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How to make drainage drinks for weight loss at home Recipes effective drainage drinks for weight loss


To quickly get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, exercise and diet is sometimes not enough. After all, a large percentage of excess weight is fluid, which is retained in the tissues and sometimes adds several kilograms to us. Drainage drinks for weight loss help to bring it out. At home, they are easy to cook, besides, they are very tasty and healthy.

Main ingredients

It is clear that you will not be hard to buy ready-made drainage drink for weight loss. Feedback on such products in most cases positive. But many people, despite active advertising and propaganda, still hold the opinion that it is much more profitable to prepare a cleansing drink at home. In addition, it will rid your body of excess "chemistry" and will be beneficial to health, as it is made from natural components rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Typically, the composition of drainage fluids include the following ingredients: herbs, lemon, honey, ginger, mint, rosehip, parsley, pepper, berries. They can not only remove excess fluid from the body, but also strengthen the immune system, eliminate cellulite. Such recipes are often resorted to by the representatives of the weaker sex, who claim that in the first days after using such a miracle drink, they manage to get rid of 1-1.5 kilograms. Quick results can not but rejoice, especially easy to achieve with the following recipes.

Honey drinks

Honey based draining slimming drink is very effective. It owes its success to the main component, because its useful properties cannot be assessed: the bee product actively contributes to the purification of the body, without any problems frees it from slags and toxins. It is easy to make a drink. You will need: a glass of water, one teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of fresh pressed lemon juice. Take a drink before meals three times a day. It is important that during its preparation the water is at room temperature. Mix the ingredients well until smooth.

Many people are preparing and birch-honey drainage drinks for weight loss at home. Reviews show that they work much better, although they prepare longer. You need to take dry birch leaves and pour them with a glass of boiling water. Mixture insist about 15 minutes. Then filter the liquid and add a spoonful of honey into it. It is recommended to drink in the morning and in the evening before the main meal.

Berry drainage

The basis is usually taken strawberries or currants. These berries are famous for their diuretic properties, which will provide you with a quick disposal of excess fluid. The first drainage drink recipe for weight loss is quite simple: two tablespoons of dried berries and strawberry leaves are evaporated in a glass of boiling water. Then insist the mixture for several hours. The liquid is filtered. You can take four times a day (one tablespoon 15 minutes before meals). Tasty and healthy.

As for currants, the recipe is similar. The only difference in application is 1/2 cup three times a day. To the volume of the mixture was large, increase the composition of the main ingredients twice or even tripled. Many women prepare berry drainage drinks for weight loss at home. Reviews of them are positive, because they do a good job with the task - the removal of water from the body. Unfortunately, they also have side effects: flatulence and increased stool rate. Therefore, they are advised to drink to people suffering from frequent constipation and indigestion.

Wonderful Parsley

The drainage drink made from it for weight loss will bring out excess fluid in a day. In addition, parsley can remove swelling and reduce appetite, which is also important for people who want to get rid of hated kilograms. It is necessary to take a drainage from this greens regularly - three times a day. At the same time, it is recommended to combine the drink with a diet ration: the use of non-greasy food, separate meals, and so on.

For cooking you will need a bunch of parsley. It is finely cut, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 20 minutes. Strain the mixture, it must be consumed 40 minutes before a meal (100 milliliters). Women very much praise this drainage drink for weight loss. Reviews indicate that within two weeks after its introduction into the diet, it is possible to lose 4–5 extra pounds. If the cause of excess weight is solely water in the body, then remove 5 kg will get just a few days. To prepare the drink will suit both fresh and dried parsley.

Grass drains

Many people prefer to prepare these effective drainage drinks for weight loss at home. Reviews say: it is best to use horsetail, mother and stepmother, calendula. For example, to prepare drainage from the first component, you only need horsetail (2 tablespoons) and 200 ml of boiling water. Finely chopped leaves of the plant are poured with water and well insisted, after which they drink a quarter cup three times a day.

Coltsfoot also works great. Three tablespoons of dried leaves and flowers of this plant are poured with a mug of boiling water and infused in a thermos for an hour. After consumed within two weeks (a tablespoon every two hours).

The third recipe for a good drainage drink for weight loss is made on the basis of calendula. Two tablespoons of its dried flowers are mixed with 0.5 liters of boiling water, allowing the mixture to infuse. After filtering the drink, it can be used three times a day - half a glass before a meal. It not only gives amazing results, but is also useful for immunity and human health.

Best drink

You'd be surprised, but this is ordinary water. She is able to save a person from excess weight. The main thing is to drink it throughout the day in sufficient quantities - at least 2 liters. To this simple drainage drink for weight loss quickly acted and did not cause harm, you must follow a few rules. Firstly, it is impossible to take water from under a water tap; only purified, boiled or from a mountain spring will do. Secondly, you can not drink ice water, an excellent option would be a liquid at room temperature.

For weight loss you can drink and mineral water. True, it should be non-carbonated. Carbon dioxide strongly irritates the walls of the stomach and intestines, causing an increase in acidity. Therefore, if the liquid is carbonated, unscrew the cap and hold the container in this state for about an hour. Better yet, buy non-carbonated mineral water immediately, which is sold in any store. You can add lemon juice to some of the liquid. This drink is recommended to use in the morning before breakfast. It helps cleanse the body, saturating it with the necessary moisture and vitamins.

How to make a drainage drink at home for effective weight loss

If there is a violation of the water-salt balance in the body, a diet with a decrease in calories does not give a special result, and the specialist recommends preparing drainage drinks for weight loss at home. What are the ingredients to make fresh juices and what effect do they have?

Problems with overweight are caused not only by excess fat deposits - internal failures also lead to an increase in volume.

In addition to the growth of numbers on the scoreboard, the ankle girth changes, fingers thicken, causeless headaches appear. This is due to the accumulation of fluid in the cells, and drainage drinks help to bring it out.

In contrast to the classic pharmaceutical diuretic tablets, drinks have a mild effect on the body.

If you prepare drainage drinks for weight loss at home, consist of natural ingredients. Some manufacturers of drugs purchased at the pharmacy to add lymphatic drainage effect add chemical components. Cooked at home options are based on:

  • Herbal preparations are effective drinks, but each plant has individual properties and in addition to its effect on weight and intercellular fluid, it influences other systems of the body. When losing weight strictly comply with the dosage.
  • Vegetables / fruits - softer than herbal, do not have contraindications, do not bring immediate effect.
  • Acid - Vinegar and Lemon Juice are popular components of homemade drainage beverages. An additional property - fat burning is a good bonus for losing weight, but drinks are not safe for the stomach.

A drink of this type drains the body, triggers processes that accelerate weight loss. A full list of benefits of use is revealed after studying the composition. Vegetable juices cleanse the intestines, broth of parsley muffles hunger, the famous Sassi water tones up, and any herbal collection - a set of vitamins for immunity.

Preparation of drinks for weight loss at home takes 5-15 minutes time. The benefits of their use are:

  • in getting rid of edema,
  • reducing the severity of cellulite,
  • maintaining a good metabolism
  • normalization of the endocrine system,
  • helping the kidneys function,
  • tonic action.

Operating principle

If you know lymphatic drainage procedures performed by cosmetologists, you will understand how drinks work: they have a similar nature.

The fluid accumulating in the cells, after a certain time period, enters the capillaries and is transformed into the lymph. She needs the body, because

helps to cleanse the internal organs, but if after it does not occur its natural elimination, it stagnates and negatively affects the body. Lymphatic drainage drinks accelerate the circulation of lymph, help it to leave in a timely manner.

