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Beautiful and trendy makeup in gold tones


Makeup with gold shadows is the brightest makeup option in modern times. It is a rather original and bold version of the make-up, which is far from being chosen by any woman of the weaker sex. Gold makeup is chosen by self-confident people who are used to being in the center of attention.

So, golden shadows look gorgeous on young ladies with green eyes. As a rule, with the help of a gold make-up create a nude make-up - natural, light and discreet. Experienced makeup artists advise you to apply make-up in several options to choose from. The proposed version is wonderfully suitable for creating a daily look.

Nude make-up with gold shadows suggests the use of a black or light brown eyeliner. As well as adding beige shadows and bronze-peach powder. Makeup artists offer to apply makeup in two ways. By making a thin layer and gently shading over the eyelid, so that only a slight hint of gold remains, or to cover the eyelid with a thick layer of shadows, emphasizing chic shine.
When creating a gold makeup, as in the photo, you need to add an additional color. For girls with green eyes, all shades of green and brown will look gorgeous. Also, make-up artists are advised to use a black liner to give expressive look. To complement the luxurious image should seek help to a delicate shine or lipstick nude hue. They will give harmony to the female image and make it more attractive.

Creating evening makeup with gold, you can put on top of a little pink shades, which will add to the image of romance and sophistication.

Step by step makeup

  • Before proceeding directly to make-up, experts recommend to even out the complexion, masking all defects with tonal cream or powder.
  • Then apply blush, preferably not very bright color, over the cross section of the face.
  • Then a brown pencil emphasize the correct shape of the eyes. To do this, you need to gently draw the upper and lower eyelids, outlining the shape of the eyes. Be sure to draw the fold and corner of the eye.
  • To shade and try to make a soft, smooth transition.
  • Apply to the upper eyelid bright golden shadows.
  • On the lower eyelid and inner corner - light green shade.
  • With the help of a black eyeliner, you need to draw arrows and draw the upper eyelid.
  • Then make up the eyelashes with mascara.

This method of applying makeup is suitable for the fair sex with any eye color, either green or brown, gray or blue.

Tips for beginners

Creating a luxurious image with the help of golden shadows, you must not forget the basic rule of make-up artists: either lips or eyes can be bright. You also do not need to combine more than two gold products: gloss and shadows, powder and shadows, eyeliner and lip gloss.

Gold is best combined with warm shades of brown. Also, the color looks good in combination with purple or black.

To make the gold make-up not look very pretentious, you can apply gold shadows to the upper eyelid or outline the eye contour. Also, to complete the intriguing look, makeup artists advise you to put gold dots on top of the nude make-up of the eyes.

Cons makeup

Makeup artists recommend young girls to boldly create an image of a socialite with makeup in gold tones, but older women should pay attention to the fact that golden cosmetics attract attention to all skin defects, making wrinkles in the corners of the eyes more noticeable.

It is also worth carefully and carefully apply the shadow on the eyelids, so as not to accidentally get the effect of small eyes or eyelids hanging.

The combination of makeup with clothes

The gold make-up looks advantageous in combination with clothes of black, red, green, beige and brown, but also perfectly suits the outfits of any other color, for the simple reason that gold is fairly universal and neutral.

The main advantage of golden shades over cosmetics of other colors is the ability to apply a make-up that will serve as a “solid accessory”. Girls and women have always loved and love to decorate themselves with gold items. Gold make-up can play the same role as jewelry. For a gorgeous evening dress, especially in black or red, golden makeup is perfect. It can also serve as an addition to gold jewelery or be the only “jewelry”.

Shadows and lipstick selection

In order to correctly and correctly choose the color of lipstick under the golden shadow, you need to use the tips of the makeup artist, which are listed below.

  • If it is a neutral nude make-up, the corresponding lipstick of neutral shades is perfect. For example, beige, pale pink, exactly the same color as the lips.
  • In the event that the makeup is made in the spirit of Chanel, red lipstick will be a wonderful combination.
  • Nude lipstick, which will help to balance the brightness and saturation of eye makeup, is perfect for a golden makeup for an evening out.

