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Top 8 best countries for shopping


What, better than the rest, improves your mood, increases vitality and makes you forget about all the problems? Of course, a productive and exciting shopping! Who, if not women, knows that sometimes buying a new, even the most insignificant thing, can please and inspire a hundred times more than any other entertainment.

And what to say, if you go shopping in the most famous and best shopping centers, markets and boutiques of the world? Multicolored lights, thousands of unique shops and shops, music, people, colorful windows and the latest fashion innovations - a real paradise for the active shooter!

If you feel that you are not able to overcome the love of branded packages, famous brands and the sea of ​​colorful hangers, then perhaps you should think about traveling to one of the following cities in the world.

New York, USA

Opens our top 10 best cities for shopping abroad, of course, chic and comprehensive New York. If you do not have huge funds that are not a pity to spend on shopping, then even a walk between the multi-colored windows, which themselves have become a landmark, will give you great pleasure.

Lovers of exclusive and expensive things just have to go to the famous Fifth Avenue with its elite legendary store Saks Fifth Avenue.

Perhaps this is the most famous store in America, which provides a wide range of products, starting with clothes and shoes, ending with home decor items, and all the presented goods are exclusively of the luxury class.

Do not forget to stroll through Manhattan, take a look at Madison Avenue, well, and if you are in search of fashionable and democratic clothing, then you are on a direct route to the youth East Side.

Tokyo, Japan

In the department stores of this city you can buy absolutely everything: from small accessories, clothing and equipment, to freshly caught fish, macaroons and breathtaking donuts. That only is the famous department store Wako, which was founded back in 1881 by the famous author of the Japanese watch brand.

By the way, the first floor of the department store is still occupied by the very impressive Seiko watch store, which is the pride of Wako. Not to mention Ginza’s favorite shopping district with its most famous shopping center Mitsukoshi, where even the most demanding visitors can satisfy their tastes and desires.

London, England

Most reputable publications agreed that it was London that became the main trading capital of Europe, because here the number of shops and boutiques with local and international brands is increasing at a crazy speed.

Behind the modesty of the design, which is inherent in English storefronts, are hiding ultramodern design solutions with regards to the goods being sold. Be sure to visit the trading empire of Harrods, which includes 330 diverse departments and points where you can find everything from food to banking services.

The prices here, of course, are not low, but you can come to Harrods not only for the sake of active shopping, but also for aesthetic pleasure - which is what the inimitable design of the Egyptian hall is worth!

Bangkok, Thailand

If you ever get to the capital of Thailand, then be sure to go to the country's famous and largest market - Chatuchak. This is a real paradise for an experienced shooter, spread out on 14 hectares of land!

Here you can find everything that befits a true Asian market: world-class silks, antiques, works of art and souvenirs, handicrafts and high-quality jewelry, jewels, and much more that millions of shopping lovers could dream of.

Paris, France

What is shopping without the capital of world fashion? Naturally, no! Be sure to go to the famous Boulevard Osman, where the leader of all the malls of the city - Galeries Lafayette.

This is not only one of the largest and most fashionable shopping complexes in the city, it is also an amazing piece of architecture, which is protected by the state, like a real historical monument. Once it was one of the small Parisian department stores, but over time, it has grown to enormous size and now it is the most important place for all Parisian fashionistas and fashionistas.

Los Angeles, USA

The famous Rodeo Drive Street, which was literally immortalized in the famous movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts, is located in the City of Angels. Here you will find the most luxurious and elite boutiques in the world, because their names are Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and so on.

The prices here are appropriate, but did this once stop the real shoppers? Hollywood stars are doing their shopping here, would you really like to face Brad Pete on the way out or wave Angelina Jolie with a pen?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Go to the largest pedestrian shopping street of the city, because it is here that the vast majority of shops are located, ranging from small souvenir shops, ending with expensive boutiques of premium class.

Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of shopping, on the street you can meet a lot of interesting people, street performers, magicians and, of course, tourists from all over the world who are fully immersed in the shopping process.

Amsterdam, Holland

The capital of Holland is hardly chosen exclusively for shopping, however, this industry here is 100% developed. The most popular place for shopping was the central department store Bijenkorf, which is located on Dam Square.

Nearby you can look at another, more affordable Magna Plaza shopping center. For the most inexpensive, but, nevertheless, fascinating shopping, it is better to go to Kalverstraat, which is also located in the center of Amsterdam.