The principle of use depends on the selected recipe, but for vegetable / fruit juices, it is desirable not to exceed the norm of 1 liter, and for herbal - 400 ml.

Prepare these drinks at home for every day anew, the course of reception and frequency are determined by the composition. The main thing is not to combine drainage drinks with food: try to carry them for at least half an hour.

If possible, it is desirable to adhere to a diet - it will speed up weight loss.

The most well-known drinks that help drain the body:

  • An infusion of birch leaves (a glass of boiling water and 2 tsp. Of raw materials), which can be sweetened with honey, is drunk before a meal in 70 ml.
  • Beet kvass drink on an empty stomach month, 400 ml per day. Prepare from beets and cold water (4 pieces on 3 l), insist in heat for 4 days.
  • Particularly effective is body drainage for slimming with Sassi water: it consists of grated ginger root (1 tsp), fresh cucumber weighing about 150 g, mint (leaves, 50 g) and lemon, which is finely cut with the peel. These components are poured with 2 liters of filtered water - this is the recommended amount of this drainage drink per day for natural weight loss.

Strawberries, currants, cranberries - these berries have a good effect on the shape of fresh and dried, but according to reviews of those who tried to lose weight through drainage mixtures, the following were the most effective:

  • Dried strawberries (1 tbsp and 200 ml) poured with boiling water are drunk 50 ml before meals. Need to insist half an hour, you can add strawberry leaf to the berries.
  • Rowan berries / cowberries, filled with hot water, similar to the previous recipe.

Fresh vegetable juices are a good way to drain the body gently. Mainly for this purpose celery, carrots, cucumber, beets are used. You can add a green apple, the juice of any citrus, fresh chopped greens. Store juices that have a drainage effect, you can not, if they were prepared at home, so do a portion for 1 time.

If you do not have herbs, and you don’t like vegetable juice, you can make honey-based drinks. His grade does not matter. Effective options:

  • The classic mixture of lemon juice (50 ml), honey (1 tbsp. L.) And warm water (glass) is eaten on an empty stomach every morning for a month. Nuance - has a strong choleretic effect.
  • Grated ginger root (1 teaspoon), honey (1 teaspoon) and a pinch of cinnamon poured with a glass of warm water are a good option for the evening.

Slimming Drain Tea

It perfectly removes slags, muffles the feeling of hunger, speeds up metabolism and stimulates digestion - simple black tea, in which a piece of ginger root is rubbed (about 3 cm per cup). Additionally, you can throw a pinch of hot pepper. It has excellent fat burning properties, but is unsafe for problems with bile secretion.

: draining slimming drink

I love to prepare my own lymphatic drainage vitamin tea from dried strawberries, birch leaves, rosehip syrup and honey. The mixture is simple, but effective in overweight and appetite suppression. The main condition is to follow a diet. Drainage for weight loss at home with a diet rich in harmful products will not manifest itself.

I recommend a drainage diet to those who are looking for quick weight loss: 3 days to sit on cleansing drinks. I drink vegetable juices, dogrose decoction, herbal extracts (mother and stepmother, horsetail), mineral water with mint leaves and lemon. It is convenient to do this in the summer when there is no appetite. I lose 2-2,5 kg, the head ceases to be ill. After another 2 weeks I drink these drinks in the morning.

In the reviews I read that as a drainage drink, apple juice diluted with water works well, which should be drunk on an empty stomach for 2 weeks. The stomach began to hurt - the gastroenterologist said that the acidity is high. I replaced it with herbal preparations (I like the version with calendula): they are softer, it is more pleasant to drink, but it should also be combined with a diet.

Fat-burning drinks - recipes for weight loss at home

In terms of diet, effective assistants in the fight against excess weight are fat burning drinks for weight loss.

They will help with the standard diet, when you do not want to sit on strict diets, but you need to lose weight.

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle with physical exertion and proper nutrition, you will lose hated kilograms, and drinks for burning fat will accelerate this process.

Fat burning cocktails for weight loss - a godsend for those who want to lose weight.

They quench thirst and hunger, improve the functioning of the body due to the beneficial properties of the components, accelerate the metabolism, cleanse toxins, etc.

Recently, there are many recipes for teas, cocktails, decoctions, infusions, drains and other drinks that actively burn fat, adding energy for physical exertion.

There are a large number of varieties of slimming tea with a pleasant taste and aroma.

Drinks made at home do not contain chemicals, so they do not harm the body, as it can be with store teas.

Brewing it yourself, you get a remedy for the fight against obesity, strengthens the immune system, hair, nails. Skin after drinking tea looks better, and you become more active.

The most famous slimming tea is ginger drink that burns fat cells. The recipe is simple:

  1. Peel fresh ginger root, and then cut into small slices.
  2. 10 g of crushed plant root pour boiling water.
  3. Simmer the drink for 5-10 minutes.
  4. To taste, add a slice of lemon.
  5. Drink on an empty stomach once a day.

Another fat burning tea is sea buckthorn drink with the addition of ginger. B vitamins strengthen the muscular system, normalize metabolism. The recipe is:

  1. Grind ginger root (2 cm) in a mortar.
  2. 100 g of sea buckthorn crushed to the state of porridge.
  3. Add sea buckthorn ginger in a mug or glass, pour the components of 600 ml of boiled water.
  4. Let the tea stand for 10 minutes.
  5. Add 1-2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tsp of ground cinnamon.

Sports cocktails

Weight loss with sports drinks can be of two types: based on protein shakes and fat burning supplements:

  • Protein shakes are based on protein products (milk powder, egg whites, protein concentrate, isolate, hydrolyzate). Liquid is added to the components (water or skimmed milk), a little fat (usually flaxseed or oil). For taste, you can chop the berries, vegetables. The combination of protein drinks with strength training will help not only lose weight, but also gain muscle mass, tighten the body.
  • Fat-burning cocktails with additives (taurine, guarana, ginseng) add energy. During aerobic exercise, fat cells burn out faster. Dietary supplements and plant substances are added to water or juices, making such a drink a real fat burner.

Cocktail for burning fat will be useful with proper nutrition, even without following strict diets. The properties of a fat burner can manifest themselves or during physical exertion: cardio and strength training. Recipes for homemade cocktails set. Drinks contain many different ingredients, so every girl will find the right one.

Infusion of cinnamon with honey

Компоненты напитка полезны не только как смесь, но и по отдельности. Их польза не раз доказана, а список микроэлементов с витаминами поражает:

  • Корица считается пряностью здоровья. В нее входят эфирные масла, смола, дубильные вещества. Seasoning is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP, contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and other equally useful elements. The properties of cinnamon include the action of natural antioxidants, antimicrobial effect. For slimming cinnamon spice is used because of the acceleration of metabolism, lower glucose, cholesterol, insulin.
  • Honey is a natural antiseptic and preservative containing more than 300 microelements: carbohydrates, organic acids and their salts, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, fatty and essential oils, phosphatides, styrenes, terpenoids and other lipids. At the same time he is a conductor of useful substances into the cells.

Honey with cinnamon in a fat burning drink enhances the effect of each other, helping to absorb substances better. When taken regularly, the infusion converts glucose into energy, quenches the appetite, gently cleanses the intestines due to a small laxative effect. To help this combination of ingredients in losing weight, you should properly prepare a cocktail:

  1. Take 200 ml of cold boiled water, 1 tsp of honey and 0.5 tsp of cinnamon.
  2. Dissolve cinnamon in water, after which it should be infused for 30 minutes.
  3. Add honey to cinnamon and mix well.

