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Women's chelsea boots: description, photo, what to wear?


Beautiful women's chelsea boots in 2018 will win the hearts of many fashionistas. Today, fashion does not stand still, and many details of women's wardrobe for 2018 have some similarities with men's. In this issue, let's talk about beautiful and very unusual for the image of a girl's chelsea shoes, find out with what they can be combined and worn, and what they represent in the photo, which will be presented in the article. Women's chelsea shoes are represented by a variety of models on the platform and with fur for cool seasons. Look at the photo next model with a variety of decor options:

A variety of models of chelsea shoes in 2018 (with photos)

In fact, chelsea boots are made of genuine leather. Other materials are simply not suitable for making such original products. In fact, these shoes can not be high, their upper part barely reaches the ankle. Also, a distinctive feature of such shoes is a rounded toe, which is considered almost the hallmark of chelsea boots. By the way, often these shoes are chosen by very practical women who value their time, as they dress very easily, do not have lacing or lightning. But even in spite of this, there is simply a huge variety of models for 2018, let’s be with them further and get to know each other and see their photos, which will be presented below.

As it was said earlier, designers are used to making chelsea boots exclusively from natural materials, namely from leather. All because the artificial leather substitute just over time loses its shape and its original properties. Many girls prefer to wear chelsea boots due to the fact that they help to create the most light and original images in casual style.

One of the very fashionable and popular models of chelsea boots are products made of genuine leather with fur. For example, such shoes can be decorated with rabbit or arctic fox fur, which are colored to match the material from which the products are made. Chelsea boots with fur inserts are the trend of 2018, therefore we recommend to look at their photos, which are presented below.

In addition, such women's shoes as a chelsea on a heel are just very popular - these products will make any image very impudent and bright. Stylists recommend choosing such models for girls who want to show everyone their beauty and femininity. All because they look very harmonious and very elegant. To see this, look at the photos that can be seen below.

By the way, in one row of fashionable trends in 2018, there are chelsea on the wedge - it is they who just perfectly fit into absolutely any image. If we talk about such models, then they can be decorated with natural fur, as well as products on heels and on a flat sole, for example, it can be a fox, an arctic fox and even a mink.

Another great model for creating a beautiful look in 2018 is a classic-style chelsea boots with a flat sole. It is worth noting that they need to be able to properly wear and match with other things of women's wardrobe, which is why our stylists decided to pay special attention to this, but for now look at the photos of several more beautiful models.

How to wear women's chelsea boots on the platform and heels

Many girls pay attention to chelsea shoes, which are presented as models on the heel or platform, but not everyone chooses them to create their own image. Often, this is due to the fact that ladies simply do not know what to wear with such women's shoes. Let's understand this further together, and specially prepared photos and practical advice from leading stylists of 2018 will help with this.

Just great chelsea boots on a heel or platform look with a variety of things female wardrobe, which are designed in a business style. For example, it can be various skirts in combination with classic shirts and jackets. Chelsea boots with slim trousers and various sweaters will look very good. Look at the photo below, where it is shown with what other office and more reserved things you can wear chelsea boots in 2018.

By the way, chelsea boots by themselves are representatives of the casual style, that is, they are almost the hallmark of a casual and light look. Perhaps that is why this season, they are simply wildly popular. Often, for this reason, stylists recommend wearing them with things in the same style, these could be jeans, shorts, sweaters and of course dresses. If we talk about the latter, then just great with chelsea heels or platform will look sundresses “shirt”. So that our readers can see this for themselves, below are photos of similar everyday images.

But, despite the recommendations of stylists and image makers, remember that in 2018 the main trend of absolutely all seasons is a mixture of things in completely different styles. Yes, maybe now it’s hard to imagine a girl in an evening dress and in shoes without a heel, this year it’s easy.

It is for this reason that many stylists recommend to look closely at fashionable novelties and try to wear and match them with chelsea shoes, which are horribly fashionable and stylish this season. By the way, such products will look pretty good with torn jeans, using a combination of such wardrobe attributes, you can very easily create a harmonious and insanely attractive bow. Look at the photo a few more images that are easy to repeat yourself.

What to wear with flat shoes in 2018: ideas on the photo

Regardless of the fact that chelsea heels or platforms are simply very popular, it is worth remembering about the models on a flat sole. There is simply a huge variety of such models, which also should be able to properly wear and combine with other attributes of the wardrobe. We’ll talk about this further and see the original ideas in the photo, which just gained enormous popularity in 2018. What to wear - you can look at the ideas in the photo.

