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It should be understood that different people put different meanings into the word “sexual”. In fact, this is the most discussed topic for both men and women. But did they manage to come to a single conclusion? Quite often it is possible to meet the false opinion that the sexuality of a girl is related to her clothes, or rather, the lack thereof. In fact, this concept and exposure have nothing in common. Sexuality is a certain element that causes male desire, enhances its emotions. Her secret lies in the mix of charm, inner self-confidence, physical attractiveness. When all these three components merge into a single whole - the man is at your feet, although, perhaps, he still does not understand why.

Internal state

Today you can find a lot of advice on how to become sexy, but they all lose their meaning if a girl does not love herself and looks in the mirror with disgust. Sometimes it is the huge baggage of the complexes that does not allow the lady to look attractive. The first and most important thing to do is to confess your love to yourself. Imagine that a small, pretty child lives inside you. Love him with all your soul, all the essence. How can a mother not love a child because it does not look like she would like to? Of course not! For this reason, you should love yourself no matter what. Surrounding feel how a person treats himself. And how can they love someone who himself is not enthusiastic about himself?

Self-love is the inner state that men feel. How to become more sexual? Just love yourself with all your flaws. Smile in your mirror and feel free and independent. Many people believe that sexuality is an innate quality, and therefore do not even try to acquire it. In fact, it is not. Sexologists claim that you can develop a sexuality. It is associated with its own self-esteem, a sense of dignity. If you find it difficult at one moment to just take in and love yourself, perhaps you should do this in stages.

How to become the sexiest? Start with your body. If you are dissatisfied with him, perhaps it is time to play sports? Scientists have proven that physical exercise not only improves the contours of the body, but also helps to become more self-confident. During sports, hormones of happiness are released. Improves mood and sexual desire. A sexy girl is an active lady who loves sports and takes care of her body.

Personal hygiene

Want to be sexy? Then you need to remember another important point. Men love well-groomed girls. But this does not mean that now all free time should be spent in the bathroom. Take care of the condition of the skin and hair, do not be lazy to take the time to wash your hair and make minimal makeup. Men pay special attention to the appearance of the nails and legs. If you are wondering how to become sexual, then you need to take care of the arms and legs. It is very important not just to take care of yourself, but to love this occupation and to get maximum pleasure from it.

As mentioned earlier, exposure and sexuality have practically nothing in common with each other. Nevertheless, men like it when a girl wears dresses and skirts. If most of your wardrobe is occupied by pants and jeans, most likely it’s time to go shopping. Of course, it is very important that the clothes fit you in size (not hung and not too tight). Sometimes in pursuit of fashion, girls completely forget that their figure is far from ideal. It is better to choose a less fashionable thing, but at the same time hiding shortcomings, if they exist, or emphasizing dignity. Remember: the main thing is that it will be great for you to sit on.

Self development

A beautiful figure, painted eyes, sweet smile - this is just an appearance. A clever man understands that the inner world of a girl is very important. If he is not looking for a “doll for the show,” but really a partner, life partner, he will definitely pay attention to your interests, behavior, good and bad qualities. If you are wondering "how to become sexy," be sure to engage in self-development. You should not completely devote your life to your loved one. Allocate for yourself a separate space, expand the range of interests and, if necessary, - communication. The concept of "sexuality" includes not only external characteristics, but also internal ones. An interesting mindset can beckon a man even more than just a beautiful appearance.

Non-verbal communication

What else can attract a man? How to become a sexy woman? The manner of communication of a person can tell a lot about him. Of course, an attractive girl knows how to flirt and knows how one look can completely turn the world of a man. Of course, one of the most important techniques of flirting is a smile. It shows that the person is open to communication and open. A look is another important component of flirting. Look a man in the eye, then to the side and lower the look down. This will immediately cause the opposite sex a storm of emotions.

Family relationships

To conquer a man is not easy, but to keep even harder. Very often, having lived together for several years, partners lose their former passion. And this is not because they do not love each other, but because relationships are a flower that you definitely need to water. And the role of the girl in this regard is very significant. Those ladies who understand this are sure to ask: "How to become sexual for a husband?" In principle, the rules differ little from those already described above. The main mistake of many wives is that they no longer take care of themselves when they are at home. Next to the beloved man, they can walk with greasy hair and a stain on a bathrobe. But in this case, and the ladies sexuality is significantly reduced. Train yourself that at home you should look like a queen. In many ways, the behavior of a man depends on what he sees in front of him. A beautiful, sophisticated lady is hard to ignore and pass by without kissing. It is important to remember one simple rule: whatever changes you make to your daily routine and appearance - do it exclusively for yourself and with great pleasure.