Milan, Italy

One of the most desirable cities to visit among the real shopaholics. And this is no accident, because in the second capital of fashion you can find absolutely everything, plus everything that impresses with exclusive and unique designer boutiques, which are located in the golden quarter of Il Quadrilatero d’Oro.

The main shopping center of all Milan fashionistas is the legendary 10 Corso Como.

Singapore City State

How in this ranking can not mention one of the most developed and dynamic cities in the world? After all, only here is located the famous shopping bay with a length of 2 km, which later became one of the most famous sights of the country.

Here you can satisfy your every whim, take a look at the Coach and Prada windows, and maybe buy as well, stock up on unique souvenirs, works of art and, of course, good technology.

5. United Arab Emirates

The pleasure of shopping in the UAE does little to compare with. This state is a well-known free trade zone, there are almost no import duties, so goods from around the world in local shopping centers cost very little. Most has to shopping Dubai, in which all the main shops are located on the main streets of the city. Shopping in the Emirates can be done on any day except Friday - Muslims have this day off, so most shopping facilities are closed. In the emirate of Dubai, you can find almost anything: shoes and clothing of the most famous brands, modern household appliances, skilled jewelry and gorgeous gold jewelry.

Turkey has long become a synonym for good shopping for Russians. Russian tourists come here not only to relax in the sea and bask in the sun, but also to survey local shops. In Istanbul alone, there are many shopping centers and markets, the variety of goods in which, and the quality is not much inferior to European. It is advisable to go to Turkey for everyday clothes and leather goods, because in the country there are many enterprises producing just such goods. Especially interesting are the Turkish bazaars, which sell any products at very attractive prices. As is customary in eastern countries, you should bargain here, with sufficient skill in this matter, the initial price can be reduced by 1.5-2 times.

7. United Kingdom

In the capital of the United Kingdom, London is just a haven for shopping. Here you can find the most exclusive and unusual clothes from famous brands with well-established names, as well as daring young designers. Oxford Street, one of the world's longest shopping streets, has become a very lively place for shopping. There is a huge variety of boutiques, shopping centers and department stores selling not only the latest fashion items of clothing, but also magnificent glass and porcelain products, rare books.
In Britain, sales time is usually associated with Christmas (December) and the following month (January).

Nowadays, the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is among the top cities in the world best suited for shopping. From here, happy buyers can take away a lot: silk and cotton clothes, sportswear, hand-made souvenirs, silverware, bags, shoes, ceramics, jewelry and precious stones. The advantage of shopping in Bangkok is the proximity of the most important retail outlets to hotels for foreigners. Unique shopping here can be in local markets where any customer will find anything, and very inexpensive.
We can recommend shopping lovers to go to Chatuchak - the largest Sunday market in Southeast Asia. It is so great that those who like to shop or simply wish to gaze at the exotic and cannot get around it in two days.

10 best cities for shopping

Shopping is a disease, a cure for the blues, and a fun time with friends. That is why it would be nice to know which cities are considered the best for shopping. We chose them according to several parameters.

Transport: quality of public transport, availability and availability of a taxi.
Price: The cost of goods, as well as seasonal discounts.
Variability: The number of brands available, stores of various categories, department stores, boutiques and markets.
Service: The beauty of the city, the quality of decorated shop windows, the friendliness and competence of employees and service personnel.

10 place - Madrid
Transportation: 6 points
Price: 6 points
Variability: 4 points
Service: 7 points
Total: 23 points

Madrid receives our credit cards simply because it is Madrid. Warm and very friendly city. In the index Globe shopper, which tracks the prices of luxury goods around the world, the capital of Spain ranks third, so you should definitely go here for luxury goods. The transport system is up to standard, but, of course, siesta is doing its job.

In terms of product variability, Madrid, unfortunately, is inferior to many European cities. And all because the authorities are trying to promote local brands and are doing everything possible so that they are in the Madrid market. Stand up without problems can only luxury brands such as LV and Dior. But we have found for you two places that can impress your imagination.

This is Capas Seseña, a brand that was founded in 1901 and offers traditional woolen capes to its customers. Clients enviable - Pierce Brosnan and Hillary Clinton. And they even say that Picasso was buried in the Capas Seseña cape. The second place - Casa de Diego - a souvenir shop where you can buy all the possible items related to Spain: from mantilla to castonet.

