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Chest for money for a wedding - the original and stylish solution to the wedding treasury


In such special day as a wedding, everything should shine and surprise, so that the holiday will be remembered for a lifetime.

Find out how beautiful arrange wedding glasses, festive beverage bottles, money boxes and wedding bouquets.

You just need a little time, patience and some attributes that will help create beautiful decoration for a wedding.

Feel free to be inspired and create, and wedding really rememberedas a beautiful and bright holiday.

Glasses for the wedding with their own hands. We decorate with stained glass paints.

- contour stickers with well-chosen themes (for example, roses and rings) - they can be found in office supply stores

- synthetic round brush (in this example brush number 2 was used)

1. First you need to wash, dry and degrease the glasses. For the last procedure, you can use a napkin.

2. Prepare outline stickers - in this case, the roses were painted on the side, and the rings on the base of the glasses.

3. Take a brush and apply it with stained paint on the stickers - in other words, paint the picture.

4. Leave for a while to paint dried, and if time is short, you can use a hairdryer for quickness.

5. To make the glasses look complete, you can attach silk ribbons to their legs.

Wine glasses for a wedding with their own hands

Another way to beautifully decorate wedding utensils.

- ornaments in the form of beads and rhinestones

1. As in the previous paragraph, the glasses should be washed, dried and wiped well with a napkin so that the decorative elements adhere well.

2. Begin to decorate the glasses with flower petals. To do this, grease each petal with glue from the inside and gently press it to the glass, holding for a few seconds. You can glue the petals so that the result is a flower.

3. Cut about 30 cm of thin satin ribbon of white or another light shade. In the middle of the tape, apply a little glue to attach it to the leg. After this tie a bow.

4. You can put some beads into the ribbon.

5. Also, if you wish, you can use rhinestones for decoration, gluing them in the shape of a heart. If you decide to decorate this way, it is better to use a special glue for rhinestones or superglue.

Champagne for the wedding do it yourself

What is a wedding without champagne? You can decorate the bottle in many ways, and one of them is listed below.

- 2 bottles of champagne

- white and black slanting bakes, each 11 meters long

- lace elastic, 50 cm long

- white tape, 50 cm long

- white beads

- glue (better building transparent and odorless)

- cardboard for hats

* Choose a bottle with clear glass - it will be easier to wrap it with a white inlay, as it is translucent.

* Use construction glue, as it quickly helps to stick ribbons on the bottle, and it does not have color and smell. But it is worth noting that if you glue tapes of dark shades, but use a little glue, it can leave white spots when dried.

1. First we make from one bottle of the groom.

1.1 White shirt - for it you need to stick 2-3 layers of strips.

1.2 Costume - continue to glue strips of dark shade.

This is how it looks from behind.

1.3 After you have glued the bottle to half (to the place where the bottle becomes flat), start wrapping it with a piece of tape, occasionally using glue in the places of each turn.

2. From the second bottle we are preparing the bride.

2.1 First, a piece of white ribbon must be collected in an accordion - for this, use a thread and a needle.

2.2 Glue the tape with an accordion, and then begin to glue the white tape in the same way as the bottle of the groom.

3.1 Collect the beads on a string - it will be a necklace for the bride.

3.2 For the groom you need to glue 3 rhinestones, buttons and bows, as well as a butterfly.

4. For the bride we are preparing a full skirt.

4.1 Sew a strip of fabric.

4.2 Collect it with an accordion, stringing it on a thread and glue it to the bottle. You can decorate the edge of the seam lace band.

5. Cooking hats.

5.1 Fields hats for the bride can make using plastic.

5.2 Wrap a hat-cylinder of the groom with a black tape.

5.3 For the bride, the hat needs to be wrapped with a bake of white color, and then decorated with a piece of fabric. You can also decorate it with small flowers.

Box for the wedding with their own hands

If at the wedding will collect money, then you need to prepare a special box. As you understand, it is not necessary to buy it, but you can do it yourself and decorate it as you like.

- roll of thick paper

- fabric to wrap the box

- glue gun (PVA glue or superglue)

1. Prepare the basis of the chest.

1.1 Choose a cardboard box for the base, since after using it as a container for collecting money, it can be used to store various souvenirs and small items.

The box should also be big. In this example, a paper box was used.

On the image you can see the markup where you want to trim the box. This is necessary in order to make the chest lower and more compact. You can also notice the bends of the box - this can eventually create a relief on your product, which means getting rid of it.

1.2 Take a scotch tape and glue the slot, bend the sidewall, and a couple of strips so that you can glue the sheet. In this example, 160g / m2 paper was used, and eventually a smooth, even surface was obtained.

Likewise, cover the entire box with paper. This not only makes the chest smooth, but also closes the unnecessary pattern on the box.

* Even if you wrap a box with a cloth, the pattern may show through.

2. In this example, curtain fabric was used, since it is rather dense, but thin, not crumpled and cut well.

Put the box on a large piece of cloth, and then adjust the size for the box.

3. When you cover with a cloth, carefully fasten each side in turn, starting from the bottom of the box and then the walls. Secure the fabric with scotch tape. Using double-sided tape, secure the fabric to the inside of the box.