All attention is man

How to become a sexy girl? You should change your attitude to the man. After all, he, as a child, needs attention and care. If the lady is fixated only on herself, she loses attractiveness in the eyes of the guy. It is the interest of the girl - the main key to sexuality. Show your partner that he is important to you, find out how his day went, give him a relaxing massage. Sexy girl - unselfish, sweet and very mysterious. She does not argue in the open, but more often than not everything happens exactly the way she wants. Enchants men when he can not understand what is happening with his beloved in his head and why he is so drawn to her.

Little tricks

How to become the sexiest? To do this, you need to know some tricks that men like so much. Of course, lacy underwear is a key element that drives people of the opposite sex crazy. After a bath or shower, spread the body milk with a delicate scent. Then put on lacy underwear and just lie down near your loved one, gently hugging him. As soon as he feels the delicate scent and sees the sexy lingerie, he immediately removes it from you.

Coquet and smile to your man, even if you have been married for ten years, it never hurts. Laugh at his jokes, touch him often, and you will see that a loved one will flourish.

Surprise is what disarms a man. And believe me, he will always be happy for something unusual. For example, if you know that he is going to bathe, take his towel from the bathroom. Let him ask you to bring it. In the meantime, undress, wrap yourself in his towel and so come to the bathroom. Virtually any man can not resist this.

Diversify your sex life. The bed and the missionary position are good only the first few times. You can try role-playing or just change the place. Men like it when the girl takes the initiative.

Thus, the ways to become more sexual and desirable - a great many. They may not be very effective, and in many respects everything will depend on your self-esteem and on the man whom you are trying to enchant. By chance ask your young man what he means in the word “sexuality” and then you will know exactly how to act.

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Desired means sexy, attractive, but this is not enough to please many. One must still be charming, interesting in communication, have a sense of humor, appear defenseless and be able to admire the strong sex. You can develop these qualities in yourself, but you must first think of an image of an ideal for yourself, and then begin to approach it. The path can take many years.

Today, the beauty of a woman is first judged by her figure. There are standards that attract men. These are not parameters, but a type. Slender girls are considered more sexy. But it is necessary not only to weigh not much, but to have a flat stomach, taut buttocks and a beautiful chest.

The condition of the skin, hair and nails is also striking. It is necessary to take care of the body to avoid cellulite, stretch marks or other unpleasant phenomena. Hair should have a healthy shine, and still need to regularly do styling to look great. A girl without a manicure can not be desired, hands give the ability to care for themselves, and hence for a man.

In a company, a woman should be able to keep up the conversation. To do this, you need to read books, get involved in something interesting, to someday tell about it. It does not need to be a leader, is in the center, it is important just to be able to attract attention to yourself, as well as to have an opinion.

Very good quality of any lady - a sense of humor. The jokes should be light, playful, like the lady who tells them. This quality is manifested in reactions to the situation; if a girl can laugh heartily, it means she is different from many.

Communication with men

Any man loves being admired. If a girl knows how to ask questions correctly, ask for help, showing her helplessness, she will look very attractive. You need to learn how to appear weak so that you always want to save you. And any guy will love it.

In a relationship, the lady does not make decisions; she is only waiting for the development of events. She does not control everything around, does not try to influence the situation, but simply observes. In this case, the man has to take responsibility, to take steps himself. And it is very pleasant for the stronger sex, allows you to feel masculinity.

Sex skills

Desired woman should be a great lover. She should be able to seduce, conquer the heart of a man, and then in bed deliver pleasures that he had not experienced before. But there are rules, for example, it is impossible to demonstrate everything for the first time. Modesty and gradually revealing makes a woman much more attractive. A man ascribes to himself the achievement that he has managed to liberate, to give a new world. And even if it is not, it is worth giving him a reason to dream about it.