By the way, many stylists say that chelsea boots on a flat sole often differ in color, which is why you should pay attention to different options. For example, such women's shoes of light shades will look just great with various trousers and jeans. In addition, they can be easily worn with beautiful dresses and shorts.

In 2018, the image with a gray dress and midi length in combination with dark chelsea boots will look very stylish and fashionable, such a stylish bow deserves special attention, so look at his photo that can be seen below. By the way, chelsea boots with different fur inserts will look just great, such products can be easily combined with short fur coats and vests. It is worth noting that if a girl wants to save money, then you can pick up a model of genuine leather, but with faux fur. The fact is that in 2018, science made a big step forward, so now it is difficult to distinguish a fake from the original.

Such chelsea boots shoes just look great if you wear it with a variety of stylish things, which can be dresses, pants and sweaters. For example, this could be a combination of a chelsea with a bomber jacket, white jersey and midi-length skirt. Also, not bad will look such products with things that are made of materials under natural leather. In this case, you can easily complement the image with an amazing natural fur waistcoat and round glasses.

As for accessories, here it is necessary to approach with special responsibility. Women's chelsea does not welcome too catchy and touching brooches, hairpins or pendants. In this style, fit long chains under the gold on the neck, by the way in 2018 it is very fashionable to wear such accessories on the back with an open jacket. Look at the photos of the original image with women's chelsea shoes, you can can choose something of your own, or you can create your own individual and unique bow based on them.

How did the model come about?

The author of this creation is Joseph Sparks-Hall, who made it easier for the English horseback riding ladies. Lace-up shoes were for them a whole ordeal, delivered a lot of inconvenience. And in 1837, Queen Victoria first tried on chelsea boots. Subsequently, they could afford and other noble persons.

The shoes had the following features:

  • Slightly elongated round nose.
  • Ankle height.
  • Elastic inserts on the sides. This was the highlight that the English shoemaker invented. He twisted the wire into hanks, and then sheathed them with a cloth, that was how well stretchable elements were made.

The new model has gained incredible popularity among both women and men. The lack of zippers and laces made her incredibly comfortable. Find out what to wear with women's chelsea boots.

How the boots look

Consider a few features that will help distinguish chelsea from fake, so:

  • Go without lightning to the ankle.
  • They have an elongated, but not sharp, but a rounded nose.
  • Wide low heel.
  • The thin sole is made of leather.
  • The top is sewn from calfskin.

Choosing shoes, pay attention to the rubber bands, which are located on the sides, should be of high quality, durability and convenience will depend on it. At first, they will squeeze the foot, but not much, gradually the skin will sit on the leg as it should.

How to choose?

When choosing, consider the following:

  • The size of your legs. If it is large, stop on a model with a shorter spout, so that the leg does not seem even longer.
  • The purpose of the acquisition. If shoes are bought for going to work, give preference to leather classics, for walking around the city with friends, going to a cafe - from suede, to a club, you can buy a chelsea with fashionable bright inserts or textiles for a party.
  • Colour. It doesn’t matter if it is a basic palette (black, brown, gray) or other colors, as long as they successfully blend into the ensemble.

Looking ahead, we will give another tip, be careful when choosing accessories, women's chelsea boots are already an accent spot, so do not overload the image with excessive decor. And yet, they are not suitable for women very high and with magnificent forms, but only emphasize the shortcomings.

So what can you wear them with?

Women's chelsea boots are versatile shoes, because they fit almost any stylistic bow. The only advice is not to hide the top of the shoes under long trousers, this is their charm.

So, they successfully fit into a set with skirts, dresses, pants. Consider a few layout rules:

  • Shortened pants or tucked jeans are suitable for them.
  • Not compatible with thin tights, it is better to choose a tight texture or leggings.
  • Evening cocktail dresses and strict classical costumes are not combined with chelsea boots.
  • Under them you can wear socks, and even need. In tandem, they look harmonious, the main thing is not to pick up too dense and thick, forming unaesthetic folds. They can be in tone of shoes or contrast. Everything will depend on the courage of the image.

And also it is not recommended to wear tights with a net and stockings with them. Let's see what to wear with women's chelsea boots in the photo.

Heeled models

If low shoes are not friendly with the classics, then a high heel gives us this opportunity. Consider the options of sets, combined with women's chelsea shoes with heels:

  1. Chelsea + cropped skinny pants + sweater.
  2. Boots + dress shirt.
  3. Women's chelsea boots + strict pencil skirt + discreet shirt or blouse. You can add a short jacket or jacket.
  4. If you change the classic skirt to shortened strict pants, you get another stylish business bow.