For effective results, take the infusion 2 times a day for half a glass. Insist on a new drink every day, because healthy properties are lost after 24 hours.

If mucus or a film forms on the surface of the infusion, change the cinnamon, which is either of poor quality or cassia (Chinese spice).

It is better to buy cinnamon in the sticks, and to make a cocktail, crush it yourself in a blender or coffee grinder.

Weight regulation with the help of beneficial components occurs when drinking water Sassi. The drink speeds up metabolism, removes toxins from the body, cleanses the blood, normalizes digestion and gives a feeling of satiety. Preparing a vitamin cocktail is easy:

  1. Grind 1 tbsp of ginger root or take 1 tsp of powder.
  2. Peel and slice 1 cucumber with 1 lemon.
  3. Fingertize several peppermint branches with your fingers.
  4. Put the ingredients in a glass, fill them with water.
  5. Leave the drink overnight or 8-9 hours in a place without sunlight.

During this time, the drink will be enriched with minerals, vitamins and essential oils, and for the best effect of Sassi water, follow these rules:

  • cocktail products must be fresh
  • Ginger is pre-cleaned,
  • do not leave the drink in the sun,
  • You can consume no more than 4 liters of vitamin cocktail concentrate per day,
  • for 1 reception drink 1 glass, every 3-4 hours.

Fat burning drink for the lazy

Fat burner for the lazy also exists. The effect of the cocktail is manifested without heavy sports training, but proper nutrition with aerobic exercise is not canceled. To make a drink, you will need:

  1. Take 1 kiwi, 2 slices of lemon, 7 branches of peppermint and parsley, 100-150 ml of water, if desired - honey.
  2. Place the purified kiwi in a blender, adding to it the remaining products.
  3. Drink a cocktail immediately after mixing.

Slimming drink for the night

Instead of the last meal or as a snack before bedtime, you can drink a cocktail of kefir, cinnamon and pepper, which is especially effective in the evening. The drink quenches hunger, and beneficial properties for the stomach and intestines provide fast weight loss. Mix the following ingredients into a serving of cocktail and drink every evening:

  • 200 ml of skimmed or 1% kefir,
  • 0.5 tsp ground cinnamon,
  • 0.5 tsp ground ginger,
  • red pepper on the tip of a knife, but if the cocktail is spicy, reduce the amount.

Drainage drink for weight loss at home

One of the factors for the appearance of cellulite and overweight is water-salt imbalance.

The body accumulates excess fluid, worsening the state of health: there is swelling of the body, bags under the eyes, overweight with a small percentage of fat, muscle elasticity is lost.

If you ignore the violation, further heart and kidney diseases are detected. To solve this problem drink drainage drinks.

With gastrointestinal diseases (gastrointestinal tract), drainage cocktails should be taken carefully, because components with high acidity are used to prepare drinks. To prepare a drink, choose any of the following products, pour boiling water or put it in a water bath, but do not boil it, and then let it sit for a while:

  • dried wild berries (lingonberries, cranberries),
  • currant or birch leaves,
  • herbs parsley, dill, coltsfoot,
  • vegetable juice
  • lemon, honey, spices (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, peas),
  • natural sweeteners (brown sugar, stevia, honey).

: slimming cocktails

Instead of dinner, she drank a one-percent kefir cocktail and added a little cinnamon and ginger. Per liter - 1 teaspoon. During this time, stopped to pull on sweet, flour dishes. Another night saw a drink of mineral water with kefir 1: 1 with the addition of lemon juice. I added a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed, dill seeds to food. For a week and a half - minus 7 kg.

Lyudmila, 24 years old

The husband took last minute voyages to the sea, a week remained before the departure. I realized that I wouldn’t have time to lose much weight in such a short period of time, so I decided to get rid of at least excess body fluid, body swelling. To do this, 2 times a day, a drainage cranberry drink was drunk for a glass. 2, 5 kg left, and the figure was noticeably tightened.

I was afraid of store fat burning cocktails, so I began to prepare drinks for weight loss at home. My favorite recipe is water, honey and lemon. Sometimes lemon juice is replaced by a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar or adding ground cinnamon sticks. Cocktail accelerates metabolism, which keeps my body in good shape, and the work of internal organs is normalized.

Losing weight helped me drink from grapefruit juice. I added watercress to it, after which everything was mixed with a blender. Saw a cocktail for half an hour before dinner every day. Once a week, doing aerobic exercises. After 2 weeks, the state of health improved, and a month after the start, after drinking a drink and observing proper nutrition, I lost 11 kg.

The information presented in the article is for informational purposes only. Article materials do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can diagnose and advise on treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

Drinks for weight loss and cleansing: 12 slimming teas

Hello readers and readers! Those who lose weight know - in addition to a balanced diet, diet and fitness, it is important to drink a lot. Because the liquid is able to remove unwanted water from the body, slags, toxins. Thanks to this detox, we can get rid of extra centimeters very quickly. In addition to water, effective drinks for weight loss cope well with this task.

How does a slimming drink

Fat-burning drinks contribute to the removal of toxins and toxins, and also remove waste fluid from every cell of our body.

Providing a drainage effect on the entire lymphatic system, the intestine and liver function improves, which will make you feel much better. A good absorption of food consumed will improve your appearance.

And it's not just about losing those extra pounds. Over time, improve skin color, pimples and redness disappear. You will see a wonderful effect on hair and nails - they will become stronger and shine with a healthy shine.

Read more about cleansing lymph

The modern beauty and health industry offers us many options for the slim series. But if you prefer proven products cooked at home, then you are welcome! Choose and try your version of cleansing drinks.

Green tea

By utility - this is the number one drink. In addition to the fat burning effect, green tea has a mass of beneficial properties. And this is the subject of a separate topic.

You can only add that it is worth choosing quality leafy teas. Prefer green tea and oolong.

Continuing the theme of green tea, be sure to try and milk.

Tips for the impatient

  1. Do not confuse milk with tea with milk. The meaning of the drink is green tea infused with milk. Brewed tea and milk poured into it will not have any effect.

  • If you do not like the taste of ordinary green tea, try green tea with jasmine, usually everyone likes this combination.
  • No need to boil the milk, enough to heat it to 90 degrees, then the taste of tea will not be tart and the milk will not lose its beneficial properties.

    Do a dairy day one day a week - many break and make more days, which gives the body the opportunity to get used and the effect subsides.

    (For some reason, astrologers said it was better to do it on Wednesday, why I don’t know, but she noticed that the effect is less on other days)

  • Drink no more than 1.5 liters of milk per day and at least 2 liters of water!
  • Take milk no more than 2.5% fat.
  • Follow these rules, eat on other days what you want (but do not forget about water) and your weight will return to normal!

    Reviews of molokochae

    Here is the real review the person who managed to lose weight on this tea:

    After giving birth, I weighed 80 kg and the weight rapidly increased, I tried diets, sports, but the weight still grew! I have always been fat, and those diets that usually helped me (SEPARATED FOOD, COUNTER CALORIES, MEAT DIET) suddenly became ineffective.

    Weight increased to 96 kg.
    And then on the Internet I came across a recipe for milk, I tried ... and for the first time I managed to STOP WEIGHT. In the future, with the help of milk in combination with other means, I managed to throw off weight up to 75 kg.

    Of course, there is no strength to be on a molokocha all the time, the infection bothers me, but as soon as the weights hand begins to crawl, I remember about him - sometimes I resort to other methods, but this is my favorite one.

    The recipe of milk for slimming

    This drink has serious drawbacks, here's what can be said for some of them.