Capas Seseña, Calle de la Cruz, 23, 28012 Madrid
Casa de Diego, Puerta del Sol, 12. 28013 Madrid

9th place - Dubai
Transportation: 6 points
Price: 6 points
Variability: 8 points
Service: 4 points
Total: 24 points

Whatever one may say, Dubai is a very eccentric city, where gold bullion is sold in machines, and diamonds of several carats are glued to the machines. Despite the desert, in the center of which the city is located, there are no problems with transport. Taxi is very cheap and there is no problem to order it. These are mostly Toyota, with different caliber - from camry to land cruiser.

The miniature shopping kingdom is located in Dubai Mall, the largest mall with theme parks, dancing fountains, an Olympic-sized skating rink, an aquarium and shopping centers in the center, such as the French Galeries Lafayette and the first Bloomingdales outside the US. If there is not enough variety of goods in the Dubai Mall - go to the Mall of The Emirates, where in addition to the shops there is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

With prices here, everything is simple - there are cheap things, and there are very expensive ones. Very cheap appliances, but items for the house are expensive. Service leaves much to be desired. Many sellers come from the former CIS, most often women who married Arabs. When they meet their “own” - the conversation with the goods smoothly passes to the questions “well, how is it there” or “and here we are.” Agree, the desire to buy something immediately disappears.

One of the most valuable events held at the Dubai Mall is the annual shopping festival, which invites visitors for big sales in January and February. Electronics, clothing and more can be bought at a 70 percent discount.

Dubai Mall, Doha Street, Dubai
Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 3, Dubai

8th place - Vienna
Transportation: 6 points
Price: 8 points
Variability: 3 points
Service: 8 points
Total: 25 points

In Vienna, it is difficult to make purchases due to the fact that many stores close early, so you need to start shopping early in the morning. But in the index Globe shopper The capital of Austria ranks second in terms of the cost of branded items, so you need to go here. There is no variety as such, but it is quite possible to find something interesting.

No matter how strange it may sound, but you also need to come to Vienna for food - this is what is in bulk here. On the centuries-old market square Naschmarkt during the holidays you can see more than 120 stalls with local food: pancakes, exotic cheeses and seafood. You can also buy so many glass trinkets and handmade jewelry almost for nothing, that you can give them to relatives and friends for a whole year. And the service here is just incredible, so even because of it, you can visit this colorful city.

Naschmarkt, 1060 Vienna

7th place - Buenos Aires
Transportation: 6 points
Price: 8 points
Variability: 6 points
Service: 7 points
Total: 27 points

The success of shopping is made up of two components - sexual dance moves + sexy Argentine climate. And this formula works for all who come here to shop. In particular, for the skin, which is of very high quality here, but extremely inexpensive. If everyone used to go to Turkey for their skin, now is the time to change stereotypes and go for this product to South America.

One of the brands, for which you definitely need to go to the Argentine capital - Mocasines Guido. Founded in 1952, the brand sells leather men's shoes, not only ready-made, but also to order. The owners of such shoes are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt. Calle Murillo is a shopping street selling all kinds of leather - real and artificial. Also here you can make an order for tailoring a leather jacket, jacket or cap.

Moscasines Guido, Rodríguez Peña 1290, Buenos Aires
Murillo 666, Murilla 66, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province

6th place - Hong Kong
Transportation: 10 points
Price: 5 points
Variability: 6 points
Service: 7 points
Total: 28 points

The employees of Hong Kong shops are also called stalkers, because they will follow you until you find what you want. At first, such obsession is annoying, but then you realize that this is a kind of game. They can not only tell you where you can buy a particular product, but also offer a very good deal. Many tourists recognize that Hong Kong is definitely the best combination of price and quality. No wonder this city is considered the best Asian place for shopping.

KniQ is a shop often visited by celebrities. Here you can buy and interesting things from local designers, as well as past collections of leading designers of the world. Modern clothing is adjacent to vintage, and for $ 250 you can dress from head to toe.

