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Aromatherapy: essential oils in the table, the effect of how to carry out at home


The content of the article:

  1. Beneficial features
    • For kids
    • For adults

  2. Contraindications
  3. How to conduct aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine in which therapeutic properties are attributed to the effects on the body of various essential oils derived from various plants. In the East, it was always treated with special reverence, but in the West and in Russia throughout history, periods of keen interest alternated with frank skepticism. However, one way or another, a huge amount of research was conducted in this area, including in the USSR, which proved that essential oils can have a beneficial effect on the human body in one way or another, depending on their chemical composition. Let's understand in detail the benefits of aromatherapy for the body.

Useful properties of aromatherapy

The beneficial effect of essential oils is due to the ability of volatile particles to enter the human body and enter into various reactions with molecules. It should be noted that a significant advantage of aromatherapy over phytotherapy lies in the fact that esters contain components that are related in chemical composition with the elements present in our body - these are vitamins, minerals, hormones, etc. This circumstance provides not only a more rapid and tangible effect, but also a very low probability of the development of adverse events of a particular nature when properly applied. For this reason, aromatherapy is indicated not only for adults but also for children.

The benefits of aromatherapy for children

However, the fact that aromatherapy can be used for children as a way to get rid of certain problems should not, let's say, relax parents. For kids, there are a number of rules that are very important to follow in order to bring only benefit and not harm.

In addition, you should not rely too much on the treatment after all in an unconventional way of medicine, if the problem is serious, you do not need amateur, go to the doctor.

Let's look at what problems it is appropriate and effective to use this or that oil for children:

    Trouble sleeping. If the baby does not sleep well, sleeps little or restlessly, lavender oil will help. It has a wonderful effect on the nervous system. The smell of this ether is thin and soft, but because it only calms and relaxes, without causing any negative reaction. Lavender oil is also recommended if the child cries and cannot calm down for a long time, in this case you can drop a drop of ether on your clothes and wear the baby.

Skin diseases. In this situation, chamomile essential oil will be completely indispensable, it has a powerful anti-inflammatory property and can even be used as a means for a diaper. Just remember, it, like any other essential oil, can not be applied to the skin in its pure form. For children, it should be diluted with so-called base oil and distilled water. As for base oils, these include any natural oils prepared by cold pressing. For children, almond and jojoba are best suited. By the way, camomile ether can also be used for the prevention and treatment of the first signs of a cold, adding to the bath, perfusing the children's room and massaging the baby. He also relieves toothache and soothes, and, like lavender, copes well with sleep problems.

Cold. The most powerful essential oil in terms of antiviral and antibacterial properties is eucalyptus. Well helps to remove and swelling of the nose, and cure cough. In the first case, you can simply drip oil on a pillow, in the second it is advisable to still inhale. However, if the child is quite small, it is enough to put a cup of hot water next to the bed, to which a couple of drops of oil are added. But remember, before 3 months the use of eucalyptus ether is not recommended.

  • Insect bites. They are perfectly treated with tea tree essential oil, it has in this sense a complex effect: it dries the wound, reduces swelling, relieves unpleasant sensations - itching, burning and even pain. Again, it is worth recalling that it is necessary to apply ether to the bite in combination with the base oil.

  • We should also mention the benefits of aromatherapy with rosemary oil for children. It is officially recognized as one of the safest esters, and therefore is perfect for use even for the smallest. An additional bonus of this product is a complex action. Rosemary is effective in the treatment of skin diseases, it has a beneficial effect on sleep, digestive system activity and blood circulation. However, it must be remembered that rosemary ether is photosensitive, and therefore when using it on the skin should not be in the sun.

    We have brought far from all the oils that can be used for a child, but they are quite enough to solve problems that do not require a visit to a doctor.

    The benefits of aromatherapy for adults

    As for adults, of course, you can use essential oils here for the same purposes for which they are recommended for children. However, besides them, there are additional areas of therapy, in which treatment of this nature would also be appropriate.