    • headache - really appears as soon as you forget to drink water, I have it.
    • I want to eat - this is a beginner's problem, I want to quickly blow out 1.5 liters of milk so that the weight is gone, in fact, you should drink it exactly when there is a feeling of hunger, a glass of milk for a couple of hours saves you from stomach rumblings.
    • constipation, flatulence - watch the food on other days, yogurts full of bifidobacteria are now full, you don’t have to go straight for them, but a couple of spoons in the morning and evening as a medicine will not hurt.

    Herbal Tea

    Herbal teas are collections of herbs that can improve digestion, liver and bladder function and have a drainage and laxative effect. This collection can be prepared by yourself, and you can buy ready.

    Of the ready-made collections, the most sensational is the monastic tea. Under this brand you can see a lot of fees in pharmacies and markets. I don’t know how much you can trust the purchase of herbs that are sold in such a huge amount.

    See the recipe for dragon tea on jansky herbs

    If you understand herbs and prepare the collection yourself, remember that you need to mix all the herbs thoroughly, and then take 1 teaspoon of this tea and pour boiling water over it. We insist a few minutes, filter and drink in small sips.

    Here is one example of a cleansing tea drink on herbs for weight loss:

    • Senna - 20,
    • Green parsley - 20 g,
    • Medicinal Dandelion - 20 g.,
    • Nettle - 20,
    • Italian dill - 10 g.,
    • Mint - 10 g.,

    It is recommended to start a course of purification with 1 cup of this tea per day. Then you can increase the dose to 3 cups a day, then slowly move back to 1 cup per day. For prevention, it is also recommended to use this tea regularly.

    Classic water Sassi

    Another one of the sensational recipes for a slimming drink. Water Sassi is great fighters for wasp waist and a flat stomach. Due to the fact that this drink removes excess fluid and activates digestion, those extra pounds on the stomach go faster.

    To prepare you need:

    • 2 l. clean spring water
    • 2 tbsp. l fresh ginger, crushed to a state of gruel,
    • 1 medium cucumber, peeled and cut into thin slices,
    • 10-12 peppermint leaves,

    To make your drink ready, you just have to mix all the ingredients and put them, for example, in a decanter. Then pour it all over with water and put it in the fridge, let the drink infuse.

    It should be 10 hours, so the best option would be if you make a drink in the evening, and in the morning it will be ready.

    Ginger tea for weight loss

    Ginger tea is great for quenching thirst on hot days. It is great tones and helps to cheer up in the morning.

    The main components for such tea are ginger, lemon and honey. This is already enough. But to improve taste and pleasure, you can add black or green tea, strawberries or pineapple.

    • Fresh ginger - 8 cm.
    • Black tea - 5 g.
    • Lemon - 1 pc.,
    • Strawberry (fresh or frozen) - 50 g.
    • Honey - 3-4 tsp.,

    Read her how to make gingerbread.

    1. Peel the ginger and cut into thin slices.
    2. Brew black tea in 1 liter of water and filter.
    3. Add ginger to tea and leave for 10 minutes.
    4. Squeeze out the juice from half a lemon and add to tea along with strawberries and honey.

    Use the remaining lemon as a decoration for tea, you can simply cut and add to the mugs.

    Kefir with spices

    British scientists have announced that this is the most effective way to lose weight without changing the usual diet. You just need to drink half an hour before each meal drink the following preparation:

    We take one cup of low-fat kefir and add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of crushed ginger and a pinch of red pepper.

    It is recommended to drink the drink immediately after cooking, 1 glass before meals or one half glass before meals and the other after.

    This drink perfectly affects the intestinal microflora, improves metabolism and dulls the feeling of hunger. For the best effect, it is recommended to replace kefir drink dinner.

    Cognac with lemon

    Cognac with lemon is an unusual but effective way to lose weight. The extra centimeters go away due to the removal of excess water from the body. According to rumors, this method is used by athletes for drying before the competition. In the gyms in the spring is one of the most popular ways to lose weight.

    And the recipe is this: Two hours before bedtime, and no later than 2 hours after eating, drink 100 milliliters of brandy at night, eating lemon. The proportions are - 100 grams of brandy - one good lemon. The course should last 7-10 days.

    The main thing is not to get involved. According to reviews losing weight, it takes at least 5 kg, and usually 7-9 kg in 2 weeks.

    Slimming Drinks with Parsley

    Parsley is a powerful diuretic that is great for fighting urinary tract infections and other problems, such as kidney disease.

    Read more about the benefits of parsley and how to use it.

    This parsley tea recipe is popular in the Balkans. Take

    • 5 tablespoons chopped parsley
    • 1 l. water

    Put the chopped parsley in a liter of boiled water. Leave the tea for 20 minutes, then strain and it is ready! On the day you should not drink more than 1 liter of tea.
    To enhance the fat burning effect, you can add lemon.

    Slimming smoothies

    This list of drinks for weight loss is far from complete. There is also such a thing as a slimming smoothie. Perhaps someone will argue that this is more food than a drink, but you can dwell on the fact that it is liquid food. Usually, slimming smoothies include celery or pineapple, plus other fruits, herbs or vegetables.

    On the blog, you can find more recipes for fat burning smoothies, such as this one.

    Kissels for weight loss

    Do not worry, this is not the berry pudding from kindergarten. The blog has a recipe for Izotov's health-improving kissel and flax seed jelly.

    You just have to choose something suitable for yourself and start to lose weight!

    Dear readers, we wish you excellent physical fitness and health and drinks for weight loss - one of the easiest and most affordable ways to lose weight. We remind you that you can share this article with friends in social networks.

    And subscribe to our blog updates. We are waiting on our site. See you friends!

    Homemade drinks for weight loss - nine best recipes!

    Hello everyone!

    My friends, if you are concerned about the topic of excess weight, weight loss and the rest of this area, you are very lucky.

    Today I will share homemade slimming drinks with you, or rather, their recipes and cooking methods.

    I tried all these drinks on myself and I personally became convinced of their effectiveness.

    I have never suffered from overweight, I have always been in good physical shape and I thought that it would always be like this.

    But, due to certain circumstances, once I discovered that I was not wetting my favorite jeans

    In general, I had to go on a diet for the first time in my life.

    More precisely, I set myself restrictions on certain foods and introduced homemade slimming drinks into my diet.

    Because of this, I dropped six extra pounds in three weeks.

    I have to say that drinks for weight loss, it is not a panacea for everything. They really help to lose weight quickly and easily. BUT…

    Continuing to eat sandwiches with slices or cakes with spoons, you will not be able to throw off a kilogram of excess weight, even if you drink all these slimming drinks together, in liters.

    Три важные условия похудения

    Они работают, но при соблюдении трех условий:

    1. Не есть жирного, жаренного и сладкого и полностью исключить фастфуд
    2. Обязательная интенсивная физическая нагрузка (качайте пресс, крутите обруч, танцы, бег, много ходите, танцуйте)
    3. High availability of fiber in the diet + 2 liters of clean water per day

    All these three mandatory conditions will help reduce your weight, and slimming drinks will start working as catalysts, speeding up this process. As a result, you can lose weight faster than with the observance of complex diets with a lot of restrictions.

    Now, when I feel that I am starting to get better, I immediately begin to drink one of these drinks, observing all three conditions and come back into shape, and it is easy, simple, without much difficulty and most importantly quickly.

    Reducing excess weight from these drinks, in most cases, occurs due to components that enhance the body's metabolism, due to fat-burning components, due to increased activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

    In addition, these homemade drinks for weight loss contribute to the improvement of the whole organism, remove toxins, toxins, excess fluid, enrich with vitamins and minerals.