KniQ, Shop 4B, Vienna Mansion, 55 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Fang Fong Projects, 67A Peel St., Central, Hong Kong

5th place - Paris
Transportation: 6 points
Price: 6 points
Variability: 8 points
Service: 9 points
Total: 29 points

The best shops in Paris sell no clothes, they sell a lifestyle. This is what bribes when you find yourself in this shopping frenzy city. It is impossible to leave without purchases, and buying one, you immediately think that you need to buy something else. Many people love Paris for elegantly decorated shop windows. We are no exception. Showcases in Paris are the height of art. And this is just necessary to see firsthand.

The whimsical concept of the store Merci offers a large stock of designer collections, many of which fall under the category of "useless, but mandatory to buy." This switches in the style of art deco, ornate jewelry, kitchen utensils in the form of a sewing machine and much more. It would seem, why buy it? But everything is so tempting and beautiful, that the purchase does not get off.

The shop is located in a spacious place, where besides it there is also an antiquarian salon, a flower shop and a cafe. Свою продукцию Merci отдала на реализацию Annick Goutal, а среди одежды, привозимой ежедневно в магазин, можно найти вещи от Stella McCartney и Yves St Laurent, зачастую с большими скидками.

Мини-бутик Colette постоянно устраивает акции по снижению цен на дизайнерские товары. Если вы экономите на платье от Fendi, то на разницу можете купить вычурную бутылку Bling H2O с кристаллами Swarovski для декорирования гостиной или ванной комнаты. А на первом этаже можно увидеть «водный бар», в котором представлено более 70 марок бутилированной воды.
И, конечно же, нельзя обойтись без «святаой троицы» из парижских универмагов:

Le Bon Marché, открытый в 50-х годах XIX века и предлагающий более 5000 наименований деликатесов.

Printemps, обладающий крупнейшим косметическим отделом в мире.

Galeries Lafayette, расположившаяся в 7-ми этажном здании стиля модерн практически в центре французской столицы. Каждую пятницу в 3 часа дня здесь происходит бесплатный показ мод с английскими комментариями. Успейте забронировать себе место.

Le Bon Marché, 24, rue de Sèvres, Seventh Arrondissement, Paris
Printemps, 64, boulevard Haussmann, Ninth Arrondissement, Paris
Galeries Lafayette, 40, boulevard Haussmann, Ninth Arrondissement, Paris
Merci, 111, boulevard Beaumarchais, Third Arrondissement, Paris
Colette 213, rue St.-Honoré, First Arrondissement, Paris

4 место — Куала-Лумпур
Транспорт: 6 баллов
Цена: 10 баллов
Вариативность: 8 баллов
Сервис: 6 баллов
Итого: 30 баллов

Иногда больше — это действительно лучше. И такая схема работает в Куала-Лумпуре. Three of the ten largest shopping centers are located in the Malaysian capital, including 1 Utama, the fourth largest shopping center with 650 stores, a climbing area, a giant roof garden with 500 species of exotic plants, rainforest, ponds and freshwater aquarium.

In general, Kuala Lumpur stores are of very high quality, and prices are affordable for the most modest wallet. Sales are held every month, with almost all the shops in the city.

1 Utama, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Center, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Peter Hoe's local designer, Peter Hoe's Beyond, 145 Jaan Tun HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur

3rd place - London
Transportation: 6 points
Price: 6 points
Variability: 10 points
Service: 9 points
Total: 31 points

London prices can ruin your bright ideas about the city. What is the cost of one taxi ride to the nearest shopping center. But to overcome the shock will help you the fact that London is ahead of many other European cities in the number of stores of international and local brands. And, above all, you need to buy bold, eclectic and local things. For them, we recommend to go to the Liberty department store.

This is an old department store located in the heart of London in a Gothic mansion on Regent Street, an architectural monument in itself, worthy of a careful examination. Traditional wood interior is deceptive - there is nothing old-fashioned, on the contrary, collections of such avant-garde designers like Martin Margiela and Vivienne Westwood are exhibited.

The lingerie department fascinates with beautiful silk goods with prints, and in the home accessories department it’s impossible to take your eyes off velvet pillows. As in the days of Oscar Wilde, who loved to buy something unusual in Liberty, the store’s reputation remains consistently high. Here you can always meet lovers of beautiful things and exotic interiors. And, as a century ago, designers continue to create unique models specifically for Liberty.

