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Top 10 best books on medicine


Surely every sane person wants to have good health. But only a few know how to find it. Fortunately, some owners of such invaluable information shared it and expressed their thoughts in books. Find out which ones are really helpful.

Top 10 most famous books on health:

  1. "Healthy food" by Colin Campbell. Everyone knows that in order to be healthy, you need to eat right, and this idea is so firmly entrenched in the minds of most people that some people repeat it as a mantra, but they don’t make any sense or have no idea what kind of food it should be. health. The author reveals the secrets and literally turns the ideas about food and its benefits. He exposes the myths that unscrupulous manufacturers have imposed on us, and argues that the products with which many fill the refrigerators actually harm or even gradually kill. Of course, after reading, there may be legitimate questions, but they will become an occasion to study in depth the information about the food being sold and to choose really useful food.
  2. "Eat, move, sleep". This book, written by Tim Rath, has become a real world bestseller, and it is quite reasonable, because the author has been struggling with insidious cancer for twenty years, and very successfully. He developed the three foundations of life, which became everyday rules for him. This is food, sleep and movement. Tim believes that many people live without thinking about the future and the present, and practically do not pay attention to such seemingly unimportant trifles as preparing a healthy breakfast, sleep instead of watching TV, live communication instead of correspondence on the Internet. And although such unwritten rules are clear to everyone, having been put together, they can form a new approach to health and life.
  3. “Beauty myths. The whole truth about Botox, stem cells, organic cosmetics and much more. ". The authors of this book, Yana Zubtsova and Tiina Orasmäe-Meder, know well what concerns modern women. How to understand such a variety of modern cosmetic procedures and complex foreign terms? In order not to put experiments on yourself and not to make fatal mistakes, you should read about the most relevant and suggested by cosmetologists methods of rejuvenation and health promotion. The authors (a popular journalist and cosmetologist) exposed the fifty most common myths of the beauty world. And if you thoroughly study this information, you can gain beauty without losing your health.
  4. “Do not pretend to be healthy or dispelling illusions” V.Yu. Clermont-Williams. The author made a very loud statement, as he is confident that in his book, readers will find answers to 99% of the most pressing and exciting questions about the health of modern people. You will find out whether it is possible to live without treatment and be healthy without taking medicines, where diseases and ill health come from, whether you can give birth to a healthy child, whether you can not visit doctors at all, whether it is possible to protect yourself and your family from most of the problems that people face . The author will tell the whole truth about dietary supplements, supposedly herbal remedies and incurable diseases. After reading, you will definitely not treat your health and life in general as you did before.
  5. “Live easy”. The author of this book is a talented artist, writer and psychologist of Australian origin. And he is convinced that the complete prevention of all diseases and the guarantee of good health and a life without problems is a complete relief from stress. Andrew Mathews literally provides readers with an effective cure for feelings, depression, and bad mood. The elegant style and witty text permeated with subtle humor is supplemented with “branded” images, and all this together will certainly help you to achieve success in your studies, relationships, family and personal life, career and other areas of life. Any problem is completely solved, and even if it causes difficulties, this is not a reason to be sad and give up. Andrew’s clear, non-trivial advice is accompanied by real stories and helps to make sure how beautiful and easy it is to live.
  6. "Psychology of bad habits". The author is a practicing psychotherapist, so he explains to readers in an accessible and understandable way why it is so difficult to struggle with bad habits. It reveals the duality of human nature and some features of the brain, forcing us to repeat some actions again and again. Richard O’Connor proposes simple but effective ways of using and working out involuntary brain functions that will help not only to get rid of destructive and life-poisoning habits, but also completely change behavior.
  7. "Health in the head, not in the pharmacy". The author of this book, Alexander Sviyash, who is a qualified psychologist with extensive work experience, offers his view on where all the ailments come from. He believes that a person invents diseases for himself and gives the wrong attitudes. Readers, having studied the clearly stated information, will be able to use in practice the mechanism of a healthy and proper lifestyle.
  8. “Year lived right. 52 steps to a healthy lifestyle ", Brett Blumenthal. This book is worth reading for anyone who wants to start living properly and become healthier. The author says that it’s impossible to take and completely change one’s life and one’s life in one day. He offers to give himself a year and during this time he will fully complete the program he developed, which includes 52 changes. They are quite real and simple: new eating habits, physical activity, attitude to the world. None of these changes will cause difficulties, but in the end the reader will come to another, happy and healthy lifestyle.
  9. "Food and the brain". The author of the book, David Perlmutter, who has been a neurologist for many years, was able to establish a connection between what we eat and our mental abilities. He believes that stress, memory impairment, mood swings and insomnia can be easily eliminated by changing the diet and abandoning certain foods. It is important to always think about what you eat, and if you do not forget about it, you will be able to maintain excellent good health and sobriety of the mind to a ripe old age.
  10. "Salt, sugar and fat." This work written by Michael Moss has become a world bestseller, and it will absolutely turn your ideas about food. The author, using the examples of the largest corporations and food producers, shows how developers literally impose harmful dishes by developing so-called “points of bliss” in the laboratories, that is, the ideal proportions of the components to create a bright and enjoyable taste. But it is a disguise of sugar, salt and fat.

