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Striped pants - fashion trend 2015


Striped trousers are a rather interesting and, surprisingly, universal thing. Yes, if you choose the right tone, stripes and style, then in these pants you can go to a party, and for a walk, or even to the office. In addition, this piece of clothing goes to almost everyone, regardless of the characteristics of the figure and age. The only exception, perhaps, are the owners of short legs. But in this case, you can find a way out.

How to make a choice?

How to choose striped trousers? Pay attention to several important points:

  • Stripes. They can be both horizontal and vertical. The latter option is ideal for owners of mouth-watering forms, as the vertical patterns visually stretch the silhouette. But the horizontal stripes fit only slim or even thin girls, as they will add volume. The thickness of the strips can also be different. Thin and barely noticeable look elegant and even formal. But with the wide stands to be more careful, as they immediately catch the eye. The image will be bright, and the volume of the legs will increase.
  • Colors. The most universal option would be a black stripe on a white background, it looks fresh, feminine, bright and even elegant at the same time. Also in 2015, relevant marine motifs, namely the combination of blue and white. Also on a white background will be interesting to look and other colors, such as purple, burgundy, brown. Black stripes can be combined with soft pastel tones, for example, with beige, sand, peach, as well as with light shades of pink, blue, lilac.
  • Style. Slim girls can afford almost any style, but especially slim and feminine pants will look sexy and feminine. Slim women should pay attention to flared from the hip model. Boots will help to increase hips. And ladies with appetizing forms are best suited classic straight models.
  • Material. So that the strip does not "crawl" and does not deform, choose trousers from not stretching fabrics. In addition, you should not experiment with textured materials, they can overload the image.

What prints combines stripes?

The strip itself is a self-contained and fairly bright print, so other patterns can be superfluous and inappropriate. It is best to choose monophonic clothes. But if you want to stand out and create a bright image, then pay attention to the individual drawings and inscriptions.

You can also experiment with floral prints, with the same stripes or with a cage. But in any case, the patterns should not be too variegated, screaming and bright.

What can they wear?

What can I wear with fashionable striped pants? Several interesting options:

  • The white blouse of the fitted or free cut will look stylishly and fashionably with any trousers.
  • You can wear a sweatshirt or a jumper.
  • With pants with a high waist will be a great combination of tops, including the bustier.
  • In cool weather, you can throw a jacket or blazer. A solid dark cardigan is also appropriate. And any lover of bright images just fit a leather jacket.
  • In the summer, you can choose a shirt or t-shirt.
  • Create a casual look with a simple turtleneck. It is best to fill her pants.

Striped pants are best combined with shoes with heels, such images can be found in the photo of fashion magazines. These can be shoes with stiletto heels, shoes or sandals with a steady heel or wedge heel. If you have rather long legs, then you can easily afford ballet flats or flat sandals. But sports shoes will not be the best option.


Striped trousers are best combined with feminine accessories, such as thin bracelets or beads, short chains, earrings, carnations, and so on. As for bags, it is better to choose clutches and envelope bags. But it is better to refuse belts, they will distract attention from the strip and, as it were, visually break this pattern.

Some useful recommendations:

  • If your legs are not as long as you would like, then wear striped pants with high heels. At the same time, the edges of the legs should cover the heels by half or even two-thirds.
  • Striped trousers can play the role of a bright accent and are often perceived as such, so choose the simplest accessories. In addition, they should not be much.
  • When creasing the trousers, the strip may lose its special charm, so iron such a thing regularly or purchase a model made of non-creased material.
  • It is best to wear striped trousers in the warm season, as the strip is rather a summer or spring pattern that will look ridiculous with a heavy outerwear.
  • Remember that pants should be matched in color with the top of the set.

Wear striped trousers properly and with pleasure!

Types of strips

The styles of trousers are diverse: skinny skinny, classic straight, flared, shortened 7/8, culottes and others.

This is one of the most difficult wardrobe items, so you need to choose a print only after you have decided on the style of the pants.

The strips can be straight, slanting, vertical, vary in volume - wide, narrow, combined.

Wide horizontal stripes are easily suited for everyday wear, parties or walks. Vertical - an option for office, school, important meetings. Thin stripes - the trend of the last season.

The combination of wide bands with thin as well as diagonally arranged is considered stylish. Designers do not stop at these options and come up with more and more new combinations.

Popular colors

A classic out of time - a combination of black pants with white stripes and vice versa. This is a versatile choice for creating a business style. Combinations can be completely different - narrow, wide, combined. Pastel colors with a vertical beige stripe are in fashion. This is a peaceful option, suitable for dating, work, study.

Option for the bold - contrasting shades. But with these you need to be careful. It is better to choose not flashy colors, but, for example, red, blue, olive, burgundy. A combination of blue or blue on white trousers is popular.

As a rule, designers adhere to a maximum of two or three shades, otherwise the image is inharmonious.

Tips for choosing

Everyone knows the fact that striped trousers can change the proportions of the body. Remember, the wider the strip, the more visually the silhouette appears.

Vertical striped trousers emphasize the slimness of the legs, emphasize the length, pulling the figure. The horizontal strip, on the contrary, stretches the shape to the width.

Thus, girls with volumetric top and hips should abandon the horizontal strip.

These individuals need to choose models with a vertical print. It will help to visually lengthen the legs and make the figure slimmer.

For ladies whose narrow shoulders and voluminous hips fit a horizontal strip, she will make a harmonious bottom and top.

Girls with thin physique can afford any options, including those with a vertical strip of any width.

What to wear?

After the choice of pants finally made, it's time to create! An ideal addition to the image is a solid top in the form of a top, blouse, tunic, etc. Preference is given to neutral shades of pastel colors: light blue, pale pink, beige, lemon.

For a business look, pick up pants in a black and white striped classic style and add a blouse made of thin flowing material with a V-neck.

Striped pants are our main accent in the image, so don’t try to wear some flashy things, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous and not at all stylish.

Jackets and jackets are combined with striped trousers, monochrome is better. A variant of a jacket with a similar strip is possible, and in this way we will get a set. If suddenly you choose the top with a floral or abstract print, then the colors should overlap with the gamut of the bottom.

For a walk or an evening out fit skinny pants or a loose cut with stripes, for example, blue. Upstairs you can pick up a white T-shirt or top that can be tucked into pants. If it is loose fit or a tunic, wear a release, it will make the image more free.

If you want to create a bright image, you can experiment with the top of coral or turquoise. But be careful with the decorations - jewelry that is out of tune can spoil the whole color contrast. In cool weather, you can throw a cardigan. Black leather jacket will look great with black and white pants.

How to wear striped clothes? Fashion trend spring-summer 2018

Strip - one of the most beloved and practical prints in the fashion world. This year, possession of a striped thing and the ability to style it will instantly enroll you in the list of fashionistas. Choose non-boring colors and fashionable styles to stand out among other lovers of this color.


The most popular among pastel colors was a pink hue as in the spring-summer collection Jason Wu. Such a soft tone is best combined with things in a neutral range, for example, beige trench or pants. Another good option is a combination with a more saturated shade of the same range.

17 Apr 2018 at 2:25 PDT

Striped dress

Striped dress is the absolute must have of the season. Choose any style that is close to you, but this summer just will not do without a dress-shirt, sporty styles and feminine cruise images. For inspiration, see the Tadashi Shoji, Monse, 3.1 Philip Lim or Carolina Herrera collections.

17 Apr 2018 at 3:05 PDT

Apr 6, 2018 at 12:30 pm PDT

Striped Suit

A black and white vertical striped suit will be one of the most popular wardrobe investments among fashionistas around the world. Choose straight or loose pants. With this outfit, you can easily wear contrasting shoes, such as red or orange mules / shoes / ankle boots, as well as your favorite white sneakers, if you prefer comfort.

17 Apr 2018 at 10:56 PDT

Lights on trousers

Sporty trousers with contrasting stripes on the side will refresh any outfit. You can wear them with a striped shirt, sweatshirt or a t-shirt in the spirit of logomania to be in trend.

Strip with strip

This season, you can safely combine a vertical strip with a diagonal, etc. In such a case, duet of identical fabrics or adherence to the general style of prints will look more organic, while their color may differ.

Striped Shirt

Where do without everyone's favorite element of the wardrobe? For some, the vertical striped shirt has already become the base. Fill the wardrobe with a new model with an interesting design. Pay attention to overseas styles with wide cuffs. They will look great with straight cropped jeans (for example, with a raw edge).

