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How to correctly distribute the wedding budget: expert advice


Not always the lowest price for the desired product, be it a wedding dress or shoes, decor or cake, is offered in specialized stores and salons. It is worth looking for them in other places. Maybe your wedding shoes are waiting for you at a regular shoe store, and you can order a wedding cake at a local candy store, which you know well. Thinking outside the box!

2. Come creatively to the organization and decoration of the wedding

Before agreeing to a decor or floristry, it is useful to once again study the market. It may be that things that at first glance are not at all suitable for weddings will be the perfect complement to your holiday.

For example, someone is afraid of weddings in the forest with a dance floor in the open, and such a platform will suit you. Someone seems to be a strange arch of woven macrame patterns, and she will make your wedding magical, and also save you from unnecessary expenses on floristics for this part of the decor.

3. Consider the option of a wedding in a small town.

A wedding can cost twice as much if you celebrate it in the provinces - the rent is less there, the prices on the menu are lower, and the services of wedding pros are much cheaper than in large cities. And the quality of services can be at the same level!

And if it is also a city of your childhood, then your choice will be doubly pleasant to relatives. If you cannot find something there, you can always invite specialists from neighboring major cities, paying them additional transportation costs.

4. Work with young and ambitious contractors.

Sometimes contractors who are just starting their own business are ready to work at your wedding just for the opportunity to replenish their portfolio. Of course, in this case, you need to be confident in their abilities, but this is a great opportunity to save money, and you should not lose it! The services of popular professionals always cost more, because, as a rule, you also have to pay for a brand. But you can do without a big name, if a person is with you on the same wavelength!

5. You can save money on a wedding dress.

When quite a bit is missing from a dream dress, you can try to buy it at private design shows for the purchase price or agree to an exhibition sample. Usually models with mannequins are offered at a good discount. And you can even order a copy of a desired dress from a familiar seamstress and not overpay for the name and brand.

How will this plan help you?

  • Planning a budget is more correct than spending money, obeying a minute “I want” or “like” - later you will find that expenses have gone out of control.
  • Planning to spend, for example, a million on a wedding, you will immediately understand that you need to spend no more than 400 thousand on a restaurant, otherwise you will not be able to keep within your budget.
  • If you have chosen a more expensive service, for example, photography, exceeding 5% or even 10% of your budget, then you already perfectly understand that this either increases the overall budget, or to the detriment of other positions, and this is wrong. Therefore, your budget should increase in proportion to the additional expenses.

What is included in the cost of a wedding banquet?

Restaurants and banquet areas in Moscow and Moscow region work on several schemes of banquet service. Some offer a calculation based on the menu per person, others immediately mean "restaurant by closing". For example, a banquet manager tells you about a deposit of 300 thousand, which means that you will have to pay this money regardless of whether you invited 30 or 60 guests to your wedding. If the prices in the menu of this institution are high and you do not meet this amount with so many guests, it means that the cost of your banquet will be even greater.

Surely you would be interested in your alcoholic beverages, because this is a significant cost optimization.

Many establishments meet customers, offering at the same time the so-called “cork tax”, which is taken for the restaurant to provide for your alcohol your dishes and waiters pouring drinks. Speaking of waiters: keep in mind that the amount charged for the service will be attached to your bill - usually 10% of the cost of the banquet (although some sites already ask for 15%, and 20% in a season).

How much to spend on decor?

So what is this "wedding decor"? First, it is the concept and individual style of your wedding. Absolutely everything must be harmoniously selected: printing, flower arrangements and other floristics, wedding arch and furniture, textiles, interior items and many other details. Of course, it is not necessary that you have it all at once at the wedding, but that all the details must correspond to a single concept - this is absolutely certain.

“Exquisitely and with taste” - so usually girls-brides speak about their expectations from the wedding decor.

There are brides who want and can spend on the design of the wedding of their dreams a lot of money, building a luxurious scenery and waiting for the guests reaction "WOW!". Of course, for such brides there are also designers who can make conceptual décor of the level of Karen Tran and Preston Bailey. Well, if your wedding will be the most luxurious and unusual. The only thing you should not forget about the plan, where the decor should occupy only 10-15%, in extreme cases, 20% of your budget. Consider that you always have to increase your wedding expenses in proportion to the increase in the cost of decoration, as the first enthusiasm from what he saw, even if a stunning decor does not replace a decent dinner and an excellent entertainment program.

Presenter and show - do you need a wedding to remember?