    They can also be used in combination with various diets to speed up the process of weight loss.

    Cucumber water-Sassi

    I think that everyone who was dealing with overweight and trying to lose weight, heard about this amazing lemon-cucumber water, which is especially effective for those who have the most problematic method in the field of weight loss is the stomach!

    Yes, Sassi water helps fight excess weight.

    It stimulates the bowels, speeds up metabolism, eliminates the feeling of hunger, removes excess fluid and all that is unnecessary and unnecessary from the body.

    Most popular :

    As a supplement to the complex of measures for weight loss, you can make natural, wholesome, and most importantly, effective weight loss cocktails at home.

    These drinks are used both in addition to the main menu of food, and instead of meals. It will depend on your main goal - comfortable gaining harmony without damage to the body or fast weight loss at any cost.

    The main advantages of drainage drinks

    Full availability. A variety of recipes of this tool allows absolutely anyone who wants to try on his work and effectiveness.

    To do this, you absolutely do not need to buy an expensive vial of liquid or a proprietary mixture in a special store or pharmacy, you can only look in the fridge.

    If you have a lemon, and a few tea bags with melissa are lying on the shelf, or somewhere there is a small amount of lingonberry leaves, and it is possible that the collected lingonberries and cranberries have long been bored in the freezer - all this, which is affordable and simple, can be used for drainage cocktail.

    Easy to use. Most often, drainage drinks are consumed on an empty stomach, before eating, or, for example, shortly before lymphatic drainage massage or physical training.

    There are no special rules for using this tool. The adjustment in the method of application and dosage can be changed only due to the personal characteristics of the organism.

    Acceleration of metabolic processes

    Proper consumption of drainage drinks makes it possible accelerate metabolic processes, greatly increasing the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and thereby solving the problem with complications during bowel movements.

    The same factor helps the nutrients that are obtained from food and additional drugs, digest and absorb much more effective, and accordingly, to give even more benefits.

    Due to the acceleration of metabolic processes, the feeling of hunger can increase, but you can control this hunger better. For body correction and weight loss, this factor plays an important role in fast destruction of fat depositsincluding the secondary ones, the most complex.

    Normal lymphatic flow. The movement of the lymph normalizes and the congestion in the lymph flows disperse with time, thereby starting the most active work to resolve the water-salt balance in the body.

    This will provide an opportunity for several days. get rid of excess fluidwhich stagnated in the tissues of the organs and body. This is the initial phase of weight loss can help throw off up to 6 pounds of unnecessary weight!

    The main amount of drainage drinks are composed of various vitamins and nutrients. This also applies to homemade drinks and purchased products. Because the consumption of this kind of products will contribute and strengthen the body (at normal dosage).

    In combination with physical workouts and proper nutrition, the drainage drink will provide an opportunity to delineate the long-lost former harmony and rather quickly get rid of primary fat. Drainage can be applied while drying the body.

    Contraindications for slimming drinks

    Taking into account the active effect of drainage drinks on the body, it is necessary to note their negative sides and contraindications to use for certain groups of people. Care must be taken when:

    • your body has any allergic reactions
    • Allergic reactions (itching, redness, pustular formations, rash) already exist on the mucous membranes and skin - one of the ingredients of the selected drainage can provoke a worsening of the situation, therefore you must first contact a dermatologist or an allergist,
    • you have an unstable emotional situation
    • the percentage of obesity is very large - first it is necessary to identify the causes of obesity and the possibility of using drainage drinks without fear of health,
    • you have normal body weight, but high puffiness is concerned - it is better to first consult a general practitioner or an endocrinologist,
    • you have avitaminosis - sometimes a drainage drink leads to a complication of avitaminosis, when the body is very weak,
    • there are some disorders of the lymphatic or urinary system.

    It is forbidden to use drainage drinks when:

    • You are pregnant (only as prescribed by a doctor).
    • This applies to children under 9–11 years of age (in any other cases, communication with a specialist is recommended).
    • You have chronic and acute disorders of the genitourinary system, kidneys, intestines, stomach, and liver.
    • You suffer from a lack of total mass.
    • Hot weather.
    • You have dehydration.

    Drainage Drink Recipes

    Green tea. Today, perhaps, it is very difficult to find a person who would not have heard about the benefits of this drink. People talk about him everywhere, on the Internet, on television, and just on the street in conversations with each other.

    And it is no secret to anyone that the most common green leaf tea without any additives can help in the process of losing weight. It effectively leads to normal operation. exchange processesand also removes toxins and slags from our body.

    But to achieve the best slimming and cleansing results, you need to make a drainage drink with green tea in a special way:

    1. For one teaspoon of tea you will need four pieces of black pepper and the same amount of cardamom, put three cloves and carefully grind.
    2. Then add to this composition one teaspoon of cinnamon and the same amount of ground ginger.
    3. Brew the prepared material with 300 milliliters of boiling water only and boil on low heat for about 20 minutes.
    4. Leave the mixture to infuse for about half an hour, then strain through cheesecloth and add 100 milliliters of hot milk.

    Take daily, adding honey, once.

    Hay, raisin and rosehip

    This fee is very popular for many slimming, it activates the processes of losing weight and effectively cleans the body. To make this wonder drink you will need 250 grams of rosehip syrup, 20 grams of senna and 200 grams of raisins.

    Dried fruits must be added to one liter of boiling water and held in a water bath for 30 minutes. Senna needs to be brewed with 300 milliliters of boiling water only and also hold for half an hour in a water bath. Both compositions must be filtered through gauze and combined with each other. Pour in them syrup from wild rose.

    This drug must be consumed in an amount of 100 milliliters before bedtime. The duration of using compote is one month. Then you need to take a break in 2 weeks and, if necessary, re-repeat the course. This compote can help you lose about 10 kilos.

    Mistletoe and lime blossom

    It's pretty simple and effective tool allows you to lose approximately 5 kilograms in literally one week. But in this case, it is necessary to observe the correct diet - do not overeat and eat only healthy food.

    On the first day you need to eat during the day between meals lime tea. To make this drink you will need one tablespoon of lime blossom to one liter of boiling water only.

    Then (on the second day) start eating mistletoe based products, it can be prepared according to the same recipe.

    In the last three days you need to take tea, which is made from identical parts mistletoe and linden, made in accordance with the above recipe. Drink, perhaps sweeten with honey, you can also add lemon to tea.

    Do not forget that if you have kidney disease or vascular and heart disease, it is highly recommended to discuss the feasibility of this method of losing weight with your doctor.

    In today's time, this drink is most likely most popular among all the teas that promise magical weight loss. This tea is made for weight loss at home is quite simple.

    One a teaspoon of gingerground on a fine grater, it is necessary to brew 250 milliliters of boiled water. After 5–7 minutes of infusion, strain through the cheesecloth drink, add a little lemon and honey here. Use prepared mixture 3-5 times daily.

    Ginger is allowed to add and various herbs, which only improve its positive properties and can help the process of losing weight. Cowberry leaves, mint and lemon balm can be used for this purpose.

    The recipe from the combination is especially effective. minced garlic and grated ginger. But keep in mind that the taste of this drink will be quite specific. Ginger does not need to be used if there is a disease of the digestive tract and stomach.

    Nettle and other herbs

    To make useful and effective nettle tea, you will need to combine 15 grams of nettle leaves with the same amount of green parsley, dandelion root, senna and with 10 grams of fennel and mint.