For a bright evening make-up, in which, in addition to the golden shadows, there are shades of the colors of the rainbow, lipstick must be selected depending on the additional color of the shadows. For example, if gold is combined with purple color - lipstick should be applied purple. Peach lipstick is perfect for green with gold. Bright challenging evening eye makeup will be perfectly combined with a low-key lip gloss. If you make up your lips with red lipstick, your face will look screaming, rough in some cases, even unhealthy. An exception may be a retro makeover.

Who goes gold makeup, in which cases it is appropriate?

If you choose the right shades and take into account the nuances of appearance, then gold makeup will suit almost any woman. But it is worth remembering that such a specific and bright color tends to highlight imperfections, such as wrinkles, inflammation, pimples. And therefore it is not worth the risk if you have imperfect skin. Also, makeup artists are advised to be more careful for aged ladies.

Golden shades can emphasize the paleness of the skin, so either get rid of it using a tan, or choose a suitable tonal tool. But gold looks especially luxurious on dark girls who can afford even bright colors. Be careful it is worth being and blondes: they risk to look ridiculous or vulgar, but still barely noticeable golden sheen will not hurt them. Brunettes are much more fortunate, because their hair color will become even more saturated thanks to a fashionable make-up. Eyes can be any.

Gold makeup should be reserved for special occasions: it will perfectly fit into evening looks, would be appropriate at parties or on holidays, as well as other similar events. For everyday life, such bright colors do not quite fit, although you can afford a bit of sparkle. And certainly you should not do such a make-up, going to work in the office or to study.

Gold on the eyelids

Winning and interesting luxury of gold looks for centuries. To create make-up it is best to use shadows that allow you to experiment with brightness and create interesting effects. You can use different options: with a rich golden hue, pearlescent, microscopic or larger sparkles. And to mark the eye area and emphasize them, you can make a black non-greasy contour along the eyelash growth line.

If you are afraid that the make-up will be defiant, start with a small amount of gold in your eyelids. A great way to emphasize your eyes without frills - a gold eyeliner, with which you can make a thin barely noticeable line. You can also use a pencil: you can both create a rather bold outline, or shade it and make it softer.

Gold on lips

If you do not know how to do makeup in gold color, then try experimenting with this shade on the lips. For special occasions, bright lipstick with a pronounced gloss, a dense layer covering the skin and creating the effect of gilding.

But you can choose honey-colored cosmetics with a subtle golden sheen or mother-of-pearl shine. And if you are just starting to master the basics of the make-up in question, for the first time, limit yourself to brilliance with a light shimmer.

Tip: You can make the lips more appetizing and expressive, marking their contour with a pencil of light brown or honey hue. But be sure to blend the line: it should remain almost invisible, not standing out against a golden background.

Gold on face

In the evening make-up may be present flickering skin of the face, and this technique, by the way, will increase some areas due to the radiance. And you can reduce the nose or cheekbones in this way by creating lines near these zones and combining them with darker tones that are applied directly to the problem parts.

To create a golden glitter on your face, use blush, shimmering powder or, for example, a highlighter. But do not overdo it: the face should not sparkle and be completely golden, it will look extremely ridiculous.

Important make-up rules in gold tones

To make-up in gold color succeeded and transformed you, follow a few important rules:

  1. If gold is present in the make-up, then carefully choose the other shades. To create an elegant and discreet image, you can use brown, nude tones. Black favorably emphasizes gold, and red adds luxury, but would be appropriate in special cases. You can also add a little green.
  2. It is better to make only one golden accent, highlighting either the eyes, or the lips, or parts of the face. Otherwise, your image will seem overloaded and overly pretentious, which is undesirable.
  3. Remember that a fashionable and stylish make-up should suit you. So when choosing shades, consider the features of your appearance. So, light-skinned blondes better to stay on light and soothing colors, and dark brunette and brown-haired women can afford brighter accents.
  4. Add makeup with gold or an imitating accessory or a small element of clothing: for example, accessories, a buckle strap, a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a decorative element on a shoe. But again, gold should not be too much!
  5. If you have not yet understood whether such a bold make-up suits you, then try to find photos of girls with your type. Visual examples will help determine and find the best and highlight the shades of beauty.

If you have not yet tried on gold on your face, by all means do it by creating a stylish make-up in a golden color!

Who is not suitable "gold"

There are also exceptions to the use of gold eye makeup. It can give an age to a woman, visually enlarge the wrinkles around the eyes, therefore, it is worth applying it with caution to women of the weaker sex.