4. Cover the joints. First you need to know what the length of the tape should be - for this, measure not only the height, but also the inward bend. Next, cut a piece of tape and process the edges with a lit match so that it does not climb.

At the corners of the chest, glue double-sided tape and cover the inner seam with lace, using double-sided tape as well.

5. Making the base cover for the chest.

Prepare a cardboard - its size should be as dense as the lid. Measure the length of the cap and cut out the piece. Make a small tongue out of cardboard.

Attach the tab to the cover using double-sided tape. Also, the cover must be pasted over with paper, like the box.

Mark with a marker where the hole will be, and make it with a clerical knife.

6. We decorate the cover.

The lid should be covered (like the box) with a cloth and decorated with ribbon, cut into corners and attached with double-sided tape. Glue tape around the hole.

Prepare a lace, needle and white thread. Lace the shape of the hole, and fold the edges into folds at one of the corners. This construction now needs to be attached to the lid with a glue gun.

Similarly, decorate the lid of the lid, but do not remove the edges of the corners, just treat them with a hot match. Attach the cap with a glue gun.

Add a bow to the tongue - use glue to attach it. The bow itself can also be decorated, for example, with rhinestones.

* Put the lid on the box carefully, because its volume has increased due to the many layers of paper and fabric.

How to choose a little chest?

If there is no time or opportunity to make a chest to collect money at a wedding on your own, then you can purchase the finished product at the wedding accessories shop.

Photos of the wedding box for money

Choosing a casket pay attention to such criteria:

  1. Drawer size. Its parameters should be such that several dozens of envelopes and greeting cards of the European standard are included in the chest without any difficulties. The optimal size of the box for the ceremony, consisting of 80 people, reaches approximately 20 cm by 30 cm, and the height should not be more than 20 centimeters. If you choose very big chest, it will attract the attention of guests and close the young in the photos.
  2. Number of chests for dowry. As a rule, only one casket is used, but if it is planned to invite more than 150 people to a celebration, then you can also prepare two boxes, slightly different in design style.
  3. The basis of the product. Many people will come to the ceremony and everyone will want to touch the casket. It may even be passed from person to person to deposit money. Therefore, if you choose a flimsy gift box for a wedding, it may not withstand such tortures and fall apart. Paper product will not work. Choosing a coffers of cardboard, pay attention to its corners and joints: they must be strengthened. And even better to buy a product, the base of which is made of plastic.
  4. Security. This is one of the most important moments. The money chest for the wedding must be securely and tightly closed for the entire period of the event so that no one except the newlyweds could open it. At the banquet there will be a lot of people and attendants. And someone will certainly want to covet the good of a young couple.
  5. Compatibility with the overall style of the holiday. The casket should be designed in the same style with all the accessories at the wedding. For example, if the book of wishes is decorated with a bow, then it should be present on the treasury. But hearts and roses will be in this case not "in cash". And if the whole celebration is held in eco style, the chairs are covered with sacking, linen is laid on the tables, and cotton is present on other items, then the chest should be covered with one of these materials.

Photos of the wedding chest for money with accessories in one style

The price of the chest starts from 270 rubles, so you can choose the product optimal in price and quality.

How to make a box for the money for a wedding with your own hands?

Trying to save money and having even the most minimal talent and imagination, you can try to make a casket for the money for the wedding with your own hands.

In order to understand how the box is made, you can watch a video on how to make a chest for money for a wedding with your own hands:

Master class on creating a self-made money box:

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to cut the frame of the future casket from cardboard. Need a rectangle, the sides of which are equal to 33 and 55 centimeters. On the one hand, we paste the figure on the wallpaper in such a way that an allowance of one and a half centimeters remains from each edge.
  2. Further through the same small gaps we cut the left allowances so that it was easier to glue the side walls of the chest.
  3. Now in the middle we make a slot. It should be sufficient for the passage of envelopes with money width and length. The most suitable sizes are 2 cm by 10 cm. The hole can be cut with scissors or a clerical knife.
  4. We make the bottom. In our case, the size of the bottom of the chest will have a size of 18 cm by 33 cm. It is also covered with wallpaper and is connected with the main workpiece bent in half. In order to draw the sidewall, you should put a semi-finished box on the side of the cardboard and cut the outlines with a pencil.
  5. Now we make another copy, paste over one and the second half with wallpaper and glue it with the main part. The framework of the future chest is ready.

The resulting casket must be beautifully decorated. Hide joints and joints It is possible by means of a trimming lace or satin ribbon, elegantly pasting the edges of the accessory with it. With proper combination, you can use both materials.

On top of the chest can be decorated with satin roses. They are also made by themselves or purchased in the store.

If you or someone of your friends is engaged in woodcarving, then make a carved wooden chest for money. You will save him for life and will keep in it memorable things for you or continue to save money.