    So, let's see, for what purposes adults can and should apply essential oils in the first place:

      Normalization of the nervous system. Many of us live today in a state of constant nervous tension and stress. This fact is caused by too fast rhythm of life and the need to cope with many tasks daily. And until you had to look for salvation in antidepressants that negatively affect the immunity, you can take the practice to arrange relaxing procedures with essential oils. The following esters help especially relieve tension and improve mood: anise, basil, grapefruit, bergamot, cloves. All these oils, in one way or another, generally have a good effect on the nervous system, but they also have some specific, pronounced effect. For example, anise perfectly relieves mental fatigue, and grapefruit improves mood. However, choosing a specific ether, it is very important to take into account not only its specificity, but also the degree of its pleasantness for the "patient", the aroma should in no way annoy.

    Skin condition improvement. In this sense, the correct oil will be useful for adolescents who experience problems with hormonal changes, which affects the skin in the form of unpleasant rashes, and mature people to prevent and eliminate signs of aging. Tea tree and geranium oils are perfect for the first occasion, roses and lavender for the second.

    Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Surprisingly, essential oils can have a positive effect even on the heart and blood vessels: regulate the number of heart contractions, improve tone, lower pressure. In this sense, it is especially recommended that aromatherapy be given to men who, much more often than women, die from heart disease. The best oils for the cardiovascular system - rosemary, lemon balm, ylang-ylang, mint.

    Prevention of inflammatory processes. Most esters have a good antiseptic effect and act as a natural natural antibiotic, in this regard, they are effective as a prophylactic for any inflammatory processes. Pine, cedar, juniper oil manifests itself especially well in this vein.

    Blood circulation improvement. Those who are susceptible to circulatory diseases are also shown certain essential oils. For example, lemon ester increases blood flow in the tissues.

  • Stimulation of sexual desire. To use aromatherapy can also be used to arouse desire. On a romantic date, ethers of bergamot, jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger come in handy.

  • Contraindications for aromatherapy

    In the beginning, we said that essential oils rarely cause certain side effects, but this statement is true only if the rules for the use of one or another ether are observed.

    Let's look at the main safety guidelines for the use of essential oils:

      Examine the details of the applied oil.. Making a decision to use this or that oil, you should study in detail all its features. For example, all citrus fruits have the ability to increase the sensitivity of the skin, which means that after their application you cannot go out in the sun, otherwise the risk of sunburn is high during aromatherapy treatment.

    Buy oil at a pharmacy or from a trusted seller.. Essential oil can not be cheap, as its production is very expensive. For example, to get 100 ml of lemon ether, you need 20 kilograms of peel! So do not be tempted by a small price, poor quality essential oil is a big risk, it can not only benefit, but cause great harm to the body.

    Shelf life. Never use expired oils, it is just as dangerous as using fake products! In addition, be sure to store the air as indicated on the package.

    Do a sensitivity test.. Before you start using this or that oil, mix it (2-3 drops) with base oil (10 drops) and apply to the skin in one of the listed areas - elbow or knee bend, behind the ear, in the sternum area. If within a day there is no allergic reaction, it means that the oil suits you.

    Do not apply pure essential oil to the skin.. We emphasize once again that the essential oil should always be diluted with a base oil, the only exception is the treatment of problem areas of the skin, such as herpes, wart, etc. However, even in this case, the first time it is better to dilute the oil 1: 1.

  • Do not exceed the dose. Never exceed the dose indicated in the recipe, even if it seems to you to be very small, otherwise, instead of helping the body, you will put it into stress, it has to expend a lot of energy to neutralize an excess amount of complex chemical compounds. For the same reason, the recommended exposure time should not be exceeded.

  • Perhaps these are all the main precautions that will help avoid side effects to healthy people, but it is also important to consider two groups of people for whom medical therapy is contraindicated.

    The first group - those who can use aromatherapy, but with certain conditions:

      People suffering from diseases characterized by seizures. These include crisis conditions, transient disorders of cerebral circulation, epileptic, renal and hepatic attacks. In this case, aromatherapy is allowed after medical relief of an attack and with the permission of a physician.

    Pregnant From the use of certain essential oils is better to give up in the first three months of pregnancy, then in consultation with the gynecologist.

    People with infectious skin diseases. In this case, aromatherapy with the application of oils on the skin is prohibited, such procedures should not be performed for varicose veins, the presence of fresh scars, large wounds.