In addition, ladies with looming eyelids, should prefer a different version of the application of cosmetics. This is explained by the fact that the golden tones only reinforce this feature of the girl. The asymmetry with the centuries may appear on the photo.

Otherwise, there are no barriers to the selection of makeup in gold tones. It is possible to paint the eyelids with gold for a date, a business meeting, and a walk. The main thing is to apply the shadow correctly so that the brilliance of the cosmetics itself could not overshadow the brightness of the eyes.

Day and evening options

For daytime makeup, it is more correct to apply nude makeup, which allows you to draw attention to the face, it looks natural. For this type of make-up, a contrast of a light golden tone with a darker one will do. Such a move will make it possible to open your eyes, to give expressiveness. Do not rule out the option of applying only the golden tone of the shadows, then the emphasis will be placed solely on gold.

In the evening, golden shadows must be combined without fail. These may be shadows of darker colors or eyeliner. It will also be great to blend in a golden hue with blue and green. To give a "caramel" look and apply pink shadows on top of gold.

Choosing the right lipstick

Ends makeup, of course, lipstick. Note that the choice should fall on the delicate tones of cosmetic products, for example, beige, with rozovinkoy, light brown. In the evening, you need to allocate your eyes, so we recommend giving preference to natural tones. If you chose gold eyeshadow in combination with purple, then lipstick should be a lilac shade, if you have a combination of gold and green on your eyelids, you should better make up your lips with peach lipstick.

It is better not to apply red lipstick at all, although in the Chanel make-up, a crimson-red color is used. But this option is an amateur, because red lips can give an unhealthy look to the face and excessive vulgarity.

Our makeup artist Antonina Mazur prepared 2 master classes with step by step photos.

Black and gold evening eye makeup

In today's master class, we will create a bright golden makeup that perfectly complements the evening look. Just like other shades, gold is suitable for absolutely everyone. The main thing is to choose a color that is right for you, since golden can also be with a cold or warm subtone.

To create makeup you will need:

  • brown pencil
  • black shadows
  • golden mother-of-pearl shades in several shades,
  • black eyeliner
  • golden highlighter
  • mascara,
  • black kayal
  • makeup brushes.

Since we will apply friable nacreous shadows on the eyeball of the century, it is best to cover the skin with a special base under the shade or cream highlighter, which has good durability. Pre-apply on the skin of the eyelids and face tonal basis.

For the black outer corner, we will make a substrate from a pencil, which can also be replaced with cream shadows or eyeliner. Extend the outer corner with a pencil and slightly raise its end up above the real corner. He will look towards the temple.

Feather the upper eyelid to the head of the eyebrow,

lower to ear. At the same time we hold the brush at an acute angle, almost laying it on the eyelid.

Begin to decorate the eye with golden radiance. In the master class, 3 shades of gold crumbly shadows with nacre are used. All of them are different in saturation and start with the brightest, which we put in a corner of the eye with a very intense layer, and then blend the border.

Moving further through the century and put a darker color, leaving room for the darkest. Shadows are applied as if pressed into the eyelid, evenly distributing borders. Do not rub or extinguish.

We finish with the design of the upper eyelid, covering the remaining area with a pencil to the last shade of golden. You can do makeup in one or two shades. We bring the golden border to the top fold.

Similarly, make out the lower eyelid.

The entire border of the pencil and golden shadows must be covered with a highlighter layer. This is necessary for good shading black shadows. It is best to choose a highlighter with a golden shade and apply it with a fluffy brush.

In the upper eyelid, draw a black arrow with a liner and leave the end where the eyelashes end.

Now in black shadows we repeat all the detail that was done with a pencil.

We work with a brush in the same directions. While the border is left a little clear.

Already with a more intense layer of golden highlighter we cover the black border of shadows.

We finalize the shading on the highlighter, making a light and beautiful haze. We observe all initially given lines.

The lower eyelid slightly emphasize black kayal, tracing the mucous. In the outer corner the color will be more saturated, and by the middle of the eye we gradually dissolve the shade of the pencil. Additionally, you can draw a cross-page row.

Color the eyelashes in intense black.

So just you can perform a beautiful golden makeup.

Golden bronze makeup with an arrow

Today we look at eye makeup in bronze tones with a delicate golden glow. This option will be similar to the Smokey, but only with an active arrow and without intensely painted lower eyelid. This image can be used as a day, and as an evening option.