Photos of a wooden wedding chest for money

How to make a chest box for a wedding with your own hands: a step by step instructions for making

If you have a box of shoes, then it will make a great little chest. To make it necessary:

  1. Make the lid bulge, holding a stationery knife on its surface longitudinal hollows. They will give the cardboard the opportunity to bend and take the form of a semicircle.
  2. With additional cardboard and scotch we secure both ends of the lid on the sides of the box. As a result, the box should resemble a small box.
  3. After the lid is bent in the shape of an arc, on the box lateral gaps are formedthat need to close. To do this from a piece of thick cardboard, cut out the figures that are the same size with gaps. These transparent tape adhesive tape attached to the sides of the casket. An arcuate structure should be formed. To fix everything as reliably as possible, it is recommended to use not only an adhesive tape, but also a stapler.
  4. Next, make a cutout for money. In the center of the concave cover we make a hole, the width of which reaches seven millimeters. The length should be such that an envelope easily passes through the hole.
  5. Now everything is ready to do the facing and decoration of the accessory.
  6. First you need to get the size of the chest for the money for the wedding. Measure the cap as well. Now, guided by the parameters obtained, cut separate piece of cloth for a cover and separately for a casket.
  7. First, sheathe the cover with the material, then the rest of the product, not forgetting to cut the fabric for postcards in the right place.
  8. Process the edges of the fabric in the slot with a lighter to prevent the threads from opening.
  9. And the final stage of the work is the decoration of the treasury for money. There already give full imagination and talent.
  10. As a decor fit seashells, small mirrors, shoes, ribbons, ryushechki, rhinestones, ruffles, shiny threads and more. If you have artificial precious stones, you can use them.

When decorating a chest, do not overdo it with decorations, combining the incongruous. Make sure that the result is not a coarse accessory that does not fit into the overall style of the event.

Photo of a self-made wedding money chest from the box

Recommendations for decoration

Decorating the junction points and sides of the chest, give preference to satin ribbons, which are combined in hue with the color of the material for lining. Accessory cover with decorative elements should not get out too heavy. Otherwise, it will sag inward.

The treasury for money will look advantageous in the design of which contrasting tones are used, for example, white material lining is perfectly combined with red ribbons for decoration.

Photo of a white wedding chest for money with red ribbons

On the sides of the chest can be placed pictures of young spouses. And such unusual elements as berries, dried blade of grass, leaves of flowers and flowers themselves, small twigs will suit as a decor. Thanks to this, your work will come out not only incredibly beautiful, but also surprise everyone who comes to the celebration.

Why do you need a little chest?

The tradition of giving gifts to the newlyweds appeared a long time ago. But lately, many people have been giving money as gifts, for which the newly-made spouses will be able to purchase everything they need. The gift-giving ceremony is an important component of a wedding celebration, and in order for it to be perfect, you should prepare a container for money.

Ideal for these purposes is a cute and original little chest: firstly, it will complement other wedding attributes, secondly, it will hide the donated funds from prying eyes, thirdly, leave them in integrity and safety.

Wedding trunks are the most diverse: in the form of caskets, boxes, boxes and other similar items. The accessory can be standard rectangular or more interesting rounded. But there are also original models in the form of hearts, wedding cakes and other essential attributes of the wedding.

Method one

This box will have a rounded shape and a slot for money. For the manufacture will need:

  • a box with a lid (but not with a separate, but with an adjacent body),
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • masking tape
  • glue or glue gun,
  • wrapping paper or fabric
  • ribbons and rhinestones.

  1. First, from the box you need to make a blank, which will then be rounded and transformed into a nice casket. Take a pencil and start doing the markup. Draw semicircles on the side faces (their top points should reach the edges). At the front, draw a straight line that will connect the lowest points of the semicircles. Any excess need to be cut using sharp scissors.
  2. Then you will need to round the lid. To do this, either through each centimeter, bend it over the ruler, or, over short distances, make shallow grooves with scissors. Then give the lid the necessary semicircular shape.
  3. Then cut the semicircles along their lower edges, starting from the front corners and moving towards the back wall (do not touch it).
  4. Using masking tape, connect the rounded cover with the edges of the semicircles along their entire length. Если осталась лишняя часть спереди, её можно срезать или выровнять, чтобы она немного закрывала переднюю стенку ларца.
  5. If you want to make a hole at the top (it will be convenient to fold money into it without opening the box), then draw its outlines on the back of the lid in advance. The width should be about 1 centimeter, and the length should be about 18-20 cm. Immediately make a cut with scissors.
  6. How to decorate a little chest? You can cover it with a cloth or paper. To do this, cut the material in accordance with the size of the box. Attach it to the body can be glue or glue gun. At this stage, immediately make a slot. To do this, cut the material in the center of the hole and fill in all the excess, fixing it on the reverse side.
  7. Then you can go to the decor. To do this, tie the ribbon in a bow, using glue to attach it to the center edge of the cover. And on the entire surface of the casket, paste the rhinestones, preferably placing them in a certain order and at equal distances (you can pre-mark them so that the trunk looks neat and aesthetic).
  8. Done!

Second way

This method is more simple and involves the manufacture of a rectangular chest. Here is what you need:

  • a box with a separate lid (for example, from under the shoe),
  • soft material, such as sintepon,
  • glue or double sided tape,
  • scissors,
  • thread and needle (can be replaced with scotch tape or tape),
  • fabric for wrapping,
  • beads,
  • thick felt, color different from the base material (it is desirable to use pink or red).