    Chop and mix all these ingredients thoroughly. One tablespoon of the mixed collection brew one cup of boiling water and put to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Then strain this drink through cheesecloth and drink it in small sips.

    Initially, consume no more than 200 milliliters of this tea daily, but over time, increase this amount to 600 milliliters. This remedy is best consumed half an hour after meals.

    Consumption of drainage drinks for weight loss is actually simple and effective method. But, the composition for losing weight, the recipe of which you do not know or he simply does not inspire confidence in you, it is advisable to reject. In these situations, it is better to seek help from a professional nutritionist.

    To get rid of edemas, extra kilograms, toxic decomposition products, as well as to saturate the body with useful microelements, you can use light drainage drinks made from plants.

    Drainage (from fr. Drainage) - removal of excess fluid that provokes swelling and leads to cellulite. Drinking drainage drinks (teas, decoctions, infusions) on natural herbs has long been practiced in traditional medicine, and today it is recommended by official medicine. The basis of all drainage drinks - herbs. They can be purchased at the pharmacy or on the herbal market.

    What herbs should be on hand?Here are some of them:

    • Coltsfoot
    • Birch leaves, buds
    • Black currant leaves
    • Strawberries and strawberry leaves (dry or fresh)
    • Chamomile
    • Calendula
    • Horsetail

    What kind of drainage drinks from this set of herbs and berries can be easily prepared at home? Here are some useful drink recipes.

    • Coltsfoot drink: chop two tablespoons of leaves, pour into a thermos, pour boiling water over a glass (200 ml), leave for 1 hour. Insist drink twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, on one tablespoon.
    • Strawberry Drink: crushed leaves and berries pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 2 hours in a thermos. Drink 3-4 times a day, one tablespoon before meals.
    • Calendula drink: boil 0.5 l of water, pour two teaspoons of dried calendula flowers into boiling water (you can grind them in a coffee grinder). Cover dishes with a lid, insist 20 minutes, strain. Consume 3 times a day, 0.5 cups before meals.
    • Birch drink: pour one teaspoon of crushed birch leaves in a thermos, pour boiling water over a glass, add one teaspoon of honey. Drink drink 2 times a day, half an hour before eating.
    • Currant Drink: two tablespoons of crushed currant leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, let cool to room temperature. Drink drink 3 times a day, 0.5 cups.
    • Horsetail drink: chopped dry stems of horsetail pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Drink a drink of 1/4 cup, 3 times a day.

    Thanks to useful drinks from natural plant ingredients, you can reduce the puffiness of puffiness or even get rid of edema, improve the appearance of cellulite, cleanse unwanted decay products, toxic to the body, get rid of extra pounds.

    Drainage drinks against edema and cellulite

    When changing the water-salt balance in the tissues of the body fluid is retained. Edema is not only bags under the eyes, spoiling the appearance, thickened ankles, excess weight and the inability to remove the ring from the finger. The accumulation of fluid occurs in all organs and systems, as a result of which intestinal metabolism slows down, intracranial pressure rises, a feeling of nausea appears and a headache occurs.

    Diuretics are able to quickly deal with the problem, but they wash out nutrients from the body in large quantities.

    Drainage drinks for weight loss and removal of excess fluid from the body are much softer and can be prepared at home. And that means - “treatment” will be inexpensive.

    It is surprising, but to get rid of excess fluid in the body, and at the same time extra pounds, the easiest way is with ordinary clean water.

    If you drink a glass of cool water on an empty stomach and before each meal, you can simultaneously speed up the digestive process and reduce the amount of food consumed.

    You can say about the water, that this drainage wonder drink is not only the most common, but also the cheapest. If you purchase a water filter once, you can “extract” it immediately from the tap.

    In order for water to promote the elimination of toxins from the body, you need to drink at least 2 liters a day and actively engage in sports.

    By the way, drinking a glass of water before a meal can learn to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Modern man is not aware of why there is emptiness in the stomach. For the feeling of thirst and hunger meets one center of the brain. Sometimes after a glass of water the discomfort in the stomach disappears.

    The second most easily prepared drainage drink is water with lemon juice. It is extremely simple to cook it - squeeze half a lemon into a glass of hot water, drink it daily before meals and in the morning.

    It must be borne in mind: this drink has not only a diuretic effect, it increases bile secretion. If you plan any important meeting, its reception should be postponed "for later."

    The next very simple way to remove toxins and toxins is to drink kefir regularly. It not only stimulates the metabolism in the intestine, cleansing it from slags, but also contributes to the restoration of microflora in it.

    To cleanse the body, low-fat kefir, having a temperature of about 20 ° C, is drunk twice a day in slow sips, instead of snacking. Effectively arrange unloading kefir days once a week: drink an unlimited amount of pure water and about 1.5 liters of kefir for the whole.

    Excess water can be removed using another simple drink. It is called very beautiful and mysterious - hydromel. It is water with lemon juice, in which honey is added. A glass of water is enough a tablespoon of honey. They drink gidromel the same as water with lemon, but this drink acts a little softer.

    How to make sassi water?

    Preparing Sassi water is easy.

    1. Take a large two-liter jug ​​of water, add to it thin plastics of one lemon, 1 cucumber, 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger root and a pinch of mint leaves.
    2. You mix everything and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
    3. The next day, you need to drink the whole jug and repeat all the actions again.

    The course of water intake is 4-12 days.

    I drank this water for two weeks and during this period I lost about three kilograms.

    Read more about water Sassi, read in this article.

    Honey Cinnamon - Homemade Slimming Drink

    Due to the fact that cinnamon increases metabolism, lowers glucose, cholesterol and stabilizes insulin production, it can be used for weight loss.

    Cinnamon well reduces appetite.

    Согласно исследованиям, корица способна запускать процесс расщепления старых жировых клеток и препятствовать образованию новых.

    Подробный рецепт приготовления этого напитка смотрите в этой статье

    Домашний напиток для похудения из яблочного уксуса

    Наверняк, каждый слышал о том, что с помощью натурального яблочного уксуса можно худеть. Today this fact is proven by American scientists and thousands of people who have tried this method on themselves.

    Two of my friends have already conducted this experiment on themselves long ago and are very happy, having thrown off one size each.

    Read more about this in this article.

    Kefir for weight loss with spices

    Well, who has not heard about the fact that ordinary kefir with spices is a great fat burner? You?! Then you here

    For more delicious, healthy and proven recipes for slimming cocktails, see this post.

    I hope that this information will be useful to all those who are in the process of dealing with obesity, and will also help achieve their goals and results in a short time.

    Try and lose weight.

    If you have your proven recipe for a homemade drink for weight loss, I would be very grateful if you share it.

    With you was Alyona Yasneva, I wish you all slenderness and beauty!


    Drinks for weight loss at home

    Excess weight is not only a problem of fat deposits, but also accumulations of unwanted fluid in cells and tissues. Drainage is necessary for its removal. The availability of this method puts it in the category of popular, and its effectiveness is proven in practice by a large number of happy women who have lost your hateful centimeters and kilograms.

    As with any other method, before using fat-burning beverages, you should carefully read the contraindications. These include:

    pregnancy, breastfeeding,

    allergic reactions to components of plant origin,

    problems with the gastrointestinal tract, indigestion,

    chronic liver, kidney, gall bladder,

    children's age up to 12 years.

    Top 7 most popular recipes


    No matter how trite and strange it may sound, but ordinary water can work wonders with our bodies. Drinking two liters daily, you ensure the work of each cell, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevent constipation. This is a preventive measure to ensure slimness and well-being. Water helps to lose weight, and this is a fact. And this is the simplest and always available tool.