To create this makeup you will need:

  • crumbly bronze and golden shadows,
  • light golden shadows
  • brown pencil
  • black eyeliner
  • matte shades of skin color,
  • ink,
  • brushes.

As usual, for a professional make-up we should prepare eyelid skin. If necessary, use the base under the makeup, apply a thin layer of tonal means and fix everything with matte shadows. Draw a beautiful eyebrow.

To get a more saturated shade of the shadows, we will make a substrate from a brown pencil. It should not be too soft and must be well shaded. The upper part will be built on the basis of a wide arrow, but with some changes.

From the outer corner of the eye draw the tail of the arrow. He will set the direction for the entire makeup, so this line extends the lower mucosa.

Карандашом прокрашиваем полностью всё подвижное веко до верхней складки и внутреннего уголка. Посередине над глазным яблоком оставляем место без карандаша. Если вы посмотрите на себя в зеркало с ровной головой, то глаз по внешней радужке будет совпадать с этим светлым местом на подвижном веке.

For working with a pencil, better choose a synthetic brush. We extinguish the border along the fixed eyelid to the temple and hold the brush at an acute angle.

Lightly blend the border inside the part, but do not paint it completely.

Pick up the light golden shadows and cover the pencil shade only over the fixed eyelid and lightly walk around with a half-empty brush under the eyebrow.

Take a bigger brush and bronze shadows. Their texture can be absolutely any. First, we apply shadows with an intensive layer from the extreme line of the arrow with a brush in a position at an acute angle and towards the head of the eyebrow.

Gradually fill the entire pencil form with bronze shadows.

and lightly blur this color on a light golden one, which we put on the edge. These shades will merge with each other and we will get a beautiful gradient.

Golden shadows are applied to the free space on the mobile century. If you accidentally covered this area with bronze shadows, then simply re-blend it with a brush in tone so that the surface is sticky to apply a golden hue.

On the upper eyelid draw an arrow

and take her tail at the bottom of the upper part.

Lower eyelid slightly cover with a bronze tint,

and his shading is light golden. In this case, you can make the lower eyelid more saturated or less.

and we get a very beautiful golden-bronze makeup, which is very easy to do without having special skills.

We have selected some more options for you, how you can do makeup with golden shadows:

  • light gold with purple

  • dark gold with plum

Not only shadows

Makeup in gold tones can be obtained not only through the use of shadows.

Makeup artists use gold eyeliner:

Golden lipstick:

And even golden mascara:

Video lessons

And finally, we picked up several videos of master classes on creating gold makeup for you.
Eye Makeup in Gold / Bronze

Eye makeup in black and gold

“Golden” makeup from a make-up artist, master of international class, artist Eric Indikov

What is golden makeup?

Golden makeup is a real salvation on a cloudy autumn day, because it is the use of golden shades of various shades and textures, bright and sunny lipsticks with modulations, bronzers and powders, blush with a luxurious shimmer. Yes, and a summer party such makeup will be very useful. However, this does not mean that the glow of your face will interrupt the glow of the stars. There should be a measure - however, as with any other shade.

Gold color easily diversifies your image, will bring in it special notes of high prices and aristocracy. After all, this color always looks "rich", while it radiates a lot of heat. With its moderate use, you can easily achieve the desired effect.

Very often, gold make up performed in unusual techniques, used at fashion shows and various parties. But after all, no one has canceled the moderate application of gloss and pigment, which will easily help to create the perfect make-up right at home.

Benefits and features

Makeup in gold tones may be appropriate and versatile for any occasion. Equally well suited for social events, dinner parties, parties, and with moderate use will be an excellent solution at a business meeting (especially if you want to attract attention to your personality, but do not overdo it). In addition, this makeup will look equally good on any skin tone and at any age. The exceptions are very noticeable wrinkles on the face - in this case with bronzator should be more careful.

The noble shine of golden irides makes every woman special, so many celebrities choose such make-ups exclusively for publication on the red carpet. With a shining make-up you can meet Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian and her sisters, as well as the luxurious Jennifer Lopez. Star makeup artists still know a lot about it, and stars always take the opportunity to shine.