4 Apr 2018 at 4:00 PDT

17 Apr 2018 at 11:05 PDT

Do you have stripes? Write in the comments what else striped new clothes you want to replenish your wardrobe.

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Trend # 1: 1970s They Are Driving Again

Summer insanity in the fashion of the 70s did not pass without a trace: a significant proportion of retro-ideas and bohemian atmosphere migrated to Autumn-2015. Suede textures and bright flared models continue to make the weather in the fashion industry. While While Diane von Furstenberg, Karen Walker and BCBG Max Azria cultivated this trend in shows in New York, Milan embodied the 70s chic in the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Stella Jean, Philosophy and others.

The original bohemian style has turned out at Chloe, presented at the fashion week in Paris, and Burberry Prorsum brought this trend to the London podiums through an abundance of fringe, flirty prints and suede. Those who were fortunate enough to personally attend fashion shows, it was easy to feel the nostalgia that soared around the models.

The 70s inspired David Bowie, a helium lamp and many more incomprehensible. Fashion show the Balmain show allowed to fall in love again with that era. Loose-fitting striped trousers and velvet Chloe cuffed jumpsuits left a mark on the hearts of fashion observers. And the crazy play of colors in the airy dresses of Elie Saab just hit the spot. The suede used in the Jill Stuart collection went side by side with Kim Walker high-waisted Zimmermann models and earthy tones.

From the 70s, designers gained inspiration in high-rolled collars and their straight relatives - turtlenecks. They are present in almost every show, from Mara Hoffman to Creatures of the Wind. Fur is also popular, especially with Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, Carolina Herrera and others. Not without traditional prints of the 1970s: psychedelic waves and visual illusion strips bring the level of taste beyond comprehension. Giambattista Valli really fell in love with the silhouettes of that era, with a special emphasis on flared trousers and a closed neckline.

Trend # 2: Chic 70s Spill Into 80s

The year 2015 presented so many ideas of the bohemian decade, especially leather and suede, that it is impossible to display all the designer creations. One thing is clear: even those who really do not know anything about the 70s, sincerely imbued with that atmosphere and tried on more than one bohemian bow.

While most of the images plunged into the late 60s and 70s, some trends found original sources in the 80s, including puffy sleeves. JW Anderson discovered the bohemian era with a clean slate and enthusiastically stepped into the 80s fashion: with shoulder pads, lurex, boots and so on. Saint Laurent embodied the image of the girl from the song Cyndi Lauper “Girls Wanna Have Fun”, using for this thin tulle mesh on evening dresses and asymmetrical cutouts. All this has found its continuation in the Loewe collection. Corrugated sailor's bibs and huge buttons on Miu Miu models turned out to be the perfect combination.

Trend # 3: Hippie 60s and the last cry of fashion

The beauty of the hippie era was also present at fashion shows: now Prada! Images in the hippie style are not only hot, but also exquisite.

They can be found at Lanvin, BCBG, Dolce & Gabbana, Temperley London, Valentino and others who have decided to recreate their decade of the 60s. Chloe introduced the elements of a dreamy hippie style to men's clothing, and Clare Waight Keller tried it on with a raincoat during the autumn show. Karl Lagerfeld for the Italian fashion house Fendi created indescribable specimens originally from the 60s.

Trend # 4: Fluffy Sleeves

Swollen sleeves are associated with clowns, vintage nightgowns or children's clothing, but not only in the case of Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 fashion trends. This season, lush sleeves, like a nostalgic response from the 80s, boldly entered the 21st century. Realizing the fact that the voluminous shoulders create the illusion of a thin waist, Balenciaga and Alexander Wang, like many others, presented a coat and dresses of the “cocoon” silhouette.

The vintage collection of Miu Miu doesn’t seem to be scared by any color combinations or styles, taking advantage of layering. Givenchy to create a collection in the Victorian style combined black and lace, while Giambattista Valli specifically increased the pomp of the sleeves. Louis Vuitton offers a lace version of a short top with embroidery and voluminous sleeves, and Aganovich has restored the charm of the old days with the flare.

Trend # 5: Lace Cutouts

This is one of the most attractive autumn trends in 2015, which can not get bored. Silhouettes, where the skin is translucent through the lace, look pretty bold, but there are more chaste options, as in the Bibhu Mohapatra collection. It seems that the lace covers things entirely. How can you not fall in love with tight-fitting Rodarte pants with a high waist or blouse, where lace delicately fits the body?

Altuzarra managed to create incredible lace patterns, and Vivienne Tam made lace accents on collars. Louisa Beccaria breathed a completely new meaning into translucent textures, while the ideas of Elie Saab were called perhaps the best in this direction. Nina Ricci shows under lace exposed nipples, but this did not cause even a hint of negative to the presented models. The fashion house Alexander McQueen offered something more than just dresses, turning them into real lace masterpieces. Also noteworthy are Maison Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Chloe, Alessandra Rich and Valentino, who competed for the best color design for long dresses with lace borders.

Trend # 6: Fur stoles
Nobody expected to see fur stoles in such numbers at fashion shows. There is nothing surprising: together with the winter season frost is coming, which require reliable “insulation”. Here are the designers and took care of a stylish device for the beautiful fashionistas. Tippets on models hung mostly on one side.

The design from Jason Wu is somewhat reminiscent of proud wolves, and the fur stoles from Michael Kors look just gorgeous in the company of a knitted ensemble of sweaters and skirts. All done in a nice brown shades. Показ коллекции The 3.1 Philip Lim также прошел в мягких карамельных тонах, которые распространились и на палантины. Thakoon добавил немного темно-красного в общую палитру, а палантин от The Ohne Titel был окрашен в тигровую полоску бирюзово-черного цвета.

Тренд #7: Расклешенные брюки
Поскольку основные модные тенденции 2015 года берут свое начало из 1970-х, появление расклешенных брюк в дизайнерских коллекциях ни для кого не стало открытием. Yohji Yamamato, Hellessey, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Maison Martin Margiela, Emanuel Ungaro и Vivienne Westwood, как и многие другие, представили фасоны «клеш» идеального покроя.

Тренд #8: Очарование кожаных фактур
Как можно оставить без внимания этот тренд? Он практически повсюду, в каждой коллекции, иногда на каждой модели. Кожа покрывает творения от кутюрье с головы до пят, распространяясь на сумочки, обувь. Но наиболее яркие варианты – кожаные пиджаки и юбки. Леггинсы и укороченные брюки из кожи перебазировались с подиумов на городские улицы.

При всем желании убежать от кожаных трендов, это маловероятно, поскольку этот материал проник во все уголки фешн-сезона Осень-Зима 2015-2016. Кожаные юбки от Altazurra и кожаные брюки от Louis Vuitton сразу всплывают в памяти при упоминании этого тренда.

Модные платья Осень-Зима 2015-2016 (видео):

Скинни с завышенной талией от Saint Laurent выглядят потрясающе. На показе the Vionnet runway аквамариновые и бежевые цвета выплясывали оригинальные танцы на кожаных фактурах. Marc Jacobs decided to experiment with leather folds on clothes. Belstaff, Yigal Azrouel, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Elie Saab, Narciso Rodriguez and Ralph Lauren made a serious contribution to the replenishment of women's wardrobe with stylish leather goods.

Trend # 9: Suede Paradise
Suede is another material that helps mentally return to the 1970s. He migrated into the cold season since the spring collections. Suede found its display not only in shoes, but also in clothes. Suede products for women's feet are presented in The Burberry Prorsum collection.

If in the spring of this material were made dresses and jackets, in the autumn-winter season, suede became a favorite for boots and shoes. Luxury items are presented in the collections of Derek Lam, the Tibi, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Gucci, Tom Ford, Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti, Trussardi, Roland Mouret, Ermanno Scervino, Saint Laurent, Loewe, Chanel, Chloe, Miu Miu and others. Among the classic trench coats with a belt and knee-high boots, there were prominent representatives of the 70s. For example, Cara Delevingne tried to embody the entire style of the bohemian era in a patchwork bronze-colored suede jacket. Blurry chalk tone, pink, lavender and cornflower-blue shades are the basic colors when choosing fashionable suede products this season.

Trend # 10: Victorian Style and Atmosphere of King Edward Era
If the Victorian fashion took the reins in the trendy season Spring-Winter, the cold season passes under the sign of the Edwardian era - another significant trend. Design in this spirit implies lace accents, high collars and a tight waist.