  1. First you need to connect the lid to the box. To do this, stick it to the back of the tape or sew. It should move freely, but not fall off.
  2. Now cut the pieces of soft material. One will be fixed immediately on the front, bottom, back wall and cover. The other two will attach to the sides. Immediately glue the pieces to the box using glue or double-sided tape.
  3. Now cut the fabric. But it should be prepared on a different principle, to get a single pattern. The middle main part will be intended for the bottom, and from it there will be side and rear parts together with a cover. And in order to prevent the joints, leave the slots for laps (one for each section of the joint).
  4. To make the accessory look beautiful, sew beads to the material. Also cut hearts out of felt and sew them or glue them
  5. Tie the future trunk with the finished decorated fabric, fixing it with glue.

Tip: You can complement the trunk with ribbons that will tie and connect the case with the lid. They are glued to the lid itself, as well as to the center of the front wall at the top.


Some last tips:

  • When making an accessory for a wedding, consider the theme of the celebration, so that the chest is fully consistent with it.
  • This item should be perfectly combined with other wedding attributes. To do this, select the appropriate materials, color and decorative elements. And it is better to keep all accessories in the same style and make of the same or similar materials.
  • You can use a wide variety of materials for decoration, such as beads or whole beads, feathers, artificial flowers, sequins, satin ribbons, stones and rhinestones, lace and much more.

Show your imagination and creative skills to make an original wedding box.

Destination chest

It is now accepted to give young people money for the wedding. For the convenience of collecting donated financial sums use beautiful boxes or special chests. They are unique symbols of the future financial well-being of a young family.

With the money collected, the newlyweds can purchase for themselves what they think is necessary for their family life. Also, such a gift is very convenient because there is no need for guests to puzzle over the question of what to present to young people for a wedding celebration.

According to an old legend, at the wedding it is forbidden to give money to the newlyweds. This may cause them financial trouble or bring them some kind of trouble. Therefore, a special chest is useful for collecting money.

Where to begin?

To make a box with your own hands, you need your own imagination and a certain amount of free time. Such an attribute must be done carefully and with love, as it will become the central element of the celebration and will symbolize the future treasury of the newlyweds. By investing in his making all the soul and good intentions, you can attract financial well-being to the family.

The choice of colors and shapes

A wedding trunk can have any color design, ranging from snow-white and ending with black. Everything depends on the wishes and preferences of the heroes of the occasion. However, if this accessory is made for a specific purpose, you need to choose the right color:

  • If the chest is used to collect money for the future son, this accessory should be made in blue or blue.
  • If funds are collected for the future daughter, you should give preference to shades of pink.
  • If the money box is designed to raise funds for a honeymoon trip, it should be bright and colorful.
  • If this attribute simply acts as a family bank, it is made in white or other neutral color.

In addition, depending on the purpose of collecting money, choose a certain form of a chest for the wedding:

  • For future children - in the form of a stroller or cradle.
  • For travel - in the form of a car, plane or map.
  • For home, car, etc. - in the appropriate form, illustrating the desired object.

Materials used

Wedding chest can be made from the following materials:

  • Thick cardboard is the most often used material for making a wedding accessory with your own hands. From it you can easily make wedding boxes. However, this material is short-lived, as it is very susceptible to the influence of moisture and time.
  • Tree. Wedding accessories from this material are durable and reliable. They have an attractive and noble appearance, especially if you decorate wood with artistic carvings. Such a chest for money can last more than a dozen years. However, only a person who has special skills in working with wood can make it out of this material with their own hands.
  • Plastic. This material is characterized by many color solutions. Most often, for the manufacture of a wedding accessory for collecting money, they buy a ready-made plastic box, and then decorate it.
  • Glass. Wedding boxes made of this material are quite beautiful, but fragile.

The following materials are necessary for decorating wedding trunks:

  • colored paper, thick foil, etc.
  • satin ribbons, tulle, lace and lace,
  • gold and silver durable threads
  • drapery fabric
  • beads, pebbles, shells, rhinestones and sequins.

From additional materials you will need:

  • scissors,
  • needles with durable thread,
  • stationery knife,
  • simple pencil
  • quality glue
  • clear adhesive tape
  • ruler.

In addition, the whole process requires inspiration and good mood.

For example, high-quality glue will allow you to securely fix the jewelry on the box, thereby saving it not only for the duration of the celebration, but also for a longer period.

Chest of chests

After the desired shape of the future box for the wedding is chosen and all materials are prepared, it is necessary to proceed to the next stage - the search for a pattern. It can be easily found on the Internet on specialized sites. Here are presented both the schemes of standard rectangular wedding accessories and very unexpected and interesting options.

To save time, you can buy a ready-made box of your favorite material, or simply use a regular box for small shoes. Making a cut for bills, as well as decorating it with ribbons, flowers and rhinestones, you can get a very attractive family bank for a wedding.

