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How can I cool the room in the heat?


In summer, the temperature in houses and apartments can reach 30 or more degrees Celsius. If there is air conditioning in the room, it will lower the air temperature to a predetermined mark in a few minutes. However, this technique is not for everyone. Therefore, today we will consider the question of how to cool a room without air conditioning in various ways.

Air the house in time

The lowest summer temperature is observed from 4 to 7 o'clock in the morning. At this time, the maximum should be “saturate” the room with fresh and cold air. But if you do not want to get up so early, open the windows in the evening, at about 10: 22-22: 30. Airing the apartment is one of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature in the room. But it remains effective as long as the above schedule of action is respected. Opening the window at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, you only exacerbate the situation, saturating the room with hotter air.

Regular air moistening

What can cool the room? Of course, the easiest way is to use water skillfully. In order to reduce the temperature in the room by 2-5 degrees, you should regularly humidify the air. This is done using a conventional spray. In stores you can buy special humidifiers, but this is a much more expensive option. The easiest method is to fill an empty container from under any window cleaner with running water. Spray it every hour around the room. This water can be sprayed on yourself. As the liquid evaporates, your skin will feel a noticeable coolness.

How to cool the room in the heat with foil? Oddly enough, but this material can perfectly cope with the high temperature in the room. Reflective foil can be purchased at any hardware store. It is better that it was on a roll of 5 meters or more. This foil should be stuck on the inner or outer surface of the windows and on the walls. For the best effect, the entire area of ​​glass and wallpaper is glued. Pay particular attention to rooms whose windows face the south and south-west. It is there that the highest intensity of the sun is observed. Therefore, such premises must be pasted over with foil. In this case, the material will reflect the heat, and the room will be cool for a long time. This cooling method is very efficient, since sunlight does not penetrate to carpets, furniture and other interior elements, from which air is subsequently heated. Studies have shown that any room is heated not directly from the hot air, but from objects that fall on the sunbeam. The latter, in turn, creates heat exchange with air, which causes choking in the apartment. True, the walls will not add beauty to the interior with foil-covered walls, so this method doesn’t have so many fans.

How to cool a room in the summer without foil? If you do not want to buy foil and paste over windows with it, you can simply install blinds instead of curtains. How can you cool a room in this way? The principle of operation of blinds is very simple. During the day, keep them in the closed state, so that sunlight will be 90% retained on the thin metal plates of the device.

Thanks to the blinds, you not only cool the room, but also modernize the interior design of your home. But like curtains, they need regular care - at least a couple of times a year they must be cleaned with a means to remove dust and dirt.

Hide extra stuff

Items such as blankets, wool textiles, etc. are recommended to be hidden in the closet. The air temperature is especially reduced when the carpet is removed from the room. It is he who is the main heat reflector, which prevents the penetration of cold from the floor to the rest of the room. You can also remove and wall carpets. By the way, if the room is too wet, a mold or a fungus can form under them. Therefore, before re-hanging the carpet on the wall, treat the surface with a special anti-fungal agent.

How to cool the room in the heat with ice?

Using ice, like spraying water, can reduce the room temperature by a few degrees Celsius. To do this, it is enough to freeze several ice cubes in the refrigerator, and then throw them into the plate. Gradually they will melt and cool the air temperature.

Kitchen usage schedule

On hot summer days, try at a minimum to use a gas stove and oven. This significantly increases the temperature of the air, after which it is simply impossible to be in the kitchen. Gradually, all the hot air spreads around the perimeter of the house, which is highly undesirable for those who prefer coolness.

Electronic devices

It is not recommended to use electrical appliances during the day, which significantly heat the apartment. These are vacuum cleaners, irons, personal computers, printers and televisions. Pay special attention to the last item. If you are not watching TV, turn it off, because, in addition to rising temperatures, electricity bills will also increase. If you have an electric towel rail, cover it with foil or use it only in extreme cases. Such equipment always heats the air in any room.

Wet sheet

There is another interesting tip on how to cool a room in the heat without air conditioning. It consists in the use of several bowls (basins) with water and sheets. How to cool the room in the heat with the help of these elements? Everything is very simple. The basin should be placed near the door, and the sheet should be hung so that its ends are in contact with water. The fabric gradually absorbs water, thereby cooling the entire room. It is important that the area of ​​the lying sheet is as large as possible. Remember, the wider and longer it is, the faster evaporation and heat exchange occur.

Proper nutrition

In the heat try to drink as much liquid as possible. Strangely enough, but it is hot tea that best of all helps the body to endure the heat, as the body temperature rises slightly, plus there is a sweating effect. Ice water creates a deceptive effect - in fact, it awakens thirst in humans. Drink liquid at room temperature and eat cold dishes. Among the latter can be noted okroshka, milk, vegetables and fruits, as well as salads. In addition, your body will be saturated with enough vitamins, which will effectively fight viruses and infections in the winter.