Bellefère-style dominants are embodied in Monique Lhuillier midi models with lace borders, night color prints, high neck, ruffles miniskirts and laced camisoles from the Reem Acra, flared trousers with lace inserts from the Cynthia Rowley. Although the Victorian atmosphere has not disappeared anywhere: the spirit of romances was in the air thanks to bow collars and blouses with frills. Italian designers Emilio Pucci, Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy di Lorenzo and Bottega Veneta fully beat the images in this trend.

Trend # 11: Overseas models and men's styles
Many designers in high fashion weeks presented oversized clothing with a pronounced masculine cut. Sweaters, jackets, dresses and raincoats are vivid examples. Voluminous round shoulders can be seen on a coat from Balenciaga and shorter jackets from Alexander Wang.

A similar silhouette, but in a more restrained form, is found in the collections of Proenza Schouler, Carven, Givenchy, Kenzo and Gucci. The images of the girl tomboy harmoniously brought to life the Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Comme des Garcons in their fashion shows. They were not always oversized. The masculine has met with the feminine this season. This brought to the clothes of this season a large share of comfort and practicality.

Trend # 12: Pea Jackets
Pea jackets on fashion catwalks looked very natural and familiar to everyday life. Inspired by the chiseled shape of the US Navy, couturiers created options adapted for young ladies. Double-breasted blue jackets-jackets made their way from the catwalks of New York to the fashionable tracks of Paris, allowing the girls to feel like a sailor's bride, at least.

In Chloe, the length of jackets reached almost to the floor, elegantly dropping to the level of the ankles. Nina Ricci presented her models accompanied by lined lace skirts, and Michael Kors preferred knee length for her jackets.

Trend # 13: Tight-skirt pants
This type of trousers may not look as attractive as other more fitting options. But they can not be removed from the list of fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2015-2016. if you learn how to properly combine them in the overall ensemble of clothing, you can get a bow that is beneficial on all sides.

For example, Charlotte Ronson suggests combining a skirt-pants with a translucent button-down shirt and velvet boots. Victoria Beckham offers an image in bright yellow banana tones, where a voluminous black Victorian sweater is tucked inside and high glossy black boots lengthen the silhouette. The looks of Alexander Wang looked a bit scary, and the pleated edges of the Clover Canyon skirts and trousers made him smile.

Trend # 14: Fringe Everywhere
Fringe on the models of the current season looks pretty cute and spectacular. Her soft rustle during fashion shows sounds in the style of the nostalgic odes of the 70s. However, the final images with a fringe turned out very harmonious and modern. The presence of fringe on jackets, blouses and dresses noticeably enlivened these details of the wardrobe.

Retro lovers appreciated the efforts of designers who plunged into the atmosphere of Western. After all, it is from there that the fashionable tendency to use fringe originates. Extravagant chic in the design of Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler dresses with an eccentric fish print, fringed skirts from Sally LaPointe and, finally, fringe of extreme length on Edun models once again approved the position of this trend. Many variations on the theme of fringe can be found at the shows of the Zero + Maria Cornejo, Marchesa, Adeam and Burberry Prorsum. Perhaps some of them became too familiar to them during the autumn months. Up to the point that misunderstanding of individual instances began, like in Sacai. But the coat from Nina Ricci, decorated with fringe, or the clothes of the Balmain fashion house surpassed all the parameters of the perfect outfit.

Trend # 15: Colored Fur with Mongolian Chic
The fur easily supplanted the rest of the fashion trends at New York Fashion Week shows. Not immediately, the secular lionesses managed to move away from the storm of delight and realize that not all fur images were natural. This is one of those rare cases when faux fur of different colors is declared a stylish material.

This autumn and winter a lot means the feeling that no animal has suffered for the interests of the first fashionistas. It promoted design inspiration. Pathetic furs of The Michael Kors, made in turquoise, perfectly harmonize with the fitted dress and charming shoes from Mary Jane. All the colors of the rainbow and the children's gingerbread houses were reflected on the Mara Hoffman coats, while GEORGINE products almost equaled the fox fur. Zac Posen threw a few colored fur accents on suits with skirts, and the fur from the shows of Emilio Pucci intrigued the audience with its ornateness and play of colors. Salvatore Ferragamo presented a collection with an artistic approach, and Sacai created images that resemble fluffy robots that captured the Earth. The MSGM Yeti coat, Angelo Marani and Philip Plein looked killer bright and stylish. Without fur, it was not even in the modeling of dresses, such as, for example, Christian Dior's fur stripes.

Mongolian fur - a trend directly related to the fur trends of 2015-2016. Holly Fulton, Matthew Williamson, House of Holland, Sass & Bide and Anna Sui, along with other fashion houses, used this light fluffy fur theme for their models.

Trend # 16: Bright Colors
Bright colors - a weighty trend come from the catwalks, which managed to be realized in two directions. In the first case, only a few things from the classic collection had a rather flashy coloring, in the second - the entire line of clothing was influenced by bright colors. If we take into account the fact that most people, including ardent fans of fashion, are prone to winter depression, you can understand this color scheme of designers.

Bright details of the wardrobe help to dispel the sadness-longing that always visits people during the cold season. DKNY spring bows, electric combinations of electrics on trousers Diane von Furstenberg, rich orange in Prabal Gurung clothes and sunny yellow in the Rag & Bone collection, rainbow tones in the Versace line-up are an incomplete list of the colors used by the designers for healing shower fashion audience in the cold.

Trend # 17: Asymmetric Edges
The standard view that symmetry is always relevant and feminine has been influenced by a new trend. It turns out that asymmetric edges can also look perfect. Their abrupt transitions have their own proportions, which obey geometric lines: be it vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Eyes are always pleased to see the oblique hem of the skirt. And some fashion theorists will generally be able to detect signs of symmetry in the asymmetric bottom.

This trend is embodied in layering with DKNY hits, V-shaped hips cuts from Brandon Sun, Narciso Rodriguez dresses. New York podiums can boast the creations of Victoria Beckham, Reem Acra, Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier in this vein. Not without a fringe here.

Trend # 18: Alluring Turtlenecks
So many colors and textures, but the result is the same: turtlenecks that highlight the feminine curves of the neck. If we consider sweaters with a high wrapped collar as one of the best trends in 2015, special attention should be paid to winter models. There is hardly another warm analogue turtleneck, which so securely and stylishly covers the throat and neck.

Tanya Taylor models are colorful and slightly frilly, while Tome's oversized options are a freer version of a classic turtleneck. Thakoon revived his models with stripes and an adjacent collar, which literally goes into the skin. Sonia Rykiel offers turtlenecks that look good if you dress them up with high-waisted plaid pants and put on a colored fur vest. Fluffy options can be seen at the Roberto Cavalli show. You may also be interested in the article: Top 10 Evening Dresses of the Autumn-Winter Collection 2015 –2016.

Trend # 19: Gothic and Glam
The mystical image of a gothic girl looks quite distinctive and seductive in his black color scheme. The modern variation on the theme of gothic glam is less dark and low-grade. Designers managed to create sophisticated models that pull the silhouette. Calvin Klein knows how to surprise his admirers with the help of creative ideas of a fashion house: models dressed in black from head to toe creates the effect of a light version of hardcore. Rag & Bone also tried experimenting with materials, but the result was less successful. Images of Cushnie et Ochs looks have a slight hint of BDSM, striking inexperienced fashionistas with cutouts and spectacular cuts to the thigh, which emphasize all the feminine charms.

Short tops and pants with a low waist with a final chord in the form of a shimmering leather jacket became the main in flashy images of Vera Wang. The gothic ideal of Rodebjer consists of leather, round cuts and fur vests, while Marc Jacobs sees him in softer and more feminine variations.

Trend # 20: Feather Vibrations
Feathers fluttering on the runway are designed to raise the spirits and bring puritan women to a new level of fashion and style. Starting with the weightless feathers on the edges of tunics and skirts from Michael Kors and ending with the solid “feathering” of Alice + Olivia dresses, you can create a general impression about this trend. Naeem Khan sweater dresses that go in an ensemble with rose print tights, feathers sewn along the zipper, and Erdem dresses are decorated with feathers against the night flowers print.