How to make a chest out of a regular cardboard box

Make an ATM out of the box with your own hands as follows:

    First you need to give the lid of the carton bulge. To do this, on its surface with the help of a stationery knife carefully carry out longitudinal grooves. At the same time, care must be taken not to cut through the cover, otherwise it will already be unsuitable for further use. The longitudinal grooves will allow the cardboard to bend and take a semicircular shape.

Treasure chest

A handmade wedding box can be monophonic or combine several colors that look harmonious with each other. Among the most popular design options: the bottom of the product is made monotonous, and the top is bright, with various decorative elements.

Start pasting box should be with its side parts, smoothly moving to the lid. To do this, you need to take high-quality glue, which is able to securely attach fabric, metal and plastic to a cardboard or fabric surface. Do not neglect the quality of the glue, as a part that is not reliably attached to the chest can fall off at the most inopportune moment.

When decorating the chest you can use the following tips:

  • To decorate the sides and docking points on the chest is recommended satin ribbons, the color of which is combined with a shade of fabric for lining.
  • For the decor of the chest, you can use the ready-made options that offer wedding salons and shops for needlework.
  • The lid of the box with decorations should not be too heavy, otherwise it will begin to cave in.
  • The winning option would be the use of contrasting colors and shades, for example, white fabric for lining the product and red ribbons for decoration.
  • It is possible to decorate the sides of the box with photos of happy newlyweds.
  • For decoration, you can use original decorations: small sprigs of trees, dried grass, flowers, leaves and berries. Thus, you will receive not only an interesting composition, but also be able to surprise the guests with your skillful handicraft.

You can make a beautiful and original chest for wedding money. To save your time and protect yourself from possible failure, you can make a wedding accessory from a cardboard box for shoes and decorate it with blanks purchased in a specialized store. For the manufacture and decoration of this attribute will take no more than two days.

What you need to make a chest

Many couples at the wedding use the usual trays, on which guests leave envelopes with money, but this option is considered unsafe and not original, because money can easily fall out and be lost. And hiding the banknotes in your pocket is completely inconvenient - then the groom or the witness looks unpresentable, because the pockets are sticking out, and the overall gloss is broken. Therefore, handmade chests are the best solution for a wedding celebration.

A chest is a box of a rectangular shape or a small box in the form of a casket. It is beautifully decorated with all kinds of decoration materials, the color range is chosen to match the color of the thematic celebration or preference is given to the classic white, black, brown color. To add a touch of originality, you should arrange the box in a more irregular shape and with your own hands, adding symbolism to this attribute of the wedding.

Even more complex and unusual forms do not require the work of masters; everything can be done at home with your own hands. For example, the original and unusual solution would be to make a wedding money box in the form of a festive cake, a box or a house that symbolizes the family hearth. To complete this task, you will definitely need:

  • High-quality glue (PVA, stationery, better glue gun).
  • Cardboard box (medium size).
  • Stationery knife.
  • Scotch.
  • All kinds of decorative elements: beads, ribbons, pictures, pebbles, shells.
  • Colored paper for exterior and interior.

Tools and materials

In order to make really high-quality and visually beautiful chest for money with your own hands, you need to use the right materials and get the necessary tools. All materials can be easily found at home - in the storeroom or in the parent's garage, and decorative items should be found in handicraft stores. From the tools you will need:

  • Scissors.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Figured punch, which can make a variety of colorful figures for finishing the chest.
  • Good glue.
  • Pistol for gluing small parts.
  • Scotch tape (preferably double-sided).
  • Ruler.

The quality of glue will depend on how tightly the decorative elements will hold, the finishing paper and whether the box will be unstuck at the end of the celebration. To make the chest with your own hands neat, without visible seams, you should use double-sided tape and a glue gun that will accurately distribute the adhesive composition to all small parts. If we talk about the necessary materials, then for the manufacture and decoration of this attribute are ideal:

  • The box is the right size or thick A4 cardboard.
  • Fabric for drapery. It can be silk, satin, velvet and others.
  • Ribbons, cords.
  • Lace lace fabric.
  • Beads, stones, crystals, beads, shells, leather, carved figures, photographs.

After all the materials and tools are collected, you should proceed to the next stage of making an attribute for money. Search schemes, drawings and patterns should be on the Internet, but there is another way: buy a few magazines, which describes all the moments of the preparation of the wedding. If you are not sure that you can make everything on your own, you should use the services of craftsmen or attach to work mom, grandmother.

Scheme or pattern

In order to start making the chest, you need to prepare the ground, or rather, to make patterns or patterns. The pattern can be made using a large cardboard box.

  • The back of the chest must be made taller than the front.
  • The length in this situation should be equal to the sum of the height of the front and the width of the box.
  • The top cover can be made with your own hands, more curly, as shown in the diagram.

If you plan to make a box with your own hands not from a standard box, but to use A4 cardboard sheets, then the task is somewhat more complicated. Do not worry, our goal is achievable, but it will take a little more effort to implement it:

  • The bottom ledge should be about seventy millimeters with a slit on top of the entire pattern so that the bottom does not fall out.
  • The necessary slot for the money envelopes should be made right on the pattern, because after the chest is ready to cut a hole it will become a little problematic. Below is the pattern.