We make air conditioning from the fan

How to cool a room with a fan? Make it quite real. For this we need one fan and several liters of running water. Naturally, all liquid must be filled in a specific container (a container such as plastic bottles and bowls). Fill the container with water and place it in the freezer for several hours. After the liquid has turned into years, remove the container back, then put it in front of the fan. Remember that the air flow from the blades should go exactly on this tank. How to quickly cool a room with these simple elements? As practice shows, the first result is already expected in 10-15 minutes of the fan. But so that the air does not heat up again, as the ice melts, the tanks should be replaced with more cooled ones.

Do not use the fan when you are not in the room. If you think that this device, according to the air conditioner principle, reduces the air temperature in a few minutes, you are deeply mistaken. The fan only moves air from one side to another, while its electric motor heats up considerably. The feeling of coolness you get only if the air flow will be directed at you, and best of all - from the cooled containers, as described earlier.

Alternative way

There is another method of cooling a room with a fan. But here we will use an unusual fixture. It is called the ceiling fan. Such devices we often see in Venezuelan and Mexican films. However, this does not mean that it cannot be purchased in Russia. It costs about 3-4 thousand rubles. Such a device is absolutely silent, does not create drafts during operation and does not at all heat the room with its motor. Using such a device is very difficult to catch a cold. The operation of the ceiling fan does not interfere with watching TV, or working on a PC. At the same time you will quickly feel that the room has become easier to breathe.

So, we figured out how to cool the room in the heat without using expensive air conditioners. As you can see, it is not necessary to use expensive equipment for this - all of the above methods are very simple and effective. And you can check their work right now, without using specialized devices.

Tip one: create a shadow

Well, when in the apartment there is always direct sunlight. However, this can be a real torture when the scorching sun's rays heat the air in the room all day long. This means that it is imperative to create a shadow, thereby providing a saving coolness.

Moreover, this method helps to effectively deal with the "burning out" of wallpaper and interior items. You can create a shadow in a variety of ways, but the most effective tips are the following:

  • if you live in a private house or on the lower floors of a high-rise building, you can plant trees with a lush crown, bushes or climbers next to the windows to help protect from the hot sun rays,
  • hang thick curtains with low light transmission on the windows in summer and resort to their help at the moment when the sun is just beginning to shine through the windows. You can also use the shutters - an excellent device that provides not only reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation and heat, but also ensures the safety of your home. If the shutter is not, in the heat you can be saved by installing blinds, or gluing a special reflective film on the windows. It is important to use non-metal blinds, as they heat up quickly and help to increase the heat in the apartment,
  • When installing PVC windows, order special varieties that have a reflective coating. Externally, these glasses are no different from ordinary ones, but they help to keep warm in summer and, on the contrary, in the winter to keep it indoors,
  • if you have a balcony or a loggia, you can hang thick curtains there too. It should be borne in mind that the fabric, as a rule, quickly burn out, so you should not choose too expensive varieties for the balcony.

Instead of curtains, other options are also suitable - for example, roller and Roman blinds made of thick fabric or bamboo, as well as non-metallic blinds.

Tip two: keep warm air

On hot days in summer, it is very important not to allow heated air flows into the apartment. Thanks to this method, it is possible to hold back the rise in temperature for a few hours and get rid of discomfort. Here is what you can do:

  • during the day it is desirable to keep the windows closed - this will significantly reduce the heating of the air. It is also important to take care that the access door is also tightly closed, which will help create a cool "airbag" between the street and your front door,
  • Be sure to protect the balcony from heating, as it heats up quickly and slowly cools, which will significantly slow down the room temperature decrease in the evening.

By following these simple rules, you can comfortably spend time indoors, even if outside the window a thermometer exceeds 35 degrees of heat.

Tip three: create an air conditioner with your own hands

It will be much easier to get rid of the heat if there is a fan in your house. It forms the movement of air flow in the apartment, helping to cool the surface of the skin, and thus creates a feeling of coolness.

In the summer, the devices should be positioned so that the airflows hit the ceiling, which will create the correct air exchange and prevent the thermometer from rising. However, you can make the unit even more efficient if you additionally cool the air blown by the fan. Do the following:

  • take a few (4-6 pieces) bottles with still water, and put them in the freezer,
  • 6-8 hours later, remove the ice bottles and tie them together with adhesive tape,
  • turn on the fan, put the resulting structure at a distance of about 20-30 cm from it so that the air flows through the ice "hill". After a few seconds you will feel how the room becomes much more comfortable.

This method helps to quickly and effectively get rid of the heat in the apartment - with its help it is possible to reduce the temperature by 3-5 degrees.