    Breast children and the elderly. In this situation, the expediency of applying the procedure is discussed with the doctor.

  • Severe respiratory diseases: bronchial asthma, pollinosis, etc. Again, the feasibility of the procedure is discussed with a specialist.

  • Second group aromatherapy is absolutely forbidden; it includes people suffering from certain nervous diseases and blood diseases. At risk and experiencing acute febrile states, as well as acute infections and inflammatory processes.

    Finally, it is worth noting that aromatherapy is forbidden with individual intolerance, as well as under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

    Limitations and precautions for aromatherapy are discussed in the table below:

    A bit of history

    The sense of smell is one of the most acute in the world. Exploring the world of aromatic plants is rooted in the deep past. The spheres of use were very wide: in mystical and religious rituals, in perfumery, cosmetology, for flavoring rooms, healing and for many other purposes aromatic extracts from plants found their use. Own collection of aromatic oils was a sign of belonging to a higher society and a real luxury item.

    Today, natural fragrances are used in almost every family for deodorizing and disinfecting indoor air, raising mood, and also for therapeutic purposes.

    Essential oils have their effect in two ways: neuro-reflex and humoral.

    • The neuro-reflex is realized through nerve receptors that are located on the nasal mucosa: they receive, recognize the smell and send information to the central nervous system.
    • The humoral path is realized through a dense network of capillaries located in the respiratory tract. Molecules of essential oils quickly penetrate the bloodstream and also exert their influence on the body.

    These two mechanisms are combined with the ability to change the electromagnetic field, which explains the possibility of aromatic substances to influence both the nervous system and hormonal status. Some doctors equate the effect of aromatic substances to the mechanism of hormones due to their rapid therapeutic effect.

    All essential oils are:

    • effective antiseptics: quickly destroy bacteria and viruses,
    • anti-inflammatory substances: also quickly reduce the severity of the inflammatory response,
    • adaptogens
    • immune stimulants.

    In addition, essential oils can stimulate or calm the nervous system, harmonize the emotional and mental spheres, normalize the work of the digestive tract and other systems, have antitumor activity, improve the condition of hair and skin. Many substances are strong erotic stimulants.

    The beneficial effects of essential oils are possible only when they are natural, high-quality and are applied in compliance with the dosage. Natural substances have no significant side effects, do not cause allergies (with the exception of individual hypersensitivity) and addiction to the body.

    The use of aromatic oils should not exclude the etiological drug therapy prescribed by the doctor, and turn into thoughtless self-treatment. Here, as in any other therapeutic direction, the rule applies: do no harm! It is best to start home aromatherapy with a visit to an aromatherapist, and if we are talking about pregnant women and children, only with the permission of the doctor.

    Each aromatic oil is unique and has its own therapeutic spectrum. Consider their main types, therapeutic effects and effects on the human body, the rules of application presented in the table on aromatherapy:

    Beneficial effect on the body

    • Stabilizes mood
    • Effective in treating depression, insomnia, nervousness,
    • It has a choleretic effect,
    • Helps to lose weight
    • Increases skin turgor, whitens and softens it,
    • Helps in the treatment of oral pathologies,
    • Improves body resistance
    • Eliminates swelling,
    • Relieves headaches, joint and muscle pain

    How to apply

    Must be fresh:

    • internally - 1 cap. for a glass of tea / water 2 times a day,
    • room aromatization - 2-3 cap. on the aroma lamp,
    • for massage, you can take 2-3 drops diluted in base oil,
    • for the bath - 5 cap., divorced in a tablespoon of honey,
    • for cosmetics (enrichment) - 5 cap. for every 15 grams of base

    Contraindications and restrictions

    Not recommended for outdoor use on sunny days,

    • Epilepsy,
    • Hypotension,
    • Cholelithiasis,
    • Citrus Allergy,
    • Pregnancy - with caution


    This oil has a mild, spicy and invigorating scent. It has long been considered "royal".