    Ginger tea.

    Ginger root grate or grind in a blender. A teaspoon of the resulting gruel pour 250 ml of boiling water. Insist 10 minutes. In the resulting infusion add honey to taste.

    Ginger is rich in amino acids, it improves digestion, boosts immunity, gives vitality. Honey improves immunity, has antiseptic properties, contains many vitamins and minerals, essential oils.

    Water sassi.

    For two liters of water, take one medium-sized fresh cucumber and a lemon. Cut all thin slices, add a teaspoon of crushed ginger, fresh mint leaves. Mix all the ingredients and put in the cold for 10-12 hours. Drink during the day in small sips.

    Cucumber has diuretic properties, contains many trace elements. Lemon is good for digestion, it has a lot of vitamin C, and it can dull the feeling of hunger. Peppermint helps to eliminate toxins.

    Kefir with cinnamon.

    On a glass of kefir add a teaspoon of cinnamon. Stir the mixture.

    Kefir reduces appetite, improves peristalsis. Cinnamon reduces blood sugar, reduces swelling, has an antimicrobial effect. Ideally, you can substitute such a drink with one of the meals - for example, dinner. The result is not long in coming! For a drink, you must use fresh kefir, that is, the date of release on the package should be exactly the current number. The fact is that fresh kefir has exactly laxative properties, and yesterday or the day before yesterday can cause constipation.

    Parsley infusion.

    Fresh parsley greens (bunch) finely chop and pour a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for 20 minutes, strain. Drink before meals three times a day. The tool has anti-edema and reduces appetite.

    Vitamin Drainage Drink.

    A glass of broth hips combined with two tablespoons of lemon juice and add a pinch of red pepper. The taste of the drink is peculiar, but the effect is impressive. This is a vitamin charge for your body, the drainage effect and the acceleration of digestion.

    Citrus cocktail.

    Take 2 grapefruit, 2 oranges, 1 lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Squeeze juice out of fruit using a juicer, mix with honey. Drink for breakfast or lunch. It is not recommended for dinner because of the invigorating effect. Care should be taken with this drink for those who have stomach problems. This cocktail will charge you with a positive for the whole day, help digestion and burn excess fat.

    The above mentioned slimming drinks and cocktails reduce appetite, detoxify, cleanse the body, intestines, improve well-being, give vigor and good mood.

    At home, prepare them is not difficult. This process will take no more than 10 minutes. Spend some time with your body, and it will respond with smooth operation, clean, beautiful skin without acne. And also hair will become more brilliant, and nails are firm.

    Summing up, I want to say that the problem of losing weight must be approached creatively and comprehensively. If you eat fast food with drinks for weight loss, the result will not wait. Proper balanced nutrition, sports, drainage drinks - all together will provide you with slimness and lightness.

    Watch your health. Beauty begins from the inside!

    Testers reviews

    My daughter told about drinks for weight loss. I decided to try parsley infusion. It took 1.5 kg. The result is satisfied. Now, periodically spend this procedure drainage.

    In the summer on vacation in Turkey gained extra pounds. I replaced my dinner with kefir with cinnamon and quickly returned to normal. I recommend this recipe - swelling and excess water are eliminated from the body.

    Ginger tea is fantastic! I threw off 2 kg per week, simply replacing tea and coffee with this miraculous elixir!

    Recipes effective drainage drinks for weight loss

    Easily cope with the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body herbal teas. You can buy ready-made tea in the store, or make a brew for slimming yourself.

    Herbal teas from the following raw materials will help get rid of edema and extra pounds.

    In addition, the nutrients that are in the composition of herbal raw materials, tone up the body:

    • Calendula tea. Insist 2 teaspoons of dry chopped herbs in 2 cups of water for 15 minutes, drink 100 ml before each meal, but not more than 3 times a day,
    • Tincture mother and stepmother. Dry raw materials need to take 2 tablespoons, brew a glass of boiling water and insist necessarily in a warm place for about an hour. Take a tablespoon on an empty stomach and before going to bed,
    • Before eating, drink a tablespoon of strawberry tea, which is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons of herbal raw materials - berries and leaves - insist 2 hours in a glass of boiling water,
    • Currant leaf tea has a diuretic and choleretic effect. The drink is very tasty and fragrant, they drink it with pleasure. You can make it from dry leaves or fresh. In a glass of boiling water insist about 6-9 leaves and drink the liquid during the day,
    • Birch leaves tea is used in the same way. Prepare it like currant leaf tea. Only in the drink you need to add honey, otherwise it will be impossible to drink it - it tastes bitter.

    The following recipes will tell you how to cope with the manufacture of multicomponent drainage drinks at home:

    • Ginger drink with garlic and lemon. Fresh or dried ginger root is grated, crushed garlic, lemon, honey are added to it. Drink in the form of heat. It is advisable not to leave the body cleansing in the evening - the drink not only has a drainage effect - it tones. In a glass of boiling water brew a teaspoon of ginger root, half a garlic clove, add honey and lemon in a teaspoon,
    • Another drainage drink recipe. Lemon juice is mixed with a pharmacy variant of rosehip syrup, 2 rings of red hot pepper are added, and all the ingredients are poured with boiling water. Drink during the day,
    • Parsley juice drainage drink not only removes toxins from the body, but also blocks the feeling of hunger. From a bunch of fresh parsley produce juice: cut it, knead the wooden tolkushkoy. The juice is poured into a glass of boiling water, heated in a water bath, not boiling. If the drink boils, it loses its beneficial properties. Drink it in the morning, half a glass. There is then possible only after 2 hours.

    Green cocktails have a draining effect. They are made from the juice of fruits and vegetables. An excellent fat burner is a drink that combines the juice of cucumber, parsley, dill and celery.

    It is impossible to rid the body of unnecessary kilograms and remove toxins with drainage drinks alone. With random and unsystematic absorption of a variety of products, without motor activity, fluid intake with a drainage effect will have a one-time diuretic or choleretic effect.

    The lost fluid will quickly return to the body, the fat layer will not dissolve.

    To get rid of toxins and excess weight will help only complex weight loss, which combines intake of drainage drinks, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

    H2O to help reduce excess weight

    We all know that you need to drink plenty of water, but many still do not.

    You may not like the lack of taste or frequent visits to the toilet, but if you want to lose weight, then it must be done.

    I have already said that only 500 ml of water can speed up the metabolism by 30% within 90 minutes. But if you still doubt this, here is another confirmation.

    Participants in one study drank about 500 ml of water before each meal. As a result, they managed to lose 44% overweight in 12 weeks!

    That is, you can get rid of the hated last kilograms without drastically changing your usual diet and training program.

    The main thing is to drink water throughout the day, and not overstrain, trying to drink the daily rate before meals. I would advise drinking half a liter of water in 20 minutes before mealsso that you do not feel the fullness of the stomach and can eat normally and not go hungry after that.

    2. Water with lemon

    I know that water can be fresh and not very attractive to drink. Forcing yourself to drink it in large quantities can be a serious problem. That's why the next few drinks, including water with lemon, become a real magic wand.

    Instead of using sweet soda, add lemon juice to the water. This will greatly improve its taste.

    If you drink it with food, it will improve digestion, as well as help stimulate the metabolism during a long time after taking food.

    As I said, water with lemon will not lead directly to weight loss, but only help prevent unwanted bloating that prevents us from wearing our favorite clothes.

    By the way, forget about late dinners before bedtime, because after eating you need a certain period of time to digest food. Only then can you go to sleep.

    Want to be in better shape? Start your day with water with lemon juice!