Any shade of gold will immediately emphasize your eyes or cheekbones - depending on what you want to highlight. This color is used to place accents. Many makeup artists believe that in a bright make-up there should not be more than two sparkling colors, otherwise you will look like an elegant Christmas tree. Best of all is the pair combination. Eyes + lips, eye shadow + shine, eyeliner + powder with a shimmer, nail polish + shiny mascara. Red and black are always suitable for gold, it is worth using.

It should be immediately noted that with the help of glitter you can emphasize any part of the face, as well as highlight the neck. Very often, unusual make-ups are complemented with glitter sprays that are applied to the body — mainly on the opening of the part (arms, legs, and chest). The image can be supplemented with glitter hairspray.

Since the black-and-gold combination is very appropriate, you can do this makeup in just a few steps:

  • Make a perfect skin tone (since makeup should be sustainable, do not forget about the base).
  • Apply golden shadows (or any in a cream shade) and place a golden accent on the eyes.
  • Make the French arrows of the required width and length. An excellent option would be to bring the lines under the eyes and slightly shade them. You can also supplement the inner eyelid with a rich shade of black. Do not forget to make up the cilia or stick overhead (for this you need to tighten up).
  • Make out your eyebrows and apply blush (you can shine).
  • Choose a suitable lipstick. The classic option would be red or scarlet.

Video. How to make a simple make-up with gold shades of their own for brunettes

This step-by-step tutorial on light brilliant makeup with golden shadows will help to give your festive look extra radiance and femininity, and in general also bring a bright accent to your face.

Evening makeup with gold shadows is suitable for weddings, club parties and dates, for example, in a restaurant

For this special make-up, we established the right balance of brilliant golden hues with gorgeous chocolate, thus creating sexy Smoky-ice with a wing liner and super-fluffy eyelashes, which gives undoubtedly dramatic effect.

Shadows with glitter can also be used as a eyeliner eyeliner.

Regardless of the style of the festive attire in which you decide to flirt, and the shades of clothing you prefer, you can be completely sure: this evening make-up will only raise your festive image to a new height.

Video. Evening makeup with shiny shades for blondes

You can never go wrong with a combination of warm brown shades and glittering metallic luster, and this guide to golden evening make-up will show how to perfectly use two shades in one image.

So, let's proceed to the lesson of New Year's make-up with your own hands at home.

What you need:

  • Base makeup, foundation, concealer
  • Blush
  • Eyebrow set
  • Base makeup
  • Eye shadow: orange, brown and black
  • Golden pigment
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • False eyelashes
  • Flesh colored lipstick
  • Makeup brushes

Photo of brown and gold makeup for the evening

Step 1: You certainly want this day to have the most immaculate complexion, so the first step should be to turn to some invaluable tips and create the perfect base for your entire makeup.

Apply the foundation to washed and pre-cleansed skin of the face, and then use the most appropriate base tint to match your skin tone.

To achieve a uniform base, use a makeup brush. Use concealer to hide the existing spots, and then begin to sculpt the face with blush. A little bronze will add warmth to your face.

How to make a spectacular New Year's makeup smokey ice with gold

Step 2: With the best eyebrow set, make the perfect bend that will give your face expressiveness and a characteristic feature.

Step 3: Prepare the eyelids and start applying orange shadows that will act as a transitional color. Highlight the fold with dark brown shadows, be sure to make a nice transition.

Beautiful arrows - the key to the success of any makeup and, especially, festive

Step 4: On the outer corner of the upper eyelid, apply a thick brown tint, on top of - matte black shadows, and shade them well.

Step 5: Apply either glitter or a little golden pigment to the center of the upper eyelid with a wet brush.

Step 6: Apply the same thick brown shadow on the lower eyelid.

Step 7: Apply a black eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids. Lighten the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrows for a brighter look.

Eyelashes and nude eyelashes complement your glamorous, evening make up

Step 8: Apply several layers of black mascara. Use false eyelashes for a more intense and well-defined image of "Smokey-ice".

Step 9: With this intense Smoky Eyes make-up, you will certainly need a skin-colored lipstick to balance the final image well. Finish your festive makeup with skin-colored lipstick and you are ready!