Tip Four: use water

Long ago, when there was no mention of air conditioning and other air-cooling appliances, people used ordinary water to save from heat. Moisture evaporating from the surfaces can significantly reduce the ambient temperature, but with one condition - the room should be dry. You can do the following:

  • place containers with cold water everywhere. For efficiency, you can add ice to them.
  • periodically wash the floor using cool water. This method is especially effective in the late afternoon - it helps in a few minutes to cool the air masses in the apartment,
  • on the doors or windows you can hang a wet cloth - for example, sheets. It is important that the humidity in the room is quite low.

Similar methods in combination with others described above will help to make even a strong heat comfortable, cool the apartment and allow you to forget about overheating. You can also use the following tips:

  • in the evenings and mornings, create indoor drafts to help refresh the air,
  • do not use without any need any heating devices - lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.,
  • try not to cook in the afternoon on the stove - give up hot dinners during the hot days.

This article has reviewed the most effective means of cooling indoor air. If the listed methods are used in a complex and wise way, it is possible to achieve tangible results and significantly improve the quality of your life even in the hottest times.

Little "tricks" wise hostess

1. Windows in the apartment - "weak link". Strengthen it! Ideally, white or silver metal blinds will help us - the sun's rays are better reflected. Fabric shutters with a protective thermo-layer, white thick curtains or absolute mast - hev in the fight against solar radiation - a light-reflecting foil will also help. Great if it is insulating - a sandwich made of foil and foamed polypropylene remarkably prevents the apartment from heating through the window. Experienced heat fighters close the windows with such foil from their outer side - this is how the room practically does not heat up.

2. Airing - only at night. The temperature drops after sunset - it's time to thoroughly ventilate the apartment. Opening the windows in the afternoon - let in not fresh air, but red-hot infusion in the apartment. If there is complete calm on the street - we put the fan on the windowsill. Fresh air goes faster.

3. Moisturize the air. In humid air, heat is transferred more easily. Turn on the humidifier at full capacity or hang wet sheets. Instead of our favorite curtains we hang cloths of wet tissue, and so that they do not dry out - we lower the edge into the basin with cold water.

4. We remove more often. Wet cleaning lowers the room temperature a couple of degrees. We wipe the floors in the apartment more often - do not be lazy!

5. Bath + cold water. We use non-standard methods of moistening and cooling. We collect a full bath of cold water, we can even add ice to it, and open the door. You can put a fan in the bathroom - it will blow humid and cool air into the apartment. But the method is suitable for those who do not have water meters.

6. Pipes with hot water and heated towel rails in the bathroom are worn in a “fur coat” of warm blankets or special thermal insulation for pipes. We do not need an extra heat source!

7. We remove too much. Carpets on the walls, carpets on the floor, bedspreads, pillows on the sofas, stacks of books and newspapers are amazing drives not only of dust, but also of heat. Ruthlessly throwing away or remove from the apartment all this at least for a while.

8. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving or LED. After all, an ordinary incandescent bulb raises the temperature in the room by a degree. And if there are five or more of them in the chandelier?

9. We try to cook less on the stove or in the oven. And so hot, and the process of cooking borscht or favorite pies will add heat to the apartment.

10. Turning off electrical appliances. Working appliances heat up — less modern, older ones more — and heat the air in the apartment. Turn off the computer and take up the smartphone, TV - the legacy of the grandmother - pull out of the socket.

11. Охлаждаем воздух. Нам поможет самодельный кондиционер из вентилятора и бутылок с замороженной водой на подносе. Направляем поток воздуха на ледяные бутылки и наслаждаемся легкой прохладой.

12. Охлаждаем постельное белье. Некоторые экстремалы спят в жару под мокрыми простынями, но это чревато заболеваниями и отсыревшим матрасом. But to cool the bedding in the freezer or refrigerator to a comfortable temperature more simply and safely.

More global methods with heat in an apartment are possible:

- wall insulation, because the thick wall warms up longer,

- installation of protective canopies - awnings on windows,

- tinting of glass with a special transparent but reflective film,

- gardening of the local area - the trees perfectly protect from the sun, however, they grow for a long time.

These simple tips are simple to implement and effective in practice. And let the coolness and sea breeze come with you in the summer heat!

Systematic airing of the room

Creating a constant flow of air can reduce the temperature in the room. Remember some points:

  • The lowest temperature is fixed in the time interval from 4 to 7 in the morning. It is at this time is to saturate the room with freshness and coolness. If you have no idea how to wake up so early, then open the windows the night before at 22.00-22.30.

  • Airing is perhaps the most effective way to cool, if you do not break the schedule.
  • If you open the windows at 12-16 o'clock, you only aggravate the situation more, because the room will be filled with burning air.