    The combination of essential oils

    It is necessary to combine oils very carefully and only with a good knowledge of all their properties, adhering to the following rules:

    • It is impossible to combine the essential oils of opposite properties (for example, soothing and stimulating the nervous system),
    • can not combine more than 5 flavors,
    • Lavender - universal, and combined with all the others. Citrus, flower and conifers are combined with each other in their group, for example, lemon + orange,
    • It is necessary to combine oils taking into account the problem.

    Features of aromatherapy at home

    • Aroma lamps are special devices that are necessary for the air aromatization of rooms. Ventilate the room before the procedure, then close the windows tightly. The lamp is charged with water into which the oil is introduced, and it is actuated. The lamp can be turned on up to 4 times a day for 5-30 minutes or more.
    • The use of aromatherapy for internal treatment. It is carried out only after consultation with the doctor. In no case can not exceed the recommended dose or use the oil in its pure form, without a solvent, which is honey, milk. Optimally take this medicine immediately after a meal. Во время лечения следует ограничить животную пищу.
    • Ингаляции . Могут быть теплыми (при добавлении масел в теплую воду) или холодными (вдыхание прямо из флакона или при помощи специального ингалятора). Attention! For procedures, you must have a special inhaler that allows the use of essential oils!
    • Applications and compresses. To obtain the basis for the cold procedure, the oil is dissolved in 10 ml of alcohol and the gauze or cotton wool is impregnated with this compound, applied to the sore spot. For hot compresses, the oil is mixed with warm water or vegetable oil.
    • Rinsing, douching, washing the mucous membranes is carried out strictly according to the recommendations for the use of a particular oil.
    • Aroma massage. Oils are applied in diluted form (with vegetable oil). Before the massage, a warm shower is shown, and after the massage you need to calmly lie down for half an hour.
    • Aromabaths One of the most effective treatments for aromatherapy, because through the skin the essential oil quickly penetrates the lymph flow.
      • Baths can be shared or local and are held 3 hours after meals.
      • Before taking a bath should be washed without the use of store gels and soaps, and with bran, egg white.
      • The water in the bath should be approximately 38 ° C, into which the oil is diluted in solvent and injected for 5–35 minutes.
      • After the bath, it is advisable to dry naturally and lie down for about 30 minutes.
      • You can not drink alcohol, coffee, tea.
      • The course of treatment: 10-20 procedures.

    So that the oil does not spoil, it is stored in a dark and cool place, away from children, with the lid tightly closed.

    For this pleasant treatment there is the strictest restriction: on the same day you can not do several procedures with aroma oils!

    What is aromatherapy?

    This term has a double meaning:

    1. This is a science, the subject of study of which is the effect of essential oils on the human body.
    2. This is the process of treating various diseases with the help of the above aromas.

    It should be noted that aromatherapy, conducted at home, has recently received particular popularity. Russian healers say that someone who has applied this type of treatment at least once to eliminate a particular disease will never refuse it.

    Aromatherapy in addition to successfully eliminating the symptoms of various diseases, perfectly fights against stress and depression, remarkably relieves fatigue and strengthens the body as a whole.

    Nowadays, when there is excessive pollution of harmful substances of the environment, essential oils for the body will be an invaluable gift. They will help to cheer up after a difficult day of work or, conversely, relax.

    The benefits of essential oils

    Alternative medicine recommends aromatherapy treatment. Essential oils have an incredible healing effect on the human body:

    • normalize sleep
    • eliminate stress
    • restore energy
    • soothe the nerves and relieve irritation.

    In addition, these products help to cope with many problems, such as colds, nervous system disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, headaches, cramps, high blood pressure, seasickness, colic in children, heartburn, swelling, cellulite.

    Aromatherapy action

    It should be noted that the smell is essential for humans. For example, many memories are closely related to him. Once caught, the scent remains forever in the memory. Healers point out that there are two tools for influencing the body:

    Aroma substances produced from the extract of a particular plant. They have the ability to create a strong barrier against bacteria and viruses. Some essential oils enhance the effects of chemicals.

    Aroma substances do not linger in the body for longer than 40 minutes. Then they are derived, while not harming human health.