Feathers sway on Balenciaga sweaters and Roberto Cavalli belt overcoats. Eccentric look models from the show Rodarte, where the girls walked in small sagging dresses with feathers on every millimeter. The MSGM sleeves are completely covered with feathers, proving once again the popularity of this trend. Topshop and Osman used feathers with transparent textures and bright accessories. This season, designers tried on ostrich feathers for their creations.

Trend # 21: Cuts All Over
Cuts on the podium models were present in completely different places: on the side, on the thigh, in the middle of the backside or in front. In the cuts lurking something incredibly sexy. Very often in the Autumn-Winter shows you can find a high cut from the middle of the thigh, the whole charm of which is deliberately emphasized by the high boots in the Altuzarra collection.

Some models managed to combine two cuts instead of the common one along the thigh, which can be seen from the example of a midi dress of sports cut with a border from Public School. The cuts in the center, like an echo from the 70s, found a display in J. Mendel dresses, which look spectacular with Jason Wu fur stoles. The central cuts can be seen at the Prabal Gurung show. Givenchy added some width to the silhouettes using voluminous wavy ruffles.

Trend # 22: Deep V-Neck
This year's cutouts replace each other so quickly that women of fashion cannot even decide on their favorites. Particularly charismatic ladies can rejoice, because now in the trend of a deep triangular neckline. It appears in all collections, from blouses to dresses, sometimes on blazers, dressed on a naked body. In any case, the chest in clothes with this neckline attracts men's gaze, making its mistress an intriguing and inviting person. Genny, Altuzarra, Rebecca Minkoff, Emilio Pucci, Missoni and Temperley London originally demonstrated this trend in their collections.

Trend # 23: Edging and MIDI Length
This is a very popular trend at fashion shows in 2015 from New York to Paris. He is present at Public School shirt dresses and Altuzarra leather skirts, midi laces by Monique Lhuillier and lace pieces by Sharon Wauchob. It is difficult to list all the examples of using the edging, since each designer implemented a whole mix of his ideas and visions in this direction. The rim may be slightly above or below the knee, sometimes falling to the middle of the leg.

Trend # 24: These Different Tights
When the debriefing begins and the girls try to analyze all the trends they see, they notice one interesting thing: most of the models wear tights. Whether it’s a “mesh” by Proenza Schouler or vegetable prints on Naeem Khan tights, simple black tight variations from the Tanya Taylor collection and their transparent relatives from the GEORGINE show - each pair looks different in its own way.

The main thing is that the fashionable tights of Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 cope with their immediate function: to protect women's legs from the cold air. Many designers give preference to the insulated version of the black color, for example, Zimmermann. Others settled on more fun and solemn options: multi-colored stripes are found on Tommy Hilfiger tights, and lace became the base material for Rodarte tights.

Trend # 25: The Return of the Braces
The suspenders were an unexpected, but pleasant discovery at fashion shows. It is noteworthy that they went beyond the boundaries of the traditional ensemble with pants. In the Ralph Lauren collection, suspenders complement the fitted skirt to the floor. This trend is not as common as all the others, but if you take a closer look at the images from the podiums, you can note a few successful combinations with suspenders.

Trend # 26: Thrust to Light Invoices
The more ridiculous the bows seem to be with the use of transparent materials, the more popular they become. The complete absence of bras has opened the breasts of models for everyone to see. Transparent clothes - weightless and rather gentle - were appreciated by young girls without complexes. Although it should be understood that in such models it is impossible to go out. After all, the designers found it right to deprive the nipple area of ​​any covering elements in the form of embroidery or pieces of cloth.

If you wear a transparent blouse for a party, you need to prepare yourself in advance for possible sexual harassment. Blouses in which everything is seen through is one of the most colorful trends of the autumn-winter season 2015-2016. Acne Studios, Ter et Bantine, Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Rodarte, Ryan Lo, Alexander McQueen and Nina Ricci, Gucci and Valentino in their collections have exposed more than one female breast.

Trend # 28: Decorations Beyond 3D
At the shows you could see simple and fanciful styles, minimalism and theatrical pathos. As for jewelry, they went beyond the usual understanding and looked just cosmically. Flickering sparkles, 3D images, sequins literally eclipsed the chic chandeliers over the catwalks in the collections of Altuzarra, Monique Luillier, Mary Katrantzou, Delpozo and Zuhair Murad. Brilliant dresses Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Proenza Schouler caused a storm of emotions among fashionistas.

Trend # 29: Huge Belts
Huge belts are back in fashion this season. All the fashionable bows from Marni, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Balmain and Roberto Cavalli had wide belts on the waists of the models.

Trend # 30: Formal Suits
Formal costumes have changed and appeared in all their glory in the collections: Prada, Jil Sander, Missoni, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Fay.

Trend # 31: Soft velvet chic
Velvet - one of the most luxurious materials from the 70s and 80s, which couturiers used for their models. The velvet variations of Emilio Pucci, Antonio Marras, Costume National and Luisa Beccaria gave the fashionable world masterpieces that are above everyday life. Even if you can not afford a full velvet bow, you can make accents of this material, which will still indicate this stylish trend.

Trend # 32: Skirts to the floor
Skirts and dresses in the floor look very feminine and solid. They embody images of sensual natures that have found harmony with themselves, nature, and people around them. Metallic to the floor skirts, charming Scottish prints and strict colors are presented in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Leitmotiv, Fausto Puglisi and Blugirl.

Trend # 33: Patchwork
Patchwork is designed to combine bit by bit different styles and materials into one holistic composition. Some designers decided to combine similar textures of different colors, others went for more daring experiments. Patchwork found a display in fur coats and dresses Etro, Prada, Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Trend # 34: Luxury Brocade
The return to the brocade materials on the fashion catwalks was more than expected. Designers like Simone Rocha, Erdem and Mary Katrantzou have transformed classic brocade looks into more modern versions. Драма старого фешн-мира столкнулась с модерным дизайном, что нашло воплощение в изумительных орнаментах. Это сродни узорам на гобеленах в лондонских музеях: так же помпезно, величественно и превосходно.

Тренд #35: Короткие топы и многослойность
С тех пор, как наступили холода, не каждая модница решиться одеть даже самый новомодный топ с открытым животом. Дизайнеры мигом решили эту проблему, предложив надевать короткие топы поверх рубашек, туник и платьев. Топы перекочевали из весенне-летнего сезона в осенний гардероб, став одним из самых востребованных трендов на Нью-Йоркской Неделе моды. Roland Mouret, Between Thakoon, Rosie Assoulin и Katie Ermilio сумели передать многослойные образы с изысканностью и женским шармом.

Тренд#36: Большие пуговицы
Возможно, модницы ожидали более глобального проявления этого тренда после Нью-Йоркской Недели моды, но их ожидания немного не оправдались. Хотя большие пуговицы и заняли определенную нишу на всех модных подиумах 2015 года. В коллекциях Victoria Beckham, Derek Lam, Tory Burch, Suno New и Calvin Klein большие пуговицы можно увидеть на пальто, юбках и джемперах. These experimental creations look so cute and with a bit of retro charm that it’s impossible to ignore them. Miu Miu nautical style breastplate was an original highlight with elements of this trend.

Trend # 37: Keyhole Cutout
Along with V-shaped and traditional round cuts, as well as high rolled-up collars, you can see another fashion trend - cuts in the form of a keyhole. They can be of different sizes and are located mainly in the center of the chest. Their presence in the Sonia Rykiel collection has greatly expanded the usual notion of cuts. And Calvin Klein, it seems, is a little overdone with the size: the cutouts on his models turned into huge holes.

Trend # 38: High-Waisted Skinny Pants
Trousers with a high waist unnoticed slipped into the list of women's favorites and finally strengthened there after the High Fashion Week in Paris. Skinny and other fitted silhouettes may not cause a mad rush as before. But a certain category of girls continues to idolize pants, cigarettes and leggings.

A very thoughtful move by the designers is to bring the high-waisted skinny to the trend level. Pastel options from Carven and rock-chic leather from Saint Laurent are striking examples of this trend. Isabel Marant offers to combine such skinny with boots and knitted dresses, and Louis Vuitton - with luxurious accessories in theatrical style.

Trend # 39: Tweed Rule
Tweed in full glory appeared before fashion observers at Chanel shows. This material so succinctly fits into the atmosphere of the fashion house Chanel, that Madame Koko would appreciate the efforts of the creative director. After all, he decided to improve the tweed images.