Box for the money for the wedding of the shoe box master class with photos

To easily make a beautiful wedding box, you need to take help: see a detailed master class that describes all the points in detail, step by step. The easiest way to make such a product is using a regular cardboard shoe box. To do this, you will need accessories, decor, fabrics, glue, scissors, scotch and necessarily a cardboard shoe box.

  1. First, cut out the shoe box lid, as shown in the picture.

  1. After the first step is taken, it is necessary to make the dome, which is made from the lid of the shoe box. To do this, we can stick the cardboard to the box that we cut earlier. The whole composition should be similar to the arch, on the side you need to add a piece of cardboard and secure it with a dense adhesive tape. If you think that one scotch is not enough, you should also use paper clips and a stapler.

  1. The third step is facing the chest. From the very beginning, you should measure the parameters of the cover and the box itself. After this, it is necessary to cut off the necessary part of the fabric for the upper part. Then we begin to sheathe gently. Next, sheathe the box itself in the same way. Everything should be done carefully, slowly, then you get a perfect and beautiful result.

  1. The fourth step is considered one of the easiest, but at the same time crucial stages. Cut through the hole we need for money or better for a whole envelope, and then check whether the bills fit in there. So that there are no arrows, lines on the fabric and it does not roll, be sure to hold a burning match in that area. Be careful not to burn the entire finished box.

  1. The last and most interesting step in making a wedding money box with their own hands is the original and colorful decoration. Here you can show all your fantasy. The contours and side panels can be decorated with beautiful satin or lace ribbons. You should not feel sorry for beads, rhinestones and beautiful bows as decorations, they successfully emphasize the festive look of the box. Side panels can be decorated with stylish photos of the newlyweds.

To simplify your task, you should choose easier and faster ways to make a wedding box for money. For this, a regular shoebox can be used. No need to cut out, cut, glue. The main thing is to arrange the outer part of the box beautifully and carefully, to purchase beautiful ribbons. Также оригинальным решением станет декорирование крышки живыми цветами, травой, композицией из сушеных ягод, растений. Удивите всех своей ручной работой!

Сундучок с кладом

Деньги прячут в сундуке, это повелось еще с давних времен. And the wedding treasury, made with your own hands in the form of a chest, will be the first depository of the family budget. It is possible to make this item of wedding decor from thick cardboard according to the proposed pattern.

In order for the wedding treasury, made with own hands, to have a beautiful shape, without wrinkles and distortions, all the fold lines along which the chest should be folded should be pushed through with a sufficiently narrow but not sharp object, such as knitting needles, sushi sticks or, finally , the blunt side of the knife with a rounded end. The triangular marks on the side flaps need to be cut by removing the drop-down parts. This trick will allow you to gently glue the sides to the main panels. Strengthening the drawing paper or cardboard, from which the wedding treasury is made (it’s not so difficult to make such beauty as in the photo, believe me), you can use another layer of paper. It is necessary to make it in the event that on a trunk it is supposed to place a volume and weighty decor.

First house

For each family, it is important to have their own housing, albeit small, but necessarily their own. And the first such home for the newlyweds, of course, symbolic, can be a wedding treasury, made with their own hands on the eve of the celebration. Make a pattern of the house-treasury for the wedding can be on the drawing below.

Such a piggy bank can have absolutely any decor. It is not necessary to weight the form with additional details if the piggy-house is made of paper. After the pattern is transferred to a thick cardboard, all the fold lines need to be drawn with a thin blunt object, without cutting the paper. Windows, the money slot must be cut before the product is assembled as a whole. Wedding treasury house, made with their own hands for the celebration, may have a removable bottom, which is installed on the whole structure. How this thing looks like can be seen in the photo below. Nice, isn't it?

Boxes - in the deal!

The wedding should be beautiful! How to make a wedding treasury with your own hands, so that it served as a holiday decoration? You can do with very simple details, such as, for example, shoeboxes of various sizes. In form, these elements of the future piggy bank of the newlyweds can also be diverse. Shoe packaging is already a dense and reliable material that does not require reinforcement, so that it will result in a solid wedding treasury. With your own hands (a master class of such work is given below) you can decorate it than you wish. Some ideas can borrow from us. Well, what's the matter?

  • It is good, of course, to choose shoe packaging in such a way that they are of different sizes, but also of equal dimensions will also work.
  • Place the boxes one on the other in such a way that an interesting design is obtained.
  • On the cover of the bottom pencil mark the location of the top in all tiers.
  • Remove covers, set aside.
  • From the inside of the top box mark the hole in the bottom through which the money will fall into the lower tiers of the structure. This hole should be made as wide as possible so that the bills do not get stuck, because there will be very, very many of them, but at the same time you need to leave the sides to glue all parts of the structure.
  • Alternately, combining the previously indicated contours, in addition to the bottom box and the top cover, designate large holes for money.
  • All openings on the lids and boxes cut using a stationery knife.
  • On the top cover mark and cut a hole for money.
  • Fold all the boxes in a single design, checking the alignment of the holes inside.

  • Using a reliable adhesive, glue together all the covers and boxes, except the bottom ones: the bottom box should open, providing access to the donated money.
  • You can proceed to the decoration of the treasury.