The fees of professional wedding hosts in Moscow start at 50-70 thousand. These are those experts in their field who not only know how to “speak into the microphone” well, but feel the atmosphere and know how to get out of unforeseen situations in the best possible way. Immediately decide with your moderator what kind of humor is right for you, but what about and with whom you should not joke at all, tell us about those guests who are happy to participate in any interactions and fun, and whom it is better not to touch.

Try to choose the performances of cover bands, shows and artists so that neither you nor the invitees have the sensation of "satiety."

It is better to choose for your wedding a couple of quality, albeit expensive, numbers than 5-6 rooms are cheaper, just to fill the program. Remember, at the wedding attention should be directed to the newlyweds, and not a concert program from the artists. And at the same time try to surprise them with interesting entertainment.

If you want to invite someone from the star artists and media personalities, there is no question, of course, about 15–20% of the budget. Such persons can be easily transferred to additional or other expenses, because it often happens that the fee of such an artist is equal to the entire budget of one good wedding in Moscow.

How much is a good photo and video?

First, decide what you want to get from the selected specialist, whom he should shoot: you want a photo essay about everything that happens at the wedding or you have a rather beautiful staged photo shoot for the newlyweds. The same applies to the videographer. Decide what the film should end up - stylized in a Hollywood format, with several cameras and production doubles or a 5-minute video clip about the best moments.

The cost of services varies greatly: you can take a good specialist, who will work for 40 thousand rubles for 8-10 hours, but there are also those whose fees are 100, 150, 300 thousand for a shooting day.

As with the choice of leading, you should not be guided by the cost. Still, the only thing that will remain after the celebration, in addition to the memories, is your photo album and wedding film.

Why pay the organizers?

Here you can draw an analogy with other services for which you turn to specialists in your everyday life. For example, if you need to change the hairstyle, you go to the stylist, and for the quality repair of your apartment - to the designers and builders. You can, of course, trim the bangs on your own and even stick the wallpaper, but the main question is whether you need to do it yourself?

Wedding is the first and, we will sincerely wish you, the only such event in your life. A professional wedding manager, these events happen almost every week.

Good specialists in their field, of course, also value their time and their work and are unlikely to work for less than 50 thousand rubles, if they fix their fee. There are those who work for a percentage of the wedding budget (this is from 10 to 15%), and this payment scheme is also convenient and understandable to many.

Is it possible to reduce costs if you move the holiday in the Moscow region or abroad?

This is what future grooms and brides are asking more and more often. Let's just say: in Moscow, too, you can. Not always moving out of the city is justified by the budget, because you will have higher expenses for both the transfer of guests and the delivery of equipment, staff and staff. Arm yourself with Exel tables or a calculator and calculate for yourself what will be more profitable for you - to have a wedding in a tent near the water, for example, on Istra or stay in a Moscow restaurant. With any calculation it is clear that the cost of logistics will become tangible and is unlikely to meet the 5% mentioned in our plan.

In this budget scheme, there is no tangible item of expenditure called "Wedding Image". We, wedding organizers, traditionally take it out of the brackets and do not take into account when planning a wedding budget.

The main thing that I would like to say in conclusion: This scheme does not oblige you to anything. You are free to manage your money as you see fit. We reserve the right to recommend you the correct ratio of components of the wedding budget, and you can replace or increase / decrease within the limits of your priorities each of the positions. For example, you have chosen a self-contained restaurant, which does not require large expenses for decor. It would be logical to use the "vacated" amount of entertainment or more expensive photographer, which you may have long dreamed of.

Plan your budget, taking into account the recommendations, but proceed from personal priorities, because the main thing at the wedding is your personal comfort and the feeling of the present, only of your holiday.

Image newlyweds

It seems like you can save on a wedding dress or suit of the groom, because this is one of the most important points that turns an ordinary celebration into a luxurious and impressive holiday. No, we, of course, do not offer you to dress in an old grandmother's dress and casual suit, but there are a couple of little tricks that will help save your budget:

  1. Many accessories - hair ornaments, boutonniere, corsage, garter - you can do with your own hands with the help of simple master classes that almost every wedding portal already offers newlyweds.
  2. Instead of an unfashionable veil, weave a floral wreath, which will be especially appropriate at a Provence, eco, boho or rustic wedding.
  3. If you are not a fan of lush dresses, look for a white cocktail dress or even a sophisticated costume that is just coming into fashion.
  4. It is not necessary to buy new shoes for the wedding. Look around - suddenly in your wardrobe there are shoes that you can wear to the wedding! Moreover, nowadays not classic white shoes are in fashion, but original shoes of bright and pastel colors (they, of course, should be combined in color with your other accessories!).
  5. The fashion is natural - therefore, instead of a complicated and cumbersome hairstyle, simply wind the hair and leave it loose or slightly collected. Your natural beauty captivates the hearts of all men at a wedding celebration!
  6. If your wedding does not have a strict format, collect your bunch of garden and wildflowers that are just in trend this year. And do not try to make it perfect in shape, because disheveled bouquets are now in fashion, as if just gathered in a meadow.