Brilliant makeup for the New Year or Christmas is ready

How to do makeup in gold tones

  1. Prepare your face: apply a moisturizer and eye cream. Let the means soak.
  2. Align the tone: Violet does not like to use foundation and uses it only in cases of extreme necessity. Instead, it levels the tone with a liquid concealer. Put a little concealer under the eyes, around the nose, lips, on the chin and in the center of the forehead. Well shade means. Voila - the tone is even, but there is no mask effect.
  3. Emphasize the cheekbones: for this you should use two rouge - matte dark beige (a couple tones darker than your skin tone) and peach. With a dark shade, paint the cheekbones; apply a peach tone on the apples of the cheeks. Highlighting “brightened” the convex parts of the face: apply the product on the cheekbone, in the inner corners of the eyes and on the Cupid's bow over the upper lip.
  4. Make eye makeup: apply a golden shade to the entire surface of the moving eyelids. Use a brown-bronze pencil to draw the upper eyelash growth line, draw a little arrow to make it invisible. So you will add a look of depth and expressiveness. The final touch is a lot of mascara on the lower and upper eyelashes.
  5. Highlight your lips: red lipstick is best combined with golden shadows, but you can use other shades (nude, pink and burgundy will look incredible). Apply red lipstick on the lips, and brush the outline with your fingers to create a fashionable effect on the lips that have been kissed.

That's all, gorgeous autumn makeup in gold tones in the style of French chic is ready. It is ideal for any autumn look and is appropriate for any event.

We will tell even more about the newest trends in the world of beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyles at our autumn daytime party, Beauty Day, which will take place very soon, on October 20 at Art Priest. Do not hesitate, take a girlfriend, but rather two, good mood, choose an outfit in the style of Denim Chic / Romantic Denim. All the details and tickets here!

Black-golden and brown-golden makeup (with photo)

Black and gold eye makeup is considered an evening classic.He looks particularly relevant with a black or red outfit. The main condition for creating such a dazzling and radiant image is that the attire should not contain any sparkles and rhinestones.

Brown-gold makeup perfectly emphasizes dark saturated lipstick. Perfectly in this case looks wine lipstick, bright red and plum color. The color nude is well combined with gold, emphasizing the naturalness of the lips. Nude lipstick combined with dark brown gold shades is appropriate in any situation - and at a business meeting, and on a date, and a solemn event. But rich red lipstick with golden shadows looks most advantageous when creating elegant evening looks.

Eye makeup with golden shadows performed in the usual way. It is possible to put cosmetics on all eyelid or on its separate sites, combining with other flowers, even the most unusual, for example, pink or violet. To look more expressive, and eyes - wide open, you should shade them with black arrows and apply mascara on eyelashes.

Green and gold eye makeup

Makeup artists offer more useful tips for creating green and gold eye makeup:

  1. To make cosmetics better kept on the eyelids, but the sparkles do not crumble, under the shadows they must put a base on the previously defatted skin.
  2. Before applying cosmetics to the skin, you should even out the tone of the face, mask all the existing defects using concealer and powder.
  3. Using brown eyeliner, you must give your eyes the correct or desired shape. To do this, gently draw the upper and lower eyelids, outlining the eyeball with smooth lines. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the eyes. Blend the pencil, making a soft and smooth transition.
  4. Apply golden shiny shadows to the upper eyelid. On the lower eyelid and inner corner - light green shade.
  5. Black eyeliner draw thin arrows, move the upper eyelid.
  6. On the eyelashes, apply black mascara, fluff them, giving volume. For these purposes, it is better to use lengthening mascara.

Do not forget to follow the main rule of a successful make-up: bright should be either eyes or lips. In this case, the eyes will be bright, so lipstick is desirable to choose natural low-key tones.

Makeup with golden shadows for brown eyes (with photos)

Golden makeup for brown eyes is always relevant, this option is classic for brown-eyed beauties. It is the golden shadows that most effectively emphasize the expressiveness of brown eyes. When creating such a make-up, not one shade of cosmetics is used, but several at the same time, both from the same color palette and completely different ones, creating a bold contrast.