Systematic moistening of the apartment

  • To cool the room in the heat of 2-5 degrees, regularly humidify the air. You can do this with an ordinary spray.
  • The heat is noticeable even more if the house has low humidity, but the increased one is also not acceptable. The main thing is the right balance.
  • In order to cool you can hang wet clothes around the room or sprinkle water from curtains on the curtains.
  • Arrange around the perimeter of the container with water, and if desired, you can spice it with a few drops of aromatic oils of citrus, mint or lavender.
  • We recommend to fill the container from under the dishwashing liquid with running water. Every hour, spray the liquid over the entire area of ​​the apartment. And for more effect, spray some liquid onto yourself. With evaporation, the body will noticeably cool.

Using foil to cool the room

Oddly enough, this material copes with high temperatures.

  • Purchase rolls of 5 meters or more.
  • This material should be glued to the walls or windows from either side. To achieve the maximum effect, paste over the glass area completely.
  • This method is especially relevant if you live in an apartment with windows facing south-west and south. It is there that there is a high intensity of sunlight.
  • It is also possible to cool the house in hot weather with foil because the material prevents the sun from penetrating carpets, furniture and other elements of the interior, from heating of which the temperature rises.
  • Researches of scientists proved that every room is heated not just from the air, but from objects on which the rays fall. Heated objects get into heat exchange with the air, which is why the suffocating heat in the house arises.
  • The only negative is the aesthetic component. Poured on the walls and glass foil does not add beauty to the interior.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains not only give the room coziness and beauty, but also helps to adjust the air temperature.

  • Starting from 8.00 or even earlier, close the curtains tightly so that the sun's rays do not penetrate inside.
  • Get heavy heavy curtains, and curtain windows facing south.

Interesting! Curtains are considered impermeable, if not a single ray has penetrated through the stretched fabric.

  • Do not buy products made of synthetic materials, because when heated, they will exacerbate the heat.

Dimming glasses

This method is suitable for residents of southern apartments.

  • A special shading film is attached to the entire area of ​​the window for protection. It is most often greenish and bluish, and its action is aimed at preventing the penetration of sunlight.
  • The disadvantage of this method is that natural colors are lost behind the windows.

Blinds for cooling

If you do not want to glue the windows with foil, you can easily replace their blinds.

  • Thin stripes, closed all day, hold up to 90% of sunlight.
  • Decide on the material from which the strips will be made. For maximum absorption of the sun is better to choose wood.
  • Blinds should be washed efficiently at least a couple of times a year.
  • To create a cozy atmosphere, choose fabric vertical Roman blinds.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Have you noticed that walking in the summer on a bare, cool half is a pleasure?

  • The solution will be getting rid of the palace and sending it to the cleaning. It is he who becomes a reflector that prevents the penetration of coolness from the floor into the room.
  • If you are the owner of wall carpets, it is better to remove and clean them.
  • Removing the flooring, check the condition of the floor. If it is too wet, a fungus may appear on the surface. Remove mold and primer.

Use of cooling ice

Cooling an apartment without a split system using simple ice will turn out a few degrees. To do this, freeze the molds with water in the freezer, and after freezing, throw a few cubes on a plate.

Use of kitchen

  • To cool the air in the summer, try to minimize the work in the kitchen.
  • A working oven or hob significantly increases the temperature in the room. After hours of work the stove to be in the kitchen is simply unrealistic.
  • Note that the heating occurs from both the ignited gas and the electric stove.

Wet cleaning

  • In summer and early spring, wet cleaning should be carried out as often as possible.
  • By wet cleaning means wiping windows, shelves, doors, washing floors and changing bed linen.
  • This method will quickly reduce the heat, and evaporation of moisture normalizes heat exchange processes.

Wet sheets

Another tip for cooling a room in heat without air conditioning.

  • You will need a basin of water and sheets.
  • Place a basin near the door, and hang a sheet on the door so that its edges touch the liquid. Fabric, gradually absorbing water, will give the room coolness.
  • In this case, you should choose a larger sheet.

Homemade air conditioning

It is possible to cool the room with a fan, for this you will need several liters of running water.

  1. Fill bottles or bowls with water, place them in the freezer for 3-4 hours.
  2. After the water has turned to ice, remove it from the freezer and install it near the fan so that the air flows from the blades blow the ice.
  3. Fans cooling the room will help after 5 minutes of work.
  4. To prolong the effect, periodically change the melting capacity to the new ice ones.

Interesting! Ventilation devices cooling the air, work on the type of movement of air from one side to another, and in the process of their motor is very hot. Use them only when you are in the room.

Interesting alternative

Cooling without air conditioning and a fan is difficult, but there is an alternative. You can see it in Brazilian TV shows. Call the fixture ceiling fan. This expensive pleasure (the price is about 4000 rubles) is absolutely silent, does not create drafts and does not heat the room with a motor.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect weather. Using the proposed methods, you will be able to cool the living space and increase the level of life comfort in the summer.