    Practical application

    Aromatherapy at home is actively used for various purposes. How are essential oils applied? Very simple. There are aroma lamps. Specially selected substances are added to them. But if there is no such product, it can be made independently. To do this, take the usual candlestick, insert a small candle into it. Place a small stand over the wick, only from such material that it does not melt. There you need to pour some water and add a few drops of essential oil (4 drops of the product will be needed for 30 square meters). The distance between the candle and the stand is at least 20 cm, otherwise the water will begin to boil. This installation is quite able to replace the aroma lamp.

    Home aromatherapy is carried out in other ways:

    1. Apply on special items (small pillows and figures, aromamendallions).
    2. Make inhalation
    3. Spray out of spray.
    4. Take a bath.
    5. Massage.

    Essential oils for pregnant women

    For women in a position of particular relevance is aromatherapy. At home it can be carried out without problems, it is only important to choose the right healing substance.

    When resorting to treatment with aroma oils, pregnant women are recommended to follow a few simple rules:

    1. Acquire products only in pharmacies.
    2. Check them for an allergic reaction from the body.
    3. Do not use unpleasant odors.
    4. Before carrying out the procedure, be sure to consult with an experienced specialist.

    A visit to the doctor about this issue is extremely important, since each person has individual contraindications, not to mention a woman in a position whose body may behave differently during treatment with essential oils. In addition, there are some products that are prohibited to use for pregnant women, since they can provoke serious health problems for both mother and her baby.

    Essential oils that are shown to women in position:

    Aromamasla positive effect on the body of a pregnant woman:

    • soothe the nervous system
    • act as an antiseptic,
    • destroy bacteria
    • improve immunity
    • improve the work of the digestive tract,
    • affect respiratory function
    • stimulate the appetite
    • anesthetized.

    Such homemade aromatherapy is absolutely harmless, but if you use only natural essential substances.

    Options for kids

    The reaction of the kids to different flavors is mostly positive. Essential oils help prevent colds in children, normalize their sleep, maintain a good mood.

    The choice of aroma substances for the youngest should be taken seriously. It should be noted that children in most cases like warm and sweetish smells. It is desirable to apply similar oils on special small pillows or on clay figures.

    Experts note that there are a number of substances, the use of which excludes children's aromatherapy. Essential oils, in addition, in most cases it is not recommended to use babies up to 2 years. Only a doctor can prescribe a similar method of treatment.

    So, aromatherapy for children under 1 year prohibits the use of peppermint. Up to 6 years of age it is undesirable to use the essential oils of geranium, tea tree, thyme and rosemary. Up to 12 years old it is not recommended to use clove oil.

    Aromatherapy for children will be effective if you follow a few important recommendations:

    1. Do not violate the rules for storing oils.
    2. Do not ingest these substances.
    3. Do not apply undiluted oil.
    4. Observe the dosage specified in the instructions.
    5. Before use, consult a practicing aromatherapist.

    Aromatherapy Recipes

    There are special combinations of oils that help in a particular situation:

    • for insomnia, it is recommended to take 3 drops of lavender oil + 3 drops of ylang-ylang oil,
    • to treat a cold, you need to prepare the following mixture of oils: 2 drops of tea tree + 2 drops of eucalyptus + 2 drops of sage,
    • To eliminate skin problems (inflammation, redness, cracks), you need to take these oils in the following amounts: 3 drops of clary sage + 2 drops of lavender + 1 drop of chamomile.

    Pregnant women are recommended to use the following aromatic cocktails:

    • in case of toxicosis, alternative medicine advises oil of lemon, peppermint and grapefruit to take 1 drop and rub into temples and points behind the ears,
    • a mixture of the following oils will help improve your mood: 3 drops of jasmine + 3 drops of rose + 1 drop of patchouli,
    • You can relieve stress with 50 ml of peach oil + 3 drops of rose oil + 3 drops of palmarose oil + 5 drops of lavender oil + 2 drops of honey (rub into wrist or points behind the ears),
    • Essential oils of sage, verbena, jasmine or clove are perfect for easing labor (put 1 drop on the upper lip).