It was nice to watch updated tweedy models at fashion shows Haider Ackermann, Simone Rocha, Sacai, Erdem, Max Mara, Prada Dior and Margaret Howell. Tweed has become one of the most popular materials of Autumn-Winter 2015-2016. Caroline Herrera, Lanvin Rag & Bone, Emanuel Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana also paid tribute to traditional tweed chic.

Trend # 40: Quilted Clothing
All the ladies of this world expected the arrival of this trend from the fashion house Chanel. After all, this design loudly declares the Chanel brand. Nevertheless, quilted clothes found a place in the collections of Alexander Wang, Fendi, Hermes, Moschino, Burberry and H & M, who decided to wrap their fans in such original and warm clothes. The Burberry brand decided to experiment a bit in this direction. Chanel embellished quilts with jewelery, and Fendi turned the overcoat into stylishly similar down comforters, in which it is warm and comfortable.

It seems that the designers were inspired by the frosty winter weather, which gives rise to a lazy mood and a desire to dig under the covers. The down coat is very much in demand in the fashion market, for which many thanks to the famous fashion designer.

Trend # 41: The Boogie of the 1920s
A bit of the style of the 20s penetrated the podiums of the current season, recreating the general boogie-woogie rhythm from the early 1900s to the 1990s. Flared bottom, distinct color schemes and tight waist instantly charged the fashion columnists with a dance mood. Jonathan Saunders with a stunning combination of shades and accessories, Balmain with feminine looks and pleating, A.L.C. with bright trousers, Calvin Klein with keyhole cutouts and fringes, Marchesa with her innovative ideas in boogie dance style and a wild mix of pink-purple-orange blend in Ohne Titel best reproduced the musical mood of boogie-woogie. Gucci, Temperley London, Acne Studios and Nina Ricci also took part in creating such images.

Trend # 42: Perfect Pleat
The folds once flew up to the peak of popularity, and today they have once again approved their positions. It makes no sense to deny the strict beauty of the folds, when they effectively bend when walking and gently glide around the female legs. Even models of trousers are decorated with pleats, although it looks more harmonious on skirts and dresses.

For example, Rebecca Tailor presented a pleated skirt in silver tones, which elegantly descends to the floor, and Marc Jacobs showed a fluffy skirt in a fold of leather, the perfect texture of which literally reflected the light. The pleats also look amazing in the new Gucci clothing line.

Trend # 43: Traditional Folk Ethnic Style
It is easy to see that many designers have diversified their creations with ritual-symbolic notes taken from clothes of different cultures. This is embodied in cheerful prints, rich embroidery and antique materials. Dresses Burberry Prorsum, falling to the ankles, look very elegant, accompanied by bags with fringe. Vanessa Bruno mini and Lanvin layered clothing adhere to the Moroccan style.

Also at the shows were very pompous copies of the brand I’m Isola Marras and Dries Van Noten. Clover Canyon originally combined midi dresses with flared trousers, and Honor pleased his fans with colorful pantyhose, puffy sleeves and neckline shoulders. Who really managed to convey the atmosphere of folk art, is Pilotto, whose dresses looked festive and in the spirit of the ethnic festival. Prabal Gurung discovered Mongolian design, while the Preen collection from Thornton Bregazzi presented a successful union of tops with lace-up skirts. Also, this trend did not leave indifferent Ralph Lauren, Suno, Rosetta Getty, Thakoon, Alberta Ferretti, Chloe and Tory Burch.

Trend # 44: Wavy Ruffles
2015 is thoroughly imbued with retro ideas: this is an absolute tribute to the fashion of the past. But there are such details that pass through time without dramatic changes, while remaining equally stylish and self-sufficient. These include wavy ruffles - another trend of the season. They are present everywhere: on Isabel Marant mini-dresses, translucent materials in the Lanvin collection, clothes in the style of the 80s teacher Antonio Marras, floor-length skirts at the John Patrick show.

The frills on the Clover Canyon skirt-trousers and on the edges of the shoulder and neckline cutouts on the translucent Erdem models show off the weightless chic of this trend. At the fashion show Christopher Kane, not only clothes were decorated with frills, but also shoes with handbags.

Trend # 45: pockets game
The size of the pockets increased markedly with the arrival of the cold season, which can be seen in the collections of Marco de Vincenzo, Marni, Fendi and Just Cavalli. This helped to diversify the already creative models. The "newly minted" pockets of huge sizes combine an attractive look and a high level of practicality. Dresses were presented with an unusual arrangement of pockets, which in size and style a bit like a safari jacket.

Trend # 46: Skirts and Dresses over Pants
This unusual combination has been repeatedly met on the fashion podiums of the current season. And you can explain why. All girls want to continue to wear dresses in the winter, but when the temperature creeps below zero, they have to change their image, taking care of their health.

Fashion houses such as Chanel, Givenchy and Dries Van Noten have found a solution. If you add another layer in the form of trousers to the ensemble - contrasting or of the same color - you can achieve amazing results. The girl in this image reveals the dual nature, where the male and female beginnings harmoniously coexist.

Trend # 47: Futuristic Images
As you know, most of the autumn-winter 2015-2016 fashion trends are rooted in the past, but the influence of the “bright future” on the creative ideas of the couturier should be noted. It's kind of like watching the Jetsons after the Flintstones. Interestingly, it was young designers who chose a course on futurism, using innovative materials (neoprene) and special colors (metallic silver) in their collections in order to fully convey the meaning of images.

Glossy modern silhouettes of very bright colors can be found in Jonathan Saunders, Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou. They are atmospheric and made in the spirit of science fiction.

Trend # 48: Stylish nerds and hacks
Zauchki are considered too clever and are not particularly welcomed in society. But the appearance of nerds on television shows has recently paid off: now they cause nothing but positive.

Fashion masters decided to add a hot highlight to their strange look - open hands, which at times increased the sexuality of the glasses. Blackout lenses and furs in retro style in the images of Gucci to Prada, the seductive librarian bows of Max Mara prove only one thing: stylish, bright and intriguing botan girls no longer suffer from loneliness.

On the podium

The classic black and white stripe was seen in almost every collection of the spring-summer 2013 season. The brightest models are the vertical stripe on high-waisted pants and oversize long coats from Balmain, the “sea” classic suit from Tommy Hilfiger and the mix of strips of different widths, dress with flared skirt by Michael Kors.

Celebrities in trend

The real manifesto of the current trend was the release of the singer and actress Miley Cyrus. The star chose a narrow vertical stripe jumpsuit that emphasized every curve of her figure. Actress Olivia Wilde appeared on the carpet of the SXSW Music ceremony, Film + Interactive Festival in a sundress, the top of which was made in a horizontal strip, and the hem in a vertical print.

A dress of a classical silhouette in a large hyperbolic black and white strip was chosen by young actress Chloe Moretz for publication.

Miley Cyrus, Candice Swanepoel

Miley Cyrus, Candice Swanepoel

Color bar

Unexpected bright combinations of different colors - perfect for summer. The most popular mix is ​​still an alternative to the classics, a red and white stripe - such models were presented in the Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana S / S 2013 collections. However, any striped kits based on a mix of dynamic shades with traditional white are perfect for summer exits. . In the Kira Plastinina collection, the snow-white is combined with neon green and pink, the English brand House of Holland presents a more conservative version - with dark purple stripes. The Row mixes deaf restrained shades of sand and eggplant.

Lovers of more extreme combinations of designers presented models based on the screaming mixes of bright stripes. Pastel is combined with neon, shiny fabrics - with discreet colors, a strip is formed from fringe. These kits are self-sufficient, and, as a rule, such images do not require additional parts and accessories.

Colored stripes mix beautifully with classic jeans, creating a win-win and trendy casual kits. The main rule in the matter of combining models in a bright strip with the rest of the wardrobe items is the choice of the primary color. Versatile is the white color that "works" with almost any color print.

Carven marc cain

Carven marc cain

Color striped accessories in combination with white are traditionally relevant in the summer - ballet flats and beach bags in popular print come out in almost every resort collection of large designer houses.

Striped accessories

Charles Philip, American Eagle

Trend Stars

The classic red and white print for the photo shoot was chosen by Victoria’s Secret model and angel Candice Swanepoel. Katy Perry is one of the most loyal fans of the colored strip. In the wardrobe of the girl is a popular model from the spring-summer collection Dolce & Gabbana.

