, signs are carved doors, glass inserts, accessories "under the gold."

    Measuring the kitchen

    Before you start choosing a kitchen set, you need to know the exact dimensions of the kitchen room.

    To do this, measure it using a tape measure:

    • door and window openings
    • the length of the walls and the distance between them
    • distance between floor and window sill,
    • ceiling height
    • dimensions of other kitchen elements that protrude: pipes, sockets, switches, heating systems, etc.

    It is advisable to put all these data on paper and make a detailed kitchen plan.

    Choice of layout

    Before you decide on which kitchen set to choose, you should answer a few questions:

    • how much kitchen furniture do you need,
    • how it will be located: at an angle, along the walls or the letter P,
    • what household appliances should be built into the headset,
    • budget for the purchase.

    Almost all kitchen units are designed on the principle of modules. This allows you to use every corner of the kitchen space.

    Experts advise in the kitchen equipment to observe the following sequence:

    1. fridge,
    2. a place for pre-processing products
    3. car wash and trash bin
    4. place for final cutting of products,
    5. cooking stove
    6. place for serving.

    In short, the ideal kitchen should be located as follows: refrigerator-sink-countertop-cooker-countertop. Unfortunately, not all kitchens are suitable in size, but with good planning it is possible to find acceptable solutions.


    To complete this item you need a piece of paper in the box. It is necessary to draw a kitchen scale on it, indicate all measurements, the location of switches and sockets, as well as the intended location of the future stove, sink, kitchen furniture, etc.

    If the kitchen is small, try to use every corner of it with benefit. At the same time, you need to leave enough space for aisles, opening the doors of household appliances and cabinets.

    Choosing a kitchen set

    If you have successfully coped with the previous points, it's time to start solving the main task - the choice of kitchen furniture.

    When choosing a headset, you should consider the following nuances:

    • sizes,
    • manufacturer,
    • materials,
    • convenience and functionality
    • design.

    Headset dimensions

    First of all, it is necessary to choose the height of the working surface. She, as a rule, is chosen taking into account the growth of the mistress There is a standard that fits typical household appliances and fits most European women - 85-90 cm.

    Whatever the size of the furniture you choose, be sure to observe the distance between the lower and upper cabinets during installation: minimum - 50 cm, optimally - 90 cm.

    Another nuance: some experts believe that it is better not to buy kitchen units with work surfaces of the same height (cutting area, sink, stove).

    Thanks to the multi-level height of the tabletop, the process of cooking is facilitated, since it allows you to change the position of the back and the load is more evenly distributed throughout the body. But such furniture must be ordered and it costs much more.


    Kitchens of domestic manufacturers are cheaper than imported, but not by much. Naturally, you will not find much cheap and at the same time high-quality kitchen furniture.

    But even the average cost of domestic headsets are quite high quality and this is not surprising. Furniture is produced on imported equipment, and the parts themselves are often bought in Europe. Another advantage of domestic furniture - it is great even for small kitchens.

    Many factories have in their assortment modules of small sizes, with which you can make a small kitchen set of any kind of layout (U-shaped, angular or linear), which will perfectly fit into a small kitchen space.

    Foreign kitchen sets (especially Italian) are especially popular, but only a few can afford such luxurious furniture. There is no limit to the cost of such products, especially if it is a model from a well-known brand.

    Such kitchen sets are designed for a large kitchen space. In a small room, they lose all their grace.

    Among the foreign headsets you can find inexpensive options from lesser-known manufacturers. But in order to choose among them really high-quality, you need to be knowledgeable about all the features of the production of this furniture.

    Manufacturing materials

    Choosing a kitchen set, you should also pay attention to the materials from which it is made. First of all, you need to remember that the wooden furniture does not tolerate high humidity of the room. It is also advisable to pick up a set that washes well.

    Consider the most popular materials.

    Most headsets are made from this material. They are inexpensive, manufactured from chipboard, covered with laminate or other resistant material. When choosing, you should pay attention to the fact that all parts of the product are protected edge against ingress of moisture.

    It is environmentally friendly, hygienic and safe material, resistant to fungi and well-tolerated by the influence of steam. In appearance, it can hardly be distinguished from the tree, while it costs a little cheaper. MDF kitchen sets feature a huge variety of colors and textures.

    Convenience and functionality

    In order to make the kitchen as convenient and functional as possible, it is necessary to take into account several nuances when choosing furniture:

    • Be sure to choose a kitchen set, the lower cabinets of which have legs - they provide perfect adjustment and protect kitchen furniture from water ingress.
    • It is important to choose the right countertop, as this is the most contacting surface of the kitchen. If possible, take a solid (the entire length of the kitchen).

    The following materials are commonly used for the production of countertops:

    1. laminated MDF,
    2. pad,
    3. stainless steel
    4. a natural stone,
    5. tempered glass (very expensive),
    6. ceramic dust pressed with rubber.