Wedding decorations

The decoration of the wedding celebration is a real space for the imagination and creative abilities of the newlyweds. So why pay for the services of a huge team of decorators, if you yourself can do something creative for your wedding. What is this about?

  1. Instead of expensive flower arrangements on the tables, you can use a variety of interesting decorative elements: from bouquets of garden flowers to tall candles in ordinary bottles. Such compositions look creative and unusual!
  2. Yes, you can replace the pompous vases themselves with unusual containers: bottles, homemade vases, cans, wooden boxes or even buckets, if you have an eco, botanist or rustic celebration.
  3. You can make many decorative elements of paper and fabric with your own hands: pompons, garlands, figures in the technique of origami, etc.
  4. It is possible to illuminate the wedding space with creativity: instead of the usual chandeliers, use candles and garlands of ordinary light bulbs - fun, original and cozy at home!
  5. Use seasonal gifts of nature in your decor: in the summer, make bouquets or garlands of fragrant wildflowers, in the fall - from purple leaves and acorns, in the winter - from cones, in the spring - from flowering twigs. In addition, fruits and vegetables can also be used in the decoration, because orange pumpkins or bright oranges can be interesting accents in the design of wedding tables.
  6. It is not necessary to rent expensive press oxen and stands for photo zones — choose a suitable wall and decorate it with your photos (for children, romantic ones, with friends and relatives). Believe me, guests will appreciate your creative!
  7. Instead of the usual arch, use creative elements: doors, windows, dressers, beautiful canvas stretched between trees or pillars of the hall, etc. First, it is fashionable, and secondly - creative! Just do not forget to decorate these elements with fresh flowers or other gifts of nature (pumpkins, leaves, etc.) so that the decor you create does not look coarse. Another idea of ​​an unusual stand for exit registration is a paper stand, which you can paint with your fiancé, writing touching statements, words from your oath, etc. He then can be used as a place for a photo shoot.

Wedding accessories

Many wedding accessories you can make your own hands. Not only because you want to save the budget, but because the accessories and small things made with your own hands will make the celebration more individual and personalized!

Here are some interesting ideas from the portal www.svadebka.ws:

  1. Calligraphy is in fashion, so if you have a beautiful underline, then why don't you create wedding invitations with your own hands. Buy beautiful A4 paper, fold it in half and write on it the text of the invitation by hand. If there are a lot of young people at your wedding, do not buy paper invitations for them, but remove the creative video and send it to them by e-mail. Or create a wedding website and already upload a similar video to it, sending the guests a link to it. Guests will appreciate your imagination!
  2. Instead of purchased banquet cards, you can use a variety of materials: seashells, pebbles, leaves, etc., on which you can write the names of the usual marker, small bouquets or flowers in pots, fruits and vegetables, jokes to them a piece of paper on a stick with the name of the guest , and etc.
  3. Table numbers can also be made from scrap materials, for example, it can be frames with pieces of paper inserted in them with corresponding numbers, beautiful bottles with pasted numbers, flowers in pots with signs, etc.
  4. Forget about banal figures on a wedding cake - decorate the main treat of the evening with your joint photo on a stick! Creative and symbolic, is not it?
  5. Do not buy bonbonnieres for guests, but make them with your own hands: these can be homemade sweets (jam in jars, cakes, cookies), hot stone stands or jams, pots of spring flowers, etc. Such gifts will touch the hearts of your guests!
  6. Instead of the standard cushion for rings purchased in the store, use the box that you got from your grandmother. No such? Your favorite jewelry box is also a great option!
  7. Did you know that banquet cards and bonbonnieres can be combined in one “face”: place a tasty jar filled with each guest's plate and write the name of the guest on it. With the help of this accessory, your family and friends will quickly find their places at the tables, and then they will be able to enjoy the sweet surprises prepared by you.