Candice Swanepoel, Katy Perry

Candice Swanepoel, Katy Perry

Photos: Gettyimages, press services archives

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Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: romantic laces and delicate laser cutting

The first and one of the most spectacular and beautiful Spring 2015 trendswhich we would like to talk about - neat and delicate lace patterns on various beautiful and innovative models, presented by the most popular fashion designers and fashion houses. So if we have to highlight the most charming and charming options, the list of names will be quite long. For example, you can point to a cute and colorful laser lace cut from Valentino (Valentino), especially noting the interweaving of abstract images and small patterns. Another remarkable aspect was the colorful solutions. Gorgeous Bohemian lace, presented by Zuhair Murad, combining a game of transparency and curious effects of the structure in a colorful and mainly monochrome design. To see more casual and stylish interpretations, take a look at the Louis Vuitton lace patterns. Also noteworthy are the models of dresses by Elie Saab of black and white shades, which have a long hem and lace texture. Givenchy does not lag behind, presenting impressive versions of lace patterns. Chloe focused on more massive and memorable lace.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: printing in watercolor

The next remarkable feature fashion trends of spring 2015 - watercolor prints, creating great effects of transfusion and color play. Among these flashy options from Chanel you can find all the colors and shades, including green, red, fuchsia, brown, orange and many others. Cacharel's cute pastel shades provide new options for delight, using soft soothing tones and pleasant combinations. Not to mention the more intense and vibrant combinations of green, pink, purple and brown from Emilio Pucci. The solutions from Badgley Mischka suggest some coolness and the use of monochrome shades. Victoria Beckham focused on interesting and delicate ideas, using two primary colors - background white with minimalist but spectacular images in a different color.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: school style

Louis Vuitton wardrobe items, developed in strict school traditions, also managed to attract our attention. The legendary fashion house managed to add some modern and stylish details to traditional school clothes, combining bright colors with classic black and white, leaving the forms within the accepted norms, but experimenting a little with length and proportions. Cacharel decided not to retain the traditional color scheme in their models of skirts and outerwear, however, here too there is a lot of school heritage, especially with pleated skirts and classic shirts. Note also the charming and creative solutions from Olympia Le Tan (Olympia Le Tan), whose models are especially well combined with hats, in particular with small hats in retro style. The image of the schoolgirl became central in Marc Jacobs, who presented revolutionary but somewhat cool images, handing school backpacks to the models.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: lacing as the key to elegance

Details are in fact very important, it was proved by popular designers, having invented all sorts of creative interpretations, style and design of lacing. For example, you can draw inspiration from Givenchy, where you created not just a unique lacing structure, but made it bright and mysterious to attract admiring and envious looks. By the way, lacing is a fashion trend of 2017. There are more minimalist options, for example, for Chloe models, lacing is in the neckline area. The interesting lacing from Gucci, which plays an important role in creating this trend, could not escape our attention, it uses curious forms and a random experimental structure. Rebecca Minkoff, in turn, also presented another version of lacing using interesting combinations. In addition, it is worth mentioning a curious, but slightly rigid variation from Alexander McQueen, where leather is the main material for the straps.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: Japanese motifs

Japanese inspiration plays a huge role in shaping the most popular fashion trends of the coming season and creating spectacular outfits. For striking examples, we can turn to Alexander McQueen, who presented at the show some variations of kimono with rounded shoulders and attractive shades. Another example is the Maison Martin Margiela show, where you could see similarities with kimono sleeves and interesting color solutions. Missoni was not represented at the show, but this brand can also be included in the ranks that form this trend with its wonderful forms and the play of shades of one primary color. If we talk about the Japanese influence, then one of the first names, in our opinion, here will be Temperley London with its beautiful combination of Japanese motifs with small images and interesting color combinations. It is worth mentioning Karen Walker (Karen Walker), who presented variations of kimono with short sleeves. The Hervé Léger collection by Max Azria (Max Azria) cannot be excluded from the main list, in which you can see an obvious tendency to Japanese motifs with colorful interpretations and creative combinations of color schemes. Finally, modernized Tibi models using more classic and traditional colors, with the exception of rare prints.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: jeans, jeans, and again jeans

Jeans, it seems, is one of the most effective and popular materials, always occupying a significant place in any fashion show in all seasons. Perhaps the basis of such popularity is the uniqueness and versatility of denim details, which organize one of the main trends in the coming season. spring / summer 2015. Так, Стелла Маккартни (Stella McCartney) предоставила нам возможность лицезреть любопытные комбинации из джинсовых юбок, верхней одежды и комбинезонов с обрезанным низом и длинными рукавами. Шикарные макси-юбки с прямыми формами представлены брендом Paul & Joe, в то время, как Соня Рикель (Sonia Rykiel) остановилась на удобной спортивной одежде. Прекрасные женственные наряды есть и у Ванессы Бруно (Vanessa Bruno), удобство и элегантность — конек Chloe, небольшие изысканные наряды от Kenzo, а больше разнообразия и совершенства можно найти у Дамира Домы (Damir Doma). Не менее удивительны классические, но креативные джинсовые модели от Trussardi, спортивные шорты и куртки Dsquared2, милитаристская одежда от Gucci, удобные варианты от Burberry Prorsum, а также Прабала Гурунга (Prabal Gurung), Diesel Black Gold, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, J. Crew и Карен Уокер (Karen Walker).

Модные тенденции (тренды) весна / лето 2015: игра прозрачности

Невесомые и супертонкие ткани — следующий тренд от талантливых и креативных дизайнеров сезона, которые предлагают такие удивительные комбинации, что даже трудно себе представить! Палитра цветов и форм разнообразна и потрясающа, так что она действительно создает отдельный модный тренд. Прежде всего стоит выделить захватывающие дух наряды Chloe, в которых используются монохромные оттенки, но очень любопытные структуры и дизайн.In Erdem they decided to go the other way and created stunning interpretations of transparent clothes made of black chiffon with cutouts. Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) created a weightless and touching design for a collection of dresses in monochrome shades, repeatedly wrapped with tulle. Designers J. Mendel managed to create some really remarkable alternatives combining pleated fabric with soothing shades. Badgley Bear (Badgley Mischka) is not far behind and suggests using several layers of the same fabric, tulle or chiffon for sewing. Of course, when we talk about weightless clothes, it's hard not to mention the traditional light and gorgeous outfits from Monique Lhuillier, and in her new collections there are some remarkable models fashionabledresses. Marques Almeida, Blumarine, Rochas, John Richmond (John Richmond), Missoni, Alberta Ferretti (Alberta Ferretti), Valentino (Valentino), Zuhair Murad, Eli Saab and John Galliano also included to the list of creators of the most spectacular and remarkable projects using transparency. Gorgeous light dresses from Roksanda Ilincic, Emilia Wickstead and MarquesAlmeida combine interesting design solutions such as color contrasts and shimmering structures.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: art fashion

The following remarkable design interpretation that has shaped the whole fashion trend in the spring / summer 2015 season, - the creation of impressive and colorful images, most often used in dresses, which makes them look like real works of art! So, it became the choice of the fashion house Mary Katrantzou, which presented curious combinations of transparency, the classic color combinations of blue, black purple, and interwoven colorful patterns resembling butterflies and flowers. The Peter Pilotto brand presented another way of contrasting the patterns of white and coral colors with a colorful purple, yellow or pink background. As for Christopher Kane, he focused on classic black chiffon clothing, covered with minimalist touches of black, white and blue. Amazing images and patterns are sometimes created quite by accident, which gives designers and fashion designers the opportunity to experiment.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: wide pants and skirts as an item of chic

The next attractive and very impressive fashion trend of spring was the return to fashion of wide trousers and skirts, trousers, which again experienced the most diverse and exciting design decisions. One of the most prominent representatives of the wide trousers of the current season were models from Tom Ford (Tom Ford), which were quite interesting ideas from the designer. Some design elements of fashionable models, such as red and white stripes, are quite well combined with the shape of wide trousers, especially in combination with a tight-fitting turtleneck with long sleeves. We found this when viewing the Preen collection from Thornton Bregazzi. You can see even brighter and more intense colors in the beautiful and super-luxurious versions of Antonio Berardi, in which he used twinkling and various shades of classic red. Alice + Olivia - another creators of wide trousers, with some models presented in a shortened version. To see great examples of stylish skirts, look at the collections of Jil Sander, Marni, Sportmax and Armani.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: male influence