    Another popular material for the manufacture of kitchen countertops is Corian, created using high-tech equipment from mineral filler, acrylic resin and pigment. It is distinguished by special strength and durability, non-toxicity and resistance to chemical attack.

    But the marble tabletop is a bad choice. This material reacts to acid, besides very fragile (it is damaged not only from blows, but also from boiling water).

    A good acquisition can be a granite tabletop - it is practically not susceptible to acids, very durable and wear-resistant.

    Столешницы часто делают из искусственных материалов:

    Они ничем не хуже, а иногда даже лучше своих натуральных аналогов. Среди их преимуществ можно назвать легкость (легче, чем натуральные), простота обработки, гигиеничность и жароустойчивость (хорошо переносят температуру даже в 230 °C).

    Хорошая кухня должна быть функциональной. For this, a lot of devices have been invented, which greatly facilitate labor costs and make the process of cooking convenient and comfortable.

    These are various containers, drawers, overhead and mortise washers, lamps, nets, built-in appliances, etc. All this is important to place according to the requirements of modern ergonomics.

    Extremely comfortable and fashionable are racks with revolving shelves, as well as special hanging tubes (beams) around the perimeter of the kitchen room, on which you can place various kitchen utensils. Instead of the usual furniture, you can pick up products on wheels.

    The most important thing is to use every centimeter of space correctly. For example, a narrow cupboard with ladles and glasses can be placed between the oven and the corner cupboard. And do not forget about the lighting in the most necessary places - above the table top, sink and stove.

    Kitchen style

    The style of the kitchen is a matter of taste of its owner. The most popular cuisine in the style of techno, classic, modern, high-tech and country.

    As a rule, the set in the style of a classic or country is made of natural materials. Classic kitchens look very conservative. Their surface is made of wood or wood material, and metal fittings. All appliances are usually built-in and hidden behind the facades, which are decorated with carved moldings and balustrades.

    A country-style kitchen is a flight of fantasy on the theme of nature and country life. In it, wood is sometimes combined with artificial materials. Here you can see the details of glass, steel and stone.

    High-tech and techno kitchen sets, on the contrary, are closer to everything artificial. In techno, glass, stone and metal are commonly used. Here you can often meet the dials and scales of different devices, as well as knobs, switches.

    High-tech kitchens are completely made of artificial materials. But the main focus here is on a combination of various shades and materials. Particular attention is paid to light - hidden lights are used, directional light and light curtains.

    Modern style is something between an extreme high tech and traditional classics. The furniture combines classic rectangular shapes with curved and rounded lines of facades. This style combines various elements and materials: wood, plastic, glass, metal and stone.

    Color of kitchen set

    As for color, designers give the following tips:

    • In the kitchen is not recommended to use more than 2 colors.
    • If the kitchen is decorated in several colors, then the shade of the upper cabinets should be lighter than the lower ones.
    • Monophonic wood set looks very nice.
    • For furniture made of acrylic and dyed MDF, juicy, bright shades of blue, violet, pink, yellow and light green suit well.
    • Different shades of cuisine should be in harmony with each other.
    • It looks good combination of contrasting shades: black and orange, black and white, black and red, white and gray, black and pink, white and blue.
    • For a small kitchen it is better not to buy dark-colored headsets. Do not forget that light shades can visually increase the space.
    • A large kitchen looks more comfortable with a bright suite and bright details.
    • Too dark set can make even a big kitchen gloomy.
    • Natural shades look best on kitchen furniture.

    So, how do we - housewives and housewives want to see a place quite special, almost sacred

    A place where, according to men, magic rituals are daily performed to transform raw meat, piles of unwashed vegetables and other unsightly ingredients into delicious and delicious food.

    “Marriage is a very fair social institution: the husband must eat daily, the wife must cook daily,” Alberta Sordi.

    What should be the kitchen in which we spend half his life and even more? Comfortable, beautiful, stylish, comfortable, functional, spacious, bright, etc. After all “Cooking is a pleasure, unfortunately, everyday”, a kind of American housewife.

    So, this article is about a comfortable functional kitchen.

    We will describe all the other components of the perfect cuisine in the following.

    Well, if you create a kitchen during the renovation of your home. Effective interaction of the repair team, architect and designer with furniture experts will give the desired result: a professional furniture maker will take into account all the features of your premises and voice their vision of organizing kitchen space according to the laws of ergonomics. As a result, all pipes, sockets, and other household trifles will be what is called "in their places." Such interaction is also useful in the issue of leveling kitchen walls. Many people save on the alignment of the walls, including in the kitchen, explaining that, they say, "we put a kitchen set or a wardrobe, and it will not be visible." This is not true. Furniture walls do not align. To the uneven wall of the kitchen tight and stable to put impossible.

    Often in the "Khrushchev" kitchen wall resembles a maze of all kinds of pipes.