Liberty, Great Marlborough Street, London
Dover Street Market, 17-17 Dover St., London W1S 4LT

2 place - Tokyo
Transportation: 8 points
Price: 8 points
Variability: 9 points
Service: 9 points
Total: 34 point

Paradise for shopping is hidden in Tokyo department stores. Everyone who comes here to make a purchase is greeted as a royal person. That, you see, is very nice.

The global Isetan chain of stores settled in Shinjuku, where eight separate buildings lure customers with bright signs and promotions. The staff at Isetan speaks English, Chinese, and Korean, and the personalized service helps Isetan to be the flagship in the global network of department stores. You can even book yourself a consultant who can give his recommendations, ranging from choosing shoes to information on the freshness of fish.

In Tokyo, a lot of goods, the prices of which are the cheapest. This is mainly photographic equipment - cameras Canon and Nikon, as well as accessories to them. Many even come to the Japanese capital specifically to buy equipment, and not to see the sights.

Comme des Garçons, 5-2-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
M's: Pop Life Sex Department Store, 1-15-13 Soukanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Isetan Shijuku flagship, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

1st place - New York
Transportation: 8 points
Price: 7 points
Variability: 10 points
Service: 10 points
Total: 35 points

No one doubted that the city that won first place would be New York. In the Big Apple they sell everything and everywhere, expensive and cheap, new and old, beautiful and ugly. New York is a huge shopping malls, and small shops selling souvenirs, and elite boutiques of expensive brands, and very small shops of completely unknown designers who can offer a lot of interesting things.

New York is a shopping tale that will happen to you in reality. If you are traveling to New York in the summer, then you can be sure that you will be sent to the sale. Visitors in the winter will also not be disappointed, because in the winter in New York offers decent discounts. In the period of spring and autumn here, of course, you can also find discounts, although this is not the same as in summer and winter, the collapse in prices.

Yet discounts will be met everywhere: this is the sales of the collections of the season, sales due to the closure of stores, discounts due to holidays, promotions of advertising character in order to attract visitors.

1. Kuala Lumpur

Undoubtedly, Malaysia is one of the best current trends in the world. As a tourist destination, eastern countries offer many places for unforgettable shopping at very attractive prices. For example, bazaar Chow kit - a typical market where you can find delicious Malaysian cuisine and various souvenirs at a symbolic price. Also recommend to visit Chinatownmarket Pasar senias well as night markets.

What does Milan attract buyers from all over the world? Of course, the abundance of shopping centers, impeccable service, seductive choice of products that promote relaxation therapy. Definitely a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life. In Milan, you can find the 10 most expensive clothing brands. So, if you are in Milan, we recommend that you look at new clothes in the following centers:

  • Alessi,
  • Ermenegildo Zena,
  • Frette,
  • Fiera di senigallia,
  • Navigli,
  • Naviglio Grande,
  • La rinascente
  • Trussardi.

For many years, Hong Kong is considered to be the most advanced city in China and around the world. He has undergone a lot in the entire history of existence, and every year he improved living conditions. Hong Kong - a real fount of shopping centers, malls, shops and markets. It is here that even the most sophisticated buyer will find an occupation. If this is your first time in Hong Kong as a buyer, and you are at a loss in choosing a site for shopping, we recommend you visit the following:

  • Tsim Sha Tsui,
  • Central,
  • Causway bay
  • Stanley Market,
  • Ap lei chau
  • Cat street
  • Hollywood Road.

7. Singapore

Thanks to the tax on goods and services, throughout Singapore a fixed cost of shopping. And the price is an important advantage in the skill of shopping. Your attention is a huge variety of shopping centers, the best among them:

  • Suntec City,
  • Paragon,
  • Marina Square,
  • NGEE ANN City.

For you with pleasure will open the doors of countless different stores and brands, choosing one of these centers, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

It seems that Paris is not only the capital of fashion, but also the city itself can be safely called a mod. However, shopping will be a pretty penny, but the elegance is worth it. Shopaholics will surely fall in love with Parisian fashion, grace, beauty and a variety of world brands.

If you are in Paris, we suggest to visit Mistigriffwhere you look yourself designer second-hand, Ding Fing, Andre provide a wide selection of shoes Viseart - high-quality cosmetics, Puces de Montreuil, Rue Meslay will compete in choosing shoes Andre, Guerrisol, Gaia, Maureen, and Kookai Stock.