The return of classic traditional forms was marked by the greatest variety of shirts, jackets, tuxedos and other men's clothing, which inspired designers to the most eye-catching combinations and took place in the list the best trends of the season spring / summer 2015. For example, an incredibly elegant and curious looking monochrome collection that we encounter during the defile of models by Paul Smith (Paul Smith), where the classic gray-black striped fabric is combined with a monochrome shirt-dress, covered with minimalist touches. Richard Nicolli contributes to the development of this trend in a matchy-matchy style, combining classic blazers with wardrobe items such as shorts, using blue and white. We also want to highlight the combo: snow-white vest + pants from Temperley London, which is quite a bold design decision. In addition, it is worth mentioning the magnificent interpretations of men's fashion in the collections of Paco Rabanne (Paco Rabanne), Jil Sander (Jil Sander) and others, which are presented on a photo.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: Pleated

The next noteworthy and impressive design decision that we would like to talk about are the folds, especially taking into account the fact that they have become a central element in many collections at the fashion show. For example, you can discuss the wonderful sports miniskirts from Topshop Unique, which combined with classic shapes and bold colors, as well as striking shimmering fabrics by Barbara Cassasola, whose main technique is a combination of flickering and matte textures that create memorable images. . Similar techniques using several more colors for contrast can be observed in Margaret Howell, who creates beautiful combinations of gray pleated skirts with white shirts and gray jackets.

The following interesting combination with pleated clothing is presented by Hermes - these are bold cutouts, which are the central element of khaki-colored skirts. More feminine and sophisticated models can be seen on the show from Chloe, where a whole cluster of weightless dresses is found, which, when adding pleating, take on a striking look. To see more youthful and daring options, take a look at Isabel Marant’s mini-skirts, which combine pleated structure with an even more diverse palette of colors.

Bright and elegant classic traditional options are available from Salvatore Ferragamo. In the collection of Antonio Marras (Antonio Marras) an important place is occupied by an abstract design, where color forms combinations that create incredible and multifunctional interpretations.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: 3D textures

Three-dimensional textures are another offspring of creativity and ingenuity of designers who brought this idea to the top fashion trends in the clothing of the season. spring / summer 2015. These were proposed by Monique Lluier (Monique Lhuillier), using bright yellow color combined with transparent textures for tea-length skirts, Dennis Basso focused on golden hues using ethereal black and white figures, which significantly influenced the creation of this trend. . Thematic shaded applications from Zuhair Murad also occupy an important place in this list and are probably the most feminine option in this wonderful trend. Do not forget the velvety comely offers from Rodarte and other curious and specific variations. And finally, these ingenious and massive flowers from Rebecca Taylor (Rebecca Taylor), which bring to the classic versions of 3D models some fabulousness and elegance. Fashion shows Vionnet, Dries van Noten (Dries van Noten) and Burberry Prorsum are also among the most popular. I would especially like to mention the three-dimensional flower applications that adorn transparent dresses from Michael Kors and Valentin Yudashkin.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: cropped tops

Cropped tops and tops-bras are gaining great popularity in recent seasons, holding their positions this spring. This is the choice of Donna Karan (Donna Karan), who presented a combination of a snow-white bra and a classic red tea-length skirt on the defile. The offers from Phillip Lim are also quite remarkable, he uses shimmering navy tops with designer trousers of a specific shape of the same color. Black and white pairs have been applied in Delpozo, where a black bra serves as a central element of the style. A chic alternative offered by Miu Miu, which uses three-dimensional images, ruffles and many other specific elements.

Sonia Rykiel also came up with something unique and cool - a striped bra of classic colors with intersecting patterns. We can also talk about the colorful interpretations that we saw in the Zadig & Voltaire shows, where the brightest variations of cropped tops were presented.

Balmain presents a slightly different understanding of the beauty of the combination of black and white colors and forms another alternative in combinations with cropped tops. Sporting elegance comes with a sports bra at the Paco Rabanne show. In addition, we can not fail to mention bras stripes from Balenciaga, classic forms from Marni, innovative tops with long sleeves from Versace, brighter and more colorful interpretations from Fausto Puglisi (Fausto Puglisi), Tom Ford’s flickering and cool-looking variants (Tom Ford), Matthew Williamson's floral strapless trimmed tops (Matthew Williamson), Diesel Black Gold sport denim jeans, feminine elegant tops from Carolina Herrera, minimalist Louise Alsop models, gray-white from Sibling , light and thin by Rebecca Taylor (Rebecca T aylor) and chic interpretations of Nicole Miller.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: fringe

Fringe has always been one of the most stable and never changing fashion trends of almost any season, new interpretations and combinations have always been invented using experimental textures, shapes and shades, as a rule, the classic colors of black and white. This season, the use of fringe was marked by an even greater number of innovations and creative solutions. If we talk about specific examples, you can distinguish a silver-fringed fringe with white stripes from Whistles, a massive and elongated version from Giles and completely black from PPQ. As for the monochrome fringe, it is worth noting the minimalist combinations of Elie Tahari (Elie Tahari), striking black stripes from Osklen and asymmetrical designs from Milly. A bit cold, but no less beautiful is the fringe by Marco de Vincenzo (Marco de Vincenzo). Options Angelo Marani, Fendi and Blugirl can also be included in the list of the most unique and extravagant fringed fabric combinations.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: checkered textures

Checkered material is the next impressive idea from designers that is worth mentioning, especially emphasizing black and white outfits of various sizes and proportions from Oscar de la Renta, in which tiny black and white cells became the central element of translucent textures, models Diane von Furstenberg (Diane von Furstenberg) with large cells on the greensbone, as well as Altuzarra patterns red and white. Proposals from Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Yves Salomon and Trademark also deserve to be included in this wonderful list.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: stripes

The stripes are the next interesting trend of spring 2015, the distinctive feature of which is its versatility and unique compatibility with any female forms and outfits, including classical ones. For example, we can talk about Altuzarra volumetric stripes using black and white shades and elongated shapes, a striking combination of bright orange and black stripes from DKNY with abstract patterns in the lower part, classic shapes with black and white stripes from Naeem Khan , colorful combinations of Giambattista Valli, tricolor combinations of Sony Rykiel (Sonia Rykiel) and minimalist images from Chanel. To see even more vivid interpretations, you need to look at the Temperley London, Paul Smith and Preen collections. Giles and Topshop Unique should also be included in the list of fashion houses, providing some of the most impressive and memorable images of innovative clothing items. It should be noted and stunning creative lineup from Fisico, Stella Jean (Stella Jean) and Emporio Armani (see a photo).

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: shirts above and below dresses

The use of layers is very good this season! Consequently, the next fashion trend was the combination of incompatible to create bright combinations, such as a shirt and a skirt or a shirt and the dress. Take a look at the creative combination of shirts with skirts and dresses from Marissa Webb, or try to present amazing color duets of blue and purple by Rebecca Taylor, Koonhor's asymmetrical solutions, stunning-looking outfit from a shirt under a dress from Givenchy and Rochas, bright pink combinations from Olympia le Tan.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: sports fashion

Adeam, Alexander Wang and Milly came up with another specific and exciting trend for the spring / summer season, which consists of combining sporting and classic shapes and colors, thus creating really bright and pleasant looking combinations. The influence of sports fashion has always been, but it has become a more important trend in recent times, in which unique combinations are created. In this sporting trend, one can also mention solutions from Kenzo, Viktor & Rolf, Paco Rabanne (Paco Rabanne), Fay, Amanda Wakeley, Pringle of Scotland and Jean-Pierre Braganza. Similarly, it is worth mentioning the proposals from L.A.M.B., Lacoste, Alexander Wang (Alexander Wang) and DKNY, which form another creative look at this direction.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: shirts with stylish collars

The entire month of the fashion show, models wore shirts not only with dresses, but also shirts of various shapes and styles, suitable for different occasions. Strict buttoned-up collars are the hottest trend thanks to the stunning offers from Guy Laroche, Holly Fulton, Rochas, Ashley Williams and many others. We also liked the soft and crisp interpretations from Chloe, the stunning dramatic Louis Vuitton shirts with high ruffles, decorated with black ribbons, the models without the collar from Mulberry and the open shirts with a back cut Miu Miu.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: asymmetric forms