This shoe is a trademark of casual style. And stylists in this trendy season recommend a mix of things from different directions in one ensemble.

Winter Chelsea Boots

The perfect complement will be to a strict coat, park, short fur coat or sheepskin coat. The latter are good both in natural design and made from eco-mechanics. The main thing is to outerwear in harmony with the image. Look at the options for sets with chelsea shoes in the photo.

Under a warm jacket, you can tie a volume bright scarf. A duet of a long knit skirt with a fur vest or short sheepskin coat will look good. Women's winter chelsea boots can be decorated with natural fur, colored in the color of shoes or go in a contrasting shade.

Here are some successful layout options for things.

So, a good tandem will create:

  • Chelsea boots and knit dress. Complement the image of tight tights and belt.
  • Cropped trousers with a shirt.
  • You can use its elongated models with leggings, or skin-tight skin.
  • Jeans shortened, tucked or narrowed down, tucked into boots with a turtleneck, over which you can wear a half-measure, sweatshirt or jumper.

A very stylish bow with tight short shorts or mini skirts. The latter will be well combined with brown boots and tight tights. Upstairs you can wear a volume pullover and a coat. Get a good autumn onions.

What else are women's chelsea boots wearing?

We give a few general recommendations, so:

  • With skirts. Styles and models may be different. A pencil skirt and case is an excellent choice for a business bow, a long one will support casual style.
  • With denim, leather, cotton and any other shorts, the length can also vary. Thanks to this thing, the legs will appear slimmer and longer.
  • With dresses and sundresses. Models and can be both from dense fabrics, and lungs, flying, from silk, for example.
  • With jeans and trousers. The first ones with perforation are admissible, they will create a magnificent ensemble, which can be supplemented with a lightweight loose shirt in the men's style.

The main thing is not to disturb the color composition. In the ensemble should not be more than three colors. If the shoes are bright, then the rest must be chosen discreet. Ensembles performed in one palette look good.

Another rule is that women's chelsea boots should be combined with contrasting things in volume, for example, slim jeans and a large knit sweater. Do not forget about accessories. This may be a leather belt in the color of shoes, for example, a hat, an interesting bag or a scarf. The image will be stylish and harmonious when everything is in moderation. And yet, all things must be neat, the slightest speck or puff can ruin your first impression of you.

What are these shoes?

Chelsea boots are ankle-high shoes with sharp but rounded toes. The sole is thin, and the heel is wide and very low. On the sides in the short tops are rubber inserts that go almost from the ankle to the very edge. And precisely such details are characteristic of shoes. And they also make shoes very comfortable, because wearing them is simple and easy: you don’t need to fasten or tie anything.

It is believed that the prototype Chelsea boots appeared in the Victorian era. And at that time such footwear was intended for horse walks and riding, and then gradually these boots went out of fashion. But, as you know, everything new is well forgotten old, and therefore in the 60s of the last century, “chelsea” was remembered again in England. And, by the way, they became popular thanks to the legendary Liverpool Four, that is, the Beatles.

How to make a choice?

How to choose chelsea boots? Here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Foot size. It would seem that you just need to choose the right shoes. But in fact, if the size of the legs is significant, then you should choose a model with a shorter and rounded nose, since a strongly pointed one will make the foot even longer and more massive.
  • Material. In the shops you can see a variety of models: leather, suede, with various inserts and even textile. And the choice should depend on the purpose of the shoe. So, if you plan to go to work in Chelsea, then it is advisable to choose practical classic leather shoes. And for walking with friends you can buy a more interesting suede model. At the same party you can wear shoes with bright inserts or made of unusual materials, such as textiles.
  • Colour. Classic is black. But it is possible to choose dark brown or dark blue "chelsea", they are also in the trend. And to create a light spring look fit all shades of beige.

What clothes to combine?

What can I wear with chelsea boots? In fact, such shoes can be considered almost universal, because it is combined with a variety of items of clothing and fits perfectly in both business and strict style, and in casual. And yet some rules and tricks exist.

Tips for men

Men's chelsea boots can be worn with both classic trousers and jeans. But in any case, they should not be too wide, it is better to choose slightly narrowed (but not fitting along the entire length).

Some interesting tandems:

  • Chelsea boots, a plain shirt and a classic suit (i.e. jacket and pants). В холодное время года такой комплект можно дополнить пальто.
  • «Челси», зауженные брюки и клетчатая рубашка.
  • Джинсы, ботинки и джемпер.
  • Брюки, «челси» и водолазка. Такой комплект подойдёт как для повседневной носки, так и для работы в офисе.