These were the most useful books about health that will help change the outlook on life.

1. "When breathing dissolves in the air. Sometimes fate doesn't matter that you are a doctor," Paul Kalaniti.

This book is the autobiography of the neurosurgeon Paul Kalantini, who wrote it a year before his death from cancer. The diagnosis divides the doctor's life into before and after.

This is what is valuable in the narration - a true professional finds the strength to continue to observe himself, but as a patient.

He describes in detail his actions, experiences and fears, which prove that everyone is equal before death, but it is necessary and possible to find the strength to live life to the very end.

2. "Do no harm. Stories of life, death, and neurosurgery," Henry Marsh.

The book is that doctors are people too. Medicine puts a person in the most severe conditions of choice, where the slightest mistake can lead to irreparable.

Henry Marsh is a neurosurgeon who has seen more than one death.

He clearly and openly writes about what it means to be a doctor, what ethical dilemmas confront medical professionals, what feelings the surgeon feels when his patient dies on the operating table.

The book touches the most delicate strings and turns the reader's worldview upside down thanks to the honesty with which it is written.

3. "The Surgeon's Days. Man among the People", Fedor Angles.

This work is medical, philosophical, psychological.

This is a book for a wide range of readers, written by a surgeon with great experience.

"The surgeon's everyday life. Man among the people" is practically a detective story about medicine, it is interesting in numerous cases from medical practice, a description of mysterious diseases and complex operations.

4. "Medicines: how to choose the right and safe drug", Anton Rodionov

Another work that proves how wide the medical subject is and how different genres of literature it can include.

The book by Anton Rodionov is, in fact, an instruction that will help the reader learn how to properly handle drugs and not get lost in the market for pharmacological drugs. Invaluable section with a guide to creating first-aid kits for all occasions.

5. "Encyclopedia Pathologica: Moditsina" and "Moditsina 2. Apology", Nikita Zhukov.

These are special works on the list, which are written in very simple language by a young neurologist from St. Petersburg.

Among the professional audience, the cycle of books has caused a real stir and a lot of controversy, because, like Nikita, nobody in Russia has yet written on medical topics.

The doctor criticizes, debunks myths and satirically writes about health and health care.

You can arbitrarily argue about the controversial presentation of the material, but the author managed to raise the most pressing topics of the modern city dweller, and this is what makes the book so attractive to a mass audience.

6. "The patient is reasonable. The traps of" medical "diagnosis, which everyone should know," Alexei Vodovozov

All the problems faced by the patient, using not quite standard methods of treatment, and all about how to avoid these problems - in an accessible guide from the former resonant diagnostician Alexei Vodovozov.

Despite the fact that medicine is developing in Russia, and information about the correct methods of treatment and diagnosis is becoming more accessible, which is facilitated by the activities of the Doctor TV channel, unfortunately, the number of medical charlatans is still high.

Therefore, this book will be useful to all without exception, because no one wants to spend their time and money on useless methods of treatment.

7. "Ten Greatest Discoveries in the History of Medicine", Meyer Friedman, Gerald Friedland.

Established by the Doctor TV channel, the Ministry of Health of Russia and the PwC Medical Literary Medical Prize Sanity, there is a separate nomination dedicated to books on discoveries in the field of medicine.

This will include books such as The Ten Greatest Discoveries in the History of Medicine.

This is a very important area of ​​literature, which tells about how the development of medical science is going and what a huge way has already been left behind.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, the book is written in an entertaining and very accessible language.

8. "Surgeon's Journey through the Body of a Man", Gavin Francis

Apparently, due to the specific nature of the work, surgeons acquire a truly philosophical outlook on life and, as a result of long practice, they have a desire to transmit it on paper.

In the work of Gavin Francis fit and philosophical treatise, and historical essay, and medical narration. Reading is not easy, but real connoisseurs of medical literature will appreciate this book.

9. "Where the Heart Beats. Notes of the Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon", Rene Pretr

Another book from the surgeon on our list. Truly touching stories from the life of a doctor and his patients.

The plot is simple - a doctor like a real superhero among us. He saves lives every day and, what is most terrible, often far from elderly people are standing in the face of death ... You will most likely cry while reading this book, there is nothing more to add.

10. "Hormones rule the world", Andrei Kamensky, Maria Maslova, Anastasia Graf

A work on a narrower topic of medicine, but no less interesting. The fact that hormones strongly affect health and well-being is known to everyone, but how exactly?

The answer to this question remains for the ordinary person to be something from the sphere of the unknown. This book will tell about the work of the endocrine system and what needs to be done in order for it to function without fail.