    Aromatherapy for children is carried out with the following combinations of healing products:

    • For the treatment of colds take the following oils: 2 drops of eucalyptus + 1 drop of tea tree + 2 drops of lavender. Combine this mixture with a spoonful of vegetable oil and rub into the chest and in the back of the child.
    • When insect bites need such oils: 1 drop of lavender + 1 drop of chamomile. The resulting tool to lubricate the affected place.
    • For the treatment of barley, dissolve 1 drop of chamomile oil in a dessert spoonful of warm water. Make lotion on the eye.
    • To remove the heat in children over 6 years old, you must take the following oils: 2 drops of eucalyptus + 2 drops of lavender + 1 drop of tea tree + 1 dessert spoon of vegetable oil. Lubricate the neck and tonsils with this mixture.

    Treatment with essential oils: tips

    It should be noted that the use of the same essential oil is recommended for no more than 10 days. Over time, the body gets used to the substance used, the therapeutic properties of the latter are reduced.

    Undiluted essential oil is forbidden to be applied on mucous membranes and skin.

    It is recommended to store these substances in a dry and cool place, where there is a stable temperature.

    Last important tip: always follow the instructions that come with the vial of substance. Never exceed the dosage and pay attention to contraindications.

    Selection rules

    When buying aroma substances, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

    1. Bubbles with oil should be only dark in color, as this natural product is afraid of sunlight.
    2. The name of the fragrance should be written in Latin letters with the designation "100% natural essential oil."

    And most importantly: high-quality natural aroma oils cannot be cheap.

    Aromatherapy: reviews

    On the Internet, there are many responses from people who have used essential oils to eliminate various health problems. The feedback is mostly positive.

    In most cases, people recommend using aroma oils to enhance immunity and improve mood. There are reviews of people who used such natural products to reduce cravings for alcohol (especially cedar tree oil helps).

    Many reviews from women using aroma oils in cosmetology. For example, rosewood oil, according to the responses, perfectly eliminates any signs of allergies (itching, burning, red spots), stretch marks and other skin problems.

    A lot of feedback from patients for whom aromatherapy has become almost the last hope for recovery. Essential oils have helped them cope with many women's problems: cervical erosion, inflammation, candidiasis.

    It should be noted that aromatherapy has practically no contraindications. Oils can occasionally cause small side effects:

    This happens only when a person without the recommendations of a specialist himself selects the wrong aroma substances for himself.

    Also, with special care to apply the above products need nursing mothers and pregnant women, because there are a number of aroma oils that they are strictly forbidden to use.

    Aromatherapy at home is a pleasant way to treat many diseases. Be healthy!

    Home methods of using essential oil are extremely simple:

    • If you have an aroma lamp - mix three drops of the selected essential oil with three tablespoons of water and leave a lighted candle for half an hour.
    • Add 5 drops in 50 mg of water in a mechanical spray. and spray the fragrant cloud.
    • Apply vacuum cleaner. Wet a piece of cloth with essential oil and let the vacuum cleaner draw it in. Following the vacuum cleaner, a pleasant smell will be distributed along the cleaning route.
    • And if you are sorely lacking time - just wet a piece of cloth and put it somewhere.

    For reference:
    Aromatherapy is used to treat people, and at various stages of treatment, both individually and in combination with other medicines, both with the use of chemicals and in their absence. Regular use of aromatherapy sometimes allows you to reduce the dosage of potent drugs. In many cases, aromatherapy eventually even replaces drugs. Of course, the use of aromatherapy for the purpose of healing, especially if you have any diseases, should always occur after consulting a doctor, according to the recommendation of a specialist..

    Aromatherapy in the hallway

    Hall - business card of your house or apartment. This is the first smell your guest meets, and this smell can adjust it both negatively and positively. At the same time, it is necessary that the aromas of the hall have antiseptic and antibacterial effects. We remember what is stored in the hall: shoes, fur clothes, hats, mittens.

    • Thus, for the hallway in the first place would be useful smell of lavender. Lavender - the famous fighter with the moth. And how do you smell these: pine, cedar, cypress, and before the arrival of guests - lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, clove, peppermint?
    • Aroma and disinfection. During the cleaning of the hallway, as well as the entire apartment, it is recommended to add a few drops of essential oil with the aroma of spruce, geranium, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, sage, nutmeg to a rag with a dusting cloth, or just spray it in the air.