Asymmetric forms - the next interesting interpretation of the style, which can be noted in the list of the best spring / summer 2015 fashion trends, with presented models from Valentino (Valentino), Mason Martin Margiela (Maison Martin Margiela) and Paco Rabanne (Paco Rabanne), demonstrated on a photo. Asymmetric solutions are especially found in hems, demonstrating radical and less noticeable contrasts. In addition, when it comes to asymmetrical cuts, we can mention the offers from Versace, Emporio Armani, Costume National, Anthony Vaccarello and Angelos Bratis, which show more varied colors and shapes that create creative combinations with outerwear.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: floral patterns

Floral patterns form the next catchy and curious Spring 2015 fashion trendespecially considering the vigor and versatility of this design. This trend has come to the fashion show not for the first time, acquiring all the new solutions, such as massive flower patterns from Erdem, flickering and minimalist offers from Peter Pilotto and volumetric gorgeous combinations of black and golden from Marchesa. The fashion collections of Simon Rocha, Jonathan Saunders and Matthew Williamson can also be included in the list of the best sources of inspiration that form a separate, specific look at this trend.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: suede

Details with suede textures can not be noted in the list of fashionable and most memorable items this season. Speaking of top and main clothes, we can highlight the proposals from Derek Lam (Derek Lam), combining suede texture with brown tones. Emilio Pucci came up with a combination of brown shades with suede when sewing trousers, while Jason Wu (Jason Wu) presented a dark green suede on such clothes as trendy coats. We also liked the Loewe yellowish creamy shades, the layers of brown suede with a green background from Miu Miu, the brown, pink, blue, cream and white suede from Valentino (Valentino) and the classic suede red classic tones from Gucci. Examples a photo Fashionable suede outerwear.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: military inspiration

What else is worth mentioning is some of the beautiful combinations, such as maxi-skirts and tops with similar militaristic hues, presented by Irfe, classic sporty dresses from Gucci with a specific shade of khaki, combinations of creamy shirts and skirts from Mulberry, light tinted options from Hunter Original. No less surprising are the militaristic proposals of Marc Jacobs, the oversized bright options from Ralph Lauren and Marissa Webb, the suede textures with similar patterns by Jason Wu, the catchy design by Peter Soma Som), fringed inspired versions of Nicholas K and similar interpretations from LAMB, Greg Lauren, Band of Outsiders, Rodarte, J. Crew, Rag & Bone, Max Mara and Bouchra Jarrar.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: Victorian fashion

Будучи, вероятно, самым элегантным и изысканным модным трендом весны 2015 года, мода викторианской эпохи очаровывает всех поклонников изысканности и романтики, создавая действительно запоминающиеся образы. Сюда входят тонкие кружева, низкие подолы, подметающие пол, тяжелые украшения и собранные декольте. Поддержали эту тенденцию Kew Gardens, Erdem, Vivienne Westwood Red Label и Marchesa.

Модные тенденции (тренды) весна / лето 2015: утонченная мода 1970-х

Нас всегда восхищали модные тенденции, приходящие из прошлого, и этот сезон дает нам возможность охватить утонченные мотивы моды хиппи 1970-х годов. Детали из бахромы, джинсовой ткани и замша, свободные расклешенные штаны, шляпы со свободно свисающими краями — наиболее знаковые признаки и элементы дизайна этой эпохи, которые можно увидеть и оценить этой весной. Для примера посмотрите на прекрасную весеннюю коллекцию Сони Рикель (Sonia Rykiel), Etro, Эмилио Пуччи (Emilio Pucci), Gucci, Роберто Кавалли (Roberto Cavalli), Paul & Joe, Мэтью Уильямсона (Matthew Williamson), Томми Хилфигера (Tommy Hilfiger), Pradaand Max Mara.

Модные тенденции (тренды) весна / лето 2015: сафари в современной интерпретации

Если нам предоставили милитаристское направление как одну из крупнейших тенденций моды весны 2015 года, это не значит, что мы не хотим иметь в своем шкафу некоторые модели по мотивам одежды для сафари. The safari fashion triumphs this spring in a modern interpretation with charming minimalism. Some of the most incredible safari-style options can be found in the spring collections of Ralph Lauren, Nicholas K, Sonia Rykiel, Giles and Acne Studios.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: Bohemian chic

Enchanting Bohemian motifs came to the fashion show and made this spring romantic and carefree, thanks to soft and smooth shapes, beautiful prints and patterns, lace and fine details. We can observe this fascinating trend of spring in collections at a photo by Vera Wang, Etro, Valentino (Valentino), Chloe, Dries Van Noten, Joseph Altuzarra (Joseph Altuzarra), Alberta Ferretti (Alberta Ferretti) and Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci). You can also always contact Free People for fresh ideas on Bohemian style.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: sunny mood

A great mood for parties this spring is created by the use of timeless metallic shades and brilliant materials, including creatively processed foil. Black dresses from Tom Ford (Tom Ford) with gold and silver trim, metallic design by Mary Katranzou for Saint Laurent, foil-covered fabrics by Giles and Markus Lupfer (Markus Lupfer) got into the list of the most beautiful models. Holiday glittering outfits have a wide variety of styles and promise to shine throughout the season.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: playful tassels

In addition to the hot tendency to use details from the fringe, many fashion houses use decorative and playful tassels as a significant part of the design in order to generate interest in simple unremarkable elements. clothes. You will be able to see many such motifs this spring! Some creative interpretations of this fashion trend have been seen in the Paul Smith, Preen and Whistles spring collections.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: the return of large sizes

clothing Larger size always looks great, especially when using the simplest shades and shapes. So if minimalism is your style and you like to experiment with looks, using sports motifs with sophisticated and simple unisex uniforms, then you will like this tendency! Find your inspiration in the collections of Hermes, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Giles, DSquared2 and others.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: frills and decorative elements

In order to perfectly embody the fresh breeze and warm summer days in their outfits, many fashion designers often turn to playful ruffles and additional elements, using them in the most creative ways possible. These details are great for giving a femininity to your appearance. We have seen a lot of super-stylish design decisions this season using frills and additional decorative details in dresses, skirts and tops from Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Valentino (Valentino), Moschino, Miu Miu and Sally LaPointe.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: heavy jewelry for maximum elegance

Spring - time admiring glances. Our favorite designers used this through their new collections, filled with heavy decorations that could not go unnoticed. Maximalists will be especially struck by the designer decorations from Dolce & Gabbana, each of which is a true masterpiece! No less impressive are the sparkles, feathers and plexiglass details on clothes from Erdem, Emilio Pucci, Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: creative necklines and cleavage

During the last fashion week a lot of bold design decisions were demonstrated. The desire for extravagant body exposure led many designers to create creative cuts and décolleté, tops with bare shoulders. Cell-like are especially striking. dresses Balmain with bold cutouts and open spaces. Versace has demonstrated provocative courage through the creation of the largest gaps, V-shaped notches and open spaces. We also liked the work of Jacquemus, Versace, Sonia Rykiel, Givenchy, Acne Studios, Valentino (Valentino) and many others.

Fashion trends (trends) spring / summer 2015: spring fur and feathers

Who said that fur is needed only for warming? In fact, it can be used as a decorative element that looks very extravagant and fashionable. We recognize this trend in the spring collections of Sonia Rykiel, J. Mendel, Tod’s, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger. However, if fur is unacceptable for you to use in the spring season, then you can experiment with fancy charming feathers presented in the collections of Fendi, Burberry Prorsum, MSGM, Emporio Armani, DSquared2 and others.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: The Rise of Leather

In many major fashion capitals in recent weeks, you can see a lot of minimalist leather outfits that look pretty impressive. To attract additional attention, both traditional colors and some bright colors are used, making this area one of the best. spring fashion trends for lovers of luxury and chic. If you are looking for trendy leather clothing, you should keep in mind such names and brands as Moschino, Philipp Plein, Trussardi, DSquared2, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Tod’s.

Fashion trends (trends) Spring / Summer 2015: brilliant elegance and femininity

Last but not least trend, which is found at any fashion show - iconic women's elegant dresses, which are a winning option for any event and any time of year. Representatives of this trend in the season spring / summer 2015 can be seen in the collections of Altuzarra, Ermanno Scervino, Cushnie et Ochs, BCBG Max Azria, Hugo Boss, Gucci and others.

These were the main ones. spring / summer 2015 fashion trends, which we would like to mention, presenting the best design solutions and copies from popular brands and fashion houses. We hope that this article will inspire you to experiment with new images and, possibly, create even more creative and attractive combinations.