Money Cake

If the newlyweds love sweets, for them there is an interesting solution - the wedding treasury, made with the hands of a cake. The principle is as follows:

  • Three round boxes of different diameters are located one on another at one center.
  • The holes between the boxes are cut out - just like in the previous version.
  • Boxes are fastened together, it turns out as if one whole with the decor on the lid.
  • A large box-cake is decorated. Here is the wedding treasury ready! With your own hands from the boxes to make such a miracle is possible for anyone who has even a drop of imagination and a little patience.
  • "Cake" is placed on a special stand.

Wedding box design

Wedding money boxes are very popular lately. Usually they look original, attract the attention of guests. Throughout the ceremony, they lower money in order to serve as the main general family budget.

The design of the money box should be bright, memorable, creative, and correspond to the uniform style of the event.

Wedding casket

The most popular forms of such boxes:

Most often they are made from cardboard, taken as a basis for an already finished box or cut out and glued together according to a pattern. To ensure the safety of the contents on the money box hang a beautiful lock that fits the style of the accessory. In this case, bills and envelopes are lowered through a thin slot made in advance.

The color solution is also worth considering. If the wedding is framed in any specific tones, then they should be repeated on the box. The same goes for style. Universal decor - in white, with the use of silk and traditional wedding symbols - wedding rings, flowers, figures of the bride and groom, hearts, etc.

Particularly creative newlyweds can make a big box from a large box or an ATM with their own hands, a mailbox, a house. This is a matter of taste.

Tips for making cash chest

We decided to make a chest for money with your own hands? There is nothing easier, especially if you have old boxes from under the dishes, small household appliances, shoes, sweets:

  1. Boxes with a separate lid can be simply pasted appropriately by making a narrow opening for the envelopes in the lid.
  2. In a box with a solid lid, the side faces can be cut in the shape of a semicircle or triangle, and the lid is slightly stretched so that it is easier to give a similar bend. In this case, you need to make sure that when it is closed there are no creases, crevices, dents, etc.

Using ready-made templates, you can cut out the basis for a box of almost any shape from thick cardboard, then glue it together, cut a slot for money, and start wrapping and decorating.

Elegant casket for money

Rectangular boxes, even spectacularly designed, look much less elegant than caskets resembling caskets. It is not so difficult to make such a “family bank” for a wedding with your own hands, as it may seem at first. For this you will need:

  • A box with a hinged lid or a sheet of thick cardboard.
  • Paper.
  • Glue, scissors, masking tape.

If there is no finished box, use the template to cut the blank out of cardboard, then glue and proceed to further work:

  1. Pencil draw a semicircular contour on the side faces and cut off the excess.
  2. Cut front face flush with the bottom point of the round part.
  3. Cover the lid with a ruler every centimeter so that it acquires a semicircular shape. In length, it should be such that it slightly overlaps the top of the front face. If the length is not enough, then it can be “built up” with the help of cardboard and glue.
  4. On the sides of the lid, glue the elements cut out of cardboard using a masking tape, semicircular on one side and straight on the other.
  5. Glue all the edges of the chest with masking tape.
  6. Make a hole in the lid for a money about 5–7 mm wide, not more than 15 cm long.

If a self-made chest will be used after the wedding, for example, for storing family photos or memorabilia, then it should be made into a lock. To do this, in the part of the lid that overlaps, also cut a hole, and in the same place on the front face attach a metal or cardboard loop with a slot under the clasp. If the chest is disposable, then the lid can simply be glued, in this case there is no need to draw out the box from the inside.


No matter how beautiful the foundation is, in its original form it is not suitable for a wedding, so the box should be covered in a box. This can be done using various materials:

  • Textiles - silk, velvet, satin, brocade or whatever. For the wedding in the style of boho fit natural fabrics with hand-sewn. Supporters of eco-friendly design can use linen or cotton with a rough texture, even burlap. The basis can be pasted over with a single-colored or textured fabric, and with the help of light or translucent materials to make elegant draperies. From the inside, it is also worth making upholstery using contrasting material.
  • Leather white or pastel shades.

Volume upholstery

Looks great for the money chest, upholstered with the effect of volume. You can do it yourself as follows:

  1. To fit the edges of the box cut pieces of sintepon (1-2 layers) and glue them to the base.
  2. According to the same dimensions, cut out the details for a covering from a suitable dense fabric, leaving 2-3 cm allowances.
  3. Place the fabric on top of a sintepon, securing with tailors pins.
  4. Using smooth buttons to attach the fabric to the base, placing them "diamond." The edge of each button on the reverse side bend.
  5. Paste or sheathe the inside of the box.

Instead of buttons, you can use beads, in this case, you just need to sew them to the base through all layers of fabric, placing them crosswise, as for quilted ornament.

After the base is ready, you can do absolutely any decor with your own hands with the help of:

  • Lace, satin ribbons, decorative cord.
  • Beads, rhinestones, sequins and other small accessories.
  • Ready beads of different sizes (for pearls, glass, etc.).
  • Artificial flowers, including textile.
  • Bows.
  • Decoupage.