    Aromatherapy in the living room - for you and your guests

    In the living room we relax, talk, solve important problems, receive guests. The purpose of flavoring living rooms is relieving tension, fatigue after a hard day’s work, creating a good mood and cozy atmosphere.

    • The aroma for the living room should be chosen in accordance with the taste and health of the inhabitants of this room. Here you can successfully use sandalwood, geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang.
    • When you receive guests will be good citrus fruit aromasThey create a pleasant, exciting atmosphere. And you will see that friends will be happy to visit you again and again.

    Aromatherapy in the bedroom - for a healthy sleep and pleasant dreams

    • Peaceful sleep, a pleasant awakening will provide us smell of geranium, sandalwood, chamomile or nerola.
    • If you suffer from insomnia, intermittent sleep, talking in a dream, sleepwalking, it is recommended to distribute in the bedroom aromas of lavender, cedar, ylang-ylang, marjoram, rose, wild thyme.
    • In the bedroom you can put next to him aromatic pad, apply aromatic oil on your pillow or sheet.

    Freshness, use and disinfection - the goal of aromatherapy in the kitchen

    So we got to the kitchen.

    For reference:
    Get rid of insects - flies, mosquitoes, wasps and ants will help you geranium, cloves, lemongrass, mint, calamus, wormwood, juniper, lavender, thyme, sage, bay, rowan, basil, eucalyptus, lemon, patchouli.
    Cockroaches successfully fights hop, parsnip, bird cherry, eucalyptus.
    Mice do not like the smell of elderberry, bird cherry and laurel leaves.

    As for waste, try not to leave garbage overnight, throw away waste of perishable products immediately, otherwise no essential oils will help.

    Aromatherapy in the bathroom

    Glittering and fragrant - this is how your bathroom should look like after an “aroma-cleaning”.

    • When will you wash sink, bath or showerAdd essential oil of eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, sage or pine directly to the sponge.
    • A few drops of the same oil can drip inside toilet roll. The oil will be absorbed into the cardboard and will slowly be released into the air in the form of fragrant molecules.
    • You can also drop 6-7 drops of oil on small terry towel and hang in the place where the laundry dryer is located.
    • And you can also put on the shelf aromatic pebble with a favorite scent and update it as needed.

    And the last tip: Do not overdo it in flavoring your home! Smells should not be intrusive and in no case should interrupt the natural smells of freshly baked cakes or a bouquet of lilacs on the table.

    When aromatherapy is not allowed

    Previously, you need to carefully consider the recommendations of the doctor regarding the need for an aroma session. Aromatherapy is categorically contraindicated:

    • to persons suffering from any type of allergy (food allergies, allergies to household chemicals, cosmetics, dust, wool, pollen, fungal / mold spores, allergic rhinitis, rashes, urticaria, especially asthma, etc.) and at least once life undergoing angioedema,
    • pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who have undergone chemotherapy (in this case, aromatherapy is possible only under the supervision of a specialist),
    • people with high blood pressure
    • people with epilepsy.

    Choosing a type of aromatherapy

    To start an aromatherapy session at home, you will need (at your choice):

    • oil burner
    • air humidifier with aroma oil container
    • electric table lamp sconce
    • aromaculon
    • aroma candles
    • аромапалочки
    • аромакамни

    Нет, конечно же, не нужно бежать в магазин и покупать все сразу. It is enough that you like the most, or what is at the moment in your apartment.

    Perhaps you are wondering now what is better to use from this list? To eliminate your doubts on one occasion or another, we will give a brief overview on all the listed devices.

    Oil burner

    Aroma lamp - the most convenient and effective option. Today the market is represented by a great many aromalamp. Coloring, form, material can be chosen for every taste and even in the style of any interior. Aroma lamp consists of two levels: the first level is intended for a candle-tablet, the second - for a liquid (water, aroma-oil).

    Aroma lamp is convenient to use for aromatherapy at home. You need to light a candle and pour a little water and a few drops of aroma oil in the bowl. And you can enjoy an aromatherapy session. By the way, you can not add water, but in this case the aroma will be more saturated, and the oil will smoke more.

    The online magazine Korolevnam.ru strongly recommends that you follow the rules of fire safety, do not leave fire unattended and do not place it in a draft and / or in front of an open window.