Appearance vs sexuality

Of course, we get the first impression through the visual channel, but, oddly enough, this is not enough. Our image is made up of communication patterns, plastics and smell (natural pheromones are very important). In general, people first pay attention to the harmony of appearance. We subconsciously fix on the image corresponding to the rule of the golden section. A proportionally built person will like us more simply because it is easy to consider. We also evaluate “well-groomed”: cleanliness is associated with health, which means that the “object” may be suitable for the continuation of the species. "

In addition, most people have their own "type". Surely you have noticed that girls choose men similar to each other, and some young people prefer only brunettes. This is due to sexual fixation, which occurs in adolescence. During this period, the hormones work at a maximum, so everything that happens is perceived by us very sharply and leaves an imprint for life. In boys, such a fixation often occurs “through the mother”: in the future, they are looking for either a similar or, on the contrary, the most different partner from her.

Hugh Laurie: “Perfect beauty is tiring and fake. Humor is much sexier. Funny is much more attractive. ”

The secret of success in men

What is the intimate aura, which, in fact, makes us sexually attractive to men? This is a combination of appearance, charisma,
as well as female sexual attractants. Experts call such a clever word volatile substances, with the help of which we attract partners.
And our hormones influence on them, as well as on the production of pheromones. First of all, estrogen and testosterone, which is responsible for the physiological side of sex.

The main secret of sexual attractiveness is the ability of a woman to desire ... herself.

Sometimes a woman - beautiful, well-groomed and successful - is not popular among men. And neither she nor her relatives understand why this is happening.

The fact is that our sexuality is corrected by our experience. For example, if parents’s attitude towards sex was generally negative (“wearing a short skirt - bring it in the hem,” “only dummies think about boys,” etc.), then as adults, we unknowingly “close” our ability to be seductive . In severe cases, a woman can even “earn” vaginismus as a psycho-physiological reaction to the parental ban on sex.
Important and first intimate experience. If he was painful and humiliating, fear of sexual relations may appear, and, as a result, reluctance to be a decoy for the opposite sex.

Women subjected to sexual coercion are also being shut down. This is not about rape in the literal sense, but about the constant pressure from men, which, alas, many of us perceive as the norm.

Audrey Hepburn: “I don't need a bed to prove my femininity. I can be sexy just by picking apples from a tree or standing in the rain. ”

Excessive sexuality

We often meet women who vividly emphasize their sexuality. Net stockings, cut-out to the navel, scarlet lips - all this paraphernalia certainly attracts attention. But, alas, not at all that most girls dream of. Hypersexual image, as correctly, a loud response to their own complexes and fears. And the reason for their appearance is a difficult transitional age.

Trying to attract attention to themselves in this way — far from certain — in a way, a woman (with rare exceptions) is really just screaming for help. This is also the reason for the specific manner of behavior, and promiscuity in connections, and vulgar talk about "tremendous life experience."

There is also another fixation: a woman believes that only sex can give her warmth and attention, which are so lacking in the family. She herself, without realizing it, puts an equal sign between sex and love. It seems to her that precisely seduction guarantees her the desired attitude of men.

To understand what lies behind such a defiant way - true sexuality or psychological problems - only personal experience helps. If suffering prevails in relationships with partners, then you need to try to get rid of this “stereotypical behavior.” But those who enjoy the life and love of men need not change anything. Perhaps you really found your way to happiness. And in this case, it doesn’t matter how people around you perceive your image.

Sophia Loren: “Sexuality is 50% what you have, and 50% what you have, according to everyone else.”

Sexuality and age

Why do we lose our “attractiveness” with age? Many people think that sexuality is the prerogative of the young. But mature women can actually broadcast and “exude” her no less brightly than young girls. Moreover, many men claim that adult women excite them much more. They are confident in themselves, they know how to have fun, they know how to deliver it to their partner, and they are not shy about their desires.

At about 45 years, women have a large release of estrogen, and the need for intimate relationships increases dramatically. The problem is that peer partners during this period cannot match them: for men at this age testosterone is lowered. From here grow the legs of many female complexes, for example, the feeling of their own unattractiveness and "undesirability". Throw them out of your head - it is definitely not in you.

Как стать сексуально привекательной?

1. Нравиться мужчинам несложно. Есть простой рецепт: принимайте по одному оргазму хотя бы раз в неделю (мастурбация тоже считается). Это положительно влияет на здоровье и настроение женщины и стимулирует выработку феромонов.

2. Регулярно думайте о сексе. Carry an object in your purse that reminds you of an intima (photo, perfume or something else that creates the desired effect). Wear sexy underwear, even if no one else sees you, it changes your sense of self.