    As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will dramatically increase metabolism and improve digestion, which is very important in the process of losing weight.

    I believe that this drink is better than morning coffee, because the latter can lead to dehydration.

    3. Coconut water

    Most of my clients do not consider coke water as a fat burning drink.

    But in one cup of coconut water contains only 46 calories. According to one study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, it can lower cholesterol.

    In this experiment, rats that were given a small amount of coconut water experienced a drop in low-density lipoprotein and triglyceride levels (bad cholesterol).

    If you find it difficult to give up flavored sugary drinks or orange juice, then coconut water will be an excellent choice for you.

    I must warn that some coconut water brands contain sugar, which will negate all the benefits of the drink, so be careful when choosing it.

    4. White tea

    White tea is one of my favorite drinks. I appreciate him for the light taste and aroma. In this regard, he is the complete opposite of black tea.

    Black tea can be bitter, and white always remains delicate in taste.

    Studies have shown that white tea is able to break down fat and prevent the formation of new fat cells.

    Apart from the fact that white tea helps to lose weight and contains a large amount of antioxidants, it has one more excellent advantage - it is not subjected to such deep processing as other types of tea.

    If you just brew it in boiling water (without extra sweet additives), then this will allow you to fully reveal its taste properties. The perfect slimming drink!

    Oolong and rooibos are two types of tea that are not preferred by many people. And in vain! After all, they are especially useful for those who want to get rid of extra pounds.

    A 3-day study conducted by the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center and published by LiveStrong explored the effects of the consumption of oolong tea on the human body. Scientists discovered that those who drank 4 cups of tea increased their energy consumption by 3% and burned 67 calories more than those who drank 4 cups of water.

    The study also showed that in the group of subjects who drank tea, an increase in the degree of oxidation of fats by 12% was recorded. This once again proves the properties of oolong for slimming.

    Rooibos tea has the same benefits as oolong tea.

    Unlike white, green, oolong and black tea (they are all sheets of the same plant - Camellia sinensis), rooibos is herbal tea, which is obtained from the crushed leaves of the rooibos plant.

    However, rooibos has one property that makes him particularly green tea - it contains flavonoids. These are, in fact, antioxidants that help fight free radicals resulting from malnutrition and slagging of the body.

    Rooibos also contains other antioxidants that are useful for losing weight - catechins.

    In one study, scientists studied the effects of catechins and found that their daily use significantly reduces body weight, reduces waist girth and body fat (including subcutaneous).

    Catechin is rich not only in Rooibos and Oolong, but also in green tea.

    8. Mint tea

    Have you ever tried to sip orange juice after brushing your teeth?

    Yes, the taste is not pleasant!

    Mint tea has about the same property. It changes the perception of taste sensations by receptors, thereby helping to suppress the appetite.

    According to a study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine, people who inhale mint every 2 hours lost an average of 2.5 kg per month. The aroma of this plant sends a signal to the brain that it’s time to stop eating.

    It will be strange to look if you sniff mint throughout the day, so I recommend you drink mint tea. It will help you lose weight and avoid embarrassing situations.

    Drink it after lunch and dinner, to suppress the desire to eat before bed.

    I never felt the need to drink coffee every morning. But I know that many people simply can not do without it.

    But when it comes to losing weight, it is worth considering the inclusion of this drink in your diet.

    Here is what nutritionist Kathy Taylor says about this:

    “Some studies have shown that drinking caffeinated coffee can accelerate weight loss (to a small extent) and also prevent it from being recruited by suppressing appetite. Coffee also helps burn calories by stimulating thermogenesis, the process of the body generating energy through food digestion. In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, that is, it can cause a temporary weight loss due to the removal of water from the body. "

    No, this is not a reason to eat only coffee, since the lack of nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body can slow down the metabolism. To remove the excess water from the body, it is enough to drink 1 cup of this drink daily.

    Remember that one cup of coffee drunk should account for one glass of drunk water. This is necessary to avoid dehydration.

    10. My personal fat burning recipe

    I understand that sometimes you want something tastier than tea or water. In such cases, you come to the aid of my fat burning drink.

    I use green tea, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, ginger, fresh mint and filtered water to make it.

    Follow the link to find out his recipe.

    11. Chia Fresco

    Because of my love for chia seeds, I use them to prepare a variety of dishes, ranging from chia puddings to an ancient Mexican energy drink called chia fresco.

    This cocktail can also be used as a pre-workout.

    To make it you need the following ingredients:

    • 2 cups plain or coconut water
    • 1.5 tablespoons of chia seeds
    • 1.2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
    • Natural sweetener to taste (maple syrup or honey will work fine)

    • Насыпьте семена чиа в стакан или другую емкость с водой и хорошо перемещайте. Если семена опускаются на дно, используйте емкость с крышкой, чтобы смесь можно было встряхнуть.
    • Дайте напитку настояться в течение 10 минут.
    • Добавьте лимонный сок и подсластитель по вкусу.
    • Коктейль готов!

    In the stomach, chia seeds will increase in size, which will provide a feeling of fullness and satiety, and lemon juice will stimulate the metabolism.

    If you use coconut water for cooking, you will deliver a triple blow to the last excess kilos!

    12. Aloe vera juice

    We have already talked about the beneficial properties of aloe vera, but when it comes to losing weight, it becomes a real powerful weapon in the fight against obesity.

    Obesity Research & Practice published a 35-day study that examined the effect of plant sterols contained in aloe vera on the body of rats with obesity. The result was a significant improvement in the body composition of the experimental animals.

    But what about the human body?

    During one of the experiments, subjects suffering from obesity and diabetes (or pre-diabetes) were divided into 2 groups. For 8 weeks, one group was given aloe vera gel and the other was given a placebo. Those who consumed aloe lost more fat than those who took a placebo.

    But before you include it in your diet, you need to consider one thing.

    The fact is that aloe vera is a natural laxative. This may seem a useful property for losing weight, but it can lead to dehydration and a decrease in the level of electrolytes.

    In addition, some people have experienced side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps while using aloe vera. So be careful.

    13. Vegetable juices

    There is nothing surprising in the fact that I recommend to drink vegetable juices for weight loss, because they are extremely important for our body.

    One study showed that “adults who drank at least 250 ml of vegetable juice per day and followed a special diet lost 1.8 kg in 12 weeks. While those who followed only a diet and did not drink juice, have lost only 500 grams. ”

    In addition, subjects from the first group significantly increased the levels of vitamin C and potassium in the body, and also generally reduced the consumption of carbohydrates.

    I am a big supporter of juice consumption, but before spending money on juice diets, consider a few points.

    First, not all juices are good for health.

    Freshes can consist of too large fruit, and therefore have a high sugar content.

    You should consume no more than 2 servings of fruit per day, while some juices sold in stores contain as many as 5 servings. If you want to lose weight, then this is too much.

    But if you prefer juices, which are based on products such as cabbage, cucumbers, lemon, cayenne pepper, celery, apples, you can easily lose a few extra pounds.

    During your stay on the juice diet, you must be careful also because you will not consume the fiber-rich skin of the fruit.

    Fiber is necessary to provide a feeling of satiety and normal functioning of the digestive tract, so you will lose a lot if you do not eat usable peel.

    I would also be wary of choosing concentrated vegetable juices, such as “V8,” since they are often not as useful as the producers say.

    Now you see that by supplementing a healthy diet and training with these 13th healthy drinks, you can quickly achieve the desired results.

    Arm yourself with this list, and you will not have any problems in the process of burning the latest stubborn fat reserves. You will reach the goal in the shortest possible time!