    Do not leave even a small light next to children, animals or people with disabilities cognitive abilities. Remember: your safety must be above all!

    The principle of operation

    Those who want to have an aromatherapy session, but do not know how to use the aroma lamp correctly, should understand the principle of its operation in advance. So, the device with candles operates according to the following principle:

    • water is poured into the bowl,
    • a certain amount of drops of aroma oil or a mixture of essential oils are added to the liquid,
    • a lit candle heats the water so that the essential substances evaporate.

    Aroma lamps, powered by electricity, are gradually heated by a special thermoblock. Slow warming allows saturation of the room with the aroma of ethereal extracts.

    But, in addition, how an aroma lamp works, it is necessary to know the safety rules, the observance of which is mandatory during its operation: an aromatic lamp should not be installed on a plastic surface or on other flammable materials. Also, it should be placed as far as possible from the zone where small children can reach.

    Terms of use of the burner

    Proper operation of the device is as follows: a little warm water (2-6 tablespoons) should be poured into the container where the essential oil will evaporate. Then there you need to drip aroma mix with the calculation of 6 drops of oil per 15 m2 room. It is better to start with minimal doses (2 drops), and then gradually increase them (up to 15 drops).

    When using the extract, you can not drip more exhaust than written in the instructions, as this may cause depression, poor health, asthma attack and other allergic reactions.

    The duration of the procedure should take no more than two hours, 1-2 times a day. And novice fans of aromatherapy will be enough for 20-25 minutes. Before starting the "fragrant treatment" it is necessary to ventilate the room. Proper use of the oil burner implies the absence of drafts, that is, all windows and doors in the room must be closed.

    When the liquid evaporates, periodically you need to add new water. At the same time, a working device should never be left unattended. After using the aroma maker, if you plan to use other flavors, you need to wash it with soapy water and then rinse it in vinegar.

    What essential mixtures are recommended for use in aromatherapy?

    It is necessary to choose oils for carrying out an aromatherapy procedure, being guided by personal preferences and effect which needs to be reached. To date, there are basic compositions of oil products with one or another action:

    • tangerine and cinnamon mixed in the same proportions - excellent aromatherapy for the children's room,
    • lavender, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, chamomile - a mixture of essential oils that relieve insomnia, promote good healthy sleep and relax,
    • lemongrass, bergamot, black pepper, mint - have an invigorating effect and tune in a positive way,
    • Rosemary and lemon (1: 2) - suitable for office space, as they improve concentration and activate mental abilities,
    • lemongrass, petitgrain, orange, lemon - a great combination for the living room,
    • rosemary, citronella, lemon, mint - eliminate unpleasant odors,
    • tangerine, eucalyptus, bergamot, tea tree, sage, thyme, sandalwood - these essential oils are an excellent prevention of colds,
    • lemongrass, limemet, ginger - are useful for strong mental, physical overvoltages and prolonged computer work,
    • marjoram, rose, geranium, sandalwood - have a calming effect,
    • rose, ylang-ylang, lavender, patchouli - create a romantic mood,
    • Lavender, rosemary, neroli, chamomile - relieve headaches.

    A few useful tips on the use of oil burners

    It is not enough to understand the principle of action of an aroma smoker; it is necessary to know how to use the aroma lamp correctly so that it does not harm emotional and physical health.

    1. In some people, inhaling a certain odor can be dangerous. Therefore, before using any essential oil, you need to check whether there are allergies to it.
    2. It is advisable to add only warm water to the aroma oil tank.
    3. For aroma smokers, you should choose candles that do not smell, because scented candles during the combustion process emit a specific aroma, which, in turn, mixes with the smell of ethereal extracts. For safety reasons, use only metal-coated alcohol-paraffin candles.
    4. The temperature regime should always be monitored: the liquid must keep the correct temperature - up to 60 degrees. If the rates are low, then the active substances will not be released, and if they are high, then they will evaporate too intensively.
    5. In the process of acquiring an aroma lamp, it is necessary to take into account not only its functionality, but also aesthetic parameters. Indeed, in addition to the healing properties of the lamp can also be a stylish addition to the interior.