It took decades for Dubai to become known as the territory of monuments. A beautiful city that occupies one of the leading places among modern cities. People living here have an exquisite sense of style and masterfully manage a variety of trends. Fat cats are keen to spend as much time here as possible. Dubai will indulge in the following shopping centers:

  • Mall of the Emirates,
  • Center Deira City,
  • Burjuman Center,
  • Jumeirah Plaza,
  • Mall Ibn Battuta,
  • Center Al Ghurair,
  • Wafi Mall,
  • Festival Center,
  • Dubai Mall,
  • Burj Khalifa,
  • Center Al Bustan.

London is well known for shopping. The city consists of numerous shopping streets that support brands of its own production. And a whole day is not enough to go through all the shops in one street only! The shops on the streets are presented to your taste:

  • Regent Street,
  • Oxford Street,
  • Bond street,
  • Jermyn street
  • Mayfair,
  • Westfied london
  • Carnaby street
  • Covert Street
  • King’s Road,
  • Knightsbridge,
  • Notting hill
  • Boxpark.

3. Las Vegas

It’s worth starting to think about Las Vegas, how a hip-hop soundtrack will be chosen for your thoughts about it. And this is not surprising, because it is the capital of round-the-clock parties, shopping, and pleasure. We will be right if we assign Vegas the name of a shopping paradise. The city offers not only branded outlets, but also whole malls of discounts.

Here everyone will find a worthy thing for the size of his wallet. You can pick up the same thing for different qualities and costs, based on conditions and requests. The most famous shopping outlets:

  • Fashion Outlet,
  • Las Vegas Outlet center,
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlet,
  • Town Square,
  • Fashion show mall,
  • Galleria,
  • Crystals.

Shopping in Tokyo is a life experience. All because the Japanese are as hospitable as they are hardworking. Shops in the capital are full of a variety of colors, scenery and oriental force. National products will make a visit to Japan unforgettable. So, if you intend to buy new things in Tokyo, be sure to check out such shops as:

Lovely little shops will surprise you with their generosity.

When it comes to shopping, New York definitely ranks first on this issue. Only the shops on Time Square and Fifth Avenue give extravagance and chic. You need to remember that the city is divided into:

  • Downtown (downtown, downtown),
  • Midtown (its middle part),
  • Uptown (sleeping areas).

The best shopping centers are located in Downtown, and as for Midtown and Uptown, these include:

  • Lower Manhattan
  • Chinatown
  • Soho, Nolita,
  • Greenwich Village,
  • Union Square,
  • Herald Square,
  • Times Square,
  • Fifth Avenue,
  • Madison Avenue,
  • all shops on the first-second-fifth street.

Shops abound in global brands:

  • Versace,
  • Bulgary
  • Gucci,
  • Dolce & Gabbana,
  • The Body Shop,
  • Starbucks
  • Hugo boss,
  • Eileen Fisher,
  • Nike
  • Tiffany & Co.,
  • Channel,
  • Dior,
  • Banana Republic,
  • Le Petite Coquette,
  • Forever 21,
  • Ralph lauren,
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Prada,
  • Levi’s,
  • Hilfiger
  • Guess,
  • Bloomingdales.

Enumerate all impossible, so many of them are presented. If you are ready for a serious shopping weekend, we strongly recommend visiting New York.

Kuala lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, thrice a year, namely: in March, May and December, shopping tourists from all over the world drown in the flow. And all because at this time shopping malls, popular boutiques and even old markets are making crazy sales. And they cannot do this, as this is an order of the state, imagine!

In Kuala Lumpur, be sure to visit the shopping complexes Berjaya Times Square, Imbi Plaza, Kuala Lumpur Plaza, Lot 10, Pavilion KL, Starhill Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza in the area of ​​Bukit Bintang, the city’s main retail outlet. Old quarters with antique souvenir markets, where you can buy unique products of Indian culture, flourish along with them.

Maybe the rest in Dubai is not the cheapest, but shopping is quite affordable and already very diverse. In Dubai, perhaps, the lowest tax on the importation of products, but because designer clothes, branded shoes, fur products and jewelry can be purchased quite inexpensively.

Go to the malls of the city - The Dubai Mall, Bur Juman, Mall of the Emirates - and buy everything your heart desires. Dubai shopping malls delight in their size and design. In addition, there is full of entertainment, and therefore mothers can safely leave their children and husbands and not worry that they will be bored.