Кстати, стилисты советуют представителям сильного пола особое внимание уделить длине брюк. It should be such that when bending the legs at the knees (for example, while sitting), the legs do not become bare and the socks are not visible. In addition, it is desirable to choose socks to match shoes. And one more rule: shoes in any case should be darker than clothes. And the classic and universal color, of course, is black.

Tips for women

Women's chelsea can be worn with dresses, trousers or jeans. But be sure to follow some important rules:

  • Shoes should be open, so if you decide to combine them with pants, then choose a shortened model. And jeans surely tuck.
  • Such shoes should not be worn with thin kapron tights, in which case the image may seem disharmonious. It is better to prefer them tight tights or leggings.
  • Under the “chelsea” boots you can and should wear socks, and they can go beyond the edges of the tops, it looks especially stylish and unusual. If you want to create a discreet or casual look, then choose socks to match the shoes, and to give the tandem originality and brightness, stop at some bright shade. But in any case, the socks should not be too thick or fold.
  • Remember that these shoes are not combined with classic dress shoes, as well as with wide or flared trousers.
  • In no case do not wear a chelsea with cocktail and even more evening dresses, this will make the image disharmonious and ridiculous.

Successful combination options:

  1. A simple knit dress, chelsea and tight tights or leggings. The final touch can be a belt.
  2. Boots, narrow cropped trousers and shirt.
  3. Long shirt (or shirt dress), leggings and chelsea. On the photo and live this image looks easy, at ease and at the same time feminine.
  4. Slim tucked tops or skinny and tucked jeans, turtleneck, pullover, jumper or sweatshirt, and boots.
  5. Short flared skirt, black translucent tights, socks or leggings, jumper, turtleneck or pullover and chelsea.
  6. Tight panty hoses, pencil skirt, boots and blouse.
  7. Shorts (denim or thick fabric), top or t-shirt, chelsea and socks.

As for outerwear, coats, trench coats, raincoats, thick cardigans and parks are ideally combined with the shoes in question.

Now a few words about accessories. And it is worth starting, of course, with bags. In principle, almost all models are combined with chelsea, from clutches to everyday bags-bags or briefcases. But in any case, such an accessory should be as simple and discreet as possible, so bright and fancy decorative details are not allowed. As a headdress, you can choose a simple hat with narrow fields, or, for example, takes with a visor.

Jewelry can be original and stylish. For example, you can use massive pendants, wide bracelets, long beads and so on. And it is advisable to choose earrings calm and not too eye-catching.

Wear shoes properly and with pleasure!

Black classic

Black leather chelsea has already been thoroughly registered in the wardrobe of many fashionable women and business women, they look noble and laconic. Without unnecessary embellishment, bells and whistles and decor - they correspond to the business style. What to wear? The pencil skirt, your favorite jeans, and the overcoat will make a great combination, and they will also form a good basis for your entire wardrobe. In the spring, it will be possible to add various bright accents (bags, hats, scarves, glasses), and thus complete the image at no extra cost.


Colored chelsea

In the best way will decorate your daily image, will add bright accent, will help to show style. Contrary to stereotypes, colored chelsea are relevant not only for young but also for more serious women.


The only color shoes can visually "cut" the leg and make you lower and fuller. It is important to choose a color that will match with your rest of the wardrobe and the chosen outfit. Not too bright and brandy. For example, brown chelsea heels with wood trim.


Rough sole

Chelsea on a rough sole will perfectly fit into a casual look, thanks to the refined simplicity of the design, and a steady heel, a sole with a protector will help you safely and safely move along slippery streets of the city.


Polished leather

Casual shoes don't have to be boring. The easiest way to liven up your wardrobe is to buy patent leather shoes. Such a fashionable model Chelsea collects likes on Instagram as well as classics; it will draw attention to your look. It will help you to feel yourself on the level cooler.


What is it

Chelsea are short boots without laces and zippers, but always with elastic inserts. The sock on such shoes is usually pointed or rounded. This is the perfect choice for the ever-mixing girls who lead an active lifestyle. Their convenience can not be compared with any shoes, but a stylish appearance - quite.

This model of shoes was boldly borrowed by women of fashion from the wardrobe of a strong half of humanity. They are so comfortable, beautiful and elegant that girls just could not accept that such shoes would belong only to men.

Women's variation of men's chelsea

Of course, the female version of the chelsea has a number of differences and looks more refined. Often such shoes imply the presence of heels and various decor. Welcome to the game with colors.

Fashionable chelsea with heel and decor