    In this case, Sergey Oreshkov, director of the furniture company RUSO, recommends the installation of a classic stove, not a built-in oven.

    Speaking of built-in ovens. The cabinet is convenient to be built in at the level of eyes or hands, it is not necessary to bend each time to check “how are things with the hen”. The oven at eye level is especially convenient for young mothers, since there is no need to worry that the baby may accidentally get burned, get into the oven or pinch your fingers. If you decide to build an oven in this way, Sergey Oreshkov advises placing it at the end of the headset. It looks more harmonious.

    What else should be comfortable?

    Convenient when the cabinets are chosen in accordance with the growth of the hostess. Then you do not have to reach to the top shelves, climbing on the stool.

    If you chose a "modern" kitchen, in which the doors of the lockers swing open not upward, but upward, the quality of the lifting mechanisms matters. In this issue in the furniture company "RUSO" adhere to the principle of "miser pays twice." “We work only with high-quality materials and high-quality fittings. This does not significantly increase the cost of the kitchen, but we have hundreds of regular satisfied customers, ”says Sergey Oreshkov, the creator of the furniture production factory RUSO.

    Quality lifting mechanisms work silently and easily, lift and lower the doors smoothly, without knocks and claps, and serve, respectively, for a long time.

    About convenience of the lower cases, curbstones

    The last very practical tendencies - leaving on the hostess, drawers of kitchen curbstones. You do not need to climb into such a cabinet as in a kennel, in order to decompose kitchen utensils, you do not have to put the first row of the contents of the cabinet in order to understand what is at the end of the line. Just look (top to bottom, like a queen) to assess the situation and the placement of objects. A light touch with a finger and the box itself enters, thanks to the built-in closet system with a door closer. It is very convenient when the trash can leaves this way.

    Bottom pedestals must be strong and withstand the load. Very often, they store heavy kitchen utensils, bags of cereals, rolled up three-liter cans, and more.

    Well, of course, withdrawable mechanisms should be durable, reliable, smooth, silent.

    Another know-how in the creation of lower kitchen cabinets - hanging cabinets

    They are mounted only on the walls. And most importantly, their convenience is that there are no legs, so it is very convenient to wash the floors under such a cabinet. And, if at the bottom of the hanging pedestal to make the backlight, in the dark it will seem that the pedestals are floating in the air.

    “Still, cuisine is a very special place. In the kitchens, things are themselves pronounced that can never be uttered, for example, in the living room ”, Friedrich Neznansky,“ The Error of the President ”.

    Speaking of kitchen lighting. Lighting in the kitchen should be above the dining table and in the work area. Nutritionists believe that an excess of light leads to fatigue, and a lack of lighting causes drowsiness and loss of appetite. Lamps should have soft, diffused lighting. And they are not advised to use fluorescent lamps with gray-blue lighting in the interior of the kitchen.

    Of course, it is convenient when water and gas are located nearby. Washed under the tap and, "bulka", threw in a saucepan. But our furniture specialist Sergey Oreshkov, nevertheless, advises to separate the sink and the hob by the worktop. Otherwise, splashes from the sink fly to the stove, that is, you risk getting soup from dishwashing liquid.

    Kitchen sink should be as deep as possible.

    Only in this case you will get minimal splashing of the space surrounding the sink. Cheap thin metal sinks are very noisy. Now on the market there are deep sinks made of artificial stone. The color can be chosen in harmony or matching the color of the table top. Such sinks are easy to install, look aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

    More handy tips:

    • If a vertical wall of a refrigerator or a kitchen unit adjoins the cooking surface, it will regularly be splashed with grease flying from the stove.
    • To avoid problems with the spine, the working surface of the kitchen table should be placed 15 cm below the arm, bent at a right angle at the elbow.
    • Some advanced housewives prefer to do some sitting in the kitchen. Conveniently, if your kitchen chair will be height adjustable.
    • Dishwasher in the kitchen built-in or not built-in is not important, its presence is important, because it is very convenient and great to save water consumption.
    • Hood in the kitchen should be required. Convenient solution - this hood, built-in cabinet. It is cheaper and saves space well.

    Dear and dear readers and admirers, what else would you be comfortable to learn from this article? Convenient to know the prices!

    In the furniture company RUSO, the price for 1 meter of kitchen starts from 17 thousand rubles. And we have already outlined that the furniture production “RUSO” is only high-quality materials. And the director of the company, Sergey Oreshkov, emphasizes that when ordering a kitchen from a manufacturer, you will save on such a service as an exhibition sample and the attention of sellers. Indeed, in this case, the manufacturer does not spend money on renting a store or on the salary of sales assistants, and these costs, as a rule, include the cost of goods. Plus, furniture production “RUSO” is flexibility and efficiency in maintenance. The furniture company RUSO is located in the same city as you, in Ufa.

    All kitchens in the photo are created in the furniture company "RUSO".