3. Wear silk, velvet and satin clothing often. A little trick: the largest erogenous zone of a woman is her skin. If it is constantly stimulated with a pleasant, delicate tissue, a slight excitement arises and the very aura that men react to forms around you.

4. Each of us has our own "provocateur" of passion. Dresses, perfumes, jewelery, stilettos are what give you a feeling of lightness and attractiveness. Use all this not only on solemn occasions, but also daily. Soon you will notice that the male attention in your life has become much more.

Expert comment

“Human sexuality is read by circumstantial evidence. The first is a healthy skin: according to one of the theories, a person “lost” his coat, because under it the skin condition is not visible. The second sign - high-quality and fast work of the brain. Intelligent, clever individual quickly "divided" with the enemy. But if it is not difficult to assess the appearance, then how to determine the level of intelligence? On a rich vocabulary, and, of course, on sparkling humor! Therefore, if you rely on science, then in order to become attractive, you need to read good books, watch an interesting movie and react vividly to everything that is happening around you. Not so difficult, is not it? ".

First attention - on appearance

Men are very attentive to the appearance of women, so they notice any little thing. Half-erased polish, untidy clothes, dirty hair and bad makeup do not make any woman more attractive.

Due to various circumstances and in rare cases such liberties can be allowed. But if they are repeated with a certain regularity, then this already indicates the bad character of the woman.

Perhaps, not all representatives of the opposite sex can evaluate some trifles separately, but their totality forms a far from attractive picture that no one will miss by attention.

The same applies to the figure for which you want to follow. Saggy sides and belly do not make a woman in the men's eyes more attractive. If there are no opportunities to cope with some defects, then they can always be hidden. And it is advantageous to present your figure thanks to the right clothes.

No depression

In men's eyes, an attractive woman is a lady who, with all her actions, shows that she enjoys every minute of this life and radiates love.

Men see it in the eyes of a woman. And if it is extinct, and all its movements are honed to automatism, then there is no interest in approaching such a girl, because she seems empty. A woman whose pleasure is read in her eyes can easily get the opposite sex, therefore she attracts herself.

Therefore, in order to attract a man, you should remove the sullen look from your face and use a smile more often.

The power of fragrances

By virtue of the animal essence that is present in every person, smells are of paramount importance. But at the same time, they can produce a repulsive effect.

Rejection can cause unpleasant odors: from the mouth or from an unwashed body. Sometimes even perfume used in too large quantities is unpleasant. The fragrance of the perfume should not be sharp and subtle. To feel the fragrance you like, a man will have to come close, and this is the first steps towards sexual intimacy.

Sometimes women try to hide an unpleasant smell with the help of deodorants and perfume, which only enhances the repulsive effect. Therefore, you should always take care of the cleanliness of the body and hair.

Female qualities

Many men complain that spouses constantly reprimand them, argue and roll up scandals. Of course, against the background of such a relationship to talk about the sexual desire of her husband is very difficult. This also applies to rudeness and careless manners. After all, this is more characteristic of men and, therefore, romantic evenings will resemble more like competitions for primacy in everything.

According to surveys, women loaded with constant affairs, less and less awaken in their partners sexual desire. Keen on career growth and household chores, ladies often forget that men are in dire need of their attention.

We must try to develop our feminine principle, which is based on tenderness and softness. And you should not try to drive a man under his heel. After all, you can control the situation in such a way that, according to the man, he will be at the helm.

It should daily allocate time for rest and devote it to your beloved.

No need to draw extra attention

Sometimes the concept of sexual clothing in the understanding of men and women diverges greatly. Often in public places you can see girls wearing a leather skirt, patent leather boots and fishnet tights. At the same time, the owner of the screaming outfit sincerely considers him oversex and able to lure any man.

Such an outfit may be appropriate only in sexual games with a loved one, or at a theme party. In other cases, he looks vulgar and does not characterize the woman in the best way. In order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, it is not necessary to wear all the best things that are in the wardrobe overnight.

Outfit should be selected and under the circumstances. For example, if a day involves regular use of public transport and an accelerated pace of movement, then you should not wear a short dress and stilettos, because by evening the appearance will be far from sexy.

Sexual style should be combined with comfort, because in this case, the mood will be appropriate.