Options for decorating the chest for money

The simpler the base, the more spectacular the decor should be. For example, if the chest is sheathed with a single-color fabric or colored cardboard, then it should be decorated on the edges with spectacular lace, ribbons, to make voluminous floral appliques.

All the decorative elements decorating wedding trunks made with your own hands are best planted on colorless silicone or superglue, some parts can be sewn or fastened with a stapler, with buttons.

When decorating a money box for a wedding with your own hands, remember that the decoration should be as appropriate as possible for the overall style of the event, the bride and groom outfits, and the last bouquet.

Beautifully laid out rhinestones hearts of different sizes, as well as sparkles. The latter can be used for drawing openwork patterns:

  1. Using a transparent glue, draw a suitable ornament.
  2. Liberally sprinkle with glitter glue.
  3. Wait for drying, shake off excess sequins.

The applications from the beads look original: with the help of pearls you can lay out one large or several smaller hearts, the edges of the slot for money, a thematic inscription.

The fabric covering can be supplemented with lace ruffles or assemblies from the same textile, hang the threads of the finished beads, and fasten a small floral arrangement from one edge.

Vintage Vintage Wedding Chest

If the base was painted white, then decoupage technique can be used for the decor:

  • Print pictures of the wedding theme, carefully cut them along the contour.
  • Spread glue with PVA glue on the chest where the pictures should be located, attach the image there and gently smooth it with a brush.

Thus you can paste over the entire box or its individual sections. In the latter case, additional decor will be appropriate. For example, you can make a spectacular decoupage in vintage style:

  1. Print a joint photo of the future spouses or two separate with each of them. The photo is best pre-styled antique.
  2. Cut a photo in the shape of an oval.
  3. Glue on the front edge or side.
  4. Around the photo to make a frame of white pearls or transparent crystals.
  5. From below or from above to fix an accurate bow.
  6. On empty sections of the box, you can stick clippings from old newspapers, notes or books with romantic poems, quotes.
  7. As an additional decor, you can use lace, satin ribbons of pastel shades, ready-made beads, feathers.
  8. Using glitters (contour colors) of silver or gold color, depending on the style, make a thematic inscription: the names or initials of the newlyweds, the wedding date or something symbolic.

By the way, the fastener at the chest for a wedding can be made magnetic, and outside this place can be designated with a beautiful bow, brooch, flower, etc.

Making cut for money

Even the most beautiful self-made wedding trunk box will look unfinished if you do not draw out the money slot. Make it very simple: just lay out the beads on the contour, rhinestones, beads, putting them on the glue. You can wrap the edges with satin ribbon or lace. If the outlines look not aesthetically pleasing, you can make a piping of a decorative cord or sequins, small flowers.

The self-made wedding money chest is a spectacular and unusual holiday accessory that will attract the attention of all guests and will become a treasure box for the family budget. And after the holiday, he will take a worthy place on the shelf, keeping in himself valuable memories of the happiest day in the life of the spouses.

Important details

Why is the wedding treasury established at the newlyweds? So that the guests could give the hero of the occasion a lot of money. So, in any such design, the most important thing is reliability, usability and, undoubtedly, beauty. Reliability is not in the fact that money is not stolen, although it is also important, but in that the product does not fall apart during the holiday. So it must be strong. If the treasury is made of drawing paper, it must be placed on a firm bottom, as much as possible all walls are strengthened. To do this, drawing paper can be decorated using wallpaper. Yes, oddly enough, but it is this available material that is most often used, since it can be of amazing colors. In addition, many types of wallpaper, vinyl, for example, will serve to sufficiently strengthen the basis of whatman paper. So first, on the sheet of paper paper on the markup, the wallpaper is glued, and only after the glue dries well, it will be possible to cut the pattern. Valves for gluing with the wallpaper is not worth it.

The hole for the money can be made standard size - a width of 10-15 mm and a length of 180-200 mm. It is located either on the lid of the treasury, or at the top of the walls - where you like it.

Wedding Decor

From what and in the form of whatever the wedding treasury was made (with your own hands, of course), it should be beautiful wedding. If the celebration is held in a certain style, then the treasury must follow the general trend in order to become an integral part of the holiday. If there is any color feature, then it must be reflected in the piggy bank. The rest of the decor of the wedding treasury can be anything - organza and chiffon, lace and silk, beads, rhinestones, flowers, birds, butterflies, pebbles, shells, glass marbles. You can use funny pictures, for example, in the style of the world famous chewing gum "Love is." Or photos of newlyweds. Everything that will create the atmosphere of love and celebration harmoniously complements the decor of the wedding treasury. It is convenient to mount all the elements with a hot gun, but if it is not there, then you can use a transparent all-purpose adhesive - “Moment” or “Titan”.

The seams, especially in the chest-type constructions, can be decorated with lace braid - it will hide the flaws in the work and unobtrusively complement the decor. The same option is the best for decorating the gap for money. But do not forget that if the design is not too strong, then you do not need to pile on it a lot of jewelry, otherwise it will simply collapse under their weight. Pastel shades of the top cover and several decorative elements together with lace braid are enough decor for the wedding treasury, made with the hands of love, happiness, wealth and well-being.