Makeup with golden shadows for brown eyes is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Purified facial skin tinted, creating a light natural effect.
  2. Next, go to the eyebrows: if they are the correct beautiful shape, then they are enough to gently comb with a special brush. If you want to make them more expressive, you can use a dark brown, gray or black pencil or eyebrow shadows.
  3. After making eyebrows, you can go to the application of eye shadows on the eyelids. First, you should highlight the area under the eyebrows with a white or light yellow shade. The same shadows should be painted over the inner corners of the eyes and connect the lines along the bridge of the nose.
  4. In the center of the upper eyelid cause golden shadows. They should be well shaded so that the saturation of color to the nose is as pale as possible.
  5. Darker shadows are applied to the outer corner of the moving eyelid. This line continues along the entire length of the fold. It is important that all transitions between the colors of the shadows be as smooth and completely invisible. To do this, you must carefully shade them. From the outer corner it is necessary to continue the dark line on the inner eyelid, then distribute the makeup evenly over the entire surface of the eyelid to the inner corner.
  6. In the next step of creating makeup, the upper eyelid is applied using black eyeliner. The eyeliner can be replaced with a black pencil. Instead of a black eyeliner, they use dark brown, but then the makeup will not be so bright and attractive, it will become more faded. In any case, the line should be clear and level.
  7. Applying volume and extension mascara on the eyelashes is the final touch of this make-up. Pre-eyelashes can be curled with special forceps.
  8. When choosing a blush for such a makeup should be preferred dark brown or light bronze colors. It is better to refuse pink and reddish tones, as they will be completely inappropriate.
  9. As for the lipstick, then considering that the eyes are not too bright, the lips can be red, wine or dark brown. Best looks lip makeup with the effect of dullness, gloss and pearly lipstick will not give the image of harmony and attractiveness.

For brown eyes makeup with golden shadows in the photo below:

Nude makeup with golden eyeshadows

Gold and bronze shadows are ideal for green eyes. Often they are used to create a nude make-up - natural, light and restrained. This option will be a good choice for a daytime look.

Nude makeup with golden shadows for green eyes involves the use of eyeliner is not black, and light brown. Golden shadows are well combined with beige shadows and bronze peach powder. Very rarely, golden eye makeup is used without the addition of other colors, they are combined with darker variants, however, only a golden shade can be applied for daytime makeup of green eyes. They can be applied in two ways: by making a thin layer and carefully shading, so that only a slight hint of gold remains, or, on the contrary, the eyelids are covered with a thick layer, with an emphasis on dazzling brilliance.

The option of daytime gold makeup here in the photo, which presents several options for make-up for owners of green eyes:

При создании вечернего варианта мейк-апа золотистая косметика для век обязательно комбинируется с другими цветами. Для зеленых глаз правильным выбором будут все оттенки зеленого и коричневого цветов. Не стоит отказываться и от черной подводки, именно этот прием визажисты рекомендуют использовать для придания взгляду выразительности. As a lipstick for an evening look, it is better to choose nude shades, they will smooth the brightness of the eyes and make the female look more harmonious and attractive.

Evening makeup with gold eyeshadows for blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls and so look bright and attractive, and properly selected make-up will give their appearance even more expressiveness.

A good option is a golden makeup for blue eyes, in which golden shades are combined with blue and gray shades. Dark brown shades will look harmoniously with gold when creating makeup for owners of blue eyes.

Lipstick for such a make-up should be restrained. Suitable cosmetics neutral pink color that looks the most natural. Makeup with golden eyeshadows for blue eyes when creating an evening make-up looks good when using dark-gray, almost black-colored cosmetics for eyelids.

Makeup lips in gold tones: stylish options

Makeup lips in gold tones suitable not only for fashion shows, but also for everyday life. However, with such a choice, one should be prepared for the fact that such transformation may cause some surprise to others. If the golden eye makeup is perceived by most people normally, then the gold on the lips looks somewhat extravagant and rather unusual.

Makeup artists use several options for applying golden lipstick on the lips. They can be completely covered with gold, creating a dense layer of sparkles, or in the form of a gradient, combining with other colors of lipstick. Beautifully looked lips, the middle of which is painted in gold, and on the edges of a bright lipstick applied - red, purple, burgundy. Or vice versa, gold can only make the contour of the lips, and paint the middle of them with rich lipstick, creating a pronounced contrast.

The variant when the middle of the lips is painted with golden lipstick and the corners with light pink or nude shades looks original. Those girls who are afraid to look too bright and extravagant, but at the same time want to give their own image expressiveness, make-up artists recommend to hold a thin vertical strip in the middle of the mouth over light lipstick.

A variety of stylish options for a golden lip makeup are presented by makeup artists in the photo below: